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Alba Iulia
Friday, February 21, 2020

UNPD wants Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita recalled, they are working for PF

General News UNPD wants Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita recalled, they are working for...

Amos Chanda with Anthony Mukwita
Amos Chanda with Anthony Mukwita

Recall Diplomats Engaging in Partisan Politics

The unethical behaviour of President Lungu and the PF continues as they have now brought in two serving diplomats who sit on government payroll to lead up their party political media team, while Frank Bwalya has finally been confined to the sidelines.

Perhaps we can take this opportunity to remind President Lungu of the stance he took on the importance of a professional and unbiased civil service just weeks ago.

This move suggests a reversal in his position of not allowing civil servants to engage in partisan politics. As such, it is the latest example of President Lungu’s preference for inconsistency and inability to make clear decisions and stick to them. Such visionless and confused leadership is serving to provoke lawlessness in the country and must come to an end. We need leaders who lead by example and whose words are matched in action.

President Lungu is fully aware that Zambian diplomats Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita are back in the country and busy engaging themselves in partisan local politics.

Emmanuel Mwamba has been on Muvi TV and various radio stations where he is openly conducting partisan PF campaigns. Yet there has been no announcement detailing his resignation or dismissal from his diplomatic missions.

It is a widely held and internationally respected requirement that diplomats cannot engage in partisan politics, either of their accredited countries or of their home country.

That Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita are on the civil service payroll at the level of deputy permanent secretary and have abandoned their offices and duties to engage in partisan politics is an abuse of office that should be punished by the authorities. They have crossed the line and are now serving as PF cadres. As such they should be recalled immediately as they obviously do not understand their roles as “diplomats”.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesperson

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  1. Very True Mwaamba is a fool who has no pride, the way Lungu treated him when he wanted to file for Matero, am shocked that he can even come to campaign for him, if I were him I would enjoy my diplomatic life in SA without a word

    • If UPND are confident of winning the elections why are they so dead scared of Anthony and Emmanuel. I can’t wait to see what will happen in UPND should they lose with all the people they have taken on. We’ll see how many of them will still remain in UPND, even more interesting we’ll see the outlook of UPND with such people at the helm of leadership in UPND. Will it continue to be a Tonga dominated party? At least one good thing you see in PF is that there’s now a good representation of various tribes in the party? It is more appealing to most Zambians.

    • The reporter..

      You missed the point boyi… Re-read the story. KAkoma raised a polnt which the two men should rethink.. Quote diplomatic posts and join politics

  2. I like the part where you rightly say this is abuse of office.What I like more is that they are in the wrong camp.Things hve changed Emma and Tony, we are now more determined to get rid of incompetent leadership.

  3. There is a tribe in Zambia which hates to see other tribe succeed. We should not vote for this group of evil minded people. It burns their throats to see their friends make positive achievements in life. Evolve or else you will never rule Zambia regardless of who joins your party.

    • You are bitter your tribespeople have rejected your evil tribalism against them! Grow up and be a normal rational being who cares more for the country than yourself and tribe.

  4. Something funny to remind UPND. Remember those Western Diplomats supporting you with their non clandestine visits to HH’s Palour! When citizens complained they were engaging in Politics, UPND were happy to suggest to Zambians that they were on their side.

    It’s clear these guys are merely doing some fact finding missions! You can’t take UPND complaints serious!! Looks like they trip themselves!

    • I am Bemba and I have been made to believe that we are more thieves then any other tribe in the country. In fact one Lozi friend of a friend believes, with all her spirit, that we Bembas store salt. But what she never said was where we stole the salt and who from.

  5. It will be a very grave mistake to waste our votes on UPND. Look at the heads and faces in ther party, very bitter tribalists hiding. UPND is full of thieves and thugs. It is a tonga party

  6. Comment:emma and anthony are politician so u want the to be quate for hh my freind chil bola ni 90 mukalila ngefikwekwe

  7. Gentlemen and ladies lets not dwell on tribe…… for once we have seen other tribes join UPND therefore after August 11 after HH the cretin losses, GBM will be their new president and Miles sampa as vice……hahahahahahahahah watch the space

  8. How the crook Mwamba is still in job and being paid taxpayers money is beggars belief….then again if this crook Mwamba resigned and came back followed his PF friends in UPND they would embrace him with open arms.

  9. I tell you UPND are so scared and desperate! You know you are loosing. Focus on what you will do on Zambia’s development instead of the petty stupid remarks you make on President Lungu. Gee….you are so desperate and scared

  10. Yep heres UPND for you (1) Defect from the sinking ship (2) we will scrap tuition fees (3) even those convicted or corrupt join us democracy is about numbers (4) we will scrap RTSA (5) Leave street vendors alone (5) Priscilla Isaacs that ka girl will rig who is she! (6) The POST is our sworn enemy (7) That most stupid muzungu is our ally (8) Bashinono is our comrade (9) CNP is our allay (10) Abash to Jonas (10) we are winning in round one (11) we have information they will rig to win (12) if PF win brace for more suffering (13) I did not benefit from the privatization program I was paid fees for appraisals and I bought a house from LIMA bank a company my firm was liquidating (14) Those are morons

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