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Uganda sends formal inquiry to Zambia seeking clarification on VJ’s Rigging Claims

Headlines Uganda sends formal inquiry to Zambia seeking clarification on VJ's Rigging...

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has disclosed that Uganda has sent a formal inquiry seeking clarification on a statement attributed to veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga regarding the recent elections in that country.

Dr. Mwaanga was recently quoted in the Post Newspapers advising political players to watch the Electoral Commission of Zambia carefully after it recommended that the tender to print the ballot papers be awarded to a Dubai firm.

Dr Mwaanga alleged that the Dubai firm was also used to print ballot papers in the t general elections in Uganda which were found to have been pre-marked.

But Mr. Kalaba says his Ministry has received an inquiry from Uganda and that Zambia will cooperate and facilitate the process of inquiry for the benefit of the two nations.

He has also reiterated that Zambian citizens should desist from making comments that will disturb Zambia’s relations with other countries.

Mr. Kalaba said government is committed to maintaining peace within and outside Zambia and will not entertain unfounded allegations.

He was speaking in an interview with Zambian Journalists at the Kamuzu international airport in Malawi.


  1. Ok. Now protect VJ. I am sure he has apologized to your ministry. Let us not know the contents of that letter he wrote to you. It will be sad to see him persecuted by the Ugandan authorities.
    VJ-Say a magic word my brother. Say it and all will be water under the bridge.

    • This VJ without any formal post secondary education has outlived his usefulness in Zambian politics. Can someone stop putting his faces all of the place … for some us whenever we see his face the only things we remember are the following:

      * Caught with Mandrax in German bringing total shame to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.
      * Caught with Tshala Mwana in a hotel room after she performed at then Independence Stadium.
      * Caught with unmarked ballots in 1996 as Master Rigger to the total sham of the democratic process.
      * Caught red handed with brown envelopes being delivered to corrupt chiefs to master mind vote buying.
      * Caught with a bunch of prostitutes at the London hotel in 1983 and shouting diplomatic immunity before police cornered him.
      * Caught with sinister…

    • The list is endless … can we see some descent people we can be proud of not these kinds of lummox with no character. Surely, someone thinks this twerp is really worth his salt and I know he is a double agent.

      But over here … the diplomats don’t run this country, the IMF does not run this country, the media does not run this country, the Elites don’t run this country, foreign dignitaries don’t run this country, the opposition does not run this country … we the people do!!!

      Can someone drop this cretin for me? As Denzel Washington would ask!!

    • This is an i.diot who brags about womanizing. There is nothing special about him. He is not a Ph.D holder. He probably has never masterminded any election rigging, that is just a myth and makes him seem like a legend. He was a diplomat only because he was born a the right time when everyone involved in the struggle for independence was rewarded with a portfolio. He is a mandrax dealer. Go away you giant piece of Sh.it. Hope you read this.

    • Protect VJ? From what? He merely wants a clean, transparent, free & fair election for his motherland. We still want the opposition to very if, indeed the same company printed the Ugandan ballot papers. Stop threatening him!

    • VJ is Zambian citizen he will not go to Uganda to answer to stupid questions from the dictator Museveni because all he said was said by BBC,CNN ,including the Ugandan supreme court.There is no way VJ will go unless PF takes him to Uganda.then the whole story will change it will the people of Zambia + VJ Vs PF and Lungu.They will make VJ a hero.

    • Kalaba could be either lying. Or they have asked Uganda to send this ‘enquiry’ to protect their kind.

      It’s in their interest that UPND forcibly accept this Dubai company. That’s my take of this. It is illogical for Uganda to send this enquiry knowing the person who uttered those words is not in Government. Why send it to Kalaba? They, in my mind would utter a statement from their country publicly.

      Kalaba is conniving and deep down knows that it is the only way to win this election.

      I’m seeing through him.



    • Kalaba should dismiss the Ugandan inquiry with the contempt it deserves. VJ is a Zambian citizen and it is a duty of this PF govt to protect Zambians from frivolous machinations from a dictator in the name of Museveni

    • I dont believe this story from Kalaba. Its PF who are trying to make this a big deal. We all read and listen to the news on what happened in Uganda. We didnt even need VJ to tell us of the elections malpractices in Uganda. The matter was in the Supreme court for a number of days. And yes, Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing House was one of the companies that printed the ballot papers in Uganda

      Source: Sunday Vision
      Electoral Commission receives ballot papers
      By Nicholas Wassajja, Mary Karugaba
      Added 28th January 2016 06:14 PM
      “The Electoral Commission (EC) has today received the first consignment of ballot papers for presidential and parliamentary elections at Entebbe international airport… 16 million ballot papers have been flown in by Paarl Media, a South African based…

    • contd…
      ….a South African based printing company”.

      “The other consignments of ballot papers from TALL Security Print Limited of UK, Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing House from United Arab Emirates and Picfare industries Uganda will be delivered in due course.”


    • Uganda should stop being childish. They should first investigate the allegations made by their opposition and there after tell VJ about their findings as VJ wanted confirmation of the allegations of printing extra pre-marked ballot papers which landed in wrong hands before elections.


    • VJ is not going anywhere!! “Patriotic” Front!! What a joke!! Rule number one, family comes first, in this case, my first family is Zambia. We may fight among ourselves, but when a forsaken country like Uganda, that has zero democratic practices, tries to flex a little muscle on a Zambian citizen, then my first responsibility is Zambia!! That is Patriotic. Is Kalaba saying that he cares more about the relationship with Uganda than protecting the Zambian votes and peace, because thats what VJ highlighted? We Zambians can deal with Dr Mwaanga, if at all he crossed the line, but we are not siding with Uganda to betray our own.

    • Freedom is not absolute and life has charters of limitations. In the context of the reports printed by Mmembe’s tabloid on the interview of brother VJ if accurate, I will not fail to say on behalf of brother Hichilema, brother VJ over politicized his strategy to false the brother Lungu’s Government change its choice for ballot printers. Invoking a foreign nation that has the matter before the court was reckless for a career diplomat and versatike serviceman wit depth of intricacies of services. I have no doubt that brother VJ has already initiated apologies to General Kaguruta. This is too sensit I’ve an issue to ignore. Ugandan, Rwandese, Angolan, Ethiopian and Burundese intelligence systems are perfected at cartyinh Mosad style abductions or elimination on foreign soil.This could…

    • This is too sensitive an issue to ignore. Ugandan, Rwandese, Angolan, Ethiopian and Burundese intelligence systems have perfected at carrying out Mosad style abductions or elimination on foreign soil.This could become unnecessary cost of protective security to Zambian Tax payers. Brother VJ is dead wrong on this matter but he is a Zambian citizen first. Therefore, brother Lungu should protect him Politics aside. I wish he takes a rightful place of his retirement instead being used dangerously in politics. He has contributed not only bad things to the country but also more good to Zambia, mother Africa and beyond. We will be childish and cyber trolls to waterdown his valuable contributions when our rage take the tone of brainless infantiles pasting useless hatred. You don’t correct wrong…

    • Guys regulate your hatred and charter a path of rational actors guided by thinking and love. I disapprove the reckless statement of brother VJ, but will not join in staging a hate crusade here or in private corridors. I would rather play a behind the scene service of coercing him into peaceful retirement as a retired politician, career diplomat and service Chief. It’s adds zero value to resort to cyberstalkers kind of blogging. You don’t solve wrong by paying it wit wrong behavior but love and maturity. Brother Lungu and Kalaba are for love and Zambia first not verifying cituzens.

    • Simple diplomacy Mr Kalaba. If you are a minister worth your title, just tell Uganda that VJ is a private citizen, and that what he said does not represent the position of GRZ. Ninshi chapwa mwasova!!!! If you wish you can then add the position of GRZ.

    • Scarface Kalaba should not gloat when that dictator Museveni threatens VJ. Ugandans should be ashamed of themselves that they keep on skipping from one abusive dictator to another (Obote, Idi Amin and now Museveni). PF should show the Ugandans the finger and where they can shove their letter of inquiry. Zambians have nothing to learn from Ugandans about governance and democracy.

    • Dr. Vj has never had any meaningful education, wisdom (or intelligence). If he had all these or some of them, while he was overseas and young, he could have used them to spend his money on education which disciplines most if not all people who genuinely pass through its phases. After education and as an highly exposed person, he could have used the academic principles, wisdom and intelligence to come up with a well thought through legitimate business model which would have even helped create jobs for the youth. But having to just want to deep his deep stick into everything he imagines to be seeing in a skirt plus quick money has always landed him in trouble. Maybe he must retire even from life.

    • Is Uganda trying to help PF rig the elections? They shud tell us why the Ugandan opposition leader is still under house arrest months after the elections.

  2. VJ is a private citizen, he`s entitled to his opinion on Ugandan elections. In any case, the whole world knows that holding elections in Uganda is just a waste of time.

  3. Brian you should be the last person to say all those things about VJ. Unveil yourself to the police in Dallas and answer to the calls of that lady you cornered a $5000.00. Avail us with your whereabouts dad and bite the bullet like a man. Remove the log in your eyes bros first. Do not shoot without aiming.

    • @Ndime, good point mate, I was also wondering about what this B R Mumba sir, is saying. He said over here as if nikumwabo. You have no clue stay in Exile, all you have archived is blogging, mwakotela kwabene you don’t even know where your body will be buried once you are gone since ba family have forgotten about you, now you want to talk about VJ, he has no case with Uganda and this guy Kalaba is a liar.


  5. With all the knowledge you can claim to have Brian and a few that think VJ will be intimidated into this fracas you just showing how moronic your minds are. VJ is a private person and Kalaba knows the kind of people he is talking to. There is no case and I am very certain Uganda will not stoop so low to pursue VJ. They have better things to do than crediting Kalaba.

  6. Mr. Kalaba,

    I always believed that Zambia is a SOVEREIGN country with its own Constitution and Laws. Can you please clarify how jurisdiction of Uganda extends to the Republic of Zambia and to the acts commuted by Zambian Citizens within territory of the Republic of Zambia?
    On the other hand, can you please update Nation on progress you have made in prosecuting New York Police Department as you said you will do?
    Much obliged.

  7. Gosh! I hate countries which waste time to resolve issues raised by individuals. If Mwaanga was in Government I would understand. He is just a common citizen and Uganda is wasting it’s time. Moreover I don’t even see Mwaanga going to Uganda, to do what? Kalaba is also wasting our time telling us. These guys needs to grow up. He is just supporting the Dubai country bring the Uganda case. Let’s talk key national issue not petty stuff.

  8. Running Gorvernment made simple!!!!wich normal country on earth makes formal enquirers over comments of private citizens.please stop intimidating your citizens ,dont persecute your own citizens it’s so wrong.But Sorry Mwanga is smart he knows you are cooking up those stories to intimidate him.Please it’s your duty to protect your citizens as government from rogue governments

    • This is the problem if a government is in the hands of cowards. Instead of standing their ground they waste most of the time pandering to the whims of other countries. Kalaba as minister of foreign affairs is slowly turning into an attack dog of other countries against his compatriots. It was Guy Scott (twice : South Africa, Zimbabwe) and now it is VJ. Does Kalaba know how Zimbabweans mistreated Zambians when their economy was still on the rails? The “peace loving” Zambian government was always mum despite reports reaching it. Useless clowns.

  9. @Br. Mumba Sr. you are a moron and you cannot be compared to VJ. You are just an empty tin, a head full of maggots and no brains. Despite your ka small degree which you might have gotten through forgery, VJ still surpasses you in so many things. What achievements at your age have you made in life apart from hauling insults at people and issuing lame and ill remarks of hate against people you may differ with in ideas and ideals ? You should feel ashamed of yourself and I wonder if God Almighty can bless evil minded people like you. I have never ever read anything sensible from you despite your level of education apart from folly after folly. Let me remind you that the inquiry against ba VJ is going nowhere and that VJ will remain an icon in Zambian politics. Assuming we had people like…

    • VJ has always been a crook. Everything that BR MUMBA has listed on VJ are facts.

      VJ polluted Zambia with Mandrax which affected a lot of young Zambians in the streets. Is this a person you can be proud who goes out deliberately to destroy his own people.

      He is no different from the Drug Cartels of Columns and the USA.

      I can’t trust a man who has been married 7 Times.

      Keep posting BR MUMBA. The truth always hurts.

  10. We have told you before that PF is full of people with no brains. VJ is a private person. What case has he got to answer to Uganda and Dictator Yoweri? Zambians have for instance called uncle Bob down South all sorts of names and accused him of rigging the elections and you have never head uncle Bob wanting clarification for comments by a private citizen. Kalaba is one of those u-s-ele-ss MP. What was the point of him raising the issue in Malawi? VJ has no case to answer. Who does not know that Yoweri is a Dictator and that the elections were not free and fair? Shame on kalaba and shame on Yoweri’s foreign affairs minister.

  11. This a diversion from the vote rigging fiasco using the Dubai Printer. The vote rigging fiasco has been exposed and Kalaba is trying to save the PF Govt’s face by making the issue look like a diplomatic glitch. They are trying to intimidate VJ who is a private Zambian Senior Citizen who has not broken any Zambian or Ugandan laws. Its like trying Donald Trump in an African Court in Africa for making disparaging remarks about African dictators during the current election campaigns in the USA. VJ just like Donald Trump are entitled to their private opinions. VJ has no case to answer as he is not a Ugandan citizen and has not committed any crime. This is a diversion and a waste of time. What matters now is for ECZ to select a reputable and credible printer to print our ballots for the 2016…

  12. How many people in neighboring countries or indeed other countries have doubted Zambian elections before? Private citizens in their private countries.

  13. What a childish forigne minister.

    Ugandan elections were not fair and free. Musrveni is a dictator. I am a Zambian student in London, working part time at our embassy.
    Can you arrest me pleas.

  14. When people have something to hide, when they are exposed, they tend to talk like they have no brains. What sense is our foreign Minister making?

  15. People should learn to tame their mouth and know their limits and know what to comment on. Little do you know that the security of this country is very fragile.

    • It is VJ who should stop shooting his mouth off at other countries. Zambia & Uganda share strong diplomatic ties and don’t interfere in each others political sphere. VJ Mwaanga taking the liberty to declare the elections of a sovereign state as unfree and unfair is a diplomatic blander from a former diplomat.
      UPND and your supporters, please term your tongues and just continue being hoodlums here in Zambia.
      I am definately voting for PF unlike this gang of loud mouths who are also egocentric and full of self importance. We the people rule, as B R Mumba above stated.

  16. This Ugandan govt must be a very busy place …sending out formal inquiries seeking clarification as the whole world knows old man M7 rigged those elections; the man couldn’t even celebrate publicly but opted to celebrate with his cows.

    • Jay Jay, yes Uganda may have rigged the elections, but V.J seems to have a first hand information on how it happened so he may be required to testify and provide proof. Having been a foreign minister himself in the past, he knows exactly what happens in such circumstances. It does not matter how much us vuvuzelas can try to talk on his behalf but if he knows better what he did, and if it is of no consequences then he has no reason to get worried.

    • Remind me again what was the reaction of the American people to the man who killed a lion in some African country?

    • @kabu…..the lion killing is a civil case and this is a political case…even the British jailed their own Mcormick after Iraq complained of his fake bomb detectors ….because that was a criminal case ….but look at how Britain stood by Thatcher’s son who was implicated in a failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea

  17. Let this be a good lesson for careless whispers. This tired and retired politician must pay for his misdeeds and promoting hate and anxiety in our land. Its time people started knowing their limits. By the way, who is VJ? Is this the same man who married so many women and has been divorced countless times?
    What value is in this chap other than trying to become more irrelevant in our society? The man is not well and will d1e in Uganda after he meets the Mu 7.

  18. This is intimidating the citizens. When were private individuals censored for speaking their mind as private citizens concerning world affairs? VJ is not the first one to allege election malpractices during Ugandan elections. Can Uganda send formal esquires to all the countries whose citizens have rubbished their elections?

    If ever the Zambian Govt succumb to Ugandan intimidation and surrender or start prosecuting VJ, then it will be plainly known that we don’t have any govt in Zambia because world over every govt first protects the liberties and freedoms of its citizens.

  19. VJ is a consummate diplomat. I am sure he knew what he was talking about. I am also sure he will be able to defend his position even to the Ugandan Government. In case he fails, he should do the needful. APOLOGISE.

  20. Kalaba is rubbish like cowdung,scott while in government called south africans stupid recently he called mugabe names,we know baaba its all about pf wanting to remain in power,let the people of zambia decide freelly,all those calling vj names are nicompoops!

    • Even your name speaks to your lack of values. Your hero VJ should answer the Ugandans because he accused them wrongly, even if the elections were rigged it is not in VJ’s place to comment. I just came from that country for a petroleum industry training and I can tell you that Uganda is right now struggling with security issues as they are in constant fear of an Isamic extremist attack and issuing headless statements like the one by VJ is not good for the Kampala based government. Being a former diplomat doesn’t meen you become a loose canon in the political sphere and shoot anyhow from the hip!
      No to careless statements!

  21. Satan is real – demons are real – curses are real – but Jesus has obtained deliverance for us! I am fully anointed. When I pray, demons run and flee and are uprooted. I am the walking talking word of God in human form. The resurrection power of Jesus Christ resides in me.
    I am thankful, Heavenly Father, that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I tear down the strongholds of satan and smash the plans of satan that have been formed against HH. These plans cannot succeed as He who sits in the heavens laughs at the predestined defeat of satanic forces. HH walks in the wholeness and blood cover of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, HH is accepted in the beloved. The anointing of Daniel, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Paul, Abraham,…

    • When last did you hear your HH confess Jesus Christ as his Lord. He is very clever when talking about God. The first prayer you should pray for HH is that he renounces the masonic faith. People argue that HH is not a Mason. He had a very good opportunity to prove that he is not a mason when Bishop Chomba declared that he even has a number of his membership. He sued Bishop Chomba but quietlt withdrew the case. Do you know how much the masonic relation to HH has costed him votes? Today if not for this issue HH would have been president. Why did he withdraw the case if he is not a Mason? No place for occultic leaders in Zambia. He should denounce the masons.

  22. The Ugandan Court did not find anything wrong with Dubai company. Zambians dont read and opposition is misleading people. The court said ballot delivery to opposition strongholds was delayed. But delaying of ballots was the problem of the Electoral Commission of Uganda.

  23. I am fully anointed. When I pray, demons run and flee and are uprooted. I am the walking talking word of God in human form. The resurrection power of Jesus Christ resides in me.

    I tear down the strongholds of satan and smash the plans of satan and his confederacy formed against HH. HH walks in the wholeness and blood cover of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, HH is accepted in the beloved. The anointing of Daniel, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Paul, Abraham, Issachar, Nehemiah rests on him. The favor of the Lord rests upon HH and is unconditionally abounding toward him in every situation and circumstance.

  24. Fact

    As @B R Mumba, Sris reminding us..

    VJ has NO formal post secondary education . The sooner someone can stop him from abusing his privilege, honour and respect of calling him ‘veteran’ the better … for some of you who were too young to remember, VJ was
    = Caught with a consignment of Mandrax at the airport in German. Why do you think KK dropped him as foreign minister? He was unemployed until Chiluba rescued him.
    = Caught with a lady Rumba musician from DRC called Tshala Mwana in a Lusaka hotel. * =Caught with unmarked ballots in 1996 as Master Rigger to the total sham of the democratic process.
    = Caught red handed with brown envelopes being delivered to corrupt chiefs to master mind vote. buying under Chilula’s MMD.
    = Caught with a bunch of prostitutes at the London hotel…

  25. VJ is a witness in the rigging in Uganda. Remember the case of RB where witnesses came from Nigeria
    Uganda wants VJ to bear witness only

  26. THATS Y GBM IS CORRECT TO SAY THEY SHOULD ARREST ALL THESE CHAPS THE MOMENT PF IS KICKED OUT.. edgar,kambwili,dora,kalaba and frank bwalya will be arrested HERE IN ZAMBIA,,, not in UGANDA…

  27. Honestly where are we going with this kind of governance ?
    How can a Zambian be handed over to another country over talk. what position does VJ hold in our government for him to be summoned by Uganda.This is a clear indication of poor governance/inexperience.At any given time a citizen must be protected by those governing and if this happening then we don’t need Kalaba/PF in power.
    No wonder our late president MCS said his ministers were useless”

  28. This the stupidness of ECZ. They are the ones bringing confussion in Zambia. Why extending bidders to outsiders because they promised to print the ballot papers in Zambia.
    They didnt want to print to S/Africa because S/African company refused to rigg elections for RB to continue manuplating Zambia minds.

  29. I was waiting for the day Kalaba would involved in something that exposes him to the media and alas the day has come for my judgement. The reason I waited for this day was because I separated him from the rest of the PF pack and I wondered how he was managing. And now I have the result displayed right in my face for interpretation. Conclusion: He is of the same fabric as the rest…..ala no wonder they say silence is golden! This guy cannot stop to amaze me with his level of dullness. You think VJ can be arrested or interrogated by the Ugandans over your failure to interpret his statement? And even if he was wrong no sane government would send its citizen to face trial from another country. Zambians redeem yourselves from these uncultured nonentities you will perish under such garbage of a…

  30. Ba Kalaba Bakalamba, do you understand your job….. anyway everything under PF is upside down…No wonder we are where we find ourselves today. BACKWARD!

  31. Mr. Harry Kalaba, the Foreign Affairs Minister MUST be very carefull when escalating diplomatic issues with our neighbouring countries. Some of our neighbours have not known democracy at play, infact they are dictators. We can even name them in reference to our own democracy.
    However, a Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister to capitalise on opinions expressed by Zambians to other nations falls far short of ignorant in diplomatic etiquett. Part of Kalaba’s responsibilities is to defend our freedom of expression. In this case VJ’s comments would never attract the entire Uganda’s government to engage with our government over it. VJ is not in government for Uganda to have sleepless nights over his opinion, neither did he speak in any known capacity. It is Kalaba escalating the issue and will…

  32. This story is very funny! I looked at Times of Zambia the report says ” UGANDA has officially sent an inquiry to the Zambian embassy in Tanzania over veteran politician and seasoned diplomat Vernon Mwaanga’s recent statement in which he concluded that the East African country’s February elections were flawed.
    Dr Mwaanga is reported in the Post newspaper, dated April 16 this year, that people should restrain the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) from using the same printing company in Dubai that was used in the February election in Uganda because the ballot papers for that country’s elections were pre-marked to favor….”

    Why go through Tanzania embassy?

    • Ba economist they sent that inquiry through the Zambian embassy in Tanzania. Zambia does not have an embassy in Uganda directly so it is the Tanzania(Zambian) embassy which deals with Uganda.

    • MANIX, you should not have answered these ranting ignoramuses.
      This issue is of great diplomatic embarrassment and most of these skunks here are busy spitting rubbish.
      Google Ugandan online media and cross read this issue you are lumpenising, antagonistic and amateur political supporters.

  33. Under International Law, a foreign nation cannot arrest a citizen of another country for uttering an unfavorable opinion or comment.

    Zambia CANNOT hand over VJ to dictator Yoweri “wamuyaya” Museveni. Impossible. Try it, Kalaba. Just try it!!

  34. VJ is a shameless and spent force who wants cheap publicity all the time. He has been associated with too many negatives including involvement in championing all the bad elections this country has experienced. Womanising, drug dealing, election rigging etc, …..these are his legacy! All those supporting him must have their sanity examined.

  35. Mr. Kalaba this is not an issue for your Ministry to waste time with. Even Ugandan govt has nothing to do. How can they be chasing private individual like VJ, who is neither in govt nor opposition executive member. He is just an ordinary citizen like the bloggers here. Just tell Uganda that VJ is a private individual & his views don’t represent that of GRZ or citizens, may he is mentally affected. Anyway people have to be careful with HH. He has sacrificed many to lose their jobs, education, appointments like Munkombwe, University & College students, civil servants and like. If he was winning elections, he may re-instate them but he is always losing.

  36. This is a strategy to intimidate and silence VJ and Zambian Citizens who are against their Vote Rigging Plans. They are upset with VJ for alerting Zambian opposition parties to the possibility of our elections being rigged the Ugandan style. VJ may keep quiet but we are already aware of ECZ/PF GOVT plans to rig the 2016 elections. From the outset we do not want the Dubai firm or any firms who printed ballot papers for Uganda to print our ballot papers. Let Renform of RSA print our ballot papers and as usual all opposition parties should monitor the printing. We are aware of other rigging efforts by ECZ and PF but we will deal with those as we go.

  37. Vj is not just an ordinary citizen, he is a seasoned diplomat so he should always strive to be as diplomatic as possible. As things stand now he has put the name of our country in disrepute and emberrassed himself big time. The best thing he should do now is just apologise or keep queit like his contemporaries are doing otherwise he is adding no value to the politics of this country.

    • @Manix concur. The thing about these opposition (1 party in particular) people is that they demonstrate their lack of International Relationship Building Skills.

      His Excellency a President Lungu has excellent ability and has adequately demonstrated it by building real and close beneficial relationships with all countries surrounding Zambia. A good thing since we are a landlocked country. If opposition ‘you know who’ ( can’t be rude about them anymore since good friends support them…bad judgement call on their part), manage to get into power, we will be at war with our neighbours in minutes!

    • So your interpretation of diplomacy is “telling lies.” He was giving his honest opinion based on reports coming out of Uganda.

  38. I believe the Dubai Print Co. should also take legal action for damage to their reputation.

    @BR Mumba Sr…..you’ve said it all for us…! Burst my sides…! Ditto @Nono. These people lie to trick people. Good Play gov’t, hang up them from their feet!!

  39. The notion by PF that the Ugandan Govt can sink so low in such a childish manner and go after a private Zambian citizen – VJ for voicing what we have all seen on reliable international online media, is very insulting to President M7 and the Ugandan ambassador to Zambia.

  40. VJ is a former diplomat and now a retired Senior Citizen who has a right under our constitution to express an opinion. There is absolutely nothing wrong in VJ expressing an opinion which the govt of Zambia disagrees with. Implicitly the govt and ECZ were involved in the selection of the Dubai firm with the sole purpose of printing and manipulating ballot papers in favour of ECL and PF. The rigging has been exposed and they are making VJ a scapegoat should they lose the upcoming elections. We do want elections rigged in any form so the Dubai firm and all those firms who printed ballot papers for the discredited Ugandan elections should be disqualified from the bid. Renform has a fantastic record having printed ballot papers for Zambia over the years so should be allowed to do so for the…

  41. Why all this panic va PF and why is our country only interacting with war torn countries like Sundan,Zimbambwe,Uganda?
    I smell a rat here .Thanks Va VJ for exposing this devil

  42. VJ is a spent force and with due respect to him he lacks principles just like the entire UPND Leadership headed by the Supreme Leader HH himself who even now has failed to produce their manifesto…Their only manifesto is reactionary in the negative to what the current Government is doing…UPND has created enmity with nearly everyone, namely The Presidency, The Speaker, ECZ, Our Sister countries and I wonder how their international relations would be with other African Countries should they win the August 2016 elections…

  43. Fact

    As @B R Mumba, Sris reminding us..

    VJ has NO formal post secondary education . The sooner someone can stop him from abusing his privilege, honour and respect of calling him ‘veteran’ the better … for some of you who were too young to remember, VJ was
    = Caught with a consignment of Mandrax at the airport in German. Why do you think KK dropped him as foreign minister? He was unemployed until Chiluba rescued him.
    = Caught with a lady Rumba musician from DRC called Tshala Mwana in a Lusaka hotel. * =Caught with unmarked ballots in 1996 as Master Rigger to the total sham of the democratic process.
    = Caught red handed with brown envelopes being delivered to corrupt chiefs to master mind vote buying under Chilula’s MMD.
    = Caught with a bunch of prostitutes at the London hotel in…

  44. What is the charge? That is rubish, the ugandan elections were declared not free & fair by the african union observer team head x- president of nageria, obasajor,. Moreover that information mr. Vj gave does is full on ugandan sites, so wete dont they start from their own bedroom or ask the afrocan union. And also the disbutes over the their elections are in there courts, what then is false about what vj spoke. Let our position parties put up a team of lawyers to oppose that request in courts, that if it is the request is their coz pf would stop at anything from cowering the people of zambia from exposing that corrupt dubai printer. That will include even to incite uganda against our people. Let them produce the rewuest that we may see it. We say it again loud & clear that is rubish.

  45. Dear-Broz,we are in 21st century,in amidst of battling for idea,”liberalism and rule of law”,as in Paris,London,Berlin etc(west),and “the authoritarian kleptocracy” of Moscow.the later has no room in days for return of our Lord…dont threaten man.

  46. Cadres are dull, you think the Americans, Russians, Asians would entertain such useless requests about their citizen. This is a lack of patriotism from those in government. Things that are in the Ugandan media and have been reported widely in Uganda and elsewhere.

  47. Useles dao *****s with their big heads filed with magots and hate towards others ma rabish! God cannot be mocked, time has come for change weather u like it or not, u a packing and going to live room for others to rule this country in peace and harmony.

  48. All the good and the bad comments we are reading on this thread is because of the ELECTORAL COMMISSION OF ZAMBIA insistence of wanting to use a Dubai Print Co.

  49. When Sata said his ministers were useless, I saw the list, Kalaba was No 2 on the list. No 1 Mukanga, No 3 Davies Mwila, No 4 Edgar, No 5 Chikwanda, No 6 Wina, actually all of them were and are still useless. Why should you be protecting Dictators in this era? Is there anything hidden about Museveni and Mugabe?

  50. Senior Citizen (Samuel Ngoma), you were a diplomat before and you should be able to distinguish between private citizen and government position. All that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs needed to do was write to Uganda to disassociate itself from VJ’s comments if government felt uneasy. Is VJ the only person to have made these comments about Uganda? What about tongue lashing Trump who has called the elections a sham aimed at perpetuating the reign of the dictator Museveni? Has John Kerry sold off Trump to Uganda? My brother Senior Citizen, you misguided MMD in 2011 after which you went into hibernation. Check your tracks.

    • So Senior Citizen is Samuel Ngoma? No wonder the vehement support for Lungu and RB before. Wako ni wako in practice.

  51. Who in his right mind refuses that Museveni, Mugabe, Kagame are dictators? How come these small backward countries have had stupid strongman at the helm in the period when the more bigger and prosperous Tanzania , South Africa and even Nigeria have changed Heads of State several times?!!!

    I say it again, Museveni wamuyaya Yoweri is a filthy dictator.

  52. Yes when u say leave kapepa alone i will agree, leave this confuse political prostitute alone to answer his nonse at that age he knew what he was saying.next will be the printing company on him.how do start conderming yo neighbours home even if u have facts its just hh madness disease.

  53. Kalaba did everything he cud to stop him but ifyamba and hh madness disease too proud to get advice its just the begining wait for the end.namuya sana filya mutuka lungu efyo mupenene nakuli museveni u will start running away from your own shadows apologise before they follow you. Bazaka kuchosa fondia in old age

  54. What a waste of space and time by both governments! For example, 90% of bloggers here would have been in ‘chimbokalia’s’ of other countries by now, if we are to go by some of the disparaging comments they make about other countries.

  55. Foolish cowards even an enquiry makes you shut in your pants. What’s wrong with an enquiry ? What’s wrong with being on the watchbout based on available public information as VJ suggested
    Be realistic
    Are there any men in Zambia or we are all balless cowards?why is kalaba shivering?

  56. The so called VJ should learn to keep quiet at times his time is up. Allow others to manage the present things. Namukula.

  57. I do not necessarily support VJ but for Henry Rockson Christ’s Sake LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!! What is wrong with mediocrity is always how excitement to eliminate an obstacle by non-bloody ways sends an orgy of indecent application of rules. At this point not even a sane law can stand against VJ in a court of law (try and see) EXCEPT the usual waste of taxpayer’s money to fly the poor guy to a country that we all know has very little in the way of law and order let alone the correct application of it. LEAVE VJ ALONE! Mwe mbushi mwe! Ati Foreign Affairs – is this what we have sunk our foreign affairs to? Beneath the bog!?

Comments are closed.

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