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Tayali challenges President Lungu to fire Lubinda and FRA Chief over K720M Maize export saga

Economy Tayali challenges President Lungu to fire Lubinda and FRA Chief over K720M...

FOOD Reserve Agency executive director Chola Kafwabulula talking to a farmer at Chiwoko FRA depot in Chipata
FOOD Reserve Agency executive director Chola Kafwabulula talking to a farmer at Chiwoko FRA depot in Chipata

Outspoken Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has challenged President Edgar Lungu to immediately fire Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda for alleged corruption.

Mr Tayali has also challenged President Lungu to use his executive powers to also sack Food Reserve Agency Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula for allegedly conniving with Mr Lubinda to illegally export FRA Maize.

This follows the release of a damning dossier by Mr Tayali detailing alleged acts of corruption by Mr Lubinda and Mr Kafwabulula.

Mr Tayali said investigations by his organisation estimates that 720,000MT has so far been sold by the FRA and that a margin of K1,000 per MT is being charged dubiously resulting in total amount of 720Million going into people’s pockets.

He also alleged that Mr Kafwabulula directed the FRA Procurement and Finance staff to pre-sales order and pay for a state of the art, customs made Toyota VX 2016 Model Reg BAC 8676 in October 2015 at a cost of K1,526,865 without duties and other taxes way before his official company vehicle was due for replacement.

Mr Tayali demanded that President Lungu should take interest in these matters and save the Zambian people from further sufferings caused by his officials. Surely, appropriate action needs to be taken here sir.

He said Mr Kafwabulula is said to be enjoying a cordial relationship with President Lungu hence bragging that he is untouchable.

The Zambian Voice Executive Director also challenged Members of Parliament should revisit Mr Lubinda’s statement in Parliament and ask him why subsidized maize meant for Zambians was being exported.

Some of the companies issued with export permits for Maize
Some of the companies issued with export permits for Maize

A letter of export for Maize issued by Agriculture PS Julius Shawa
A letter of export for Maize issued by Agriculture PS Julius Shawa

Documents claiming Dr Kafwabulula's ownership of the vehicle
Documents claiming Dr Kafwabulula’s ownership of the vehicle

Documents showing Dr Kafwabulula's list of vehicles he allegedly owns
Documents showing Dr Kafwabulula’s list of vehicles he allegedly owns


  1. The documents showing Exports destined for Malawi just confirms what Malawian President said days ago when Edgar was in Malawi. Wa Mutharika thanked Edgar for intervening after the trucks carrying the maize were held up at Mwami. .meanwhile those who did not know about the deal were busy blaming the opposition..Chanda Kabwe, Frank Bwalya..Lubinda was zeeee.. maintaining that we had enough stocks..little did we know he meant enough money in his pockets. .shame on all of them…

    • iwe ka tayali,,,,Lungu was in Malawi a few days ago to collect cheques for those maize deliveries, you think he can fire anyone, when these smuggling activities are fund raising for his exit

    • Ba tayali ba tayali inga ifi ndemona pa Facebook? Tayali: aya ama documents? Yaishilefya kuli ine!!!

      Stu.. Pid bloodful it’s good you have started speaking for Zambians, kakandile kakantu, ale chita record nakutuka nakabili……. At least today you have tried to use 10% of your far king brain.

    • Haaaaa??? This Tayali.
      @Ndobo, believe me I see a Ford which should be one I sold of 2 years ago. I don’t know Kafwambulula…

    • Nobody will be fired. This arrangement is a cash cow for campaign funds for a Party. The System is on top of things. There is nothing new here that is not known, even by the numerous spokespersons.

    • But Tayali is a slow learner kwena. We have told him over and over that nothing comes out of PF and that is the reason why PF needs to be removed from power. This is part of the reason why GBM was insulting him because tomorrow he will be singing praises of EL and PF after all this.

    • Has Tayali conveniently forgotten that he is talking about a lame-duck president? The current Zambian president just appoints and never fires, even known dead wood in his administration.

  2. It is so disheartening to know that FRA is failing to pay the transporters claiming that they have no money and yet money is being chaneled in people’s pockets. This kafwabulula guy, Julius Shawa and given Lubinda are corrupt to the core. The opposition parties have taken all the insults especially UPND and yet the PF is at the center of smuggling maize hence causing shortages.
    Edgar Lungu went to Malawi two days ago to discuss how he was getting to get paid. Maize was supplied to Malawi and Mozambique under Lungu’s instructions. What food security was he discussing?

  3. Help to me to name this scandal. Please vote appropriately below;
    1. “Zayelo-gate scandal”
    2. “Maiize-gate scandal”
    3. “Lubinda-gate scandal”

  4. Nonsense from Chilufya Tayali.which corruption has those three done when its Govnt which allows them to export some maize?SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTHS AND LET PF GOVNT WORK IN PEACE!!”IFINTU NI LUNGU-2016!!”

  5. @Eddy must a son or related to one of these professional failure (PF) members. Please know that Zambia is for all Zambians not PF. Lungu must go and Lungu will go

  6. This boy may be on something but he has one thing he lacks and its called credibility…..you can not today eat with Lungu’s men in the name of Chilufya Tayali and tomorrow you come with your one man organisation to criticize them in the name of Zambian Voice…the boy is equally culpable as he is consuming some of that selfsame dirty money. Tayali has already eliminated his master Lungu from the corruption…thats not investigative journalism; Investigative reporting takes time and, because of the legal risks it often carries, must be verified down to the smallest detail which he hasn’t.

  7. People should stop burying their heads in the sand just because it is Tayali speaking. It is worth pursuing these allegations. ACC is impotent. MP’s also have an erectile dysfunction. A lot of people have amassed immeasurable wealth since assuming political office – when they had virtually nothing before. The problem, of course, is that all so-called independent state agencies appear to have been ‘bought off’. That is why civil society has to speak out and people have to start demanding answers – or use any available avenues to kick them out.

  8. When HH made a pronouncement that Lubinda and his corrupt den of thieves had exported maize, resulting in severe shortages, the same Tayali stood up and called HH bitter.

  9. At last tayali is awakening from his slamber, to face the reality of zambia undet Lungu. The only thing he does not seem to know is that he just put his bosss (Lungu) & his pf in a very difficlt situation because the scam originates from state house. He does not know that some of this maney is being used for vote buy. Tayali had been the big mouth in difense of this corrupt regime, now he look like the man who disbelieve what the neighbours were telling him, that his wife had been giving away from his pot of soup, untill he stumbles upon them in the act. Welcome to reality tayali, what now that you have seen what the oppositon had been saying & you have been showering them with insults? Are gonna divorce your wife or forgive her? But we are saing viva forward, 11/8.

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