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Our decision on where to print ballot papers is final-ECZ Director


ECZ director Priscilla Isaac s
ECZ director Priscilla Isaac s

Electoral Commission of Zambia Director Priscilla Isaac says no one has powers to instruct the Commission on where to print ballot papers.

Ms Isaac said the Commission makes independent decision as outlined in the Electoral Act and that not even the President of Zambia could direct the Commission on how to conduct its affairs.

She said the Commission has already made its decision to print ballot papers for the August election abroad because no local firm has the capacity to undertake the works.

Ms. Isaac revelations are contrary to what Vice President Inonge Wina said on Friday in Parliament that there was possibility that the Government Printers could print ballot papers for this year’s elections as its equipment is now being modernised.

The ECZ Director was speaking last night when she featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview television programme.

“The ECZ is independent and therefore does not take instructions from anyone. What kind of an institutions are we going to have if we took instructions from everyone because every stakeholder has something to say. All we do is work to ensure that we stick to the provisions of the law,” Ms Isaac said.

“It is like in a home. If the Head of the House makes decisions, is it in order that everyone in the House starts to oppose? What kind of a home can you have?”

She also disclosed that 13 firms were shortlisted for the tender to supply and deliver the ballot papers and other elections materials.

“We did everything according to the Zambia Public Procurement Act and the laws are clear. From the shortlisted firms, we came down to two and Alghurairi Printing & Publishing LLC of Dubai was recommended by the Commission for the tender and other firms who bid have up to Thursday this week to object or else we will proceed and award the tender to Alghurairi Printing,” she said.

Ms. Isaac said the Commission conducted due diligence and technical evaluations before recommending Alghurairi for the job.

“We did our due diligence and we found that this company is credible and does not have any court cases. It has not been sued in any country in any court of law and we are confident it could do the job and that is why we went ahead to recommend it.”

She said the accusations being levelled against the Commission from opposition political parties are expected and that she is personally not affected.

“Some of these people attacking us every day for not being independent are actually doing business with the Commission, maybe through their wives or companies associated with them. So they accuse the Commission today and tomorrow they come to the Commission to pick up a cheque signed by Priscilla Isaac. It’s the irony of this job.”


    • @Jinjivo eeh nya mama wake…the constitution of Zambia gives here unlimited powers on this. The can really do what she wants and does not need to answer to losers like ZWD and HH

    • Sister, that’s what autonomy means. Otherwise, if you start curving in to every rumblings from the wilderness, you will achieve zero in your mandate. Our African democratic space is littered with sore losers that can vent anything. Figments of rigging are face savers after every ballot rejection. It’s the cheapest psychic of losers. Go girl go! Keep serving Zambia with such unparalleled distinction. Election is about winner and losers. You cannot enter election that if rejected, then nivundu against Zambians unless I win. Such drivel must be ignored. We rational actors want our country’s nascent democracy to thrive with a spirit of institutionalisation and not the sychic politics of aberrationists.

    • In democracy we have choices. Protesting or boycotting election participatoon is an alieble right. UNIP set a good precedence in 1996. Always, those who appreciates the essence of competitive elections will wittinhly participate and gauge their real popularity on the ballot instead of facebook. We defend autonomy, integrity and constitutional mandate of the ECZ. Bravo!

    • Local Stakeholders may file an injunction against ECZ by being proactive instead of waiting after elections to air their grievances. In terms of doing business with ECZ that is conflict of interest and it needs to be addressed critically.

    • Yes but beware that the PF can lose the election after you try to rig for them and which would make you end up charged for treason.

    • It is this kind of attitude and arrogance that will put this country on fire. ECZ cannot ignore the concerns of the stakeholders!

    • Can the major stakeholders hurriedly put in an injunction-this woman has been oiled (corrupted) too much by both PF crooks and the Arabs and from the tone of her voice she won’t barge because all she is thinking about is the large chunk of dollars already in her off shore accounts from these crooks.

      Taking ECZ to court over this matter is the only way out, and it has to be done fast…..its time to act now!!


    • She loud and clear, she head. She is more powerful than Inonge and Edgar combined. In MMD such things never happened, all stakeholders where called for meetings, and Sata made drama over who prints.

    • who’s bonking this woman for her to be so arrogant? ECZ is a public institution, largely funded by hard-earned tax payers money. Stakeholders have expressed concern and this is no tantamount to instructions. that’s the problem when you give these prostitu.tes the mandate to run the affairs of the nation. All she should have said was that ECZ will consider all concerns and if found that some concerns were critical, ECZ would re-evaluate the bids….something like that.

    • Ok, what happens if UPND wants ballot papers printed in UK, PF wants ballot papers printed in South Africa and FDD wants them printed in Botswana?

    • How can such dumb person run such a key institution. ECZ is not a private company, its a public institution, and if stakeholders raise concerns ECZ has to address them. Why should she be hostile? From her tone, its clear that she is PF cadre. No wonder such chaps only rely on government jobs. She cant survive in private sector.

    • She is being BONKED from the TOP ,hence her ARROGANCE about the decision being Final!!
      She is – Multiple govts have poured money into Govt Printers to bring them up to scratch but it is decisions like hers, that DON’T help local industry!! It is as if the money is coming from her pocket or bottom!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia forward!!


      I thank you!!

    • Explain why the whole state House and PF thugs were in Dubai. We know PF are trying to influence Al ghurair to print extra ballots.. watch the space u will be caught…

  1. Nightmares have started for those who think they might loose the elections. Someone will be knocked out of the political ring.

  2. I’m sure Pricilla now has a warm offshore bank nest egg, as Kickback for awarding the contract.
    Why on earth would She want to jeopardize her Belly.
    As G.B.M said “We’ nkoko we’ “

    • @ Keleni tasa atushe, so you will only be happy if the awards the contract to a ZWD/HH or GBM company. What’s wrong with people having offshore accounts only gullible chaps fail to secure their hard earned income. Every prudent thinker has offshore accounts. Its not against the law. Even you HH, GBM, etc have them. If Banda has such an account he would have built a house for himself and wouldn’t have been evicted.

    • @Bolingo, An offshore account is Not an affliction like Leprosy, so we don’t frown on one having an offshore account. The problem we have is characters like you who prior to being in Government never owned a Teaspoon or Suit, (Like your mentor Kafupi), then a year later having unexplained Millions of U$ Dollars!! Now before you start on H.H, he was Not in Government, was NOT part of the folk who decided to sell our mines.
      All H.H, did was offered a service & evaluation, & got paid for the services offered. I know most of your would rather had seen that service & cash go to a foreigner, rather than your own country man.
      Disclaimer; Before you jump on your high horse, I am NOT a U.P.N.D member.
      Good day!!

    • Viva Priscilla, let people talk and talk until they talk no more. The people complaining are from opposition. Wait until you come in power after 2050.

  3. There goes our major weakness as a country. Quick to import anything and everything; you mean simple papers cannot be printed home to save on foreign expenditure? When are you going to wake to the reality that supply chains around the world empower their own before anyone else? Immoral to the core.

    • Ask anyone who is involved in printing. It is costly to print anything here is Zambia. Major publishers print outside the country. Dubai, China have some of the cheapest sources – they are also of high quality. SA has become expensive nowadays. The Post had to hike their copy price to K10.

      Now these so called stakeholders must respect of the electoral
      commission. Inonge is saying something, VJ who knows nothing about rigging is saying something else and so is HH and team. ECZ should act independently and ask stakeholders police what they are doing. Stop listening to gossip.

  4. Good answers for the old politician trying to accuse the ECZ for trying to rig the forth coming presidential and parliamentary elections. elections

  5. Can opposition parties please team up and put a court njunction restraining this bitch of a woman from going ahead with this plan to rig. Her insistency on this company raises more questions than answers. Please act with speed and this rot.

    • If you think she has done something wrong please the courts can also hear you as a concerned citizen. If you want numbers gather all your relatives and go to court. Why incite the opposition? Cough out some cash on a lawyer and see how it hurts…wink wink

  6. Until that time when we (Zambia) have grown fully good governance and transparent accountability ethos… We shall forever morn and cry foul every-time there is an election. The PF are not the first sitting party to print ballot papers outside Zambia. Th government with chief mabala VJ at the helm coupled with the Post Newspaper’s dominating sway on the public political discourse in Zambia at the time, became partners in vote rigging.

    In contemporary Zambia ECZ is a lame duck… They have always been told by successful governments ati iwe CHITA SO or UCHOKA NJITO.

    • Have you read the Constitution iwe mambala? Go read it before you yap, yap, yap, like a freaking D@G on heat!!!!!!

  7. If only she was not a and an over used prostitut she would have resigned under normal circumstances,but alas, she is bent on bringing chaos to this nation for love of money.
    Peaceful Zambia will be in the past. Come 11/08. On your marks—–.Get set !

  8. Until that time when we (Zambia) have grown fully good governance and transparent accountability ethos… We shall forever morn and cry foul every-time there is an election. The PF are not the first sitting party to print ballot papers outside Zambia. The MMD government with chief mabala VJ at the helm coupled with the Post Newspaper’s dominating sway on the public political discourse in Zambia at the time, became partners in vote rigging.

    In contemporary Zambia ECZ is a lame duck… They have always been told by successful governments ati iwe CHITA SO or UCHOKA NJITO.

  9. Yes ECZ is meant to be independent, but it works for the Zambian people. We are the most important stakeholder. If we are concerned about the reputation of the printing firm, ECZ must listen. She should not be arrogant while using taxpayers money.

    I see an embarrassing U turn in ECZ’s future.

  10. Iwe Mama just keep quiet, proceed with the printing…but next time make sure that printing is done in Zambia. Leave that legacy atleast.

  11. The question here is empowering outside firms instead of local firms especially the govt printers & creating jobs. This can only be done if it was agreed that an independent firm does the job for fair play, not because no local firm has the capacity to undertake the works. This is absolutely unjustified to serve their own interests. Even ECZ is being headed by a Zambian and no one is saying that they do not have capacity, bring foreigner. We are accommodating them regardless of their capacity because they are Zambians, how can local printers lack capacity?

    • “Because no local firm has the capacity to undertake the works.” Ms Isaacs, please withdraw this insulting statement to Zambians. They try under difficult circumstances. When Mrs Anna Chifungula comes there, you know how she is. She will come and spill beans, although it will be after 2 years.

    • Every 5 years its the same question…no one sits down and says ” hey guys general elections in 4 years lets buy the best printers and install them at Gov’t Printers” They would rather construct overpriced roads going to nowhere from borrowed money…modernizing Govt Printers is an investment as it cuts down on us paying foreigners millions of dollars in forex that is much needed at home.

    • I second that @Jay Jay. It is indeed incredible that we should be going through this every 5 years. It is very disappointing to see the lack of planning in our Govt institutions. Same thing with Fuel procurement, Maize/meal (i.e. inputs, marketing, storage, exportation, and supply.) Right now the rain/farming season is over, this is the time to be signing contracts and making those orders for fertilizer, seed, building more storage, etc. But you just wait and see how they be scrambling when the first rains hit next season trying to secure stuff. You just wonder if the way of doing THE COUNTRIES’ BUSINESS IS SIMPLY ENCODED IN THE DNA OF ALL AFRICAN GOVTS, because they all seem to operate the same freaking way; ON EMERGENCE BASIS—WHY?

  12. Thanks Madam. HH, VG, Milupi and their minions should have seen the tender in the daily newspapers when the ECZ put it out. Any objections and concerns they had should have been made then. If they had preferred selective bidding as opposed to an open tender they should have said so.
    It is completely irresponsible to raise alarm after the due tendering process as been done and an intention to award has been made.
    I saw the advert and after analyzing it we asked some Indian outfits for a partnership. Unfortunately by tender closure our bid was not ready. So we did not participate.
    There is nothing sinister in awarding the tender to a Dubai based company because as any one who has done printing knows, U.A.E and Indian are the cheaper than South Africa in terms in printing . So…

  13. Priscilla states that they came down to two from the shortlist and Alghurairi Printing Dubai was recommended by the Commission…for transparency and accountability’s why don’t you just print out the whole list and state the advantages of selecting Alghurairi Printing in preference to the others and in relation to your brief…that’s how you answer questions. Is it economically feasible to print in the middle-east and send observers from each party?
    Do not patronise people and state giving silly examples about the head of the family, that doesnt apply to you the head of the family earns his own salary to make decisions. You on the other hand are employed by taxpayers who happened to be also opposition party members…what wrong with Zambian professionals; what are you going to do…

    • Con’td
      when the selfsame opposition parties happened to win the elections? What’s also funny is that no one has even bothered to ask this lady how much of our money its going to cost us? Does cost not matter anymore…what’s wrong with us Zambians?

    • Ha Jay Jay-Condemer in chief wouldn’t miss this party. Go on with your spiel, as in Jan 2015, you and your stuck up Tonga president will remain in your rightful echelon and that is to say in opposition. Bitterness Hajay jay will choke you.

  14. Iwe kamayo ulikapuba. Is this your father’s election ? Why can’t stakeholders concerns be into consideration ? Who gave you that supreme power to decide for Zambians,it’s final “AKALUKOBO”. Iwe ka Priscilla Mulenga tulecula iwe ati nyoo pakameso.

  15. I think her response clears the air. Even if local printers were chosen to print the ballot papers, people would have found reasons to criticize ECZ. If Govt Printers was chosen to print the ballots, they would have said PF wants to rig. If Union Printers of South Africa was chosen to print the ballots, people will still say the company is corrupt.

    • @Chisenga – Not everyone is simple minded like yourself who is happy with vague answers about how his money is spent. People want to know why a company in the middle-east was chosen, what is it about this company that made it stand out?

  16. Arrogance has no place in a democratic state. The powers that she’s talking about are well known by the stakeholders because they are among the people who empowered her through the constitution. Therefore when stakeholders raise concerns they are simply worried about the way she’s exercising those powers which right they have. Her powers to run ECZ are not absolute from challenge. Dialogue is the best way to go rather than going on TV to boast about how powerful her people given position is. The forthcoming elections are very crucial in the history of zambia therefore the ECZ must clear all suspicions to avoid election mayhem that could cost lives. That’s the voice of reasoning priscilla.

    • Just go and vote mama especially that you say that the elections are crucial. Don’t listen to VJ, HH or Milupi. The ZWD says outgoing President so why are the three scared? I thought it is their party’s slogan ati ilonga bayangana…let them show us kaili. Ine ka vote kanga nikaba EL!


  18. Ms Isaac’s response to a national concern is unfortunate to say the least!. If EcZ is independent who is it accountable to? The reputation of the firm selected to print ballot papers Is an issue that will affect the integrity of the elections. The allegations made about this firm need to be investigated and cleared. ECZ should not hide behind the law, they need to pacify stakeholders that rigging allegations in the Ugandan elections by this firm are false. ECZ should justify why this firm was selected as a winning bidder. Ms Isaac is so arrogant and should diplomatically explain the situation to all stakeholders. Does it mean that if ECZ decided to rig the elections infavour of one political party there is nothing other political parties can do? Is it not necessary for ECZ to cultivate a…

    • If only everyone was on the same page as you…Zambia lacks critical thinkers and problem solvers hence the reason we are suffocated with cadres who have a brain the size of a gecko who can only see prey or predator/ friend or foe.

    • I agreed with Jay Jay when he said that there is poor planning in terms of such things. Too late to change things at the late hour in terms of insight but when it comes to this tender; does it mean that ECZ never advertised the tender or what? What stopped anyone of us from bidding?

  19. I am writing in support of the courageous decision taken by ECZ. It is vital for ECZ to operate independently and professionally. This implies adherence to high ethical standards. At the same time, I am requesting ECZ to consider the deliberate policy of capacitating certain local entities for future printing of ballots. The assumption that the country will source ballots printing from foreign companies is quite fallacious. The time is now for holding consultative meetings that show willingness to capacitate local entities. One sure way is the establishment of local subsidiaries in the local of international companies that are capable of transferring the technological know how. These include Government Printers, Printpak or a joint venture between various printing companies owning 50% and…

  20. kikiki ba opposition ba mu Zambia tefintu. Madam Isaac you’re the great woman.kubantu takwaba kuwyamya.opposition knows that PF

  21. Lets support Madam Isaac with her team. Some of these things people are talking about should have been handled way back before elections. You people who are entreprenuers please start a printing company in Zambia which should be able to print presidential ballot papers for 2021 elections. All these companies we are talking about are not owned by governments of countries they are in. These are private entities. Please 5 years is not very far. Don’t come and issue same statements against ECZ in 2021.

    • Our lazy dull President is happy to fly all the way to France and ask for assistance in setting up a pointless airline this is a country that has the best printers a the planet….glad to fly to China to beg for solar hammers a renowned for its mass production and a major player in the printing world.

    • *Our lazy dull President is happy to fly all the way to France and ask for assistance in setting up a pointless airline …this is a country that has the best printers on the planet….glad to fly to China to beg for solar hammer-mills in a country renowned for its mass production and a major player in the printing world.

  22. I thought companies like e the capacity to do such printing works. All is supposed to be done is beef up security and other things. May I pose this question. Who prints vouchers for mobile phone service providers? There are a lot things which needs to looked into and its not too late for all stakeholders to come to round table with ECZ and chart way forward. Arrogance will just end up spoiling what is supposed to good election. If the opposition suspect the PF will rig the election process then give them an ear so that when they ere defeated they should not cry foul. Lets beat the opposition clean and hands down.

  23. This woman is to arrogant like the money is coming from her p.u.s.s.y. Look at the example she gave, home setup and public institution, ECZ and the money it has siyanyoko it’s for the people who are stake holders and had the right to decide on who does the work for them, on the other hand you hand a right to your personal life without being question by anybody, eg who u sleeps with even 10 men if you so wish, what car to drive, who to send your nude pics to etc. Hope you get the general ideal, Zambia is bigger than a general ideal, there is life after politics.

  24. They shall forever be opposing WITHOUT expressing WHY NOT the recommended printing company. Even if the items were to be printed in HEAVEN, I would say go ahead as long as it it not forced onto the commission by any outsider. What ever you do shall always meet some opposing force whether good or bad but as long as your mind is clear that you are doing the RIGHT thing, go ahead and do it.

    • Not this time. Priscilla get my warning now. We have all the data and we shall soon post it on social media for all to see and hear. Next we shall go for your throat. This 2016,what you did will not repeat itself this year mama.

  25. Well done ECZ! These chaps in UPND think they can bulldoze their way in everything. Do they even understand the procurement rules by ZPPA? You cant have a party that is a cry baby day in day out! The ballot papers for this years Presidential and General Elections will be printed in Dubai and if you chaps in UPND think you can go and show your stupid Hitler symbol there, it will be chopped off. The decision is final simple and straight forward,
    Meanwhile the Kwacha continues to gains steadily as this year’s maize bumper harvest start getting milled.
    Edgar Chagwa Lungu prayed to His Creator and you insulted and laughed at him, little did you realise that you were mocking God.
    As I see things, 11 August is just a formality, President Lungu will be announcing his Cabinet on 15th August…

  26. This woman has been corrupted with dollars in off shore accounts in Dubai. The only way to stop her is through court injunction. But then the courts are also a rubber stamp for Lungu. ECZ has no power to disregard the concerns of the stakeholders. The opposition should not rest and they should peacefully match to ECZ offices if their concerns are not listened to. We need to be courageous like our friends in Brazil

  27. If the ECZ is truly independent and for fair play then they should be willing to listen. But them siding with the current government where Kabwili even states that the opposition can boycott elections if they want does not put ECZ in a position on practicing justice which they are supposed to administer. Before making that decision political players were to be consulted. ECZ is under pressure and is fully under control of PF. ECZ official as lawyers must be seen to work for the good of the nation not individuals.

  28. Just campaign you cowards. Let the commission print wherever as long as there is transparency. After all the tender was open. Fyonse mwenso

  29. Every election is the same receding. Accuse and accuse and cause confusion and suspicion, all by the same characters. It’s demeaning to our institutions. If any opposition feel that truly there is corruption then they can remove themselves like Rainbow headcase Kabimba. You want to be President but gave no trust nor respect for the institutions appointed to carry out democratic roles.

  30. Viva Mighty Patriotic Front,,,,Vote Edgar Chagwa Lungu.bafi…la ba upnd find another strategy for this up hill battle of an election before you,,,stop this rubbish of baby cry

  31. This company is partly owned by RB and controversial prophet Mboro of South Africa. Mboro claims he recently visited Heaven. The company has also been named in Panamana pepas. Milles Sampla was once part of the shareholedas but withdrew shortly before he kwit his minstirio pozishion.

  32. my quoetion is prisla a civil servant?getting paid through our taxes and working for us zambians,where is this arrongance coming from?you wil die and leave that money bcoz us we can suffa while u enjoy u bitch.

  33. Anyway, the ECZ has managed to conduct elections that has changed govts. May be what is of concern is that the ruling are excited and the opposition are pessimistic. There is no need to be excited and there is no need to be pessimistic over a Commission that has seen change of govt. Kneel down and pray. No one steals and left to enjoy life like that. The concerns should have been issues to do with Electoral laws, the time of announcing the results and time for appeal and inaugration. Not this bullsh1t of delaying to announce the winner and five minutes after one is innaugrated as President. These are genuine concerns not where to print the ballots especially ECZ that has already seen change of govt.

  34. She Priscilla Mulenga.We know all his two boyfriends.Were she stays ,were she sleeps,what wine she drinks and who she drinks with.His latest habits of sneeking into state house.We have recorded conversations.So madam be very carefull your days are numbered.

  35. Listen to stake holders.
    These are not by-elections.
    ECZ must not be arrogant. Let them listen to stakeholders.
    Is it good to be insulted like this every time in times of elections?
    What do you want erections or elections?

  36. Please respect Ms Isaacs she is only doing her job. Problem with UPND is they will always complain no matter what.

    2016 ECL nafuti

  37. Ms Isaacs is just arragant hiding behind the law. Transparency entails ECZ to come clean on preparation of an election. Stakeholders opinion can not be discarded because of the law. When voters are not sure, happy or aware of malpractices in organising elections, it is shame of ECZ and Zambia,s inability to organise a credible election would impact investor confidence and poverty continues in Zambia.

    • It was the same even when the decision was made to print in South Africa! Next time they will decide to print in UK, people will protest that we want them printed in Dubai!

  38. Madam Isaacs, how come PF are your spokespersons and appear privy to your operations? Why should you allow them to speak on your behalf, if indeed you are independent?

  39. Problem in our country is that people comment without full understanding of the matter. Anyone who is familiar with ZPPA act knows that ECZ can’t cancel this process without following the provisions of the ZPPA act . My understanding is that none of these political complaints seem to qualify under this ZPPA act. This is our public procurement law!

  40. In business terms, stakeholders are shsre holders as they represent the zambian population. Now ms. Isaak as a ceo, cannot bulldoze decission, against majority share holdets, whose interest is she saving then? I think pf has a hand in their decission, to bring the country into problems in ordet to find reason to call off elections or have them posponed, in the hope of trying to sort out the many problems in the country in order to attract voters. Elections has caused so much wars in africa, and someone is playing with what has the potential to bring this peace loving nation into conflict and lose of lives. Is zambia a cursed nation?

    • Ok. I am a shareholder in Airtel and not all of us shareholders make decisions for the company! We are only informed about the decisions made at an AGM.

  41. okay that’s fine since ecz has settled for Dubai firm then let us do it this way, instead of sending political parties representatives who can be bought by who ever has money it is better that all the presidents of these parties should go and monitor the process.

  42. Priscilla Isaacs is firm. continue with your job Mama. you’re a woman to reckon with!!!!!!!! Excellent. you stand your grounds.

  43. God damn, this woman is ugly, is she Nkandu Luo, Mwangala Zaloumis or Sikaneta’s sister?

  44. This VJ who used to ring elections in the past should not be allowed to cause chaos in Zambia regardless of how many animals HH has promised him. He has no mandate to instruct the tender committee on where ECZ should procure goods and services. He is a wrong old chap !

  45. To hell with this women and PF. And God will take care of Zambia . Lungu you are the worse Zambian president ever.

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