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Kambwili does not hold a Ph.D

Headlines Kambwili does not hold a Ph.D

Dr Kambwili displays the doctorate degree awarded to him by the University of California
Dr Kambwili displays the doctorate degree awarded to him by the University of California

By George Mtonga
Degree Granting Authority

The State of California Department of Consumer Affairs is vested with the powers to issue state licenses to operate a university, the practice licenses of all kinds of professions from Doctors, Professional Engineers to the lowest level of a barber or a security guard. We realized that Credential Evaluation Service has grown into a very respectable profession and therefore, Credential Evaluation Services should be institutionalized. It has to be regulated to protect the interest of the consumers.

Hence, California University FCE voluntarily registered itself with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs BPPVE to institutionalize its authority to grant equivalency degrees and academic certificates. This is our guarantee that the equivalency degree of the consumer’s foreign degree is equivalent to the degree granted by the regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America.

About California University FCE Degree Equivalency Awards

California University FCE does not issue college degrees per se, but degree equivalency, which requires the same scope and breadth of knowledge as someone who has actually completed a nationally or regionally accredited college program.

California University FCE equivalency-degree evaluations are generally accepted for immigration as well as Federal, State and private employment arenas. Below are articles discussing equivalency-degree awards. California University FCE progressively promotes honesty, integrity as well as academic excellence in education.
The U. S. Department of Education Supports Equivalent Degree Awards.

An award (baccalaureate or equivalent degree, as determined by the Secretary, U.S.Department of Education, normally requires at least 4 but not more than 5 years of full-time equivalent college-level work. This includes all bachelors’ degrees conferred in a 5-year cooperative (work-study) program. A cooperative planprovides for alternate class attendance and employment in business, industry, or government; thus, it allows students to combine actual work experience with their college studies. Also includes bachelor’s degrees in which the normal 4 years of work are completed in 3 years.

College Degree Required (or Equivalent Experience).
The word “College degree of Equivalent” strikes fear into many Oracle professionals who are charged with determining what “real-world” experience is equivalent to college-level learning…

California University FCE is Entrusted with Curricula and Program Evaluation.

California University FCE was commissioned to do curricula and program evaluations of some U.S. colleges and universities that applied for national accreditation. Most of its clienteles were granted national accreditation. It has also evaluated the curricula and programs of some member-universities of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) of UNESCO. GUNI is under UNESCOand the United Nations University. California University FCE has evaluated the academic credentials of some UN officials in New York, U.S.A.


  1. This is making some sense (altho’ I haven’t read it) ….. otherwise, even people like me will get an honorary doctorate degree issued by the University of Matero ……. for blogging.

    • I was wondering how a supposedly legitimate American university had to dig from the sewers to unearth Chimbwili, of all people and from Zambia of all places. Now we know. There’s a Zambian plant at this fake university that does not issue normal degrees. Is George Mtonga another PF cadre in the diaspora doing everything possible for PF? Is this the same University where Kaingu got his purported doctorate from? When are they conferring a Professorship on his Royal Humbleness Chakolwa Lungu? Just asking!

    • What a waste of time Mtonga, EITHER YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH or you are clutching at straws!

      Firstly Kambwili says HE HAS BEEN AWARDED A DEGREE by California Uni & NOT California University FCE (CUFCE) – that is the Difference!!

      Secondly, YOU LOSE YOURSELF BY TRYING TO EXPLAIN A CREDENTIALLING SERVICE, in simple language: CUFCE’s job is to look at FOREIGN Certs & degrees & say, yali che! i.e just like Examinations Council is now looking at all Gr 12 certs & saying yali che or ni ma forgery!!

      Thirdly, As such, Kambwili HAVING NO DEGREE, there is nothing for them to be offering him, BUT I GUESS, NOW THAT HE HAS FORGED ONE, he may present it to them then come back to us when they say ili che!!

      Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!!


  2. This is a very foolish article mired in non-academic jargon and unclear about its intentions. It could only have been written by a misguided UPND cadre masquerading as a wise cadre.

  3. Ba Mtonga everyone knows it’s an honory degree and not academic, Kambwili is not the first person to receive such an honour. What’s all this noise about? Pa zed ba phd, mwalishupa always looking for faults even on petty issues like this one yaba!!

    • I agree. Honorary doctorates and other honorary degrees are always considered as awards, not as actual educational degrees.
      I think the fuss here is also due to the fact that Kambwili arrogantly stated:
      “From here on I will be referred to as Honourable Dr. Chishimba Kambwili.”
      nuff said.

    • Well @Pretty can you enlighten us on the Grounds, since you have not set them out?

      You are all very ridiculous and malicious. Your capacity to be contradictory and spread falsities is indecent. You are people with very little integrity.

    • @Patriotic Front…. take is easy my friend. Yaba, ba mudala.

      I said “it is the grounds” people are fussing about…. and you are fuming.
      I will answer when you cool down.

    • @Pretty, I am taking you to task over your constant negative output. Everything you and your friends do in commenting is belittling and never make your alternative views known. I am not fuming, I just wonder why someone like you with all your obvious intelligent ability can lower yourself to agree on something which I know you are clear on. It’s an honorary NOT academic. The institute itself has been proven to have the right to verify and give awards, so where is the issue? You mean to be unkind with your put downs, but you represent yourself in bad light to wise people.

    • @Patriot Abroad, as for belittling and whatever, it this not a two-way problem? HH is insulted left right and centre and am yet to read you coming to his defence. You are taking this issue personally… calm down.

    • @Pretty, I have disproved of HH’s Anti-Zambian stance, on occasion been a bit lippy about his take on things but trust me, I have never been terribly rude about him in an uncivil manner or personal. Also HH is a bit of a joker, he knows some of his antics are annoying to people and uses Social Media to attack establishment. Apart from being suspicious about his hidden Agenda for Southern Province i.e. All that Barotse BRE stuff, I don’t really dislike him. In fact I started commentary on Watchdog but stopped when they became inappropriate attacking sick President Sata. He is likeable but not his politics.

    • @Patriot Front, the same way you find HH annoying is the same way I find some PF characters annoying. Now I can see that you and I are speaking the same language.

      But ba late Sata himself used to attack other sick politicians and poke fun at them, don’t get me wrong as am not justifying anyone.

      My friend, politics is a dirty game. Have you listened to Dora Siliya? That is abuse. Am nothing compared to her.

    • How is it an honorary degree if it does not come from a university with no students or buildings , but from an ngo? California University FCE is not a university.

    • @Pretty Dora is a Soldier! You want her on your side if you can get her!

      Seriously HH’s penchant for downgrading Zambia is very disconcerting and off putting. He needs to try another tack to get people to cross over.

    • No, I don’t want Dora on my side…

      HH, doesn’t downgrade Zambia but merely points out the country’s potential which is not being tapped. Zambia can become a bread basket for Southern Africa but then Zambia’s needs Kachema kontolola.

  4. Kapoma the issue is that it was not given to him by a university. Carlifornia University FCE is nooot aaaa uuuniiiiveersitiii. Celebrations by the minister and his supporters are misplaced.

  5. There is something very wrong about how Kambwili is being awarded these degrees. In 2014 he bribed Connerstone university authority to be awarded a full time degree when he was serving as a minister and staying in Lusaka. If you dig deeper about the California university you will know that Kambwili has links with someone who pushed his name for doing nothing.

  6. we have VJ mwaanga being called Dr Mwaanga because of an honourly degree. What is the difference with Kambwili?

  7. The difference is that te organisation that awarded Chimbwili an honorary doctorate us not a University…..it is a curriculum evaluation centre!!! Therefore it holds that this is a grand hoax!! A pig….even with lipstick on….remains a pig!!

  8. What is the point Mtonga is making here? Quote ‘ does not issue college degrees per se, but degree equivalency, which requires the same scope and breadth of knowledge as someone who has actually completed a nationally or regionally accredited college program.’

    They do have capacity to give and verify Awards. ZAMBIANS LEAN ENGLISH INTERPRETATION.

  9. Mwebantu a degree is not the same as a lottery. A degree is something you study for knowing fully well of you pass you will get it. In a lottery you are awarded a prize that is randomly picked. KAMBWILI’S degree was not studied for therefore it falls into the category of. ……….

  10. Mwebantu a degree is not the same as a lottery. A degree is something you study for knowing fully well if you pass you will get it. In a lottery you are awarded a prize that is randomly picked. KAMBWILI’S degree was not studied for therefore it falls into the category of………

  11. Some gtime 2002 some US organization evaluated my academic and professional qualifications and my diverse work experience and awarded me a Ph. D. And then demanded payment. And Kabwili fell for it. Shemuneni.

    • Some US Organisation?? But thus one has Authority to verify and Award. It’s honorary, no need to misplace the truth.

  12. In all fairness when you are recognized for the award of an honorary degree it is somehow misplaced that you should actually acquire the title and begin to profusely use it!? Those who actually know this do not even bother to append the title “PhD” after their name because it is clear it is not a “worked-for” award. However, in Africa where status symbols are more important than substance, it is modus operandi to use as many acquired titles as possible. In SA we even have politicians who enroll for a PhD and immediately start adding it to their equally dubious list of acquired awards…

  13. I think its a Zambian thing where even those who have earned their degrees would want to go around getting things doen for them simply because they are Dr so and so or Prof; i have a number of friends in the diaspora who are Prof/Dr but you never hear them being referred to as such. coming back to Dr Kambwili, i think we are better off letting him because he was honored and so let him be comforted by the fact that he can aso be called a Dr even if i think he doesnt understand what honorary and conferred titles are.

    • I think it’s a Zambian inferiority thing among those that hold degrees that they are the best and anyone without comes no where near. But in reality, the best Contributors to our world, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Virgin Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and many more, were so naturally talented and directed enough to drop out of college and STILL be the best through having Vision and God given Talent to achieve great innovative feats. They deserve Honorary degrees to acknowledge their Learning through Doing not book bashing by privilege.

  14. Mwe bantu why all this crap comments on Hon Chishimba Kambwili as though you will gain anything, for sure do not show your shallow mind and hatred on his achievement. After all he was not the only one who was bestowed with that qualification as there were many. Hatred and jealous will lead you to your early graves.

  15. What is wrong with Tongas? Mwanga was given and pipo were happy but today because it is a Bemba it has become a big issue. Kambwili is more than any paper in case you don’t know. The country has seen pipo with all kinds of papers you would think but what have we benefited from them? Kambwili (prince cobra) is not stoppable until ………….

    • What an ignorant statement. Then again only a triberlist person would bring up something like this. It has NOTHING to do with whose tribe is whose here. Am actually Bember but very disgusted by ur comment. Take it down. Defend whatever honor you have left. Shame on you.

    • What? Who is talking about Tongas here? You are sick in the head you………………………….wikantwala mukwesiwa.

    • George Mtonga,is actually Tumbuka from eastern province.Your tribelism does not hold water.Why can’t you look at things as coming out from a zambian not from what tribe my dear.UPND is winning like tonga’s or not because God made them in his image.IT is not a curse for those who are born tonga’s.And on sunday you will go to church expecting to go heaven.Repeat sinner

  16. Its time we started supporting each other if this country was to see meaningful development. Congratulation Hon. Chishimba Kambwili

  17. All wasting my time with this degree nonsense. When is the price of Mealie meal coming down? Wether one becomes a doctor, a professor or whatever, does it put food on my or your table. When are mealie meal prices coming down to K35 where MMD left them.

  18. @ Iwe Ka patriot, you are busy defending a donkey of a man as deserving honor.
    We have no cause to be jealousy of that KRap, we know the donkey too well and his award is nothing to sing home about. Again many have worked harder than your friend and do not flash around their real success.

  19. Zambians CHANGE this cancer of snobbery through formal privileged Education . We must value all citizens for their potential and ensure access to education even vocational education. Educate yourselves to understand that some people Experience Learning by doing and encourage it.

    We must BE INCLUSIVE to succeed as a nation.
    Go here to see the level of people in the world that have contributed so much to us……..Christopher Columbus was home schooled before setting off to ‘discover the world.’ Imagine inspiring and empowering underprivileged that they still can matter!


  20. What Kambwili did was to submit his Copperstone bachelors degree to California University FCE to be issued with an equivalent degree. Now, probably because the Copperstone degree is of a higher quality (sic) than the equivalent qualification, as assessed by California University FCE, they issued comrade Kambwili with doctorate degree which is the equivalent to the Copperstone degree. Bottomline is that this California University FCE is not an examining institution and therefore can not be rated as a University per se. If comrade Kambwili said that his qualification is from University of California at Berkerly, the that will be something else because UC at Berks is a top university.

  21. For all of you unable to understand the article, can you recognise a honorary grade 12 certificate warded by a purported admirer who has no recognised academic credentials? California University FCE is not a university but a dubious agency which claims to be recognised by some business entities in the Philippines and such places. It is not a University and the Professor Truly Bush who is claimed to have been at the ceremony to award Mr Kambwili his certificate does not exist! This is a serious issue which brings our country into disrepute. If someone can be arrested for presenting a cheque that cant be honoured, why should’t this man be arrested? It is time to rid our country of these cheats and illiterates who aren’t satisfied with occupying offices but have to embarrass and cause…

  22. The problem for us is that Kambwili is a minister in our government. If a man like that demonstrates such lack of judgement, to the extent of being a buffoon, and yet remains in his position, what does that say about the President? Perhaps it says a lot about our country! Just look at our universities and the so called professors! Our best University, UNZA, is ranked 2642nd in the world! 70th in Africa! Yet we have universities springing up everywhere with preachers claiming PhDs and setting up universities! I have to applaud Professor Samukanga for his efforts but he needs help from other properly qualified Zambians with teaching experience in better recognised universities around the world. Otherwise we will remain governed by quarks and drifters.


  24. just listen to him talk..the man does not have a degree from a recognised University..lol..we knew it was a prank!!!!

  25. If Kambwili wants a PhD, let him enrol in a reputable institution and study for it just like anyone else. there are no short cuts. It is because of people like him that other world universities find it hard to accept Zambian qualifications. This is not even political as a country we should have standards.

    • Ati PHD hahahah Kambwili is shameless! You even stand in public while boasting as if its a PHD. Twasebana kwena! What kind of man is this so called Kambwili? Why do some politicians behave like wild animals whenever they are in power?

  26. Ati “most influential politician recent time”. He is more popular than chief professional failure himself – H.E Lungu. I think the fact is there are so many better candidates than Kambwili that is why this so called PhD is very suspicious. Even Julius Malama of South Africa is better candidate. How on earth does one pick Kambwili??? This is a prosseional kaponya and his behaviour and way he talks in public says it all.

  27. Congratulations Hon Kambwili. Those who want to recognise this honorary PHD can go ahead and those who don’t want can also remain with their unfounded anger. They will cherish the honorary degree when HH and GBM get theirs. Us we have no problem who gets an honorary degree and from were. Honorary degree is not used to look for a job the way some people think. Honorary degree does not mean now this person is educated more than all people. He is being honoured. Now we can call him Doctor. I know one academic PHD holder will be asking Dr. Kambwili for a debate to see who is more educated looking at the comments

    • How is it an honorary degree if it does not come from a university with no students or buildings , but from an ngo? California University FCE is not a university


  29. Sad indeed, Zambians! What else are these politicians lying about and getting away with? Dont just take things laying down, learn to question them and demand the truth.

  30. At times to mind about something that make little sense will bring momentum to our country……
    But the whole issue here does not make sense…….
    Honoury degrees are given everywhere….and I dont think they use for any purpose expt be reffered to as Dr……
    Why can’t we stop all this and think of something productive in the political arenna

  31. I wish the late MCS was conferred with a Doctorate Degree. He deserved it more than any for changing the face of Zambia in just 2.5 years

  32. By George Mtonga

    I have received the email from California University of Pennsylvania (http://www.calu.edu/) from the office of the President of the University Confirming that Mr. Chishimba Kambwili has never received a doctorate from the university.
    This information will be forwarded to the Post in Zambia.
    I will forward the email to some senior members of my community in the USA and in Zambia.
    Below is a sample of the text of email:
    “Mr. Mtonga:
    Chishimba Kambwili has never received an honorary degree from California University of Pennsylvania. Thank you.
    From: Stalvey, Domenica
    Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 3:19 PM
    To: Folmar, Joy
    Subject: RE: Degree Verification
    This individual has never received an honorary degree from this university.
    From: Folmar, Joy

  33. :Dr Kambwili you did not confer this degree on yourself so don’t worry.Keep on your good work and choke those antagonists to death with envy.

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