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UPND’s Internal Party violence during primaries should be condemned-GYZ

Headlines UPND's Internal Party violence during primaries should be condemned-GYZ

UPND Cadres at the Court to offer Solidarity to GBM
UPND Cadres

THE confusion that has rocked the UPND adoption process for members wishing to stand for elective political positions in the August 11 general elections should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians, says Gallant Youth Zambia (GYZ) executive director Henry Mulenga.

He said the intra-party fights demonstrated hunger for power.

Mr Mulenga said political parties with members fighting over who should be adopted must not be entrusted with power in the August general elections.

“If these people can turn against each other, what guarantee do the Zambian people have that the party can manage the Zambian population,” he said.

Mr Mulenga advised political parties who wanted to rule the country to put its house in order and ensure that some of its members desist from violence.

He also said his organisation was saddened to have learned that two journalists were over the past weekend forcibly dragged away from where the party meeting was taking place in full view of some senior district party officials.

This was after the cadres and their leadership realised that the reporters were photographing the fight that had erupted among UPND members in Siavonga at Nabutezi Community School on Saturday.

The UPND fight followed disagreements over the mode of adopting a candidate to contest the parliamentary seat in the August 11 general elections.

Some UPND members allegedly demanded that the election of aspiring candidates be postponed in order to give ample time to all delegates from the wards to attend so as to identify a suitable candidate.

Meanwhile, CASH handouts and bribery of party officials characterised the UPND adoption process for aspiring candidates in Livingstone constituency of Southern Province.

According to sources within the UPND, some of the aspiring candidates were giving out K500 to each constituency official so that they could manipulate the process in favour of such candidates.

Other aspiring candidates were giving out K50 while still others were giving constituency officials K200 each in favour of their support.

Sources within the opposition party told the Daily Nation that Tuesday night and early yesterday morning was a busy time for both candidates and officials as most of them held dark corner meetings in various townships and lodges ahead of the interviews on Wednesday morning.

“Like I said the other time, it has happened again. Our constituency officials were receiving money from aspiring candidates last night (Tuesday). This was happening in various townships and lodges where they were meeting. Two aspiring candidates were giving them K500 each,” said the source.

The source disclosed that the process at the ward level and now the constituency level has not been transparent as it was marred with corruption and bribery. The source added that the outcome of the results was a clear indication that money has been exchanging hands in the party.

“It is very disappointing for both party officials and these aspiring candidates to engage in corrupt practices. We should have allowed the process to be open without undue influence. People have been bought. How can an aspiring candidate give out K500 to each party constituency official?” the source asked.

“Some of them were buying party officials with K200 while others with K50 each. The party leadership is aware of such candidates. From my own perspective, this process is not favouring UPND because if we are to settle for some of these candidates, they might cost us the seat. This should not be the case,” he said.

Meanwhile, the source has disclosed that the losing 2011 aspiring candidate Frederick Chunga topped the list, followed by former MMD deputy mayor Mathews Jere while former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Joseph Akafumba, came third.


  1. What do you expect in a party where they use Mapatizya formula and their leaders see nothing wrong insulting other people.

    • Wrong analysis bane. it just shows how popular UPND has become. There’s traffic and stiff competition. Izula balindwi. In PF there too much apathy. People are just not interested. they know it is a waste of time as it will be in the opposition on August 9.

    • Iwe bulunyok,o where were you when the visionless,cluless,brainless,hopeless,dullness,ruthless,useless and a drunkard edgar chakolwa kaloba Wrungu was nomited as a pfool presidential candidate using pangas and amasembe umusatanyi.na

    • Wow, there is money in UPND,
      PF can’t dish out money like that, they prefer rituals like Fr. Bwalya slaughtering chickens at PF secretariat.


  2. There’s no internal violence in our party imwe ba swine. From your failed tribe tag to now violence tag? It’s too late. HH is going to rule this August whether you like it or not. Go hung if you don’t like him!

    • ha ha ha what a joke where in Zambia no but mapatizya only.
      2016 is three things
      1. KOLOPA
      2. PUKUTA
      3. PWISHA
      That is the issue. to retire hh, sikoti, kilometer, shi nono and past na mutombe etc.

  3. So are you saying because Edgar Lungu and Miles sampa and other presidential candidates fought during elections in 2015 ejecting others from the elective conference hall, Pf should therefore not be entrusted with power? Maybe you are right and that’s why they will be booted out come 11 August.

    • You are professional lier. There were no flights at the PF conference. The conference was like a church one where people went to celebrate the life of Michael C. Sata and confirm the man he had anointed as his successor.

      Guy, the most stupid white man, tried to show his stupidity but failed.
      God chooses and anoints leaders
      Thank you Jehovah for giving us ECL, a God fearing leader, and not the satanist.
      The brutal murders of our relatives in Lusaka for the first time in the history of our country is a warning to us that we can regret it if we vote for darkness. UPND and HH are darkness itself

    • @GM I don’t remember seeing your comment when Glazer was murdered by convicted PF assailants, neither when Inonge Wina watched as a woman was undressed helplessly by your PF thugs…… Where was your comment when ECL was voted as PF president by show of hands? Oh I also didn’t see your comment when Guy Scott who was Commander in Chief failed to attend a convention in Kabwe even though he commanded all the Army due to Willie Nsanda & Chagwa’s boys. Lets be realistic people just because it involved UPND even GYZ whom am hearing of the first time have now become a vuvuzela for PF? Stop acting mediocre

  4. Pf will be booted out of power while Upnd will extincted after elections and the president elect shall be luunguuu

  5. UPND is the party of the moment. It has attracted the most number of aspirants nationwide with the exception of a few areas. People are ready to be adopted and remember this is not a party in power as at now. In places like Mwandi where Kaingu is current MP, there are as many as 15 applicants and only two for PF! The Copperbelt has just sent word they want to try a Tonga for president. Surely, Zambians now believe economic well being is the true tribe. Get it right, the 2016 elections are only comparable to 1991. PF cadres being fed on ZNBC propaganda do not see this. Richard Sakala and his Daily Nation headed towards oblivion. This is real friends.

    • Ulabeja! Here on the copperbelt we had almost 15 candidates per constituency for PF applying for adoption while UPND are struggling to find suitable candidates in certain constituencies. The case in point is Ndola central where only Mr Moses Newa and Victor Koni were the only applicants so how can you say CB is for UPND. Dream on my dear!!

  6. of late I have observed( kindly correct me if I am wrong) that there are a lot if insults coming from UPND bloggers. Does it mean they have conceded defeat?

  7. Did Henry Mulenga advised likewise when PF fought at Mulungushi Rock of Authority? What about MMD infights now and in 2001 when Nawakwi was threatened to be undressed, Syamujaye had his arm brocken. PF raised their hands to vote because secret ballot was unattainable. In Mulenga’s context only Poor people’s Party qualifies.

  8. The Hitler’s Nazi Salute. Neo Nazis in Zambia. No wonder these people are so violent. Hitler and Savimbi reincarnated in UPND.

    • #chuundu chaitwa maybe incarnated in banok.o and may her soul rest in pieces for leaving us with a person of your thinking, she died of syphilis maybe non of your relatives has ever told you this.


  9. Speaker of the National Assembly Launches Chawama Parliamentary Constituency Office
    On Wednesday, 27th April, 2016, Hon Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini, SC, MP officially launched the Chawama Parliamentary Constituency Office which was constructed by Click Zambia Limited as a donation to the people of Chawama constituency.
    Speaking at the handover ceremony, the Speaker said that opening of the constituency office was a great milestone in the parliamentary reforms which aimed at taking parliament closer to the people and that its development would give the people of chawama a platform through which they would engage with their area Member of Parliament. He further said that the office would improve and develop constituent relations through improved communications.
    The Chawama area Member of…

  10. The Chawama area Member of Parliament, Hon Lawrence Sichalwe, said, the newly built Constituency Office was a reflection of the increasing acceptance of the fact that democracy and good governance were not a luxury, but a fundamental requirement to achieve sustainable development. He further said, the people of Chawama were not an exception and should not be left behind. Parliaments as key state institutions in the democratic system of governance have a critical role to play in promoting democracy and good governance. As democratically elected representatives of the people, Parliamentarians have the honourable task to ensure that governance is by the people and for the people. In the performance of their key functions of legislation, representation and oversight, parliaments can actively…

  11. As democratically elected representatives of the people, Parliamentarians have the honourable task to ensure that governance is by the people and for the people. In the performance of their key functions of legislation, representation and oversight, parliaments can actively engage in the development and implementation of laws, policies and practices that promote democracy and good governance.
    Honourable Lawrence Sichalwe, MP, Chawama Constituency Office area Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, emphasized that the National Assembly Constituency Offices were non-partisan and not for Patriotic Front (PF) members only, but for everyone regardless of their political affiliation.
    Meanwhile, Akis Vasilakopoulos, Chairman at Clicks Zambia Limited, in…

  12. Meanwhile, Akis Vasilakopoulos, Chairman at Clicks Zambia Limited, in his remarks said the creation of the constituency office was a result of the country’s desire to increase emphasis on public participation and accountability in parliamentary affairs. The office which is non-partisan plays a vital role in enabling the public to become active citizens as they offered direct interaction opportunities with Members of Parliament.
    The Clerk of National Assembly, Mrs Doris Mwiinga, thanked Click Zambia Limited for the positive contribution to society and appealed to the business community across the country to emulate such acts. She urged the people of Chawama Constituency to utilise the facility and benefit from all the services it had to offer.
    In attendance at the handover ceremony of…

  13. In attendance at the handover ceremony of the Chawama Constituency Office were the Members of the Reforms and Modernisation Committee, the Permanent Secretary of Lusaka Province, Lusaka District Commissioner, staff of National Assembly, the media and members of the public.
    Ba Lusaka Times even other online medias where are you based to fail to cover such an important event? Just busy spreading hate speech. Inform those and educate all who are aspiring to be MP’s to familiarize themselves with such offices doted across the country. It is not just to go to Manda Hill but also to sit in those offices meet constituents.

    • I can assure you that Lungu is not going anywhere because we are totally behind him and we are totally skeptical of a party based on a tribal clique. Argue with this or not that is how UPND is viewed by most Zambians apart from a few from certain regions of this country.

  14. If PF thinks Copperbelt will deliver victory to it, I pity you. Last year, even with those overwhelming numbers, boasted by Guy Scott’s quick intervention, you had to ask for the services of the polling Centre manipulators to deliver victory to Lungu. The reality has suddenly changed brethren and even if there will be marginal differences in Favour of PF in the province, that will not be enough to offset the national numbers. If your own leaders have now believed the intelligence reports, who are you to hallucinate about PF winning? This is not about blogging any more. Public sentiment has shifted against Edgar Lungu’s regime. They will throw money but will still lose. Guy Scott has made a perfect assessment today that UPND looks more likely to sweep the vote than PF itself thought in…

  15. Take a look at those fighting for seats.more than 75% are from one or two regions namely southern and western.This is not bkoz the party is popular it is bkoz each and every aspiring candidate knows he or she will win as a result of tribe.let’s see if upnd will allow any tribe apart from tonga or lozi to stand on their ticket from these two regions!!

  16. There is one region in zambia where only one tribe is allowed to stand starting from mps to president and that tribe is tonga from southern province.

    • @Pungwa: You have very distorted gray matter and you should not convince yourself to be speaking for anybody. How did Sureshi DESAI win Monze Central? What about Sakwiba Sikota? Lawrence Evans? Lawrence Katilungu who was Namwala MP? Mayor for Mazabuka Hon Sakala? Dont you Mainza Choona willingly gave presidency to KK? Is such a record among your people? People have gone for HH because of quality so was Mazoka or Nkumbula. Even if they came from your regions still they would have been accepted. Dont be tribal or you remain a tick.

  17. Ulya Pamafi Ngu Devil – UPND members suffer from hidia hamini hh madness disease where they see right things to be wrong,upright rhey see upside down,violence to be normal. Red burret/head dress is a symbol of blood sucrifice and stretching of the palm is symbol for the paga they use zambians careful someone wants blood (amagadone)
    It will no work


  18. I believe that’s how UPND get their support base. Dear HH swears under his breath while handing out variable amounts to his cadres!!

    There us potential this might snowball into self annihilation! If we are lucky…UPND will be non starters in August!

  19. LITENTE, LITENTE Panka LITULIKE!!!!!!!!!! There’s no stopping us now. It’s HH for 2016. Haters blog all day and night!!!!! Hug a Zesco transformer if you like

  20. The truth of the matter is the UPND is now very popular that is why so many people want to stand on its ticket because they are assured of winning. Only a dull person cant see this.

  21. Manager Education, Are you also blind? UPND is 5000 km away from PF’s reach. They will cry like a cattle which has lost it’s calf. Just see in the piture, balepima size ya ng’ombe. PF prayer and fasting, the name tells it all Mark 9:29. The harder they come the harder they fall – we are the winners. UPND is used to lose – PF they are used to win.

    • Don’t forget that PF was in opposition for 10 years and for that Lungu win, You know the role that #Scott and #RB played – that is if you are old enough to understand your local politics.

  22. This makes sad reading.. It has potential to destroy a society’s reputation. Such processes should be transparent and clear for all to see. May the best candidates win. Zambia needs selfless leaders who will understand that they are in office not for themselves, but for the people. May good prevail over evil in our land. One Zambia One Nation!

  23. Upnd mulimbwa sha Bantu do you think you can win without a bemba vote wala . after 11 August hh will retire in national interest. Viva ecl.

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