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3 Police Officers turn down K30 000 bribe and arrest 16 Prohibited immigrants


Zambia Police officers
Zambia Police officers
Alert Security officers in Luangwa District have intercepted 16 prohibited immigrants who were trying to use the Luangwa border to go to South Africa.

Luangwa Police Officer In-Charge, Assistant Superintendent, Mataa Muleta confirmed the interception of the 16 Ethiopian immigrants who were supposed to cross the Zambezi river to Zimbabwe enroute to South Africa.

Assistant Superintendent Mulata said the 16 Ethiopian Nationals, who entered Zambia through Nakonde border post from Tanzania, traveling in a Toyota Hiace mini bus registration Number ALR 1026, were apprehended at the Council Checkpoint on the Luangwa D145 main road at around 06:00hrs on Friday last week.

Mr Mulata said the driver of the Mini bus, Lenda Tembo and his co- driver, Prince Mulyata together with the 16 Ethiopian nationals tried to bribe
three police officers with K30,000, but the officers refused and brought them to Luangwa Police station were they are currently detained.

The Officer In-Charge further said the two Zambian Nationals, Mulyata and Tembo are detained for suspected human trafficking while the 16 Ethiopians are in police custody for illegal entry into Zambia and that they will appear before the court soon.

Meanwhile Acting Luangwa District Commissioner, Jairos Simukoko also confirmed the arrest of the 16 prohibited immigrants and the two Zambians.

Mr Simukoko commended the security wings and urged them to continue with the good so that human trafficking is reduced in the area.

He further commended Government for sending Zambia National Service officers to Luangwa to beef up security in the District which has experienced an increase in the smuggling of mealie meal and fuel to neighbouring countries.

The Acting District Commissioner said the coming of the ZNS officers was a welcome move as it has further helped to improve security in the District which borders two countries, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


  1. Kudos to the officers. They deserve rewards for preventing these warring illegals who are destabilizing our communities

    • Don’t be too exited, the hungry PF police cannot turn down an offer of any amount! LT, report factually, do your own independent investigations.


    • Look at their boss’s name and ask yourself where such decent police officers might come from. Not the thieving tribes, I guess!

  2. We need to investigate this and promote them immediately. I have positions for them in mind. 1. replacing Wandi who resigned at ACC, 2 replacing the long time suspended but surviving on his friends at courts through injunction DPP-nchito , then 3rd can go and replace toothless Security in charge at state house who makes with leakages under his armpit

  3. How are the prohibited immigrants…this just goes to show how porous our borders are…they only turned it down as immigration officers would have wanted a cut as well.

  4. suntwe wa wasuntwe or what ever you call your self you are always against every good and that makes me wonder what type of human you are. i think niwe CHITONGO, CHINOKOLE or CHIBOLA nangu ICHINKULA. you are stup1d id1ot!!!!!!!

  5. If the illegal immigrants were bribing to leave the country, why refuse? I would say thank you for the cash bon voyage, muyende bwino or mwende bwino bane!!

  6. Who was trafficking who here. Issues of migration have become a serious international humanitarian issue. Europe is grappling with the same. We need to revisit our laws to reflect what’s happening now. The fact that we don’t share a border with Ethiopia goes to show how determined these people are to get to their destination. They are just going to bribe Davies Mwila & he will let them go. After all holding them here is a drain on us.

  7. Congratulations officers for job well done. These officers need motivation from all citizens and bloggers at large instead of mocking them. What they did is difficult thing to do by majority modern Zambians including most clergy men. We should give them rounds of applause similar to that we gave to Chipolopolo in 2012 when they won Africa Cup. They also need to be promoted by the President himself as it has been done to Christopher Katongo, to motivate other Police Officers, all civil servants, ZRA & Zambians at large.

  8. Clear Rare case of commitment to duty and dedication in the Police Services. Promote them all to Ranks above sergeant to motivate their colleagues.

  9. Too good to be true. It was a K30,000 old kwacha or KR 30. PF Police is like sex worker / Whore when it comes to the love of money!

  10. You mean to tell me there were no road blocks from Nakonde border post to Luangwa. They must have bribed their way through up to Luangwa where their luck run out when they met sheepish police officers. A rare species of police officers indeed

    • @Senior Engineer, it’s very sad when you demean Zambia in your tonnage and suggestions. I really don’t think you and various Smart Aleck mouthed bloggers here are remotely indigenous Zambians or Africans. If you are then you must be some miseducated fake African, which abound on these Social Media platforms allowing you to protect your true identity.

  11. I am not surprised with your thinking. There are some sectors of Zambian society who believe in lawlessness and disorder. That’s how illegal immigrants end up at Calais, France, all the way from West Africa. Corrupt officials and people smugglers help along. Thankfully, there are some Zambians who believe in the rule of law, not chaos. Let’s not turn Zambia into a mafia state.

  12. Top marks to our Police and Border Staff for turning down a tempting corruption deal in these times of hardship. I must say Zambia is very alert and servicing its International duties to its neighbours. Zambia has it to become a very respected and world central authority.

    Even at the airports they are working on behalf of fellow countries as I found to my cost! Zambian Immigration contacted UK Immigration to check if I was legitimate….( annoying!), due to my New passport not being stamped with my Residency Permit. Luckily enough, I had travelled with my old passport which had it stamped in and other original supporting documents. When I arrived in UK, border staff were bemused at the check but advised me to get it stamped in new passport.

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