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Tayali accuse Given Lubinda for corruption that has led to Maize and Mealie meal shortages

General News Tayali accuse Given Lubinda for corruption that has led to Maize and...

CHILUFYA TAYALI Executive Director The Zambian Voice
CHILUFYA TAYALI xecutive Director
The Zambian Voice

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has called on President Lungu to immediately fire Agricultural Minister Given Lubinda together with his cohorts Permanent Secretary in the same Ministry and FRA Director Chola Kafwabulula on grounds of corrupt activities involving FRA maize .

Speaking at a media briefing Mr Tayali said the maize and mealie meal shortages which has lead to the hike in prices of the commodity was due to the massive corruption involving the Minister of Agriculture, his Permanent Secretary and the Executive Director of the FRA who have amassed so much wealth at the expense of poor Zambians.

He said the three will only remain in their offices if the President was part of the activities that they have been doing because he had over whelming evidence of the corruption that has been taking place at the FRA involving the named individuals which he will put in public domain.

He said it was not the first time that concerns were being raised on the corrupt activities of Mr Lubinda as his organization raised the issue on the importation of Fertilizer from Dubai though they had no evidence which led to the issue dying a natural death.

He explained that this time his organization has documented evidence which should compel the three to either resign on moral grounds or the President relieving them of their duties with immediate effect.

He further said the three had caused the increase in the prices of mealie meal through their dubious dealings at FRA where he said they had been charging an extra K1000 per tonne on maize purchases form FRA shades.

He said so far they three have amassed over 720million from the sales money he said belonged to the Zambian people who have been buying mealie meal at unaffordable prices.

He said accusations that the opposition was causing panic buying was hogwash as people did not have enough money to buy mealie meal in bulk and store in their kitchens.

He said Mr Lubinda is now living in house as big as a church while the Director at FRA was had 4 customized vehicles wealth K4.5 million less than two years from driving a Mark 2 Chaser when he was employed by Mutembo Nchinto.

He further castigated the ACC for not doing their job saying they were an inept and impotent institution which was not doing its job.

He said if his organization could investigate such massive corruption at such a big institution then ACC could do more but that they were not doing what they were set up to do.

He said people were willing to provide information and evidence but needed to see political will from leaders.

Further Mr Tayali advised the PF not to count on Mr Lubinda because the money he has been stealing through corrupt activities is intended for the financing of his own political party.

He said Mr Lubinda has ambitions of forming his own political party so that he can run as a presidential candidate.

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    • Truth will always come out. Lubinda tried to vilify HH but let us wait and see if Edgar has what it takes to discipline erring senior govt officials. My guess it will be business as usual because Edgar Lungu can never do anything good in the interest of the country.

    • “…the three will only remain in their offices if the President was part of the activities that they have been doing.”
      “…so far the three have amassed over 720million from the sales money he said belonged to the Zambian people…”
      “…Lubinda has ambitions of forming his own political party so that he can run as a presidential candidate.”
      This little ldiot has suddenly turned against the finger that feeds him.

  1. Tayali i feel this is a case of self importance and wanting to be in news papers and and TV. You have done the similar thing before with screaming headline like this one about RB but you failed to produce a single evidence. Most Zambians know that you’re unreliable source and the dossier you’re talking about is impotent to use you own word and pure masturbation. Find something to talk about during your useless press briefings boy

  2. GBM told you not to speak for your belly and I can see you have taken that advice…. Sincere regards to GBM to wake you up….

  3. Stupid Tayali,go and report your allegations to the ACC and let them do their job. Probably someone has paid you to scandalise these individuals.

  4. lets wait and see. please produce the dossiers for our analysis. at times when you hungry, you can do anything!

  5. Our cousins from the East say ‘silu iwona nkondo’ meaning a mentally ill person advised the community about the impending attack from the enemies but the community brushed him aside. Tayali has seen something for him to come out in the open.

  6. Silu yi wona Nkondo indeed, These people in PF are trotting around with sums of money where have they got it overnight, Last year they were straggling to find money for their campaign,it took RB to take then to Nigeira. Just yesterday the other Lady was booed in Kapiri as she tried to disburse some more money.Money is just flying everywhere,I think GBM was right when he said these people should be investigated once they leave office.

  7. i think tayali is good sometyms . and this shud b an eye opener to our selective acc to investigate the three . he shud also b a witness

  8. For once I agree with Tayali. Given is funny guy. All PF members need to investigated. There is no way they are getting richer by the day while the country becomes poorer by the day

  9. Tayali you are not being patriotic why are you wasting your time .go immediately and report them to the AAC AND VOLUNTEER YOURSELF AS A KEY WITINESS.

  10. ..give the guy a benefit of doubt….a dog does not buck from nothing…wake up and investigate….who know mayb part of the money is for campaigns for ruling party…how then can the president or ACC act..?

  11. ACC asleep and so is Edgar.Given Lubinda and his cohorts are busy plundering the economy and Zambians are now listed as most hungry nation in the world together with Chad and CAR .Really people are we thinking straight as a nation???Anyone that throws scorn at Tayali on this score is a BIG FOO.L.

  12. Some of us in our previous postings have quiried the relevance of the ACC. It seems they are years behind the sophistication of the wicked. They are either overwhelmed or simply downright corrupt!

  13. One can ask, what type of fabric is this chap Tayali made of eh? I don’t know if he’s going or coming.
    He ought to be locked up because he knows alot. He’s a loose canon. ACC wake up for once, or you’ll be disbanded after 11/08.

  14. Well done Tayali
    ACC should be ashamed but taxpayers money continue to be spent on an inept ACC?


  16. Instead of dismissing Tayali off hand (may be because you have never liked him), why not take him on to show us why he is making the accusations. These are serious accusations with significant money involved. It is worthwhile pursuing the matter. He is right about the impotence of the ACC. He might also be right about this latest allegation of corruption – as there have been many that have simply been swept under the carpet. Zambians must learn to be more proactive and take their leaders to account. The attitude is always, “Kabili ni ba minister” – implying it is normal to move from a pauper to stinking rich when you assume political office.

  17. Iam amazed at how people can scandalize innocent Given, Given has always had his house. We who know him had labored to build his house for the past 10 years. This Tayali tnis is libel, someone has paid Tayali to concort a story. Judas Iscariot. Leave Lubinda alone and innocent people who you who eat on people’s lies and innuendoes. Shame on Tayali

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