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KK celebrates his 92nd Birthday

General News KK celebrates his 92nd Birthday

President Edgar Lungu has wished first Republican President more years and good health as he celebrates his 92nd birthday.

State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama presented the message and a gift to Dr Kaunda, on behalf of President Lungu.

And Dr Kaunda has urged the young in Zambia to lead Godly lives.

He said it is not easy to reach the age of 92 years old.

Dr Kaunda said he is grateful and humbled by people that took time to wish him a happy birthday.

The first Republican President said this when State house staff, ZNBC, Zambia Air Force and Hostels Board presented gifts to him at his residence at state lodge in Lusaka.

Meanwhile ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Ndlovu said Dr Kaunda has contributed to growth of the media and importantly to the growth of the corporation.

ZAF commander Eric Chimense who was represented by Brigadier General ISAAC AKAANDELWA also presented a copper plaque to the first republican president.

Former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere’s widow Mary was among guests who graced the first republican president’s birthday.


  1. if only this man had not cringed to power for almost three decades, zambia would have been a marvel of africa economically by now.
    he literally brought the country to its knees and we are yet to recover from that has every politician now is in politics for personal gain.
    i state this fact with no regrets…..

    • @mature
      I agree with you. Everyone campaigning today refers back to the evil UNIP or Kaunda days. The mealie-meal shortages, high cost of living, political intimidation, political intolerance..,etc…etc. The man was the Devil himself!

    • The Greatest President Africa ever produced!!! One of the greatest men I ever met … Long Live KK, Long Live the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      We love you KK … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. President!!

    • @Immature,
      Silence is golden if you are clueless on some issues. KK’s Presidency was characterized with real testing situations to which he prevailed. With his team, he sacrificed so much to to realize a free Zambia and Africa we enjoy today. You think you could have a country to call your own had KK been a selfish and clueless leader under the willed ferocious imperialists supervised by the Rhodes? Forever he is my President I served with unflinching pride. Among millions, I remain sir!

    • @senior citizen,
      sorry i have chosen to reply to your wise post unlike the rest’s.
      maybe a reminder of the late(s) kapwepwe, mwaanga, liso, mundia, elias and the rest numerous to mention here, will give you a clue of what am talking about here.
      in your liberation concept, your kk liberated you from the imperialists.
      but the history fact is, and will remain the same, kaunda was a leader of that liberation, heading a unip party among others like the anc, uda and the rest. infact he just ‘crooked’ the rest of his so called ‘friends’.

  2. A very happy birthday indeed to KK, one of the founding fathers of modern Africa. However, for me the greatest legacy or tribute that KK can bequeath this nation is to write his memoirs or autobiography. As it is the only credible history that we have of KK is ” Zambia Shall be free ” which was written more than 50 years ago !! Surely there must be some authors within the country and indeed sponsors who can ensure that the story of KK is recorded for posterity.

    • you know why/
      his history is warped and no sane writer want to write his skewed biography.
      to start with:-
      was kaunda born in zambia, let alone chinsali?

  3. Happy Birthday KK. Zambia would have been much better today if KK had continued for another term

  4. Happy Birthday President Kaunda. First we need to get the greetings out to our elders. With the respects already said, now let us say the truth. His three decades of dictatorship destroyed Zambian’s enterprise in our minds. Has he not professed God in heaven and Kaunda on earth we would have been prosperous. Had they made more Hydro and wind energy power stations in the UNIP error, we would have been Botswana in terms of development.

    • @nzelu,
      thanks my man.
      iam beginning to serious think that most of these bloggers are ‘kapudos’.
      how else can one explain these nonsense of ignoring the late 70’s and late 80’s debacles under kk.
      the queuing of mealie meal and cooking oil (salad), bread, milk……
      and how about those mysterious deaths….
      the list is endless…. ati ba katolika mukendela pali kolona…

  5. Happy birthday KK.
    You were a marvel until vultures surrounded you and misinformed you.
    I will not forget one fact though.
    I went school for 16 years to earn a degree from UNZA at the expense of the taxpayer.
    You agreed that I should be sponsored by government/taxpayers since my peasant and illiterate parents could not afford the cost. Today it is another story.

  6. Happy birthday KK.
    Today all our neighbors are independent and look to Zambia for leadership because of our stand during the liberation days. Yes, we also know that it was during KK rule that provincial roads linking to Lusaka we tarred. It was during KK rule that major power stations were built to add to Karina, that several secondary schools were built, that most of the tall buildings were built, that TaZara and pipeline from Dr es Salaam were constructed. Yes you overstayed in power but when you realised Zambians wanted change you cut your term short to allow change.

  7. There is a difference between leaders who are inherently evil and out to amass at the expense of the citizenry and those who have noble caring objectives but fail along the way because they do not know what to do any more – including acting in desperation and being consequently perceived unfavourably when initially they had the nation at heart. I would place Kaunda and the likes of Nyerere in the latter, and Chiluba, Sata and Lungu, in the former. Kaunda and Nyerere may have eventually failed (after educating and looking after the health of many), but theirs were heroic failures!

  8. Mixed feelings among niggaz is what am getting. Evil versus Good.

    Oh oh I can’t say much about kk am only a third of his age.

    Happy birthday shikulu.

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