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Many agents of opposition are hiding in CSOs-PF

General News Many agents of opposition are hiding in CSOs-PF

Frank Bwalya and his Deputy
Frank Bwalya and his Deputy Katongo Banda

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused some civil society organisations of being infiltrated by agents of the opposition.

PF Deputy Spokesman Frank Bwalya alleged that there are still many agents of the opposition in civil societies including credible institutions such as the Law Association of Zambia.

Mr Bwalya claimed that these people are easily identified by their fruits.

He has since warned civil society organisations that they risk losing credibility if they continue to harbour agents of political parties whose sole agenda is to scandalise the governing party.

Mr Bwalya said such characters pose a danger to the success of these organisations because of their propensity to undermine organisations that host them.

He said many Civil Society leaders in Zambia who have been criticising President Edgar Chagwa Lungu unreasonably are motivated by partisan considerations.

Mr Bwalya said some of such leaders who have been using bad language and irrational arguments in their criticism of the PF have exposed themselves by applying to stand as MPs on opposition tickets especially the UPND.

“For instance, the Executive Director of Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Mr McDonald Chipenzi has applied to stand as MP for Chirundu on the UPND ticket. It is in the public domain that he recently attended interviews for the same but scored poorly,” Mr Bwalya said.

“The information we have is that UPND members who have been doing a hands-on job of mobilising their party resented him on grounds that he had done no work to grow their party apart from issuing anti Lungu and PF statements,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said Zambians will remember that Mr Chipenzi was instrumental in hijacking the Grand Coalition demanding for a people driven constitution to champion narrow partisan interest.

“As leader of the Alliance for a Better Zambia, I was privy to manoeuvres by the UPND to use the Grand Coalition to generate selfish political mileage and how Mr Chipenzi aided them. When we spoke against the narrow partisan agenda the Grand Coalition started advancing we were accused of spreading falsehood. But what has transpired now vindicates us.”


  1. I am amazed at Fr. Frank Bwalya’s statement on Civil Society leaders. In the first place Fr. Bwalya easily forgets that he fought MMD using civil society and church garments when in fact he was a politician. He formed Die or change Life Zambia organisation or whatever it was called to decampaign MMD alongside PF including slaughtering innocent chickens on the Copperbelt during PF rallies. Now the same Fr. Bwalya who denounced RB’s rule is now enjoying the support of RB to his newly found party. Fr. Bwalya failed to run his political party called Anashala Bena Zambia (ABZ) neka and if he thinks am like him, unfortunately, am not. I dont pretend and if was a pretender, i would have done so way back but i value whatever i do. I only decided to apply after my resignation from my…

    • The confused & visionless Frank Bwalya is referring to Chilufya Tayali of tribalist PF hiding in TIZ.

      Wake up early from slumber Mr Frank~less~ Bwalya by voting wisely forward for HH & UPND. May I remind PF overzealous cadres with their mediocrity visionless leaders that, in 2 weeks time parley is being automatically dissolved & their incapacitation is on the horizon.
      Come 11~8, PF will be history of the rubbish bin.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. @1 & 1.1, are you trying to make believe that Father Bwalya is wrong to say what he did and you are are right? Cadres!

    • @ Terrible

      Are you trying to say that:
      a) Members of CSO’s do not have Constitutional Rights to political opinion? and
      b) Members of CSO’s who do not support corrupt and incompetent regime are “Agents” of opposition parties?
      If that is the case, you are not just 5tupid cadre but certified 1mbecile.

  3. Frank Bwalya, the Antichrist folower who has chosen benefits of corrupt and Godless association over Christian values has crapped in public again!!!

  4. May God have mercy on you Bwalya. Your punishment will one day come for supporting wrong doing. A man of God should be doing what you are doing. Lungu and group have brought misery upon the people of Zambia

  5. Yes that’s true ba Frank. Look at how Chilufya Tayali fights to embarrass HH using his civil society group. Just see how he worships Lungu and PF at the expense of serving Zambians.

  6. Just when I though that this foul mouthpiece of PF had gone into hibernation after weeks of silence. Smh!

  7. The civil society of Lucy Siame had teeth to bite and kept the mmd excesses in check.Recall how the 3rd term bid was defeated by the green ribbon campaign, catholic pastoral letters and the honking campaign.These days these chaps are completely impotent.Its clear that the Dubai ballot printing manouvre is only but one of many plots to rig the polls. Why cant civil society come up with a campaign to defeat the evil forces at ECZ by asking motorists to honk their horns everyday after 17hrs???Mark my words they will get the message just like FTJ did in 2000.

  8. this is the chap who sacrificed chicken blood for Sata to win elections. today he is accusing HH of santanism. the same chap called sata as Chumbu Mushalowa. the same chap has taken over PF as one of the 3 or 4 f00lish spokes person. ignore him. zambia is no longer a one party state which Changwa wants it to be.

  9. Civil societies in Zambia are often uncivil to Patriotic issues. The agents for opposition use them to cause chaos in Zambia.

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