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President Lungu in Malawi, calls for common solutions to climate change challenges

General News President Lungu in Malawi, calls for common solutions to climate change challenges

President Lungu Commissioning the Houses for Police Officers
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says there is need to seek solutions to address climatic change that have affected the agricultural sector in most Southern African countries.

President Lungu noted that Malawi and Zambia should seek common solutions to the address the challenges the two countries are facing because they share common interests.

The Zambian Head of State was speaking upon arrival at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Malawi, today.

The President is in Malawi to discuss issues surrounding climatic change with his Malawian counterpart.

President Lungu who is accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba and Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone was received at Kamuzu International Airport by Malawian Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Francis Kasaila and Minister of Energy, Mining and Water Bright Msaka.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malawi Salome Mwananshiku was also at hand to receive President Lungu.

The Malawi Defence Force staged a guard of honour for the Zambian President while the Democratic Progressive Party Choir and traditional dance troops added to the entertainment at the airport.

President Lungu is expected to attend a closed door meeting at Kamuzu palace with Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi and the host President Peter Mthalika.

The President is expected to return to Lusaka immediately after the meetings today.


  1. This must be a funny climate change meeting without experts and only foreign affairs minister and eastern province minister. Nothing will come out of this meeting except hefty per diem.

    • He wants to fuk that b!tch Mumbi Phiri from there, with the best fuk best practice of Malawi…Yakumawa yonzunilatu baba!!

    • Lungu again and again on visionless trips whilst the economy is melting away to low records in the history of the country.
      2 months left PF to be shown the exit roof. Climate change? Kariba is flowing with water, yet Malawi, US, China or India some of massive contributors to pollution are in reverse side. Lungu is trying so hard for fruitfulness results.
      The melting economy is waiting for Lungu & the visionless PF. No vision, No vote for you.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. Scheming something. Closed doors as head of states? Why close doors? It wont work this time. It is hunger speaking in Zambians. Unless hunger is eradicated nothing will change the anger of Zambians over government incompetence.

  3. Welcome back home to Nyasaland bwana Lungu. How I wish you could stay for good and NEVER go back to my country Zambia and mess up? You tend to think that we don’t know your history? You are cheating yourselves; why is KK and that thief Ala B following you wherever you go? Why are you meeting them in the dead of nights, what do you discuss with them? Zambian pipo please wake up and VOTE this criminal out, this is a scam you have no idea…

  4. Please moderate your language even if u dont like him. Dont forget all Presidential candidates have their followers just concentrate on yours. And what makes u think that when Presidents of different countries there are no experts, u must be conversant with how Technical are conducted
    international meetings are

    • He is not using his followers’ money to travel to those meetings. The country’s resources are being used for those trips and people have a right to question the wisdom of attending some of these meetings that are not of benefit to the country. Certainly there were no climate change experts at that closed door meeting. Meetings on Climate change are never a secret affair.

  5. Another pointless trip …this bum should be in his office..he oblivious to what is happening with the economy. To him showing off the Challenger is more important!!

  6. This president has his priorities all mixed up. A true leader who has the love of his country men would not fly to Malawi to talk about climate change and all that stuff.
    Zambians have for along time cried for solutions to improve health facilities, energy supply, reliable mealie meal and fuel supply, security for citizens to go about and move about without the fear of being killed.
    He goes to Malawi and pretends he knows what climate is. He has been on a honey moon for 16 months and it’s time to retire him and send him to Malawi permanently.

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