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President Lungu tells Church to provide spiritual guidance in the wake of ritual killings

Headlines President Lungu tells Church to provide spiritual guidance in the wake of...

President Lungu with Prof Edwin Zulu UCZ Moderator at the Reformed Church in Zambia,Golden Jubilee celebration in Lusaka at heroes stadium, Umwini inaugurated a new era in the history of the Reformed Church in Zambia.The Church in Zambia was governed by missionaries from the Dutch Reformed Church Free State of South Africa.Picture  by EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.23-04-2016
President Lungu with Prof Edwin Zulu UCZ Moderator at the Reformed Church in Zambia,Golden Jubilee celebration in Lusaka at heroes stadium, Umwini inaugurated a new era in the history of the Reformed Church in Zambia.The Church in Zambia was governed by missionaries from the Dutch Reformed Church Free State of South Africa.Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.23-04-2016

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has urged the Church to provide spiritual guidance in the wake of ritual killings and the recent deaths recorded from road traffic accidents.

Mr Lungu has also reiterated his call for the Church to denounce violence and preach peace as the country heads to the elections in August this year.
The Head of State was speaking yesterday when he officiated at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

“In the wake of the various vices that are confronting our nation, among them ritual killings and the recent deaths caused by road accidents, I appeal to the Church to provide spiritual guidance and firmly stand in the gap for our country to overcome,” President Lungu said.

He urged the Church to intensify efforts to preach peace and love to the Zambian people as it was the foundation on which the country’s forefathers built the nation.

Mr Lungu said the Church should play its role as a messenger of peace by taking advantage of sermons to denounce violence and preach peace in the country.
He urged Zambians against abusing their freedom of speech to cause trouble because the country was known the world over to be an oasis of peace.

Mr Lungu said that Zambia could not afford to lose the peace and stability which it had enjoyed over the years because of selfish political interests.
He said peace before, during and after the elections was important if the nation was to record development.

President Lungu commended the RCZ for its role in the health and education sectors in the 15 schools and two hospitals it managed in Eastern Province, which were supplementing Government’s efforts in the provision of education, health and social services.

He said while the Government had an obligation to improve the welfare of citizens, it needed the efforts of all stakeholders, including the Church, to adequately meet the needs of the people.

President Lungu said the Government would continue to provide support to hospitals and special schools for the visually and hearing-impaired.
RCZ Synod moderator Edwin Zulu said the Church had partnered with the Government in providing health and education services, among several other interventions.

Professor Zulu said RCZ was working with the Government in improving food security and in the fight against human trafficking.

He said the Church would continue to support the Government of the day and champion the cause of the poor and vulnerable people in communities.

Prof Zulu said the Church was preaching peace, love and unity among its congregants because Christians were called to be the light of the world.

The commemoration held at Heroes Stadium was attended by former Republican president Rupiah Banda, freedom fighter Grey Zulu, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini and Electoral Commission of Zambia chairperson Esau Chulu.

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    • @Ndobo; it’s a campaign strategy. President Lungu is trying to subliminally label HH a $atanist without so much as saying the word $atanist. There is nothing more Zambians are scared of than a “$atanist”. And once labeled one, you never come back from it.

    • I think he is now a Buddhist, he was always posturing like he is Buddha, you don’t need to do that to prove to people that you holier-than-thou.

    • Its unfortunate the President a lawyer has also already labelled this as ritual murders when investigations have not concluded so. How do we know if its murderers harvesting human organs for sale to be transplanted elsewhere ?? Could it be a demented serial killer who has found fertile ground ….. ever heard of Jack the ripper and what he used to do to his victims ? does it sound familiar … To conclude that these are ritual murders from the President is playing populism than being professional…. and this is not to discount that indeed they may be ritual murders! But leave those cheap conclusions to us out here and not you Mr President

    • ……..”because of selfish political interests”. Spot on!
      When guns are drawn and fired by a political party cadre , pangas unleashed, knoberkeries, stones and fists raised in pursuit of cowering and subduing political opponents; such action qualifies to be called “because of selfish political interests” and must equally be condemned regardless of which party is involved.

    • Lungu should have thought about that before mouthing off about the opposition and foreigners committing ritual murders. Now Zambia under Lungu is a damaged brand famous around the world for xenophobia. Zambia is truly a failed state under PF.

    • Edgar’s photographer is pathetic. Why does he mostly present EL like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rainman? By the way those calculated humble looks don’t put food on the table either.

    • @Lameck, good one. Those are calculated humble looks. Very deceptive indeed to those that don’t know the chap

    • Lungu flip-flops from one church to the other with hands clasped meekly together prayerfully. His Royal Humbleness is just a wolf in a sheepskin, giving contradicting signals every day. Unlucky are the people who follow him singing about his humility.

    • Let’s urge the Church to provide spiritual guidance with the economy and our credit rating…what a useless bum he is this Edgar…complete empty vessel.

  1. 1 KINGS 3 vs. 5 the lord appeared to him {Solomon (Lungu)} in the dream and asked him; what would you like me to give you? Vs 9 give me wisdom to rule your pipo (Zambians). The lord was pleased that Solomon ( Lungu)had not asked for riches (like HH and GBM) I will give you what you have asked for. Chapter 5 Solomon (Lungu) prepares to build the Temple while HH built himself a very big house. Come August 11 Solomon (Lungu) as indicated in chapter 6 is coming to build the Temple. Solomon’s enemy starts with HA (1 Kings 11:14-16) and lungu’s enemy starts with HA. Will the Edomites (UPND) and their leader (HA) win on August 11 when the Edomites failed?

  2. Its Sunday and there is the Lazy Bum Edgar seated on a sofa in the front row like a King preaching about things he hardly understands; you expect God to help when you are not investing in the Police but yourselves.
    I recall when KK was president you wouldn’t even notice he was in the front row of church as he sat on ordinary chairs and that was a one party state then.

    • Jay Jay you always find something negative even when it’s not necessary, is it about you having the most blogs after 2016? Bloggers want to see constructive criticism.

  3. Just take a close look at the way Prss. Zulu stared at this man kaminamisa wrungu, a total shumble of dramatic & bogus spirit expression right in one of these ubz church. Lets not joke with God people of zambia, by the way are they frends or its just wakoniwako at its usual play field. Really pundits in trible. Ni foward fye apa bane!

  4. Humbleness will not put food on the table. Lungu is failing to provide good leadership. He has failed to manage this economy properly. While pretending to be God fearing and humble Lungu in conjunction with ECZ are busy scheming on how to rig the elections. That is why they are insisting on using the Dubai printer. Printing of extra and pre-marked ballots is key to their election rigging script. This man must be stopped from rigging our elections without fail.,

  5. And i hope he has paid back clients he used to swindle their hard earned cash because thats what Zacchaeus from the bible did than posturing in a church to nurse his hang overs.

  6. Can everyone see the chuckle of unseriousness in the photo. The president has all the power in the country to stop ritual killings, political violence and road accidents. He should use that power more. Kudos

    • As commander in chief, he can end all the murder and road carnage today. That’s how powerful that seat is. The church and other bodies can supplement this power. The President needs to flex his muscles more, he has enough intelligence wings to end all the confusion today. Vote Peaceful Friends for continued humility, meekness and wisdom

  7. It has become clear that police chief Kakoma Kanganja is a weakling who is not as effective as Dr Martin Malama. The State wings need tough officers and failures should be fired. Kaizer, get rid of Kanganja you know what I’m talking about.

  8. We are going to need tough men to surround the President in the run up to elections and beyond 2016. The late MCS used to fire underperformers like Kakoma Kanganja.

    • The photo on LT shown today is in very bad taste. That chuckle though funny is the very reason small opposition party leaders have the guts to insult the most important office in the land. Good job LT, as independent media you have shown with one photo that the Republican President wields all the power in the land to prevent the calamities he is talking about.

  9. Please invest in appropriate Police equipment- DNA forensic labs, surveillance and Cameras on roads and public places etc.. Put in place measures that will stop over speeding. Expand busy roads such as the Great North Road into a dual carriage way. These are practical issues that require action. God can not be expected to create miracles for issues that are within human power. If you are preaching that wealth comes from magic instead of hard work the result is what you are seeing- criminals will look for that wealth no matter how diabolical the means for achieving it. Under deprivation and suffering people turn to the deity, religion or superstition for answers. Take time to read writings by Max Weber.

  10. Fire of God,attack the citadel of wickedness,manipulation, corruption, lies and slander.

    God raise a standard that will expose agents of the devil!!

  11. My President you did not say any thing when miles sampa was attacked in Ndola at the international air port,when a young lady was striped naked in lusaka and when PF thugs went round in Lusaka with Pangas.Now this is what happens when you don’t take issues seriously.We have never experienced this ritual killing,road accidents,looting of shops,high meal meal prices and all this suffering.
    The lord has rejected your leadership. These are signs of rejected leadership by God

  12. Pretense of the worst kind. God will not be mocked bane. You don’t have to do this Mr ECL. Don’t bring God to silly politics. He is God of all and he has allowed Presidents to be voted out before. Nothing you can do that can change him in a fair game of choosing leaders. Just be yourself as a drunkard the same way the gullibles voted for you though this time around they will reverse their votes against because of suffering and your lack of leadership for that office.

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