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Chipimo calls on the media to stop sensationalising defections and endorsements

General News Chipimo calls on the media to stop sensationalising defections and endorsements

Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat
Elias Chipimo speaking at the press briefing at the NAREP Secretariat

NAREP President has called on the media to stop sensationalising defections and endorsements because there is nothing new about them and that most the endorsements were expected.

Mr Chipimo said instead of reporting about the endorsements which do not add any value to the people of Zambia the media should divot more time in informing people what political parties are putting on the table when elected into office.

He said most Zambians want to know how voting for a certain political party will change their lives as opposed to how many former MPs or Ministers have joined which political party because they know that MPs are doing so to save their skin and not the public.

He said it was important that the media brought out real issues so as to help people make informed decisions when casting their votes.

Mr Chipimo was commenting on the endorsements of mainly Republican President who is also PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu and UPND President Hakainde Hichilema by different political players which has characterised the country’s recent politics.


  1. Hi Mr Chipimo. Would you reject these endorsements if they were to swing your way? I doubt it. Well, these elections are between PF and UPND. The rest of the parties can choose whom to support between the two parties. Chipimo, you are smarter than this. Endorsements happen everywhere. Just check the American Primaries.

    • ITs just because PF is not attractive for anyone to endorse it. How do you endorse hunger, poverty and economical hardships? Mr chipimo is speaking on behalf of PF. Its not him complaining afterall his party cant hold, it is PF complaining here.

  2. @Mrs intelligent (dull), chipimo is telling the media to stop sensetionalizing these things, not for the endorsed to refuse the endorsements. why can’t u keep quiet sometimes instead of opening your beak and remove all doubts about your dullness

    • Which politician has Chipimo endorsed or who has endorsed Chipimo? Didn’t Chipimo at one time endorse Miles Sampa? Is it jealousy or what? I agree Chipimo is intelligent than that but something is letting him down. Is it pride or what? With this line of thinking, I wont get surprised that Chipimo finally endorses the party of destruction PF. They like such people.

    • @ boooooo – Go watch CNN, ABC, BBC, Sky, Fox, etc. Endorsements are a big deal in American Politics. They are worse than us in dramatizing, sensationalizing, etc., of these endorsements. I know Chipimo has a point, but he has done the same thing he is preaching against.

      sen·sa·tion·al·ize – verb
      (especially of a newspaper) present information about (something) in a way that provokes public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy/facts.

      Now go and read Zambia Reports, Daily Nation, Tumfweko, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, etc.. Thats exactly what they do, twisting info in order to favour PF..

    • @boooooo – Uhh, my friend, you have a lot of anger. Slow down. Well, thats your opinion, im sure other bloggers think otherwise concerning my comment.

  3. Elias is uncomfortable with defections and endorsements because the pendulum has swung full circle. When his promised inheritance, the PF, was getting defectors and endorsements he was VERY VERY happy. Now that his bete noire, the UPND, is getting defectors and endorsements, he is EXTREMELY unhappy! Shame upon this well educated tribalist!

  4. I don’t his intelligence going by the statements he makes. The other day he was saying he prays that Zambia suffer even more. That is certainly not how intelligent people think and speak.

  5. I am a all weather friend of the journalist.They went to school and trained as such.Anything good or bad is NEWS but it’s entirely up to the Reader to distinguish between the Good And The Bad.Journalists in Government Institutions operate under political Instructions hence the decay in national coverage.Give the Media Fraternity The Bill they are advocating for,Politicians will sit up.

  6. Iwe Chipimo osa bauza ! UPND thinks if they get a few finished ballies like Bashi ‘Nono et al , they will manage to convince that villager who is seeing and touching PF projects deep in Luano Valley to vote otherwise. From the UPND adoptions, its clear to see that this year, WAKO N WAKO !!!

  7. I agree with Chipimo. I want to know how UPND, PF, FDD will improve the economy. You hear one plan here and there but i want a comprehensive plan with measurable timelines, so I can take them to task when they fail. I want to be able to say I voted for you because you said the economy will improve within two years but you lied. I want to be able to show them their promises in printed form.

    What are their comprehensive plans: Ending hunger, Energy provision, Corruption fight, improving the lives of the Zambian people, education, healthcare, etc. Its time to put this on paper and give it to us. August is around the corner and we want to be informed voters.

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