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VJ says he did not say Ugandan ballot papers were printed by Alghurari

General News VJ says he did not say Ugandan ballot papers were printed by...

VETERAN politician Vernon Mwaanga has said that he could not emphatically state whether the key voting materials for the Ugandan general elections in February this year were printed by Alghurari Printing and Publishing House, a Dubai-based comapny.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Pheonix “Let the people talk programme” yesterday, Dr Mwaanga said he did not claim that the Ugandan ballot papers for the February general elections were printed in Dubai, but his comment on the matter was that there was need to verify reports that the ballots for the Uganda general elections could have been printed in Dubai.

Dr Mwaanga was quoted by the Post Newspaper last week that it was a fact that the Alghurairi Printing and Publishing House was the same company which printed ballot papers for the Uganda 2016 elections.

Dr Mwaanga was also quoted as having said that the ballot papers for the Ugandan general elections landed in the wrong hands and that some of the ballot papers were allegedly pre-marked.

Dr Mwanga said: “It is a fact that the Alghurairi Pringing and Publishing Plc is the same company which printed ballot papers for the Uganda 2016 elections which landed in the wrong hands in Uganda just before the elections amid allegations by opposition parties and civil society organisations that the Government of President Yoweri Museveni kept printing additional papers. Some of the ballot papers were pre-marked in favour of Museveni according to testimony which was presented in court when Museveni’s re-election was challenged by opposition parties.”

But yesterday when asked by callers on the programme to substantiate his claims, Dr Mwaanga said he had only advised stakeholders to counter check and ascertain whether Alghurari Printing and Publishing House was the one that printed the ballot papers for the general elections in Uganda.

“My comment in my statement was not that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should not print the ballots in Dubai but that stakeholders should verify if that was the company that printed the ballot papers for the Ugandan general elections. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and does not hold elections. Why then print ballots in a country where there are no elections. The bidding process for the ballot papers is different from any other because it involves more than 15 million Zambians,” Dr Mwaanga said.


    • No doubt brother VJ is politicking abeit in a dangerous way if he did say it the way it was reported by the post. Unsolicited caution, we are safer to limit our political mudslingings to local political games. As an ex-Service Chief, brother VJ knows better how carelessly captured statement can sadly invoke a hostile take-over of his life at the hands of aggrieved foreign intelligence operatives. Surely there is no reason to kame such a higly self engendangering statement. I believe M’membe as usual massaged it in a dangerous way. Every Zambian life matters. Please careful because by the time investigations are done and PNG status is issued, we will have lost life. The history and Modus Operadus of Ugandane, Rwandese and Burundese operatives including Angola is no different to the Mossad…

    • There you go! This is what happens when you let your MOUTH run ahead of your BRAIN—think before you YAP bwana VJ. Why does THINKING seem to be in very SHORT SUPPLY in UPND nowadays? Everybody says things seemingly without giving any freaking thought to the consequences of what they say—yaba!

      So who was lying, The Post or VJ? This is one thing UPND nincompoops seem to have forgotten so quickly; The Post will use anybody to spread their hate agenda against PF/Edgar. They are masters at twisting people’s statements to suit their preconceived ideas of what NEWS SHOULD BE. How many times have people been quoted in The Post and only to have the principle person who supposedly made the statement refute it, or say he/she was misquoted? And people don’t seem to learn their lessons. Trust…

    • continue…

      Trust me, you are a friend to The Post only when they can use you to further their agenda of CARTEL DOMINATION—and UPND should have learnt this lesson already given the fractious history between them!

    • In Jesus Christ, no weapon fashioned against HH will prosper and every tongue speaking falsehood against HH is condemned for that is HH’s heritage as the beloved of the Lord.

      All incantations railed against HH from the pit of hell boomerang back to the devil and his agents and are rendered null and void. Any demonic confederacy that cabal a stratagem of lies, slander, smear, falsehood break your teeth and bones in the Name of Jesus, a curse full of demonic assaults and bondage engrains into your destiny all that is yours unto a thousand generations!!

  1. Why should we ask a country to sell us malaria tablets when they do not have mosquitoes? VJ reasoning ha ha ha !

    • Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and does not hold elections. Why then print ballots in a country where there are no elections. Yaba!

  2. Now VJ is showing his marks of being a crook.
    Who can trust him; he is proving to be untrustworthy.
    He is fake.

  3. I said it. These man has nothing to lose he and his children have had a share of their livese. We have small children and we want them to enjoy the peace we have enjoyed in this beautiful land of Zambia. With all due respect Vj why should he turn on his words like this? Look how he incesed his upnd cadres to an extent of them hailing insults to a women discharging her duties. It is not fair & may God deal with anyone who wants to bring choes in this country. Vj you should be ashamed of your self.

  4. The master rigger is confused and backtracking after tripping HH. He is annoyingly skipping. I put it to you bwana VJ that it is normal and an ongoing process for electoral stakeholders to verify any issue concerning ECZ. It does not begin and end at your call. You are just a UPND cadre bent at misleading Zambians like the loser in HH. Tell it to Mmembe not us!

  5. Information now emerging is that other companies met the ECZ specs and were cheaper but we’re not selected. Can that ka issacs woman clarify those emerging stories.

  6. Ba VJ the damage has been done already. Why commenting about electoral matters of another country in Zambian politics in the first place? you cant compare apples to bananas, just apology to Ugandan people for undermining their electoral process.

  7. Why do Zambians enjoy listening to spent forces like VJ. The days for the likes of VJ are long gone. The earlier people like VJ realized this the better it will be for them. VJ is from the stone age before alot of things were invented. He did not go beyond Form 2. Read his book an Extra-ordinary life. The media and everyone would do well to ignore this man. He is cheap. An attention seeker and a name dropper. This man belongs to the dustbin. For those of you who think he is actual “DR’, he is not. That doctorate just like Kaunda’s are honorary. Most people who are given honorary doctorates, do not call themselves “DR”. Zuma of South Africa has 40 of them but he does not care for anyone of them. Its only people like VJ who go to town for such fake qualifications.

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