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LAZ Opposed to holding the National Referendum alongside this year’s General Election

Headlines LAZ Opposed to holding the National Referendum alongside this year’s...

Linda Kasonde
Linda Kasonde

The Law Association of Zambia -LAZ- is opposed the holding of the National Referendum alongside this year’s General Election.

LAZ President Ms. Linda Kasonde says holding the Referendum alongside the General Elections would likely result in the matter becoming a political campaign issue by various political parties involved.

Ms. Kasonde says LAZ is concerned that up to now the proposed Bill of Rights has not been published to increase awareness on the contents.

She has further appealed to government to translate the Bill of Rights into local languages.

Ms. Kasonde says lack of sensitisation on the Bill of Rights create a situation where people will be voting on the referendum on partisan lines rather than on the content of the proposed Bill of Rights.

Zambia is scheduled to go to the Polls on August 11, 2016 during which the National Referendum will also be held to garner consensus on the expanded Bill of Rights contained in the October 2014 final draft constitution.

And the Association has persuaded political parties to desist from violence in their campaign, ahead of the 2016 General Elections.

LAZ President Linda Kasonde says politicians must focus on issue based campaign and avoid provocative statements.

Ms. Kasonde said this in an interview with ZNBC in interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

She called on all political stake-holders to preach peace in the run-up to the polls.

Ms. Kasonde also advised politicians to stick to the resolutions of the recent political Indaba to end violence.


  1. Worry not Linda, whether we hold the referendum before, alongside or after general elections, the non-contentious issues have been included in the new Constitution which his excellency ECL signed. As for your calls on the opposition to be peaceful, they’re are falling on deaf ears of violent thugs like William Tekere and kachema Kaponya (HH). They are naturally violent and very bitter FO0LS

    • So you can now appreciate the wisdom that President Lungu had when he signed the new Constitution. Had he not done so, people here including the opposition UPND thugs would never know that elections are on 11th August. But they don’t appreciate anything these bitter COWards and their Under5 Kaponya. Wisdom and humility are such precious virtues that I can vote for rather than fake theoretical economics and stolen dubious riches from Privatization

    • @kudos.u read but you remain ingrown in your mind the pf mentality.linda DIDNT say opposition parties but political parties this includes pf.

    • Linda , one would have thought you were injecting fresh-air into LAZ, but alas, same old “punctured” statements by LAZ – everyone has forgotten about Referendum since Chagwa went to parade in the stadium – that act to a certain extent negated the Referendum!!


      Better stick to sorting out LAZ’s Law Practice School, can’t even remember what it is called, as you can tell, it is not worth remembering, because it has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY & PURPOSE IN Zambian Society!!

      #Chagwamustfall!! #pamaFi kuyabebele!!

      Vote Wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote Zambia FORWARD!! Vote UPND!!

      I thank you!!

    • Can you please read the article than expose you ignorance Kudos, you are there insulting the opposition behaving like a thug please don’t embarrass PF, please speak sense try and be humble like ECL and emulate him in your words

    • You mean the amended constitution? Please stop misleading people. We do not have a new constitution but an amendment of the 1996 constitution.

  2. Let’s have balanced comments. Best to keep quiet if your livelihood depends on politics because you cannot be objective.

  3. Tru. But I ve a question. Am a Zedian leaving abroad. And I ve travelled in many countries. My question – why is it ONLY in Z, they law association is involved in politics. We ve seen an association taking political sides? Only in Z. An association is actually supposed to b a voluntary organization that pipo in that profession join freely. Some of its purpose shld b the advancement of the profession. Normal associations work with universities to contribute to curicular, inputing practical industrial experience in accademics. We don’t hear Engineers association taking political stands, FO example. There r many associations, but they o focus on the profession, not politics

    • Yes my friend mention at least one country you have been to.LAZ is an organisation for lawyers who apparently are experts in law,so it is of no coinsidence that they help you interpret the law.Even in the US of A ,the attorney general is involved in ensuring law is intepreted properly to you guys.Do you know what SC means,this is home work for you my young fellow,no hurt feelings

    • It is because politics to a certain extent is entangled with legislation. That is why we have the Constitutional Court, for example, to deal with matters of law raised by politicians. So the LAZ is in order to comment on matters concerning the Constitution on the political platform.

  4. I am not a lawyer but I think there’s something about law and politics. Most USA politicians/congressmen/senators are lawyers. Obama is a Lawyer. So are Bill and Hilary Clinton. The only 2 UNZA graduates we have had as presidents are lawyers. Sata, KK, RB and Chiluba never attended UNZA. In fact only RB was a graduate from abroad in old school economics. So expect more lawyers to become president and LAZ to continue being a political watchdog.

    • @former man u fan

      I think your tablet has google from another galaxy that doesn’t have Obama’s legal background yet. Or may be you are joking? This Kenyan currently governing US actually attended law school and graduated and became a lawyer, isn’t that what happens when a law student graduates with a law degree, they become a lawyer?

    • @former man u fan:

      Yes, Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. HE WORKED AS A CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY AND TAUGHT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW at University of Chicago Law School between 1992 and 2004. But I am not sure if his license to practice Law (as an attorney) is current at the moment. My guess is that he has kept his license current and can today walk in any courtroom in the US and argue a case before any judge if hired to do so. And that’s what a Lawyer is, isn’t it?

    • You are right my friend but not all Zambians know how to read English and understand it while others do not even know how to read just like they are muzungus who do not know how to read.Better they just run programs in local languages on radio and tv,not to forget also people who use sign language

  5. Most zambians read and understand English better than their local languages. Chiefs even speak very good English. We have become almost like Nigeria.

  6. Former Man U fan no need for Google. Obama was first black president of the Harvard law review. Please recheck.

  7. You are right my friend.So the challenge is with the other qualifications to show their mantle

  8. Comment:i share laz’s notion, there is no awareness at all, I personally stil dont know wat the referendum is abt! And I have a grade 12 certificate!

  9. Comment:Mr kudos,u still hv guts to insult? let’s stick to the indaba resolution & debate issue accordingly. No name calling.

  10. As a member of the legal fraternity I concur with our learned Lady President.

    The question of the referendum is bound to be contentious especially that it requires an absolute majority vote.

    Our Lady President might have some leaning in this matter since the opposition will go full throttle on the full people driven constitution which already Lungu PF did not allow Zambians to get.

    There awaits a big land mine to detonate for PF!

  11. A few observations :

    1. What will be the symbol for the people driven bill of rights?
    2. What of the one PF will want to be enacted?
    3. To what extent will people be allowed to determine if economic, social and cultural rights should be justiciable?
    4. To what extent will the current amendment of constitution be used by the current opponents to oust healthy discourse on the BoR?

  12. Quite true Madam Kasonde but remember we are not a wealthy nation. We can’t afford two elections. And our voters shouldn’t be removed two times from their farms just for a vote. We have to live with what our poverty dictates.

  13. Sounds like LAZ now has joined politics. Of all important constitutional issues the new LAZ leader decides to talk about politics sure? Is it her priority? Katwishi uko balatutwala aba?

  14. Is obama a lawyer?NO,he is a politician
    wht is obama by profession?he is a lawyer.
    thats y many z fail or many z ar schooled but not educated.

  15. LAZ stance makes sense. However, the call on sensitization of voters must equally fall on NGO’s which are mandated with voter sensitization. I believe they are some funded for such purposes. It is folly to expect interested partisan politicians to be objective in such matters.

  16. #Kudot just like bano.ko was naturally born a prostitu.e and she the worst woman have ever known,how can a normal woman give birth to a person of your thinkind. UBUFYASHI BWABO UBUBI.

  17. Zambians, LAZ, all God fearing people, let us learn to work together. There is time to oppose & time to reach consensus. Let us not be populists on all issues. It is a lie that a constitution is not a political document. It is just that; policy & systems as to how our country will be governed. Only politicians can facilitate for its enactment. Not LAZ, not NGOs. We are all stakeholders. LAZ, you have a copy of the Bill of Rights from draft constitution. Why cant you work with GRZ to start sensitising people? For 1st time we have a GRZ that has already given us 90% of Constitution we have long desired. This GRZ is still willing to facilitate for the Bill of rights, & you’re opposing? Does that make sense?

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