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Felix Mutati’s MMD Faction pushes ahead with National Convention

General News Felix Mutati's MMD Faction pushes ahead with National Convention

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

The Felix Mutati faction has gone a step further in their quest for a national party convention with the inspection of the venue which has been slated for Kabwe Mulungushi Rock of Authority on May 20 to elect new office bearers.

‘Suspended’ MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda yesterday led journalists to the venue while insisting that a convention would be held on May 20.

Mr Nakachinda said in an interview yesterday in Kabwe at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority after inspecting facilities at the institution that the holding of the Convention was in the best interest of not only party members but also Zambians to embrace intra-party democracy.

He said he had sent invitation letters to party president Dr Nevers Mumba and other political parties such as UPND, PF and FDD as well as the diplomatic corps. He further stressed that he had circulated a memo to the 1,655 party members.

“I am not a suspended member of the MMD. Those are manoeuvres by Dr Mumba. I am still a member of the party. We have sent invitation letters to other political parties and Dr Mumba too but it’s up to him to either attend or abscond,” he said.

He accused some MMD members of trying to stop Mulungushi University management to allow them hold a convention.

Mr Nakachinda said that he had got a quotation and expressed happiness with the facilities of the venue, stating that a convention would go ahead as scheduled as all the necessary logistics were in place.

“Our members have been contributing to the successful holding of the convention and from other well-wishers who want to see intra-party democracy, and beyond as we are the mother of democracy,” he said.

Mr Nakachinda said he was an original ‘true blue’ and stated that a convention would be held as all the ten provinces would be represented.
And MMD Central Province chairman Chileshe Kangwa said all preparations to hold a successful convention were in place and that it was the only sure way of advancing democracy.

On the other hand, Acting MMD spokesperson Reuben Sambo has always insisted that there would be no convention before the August 11 general elections.


    • Just join UPND naimwe. It is a party where your fellow losers are running to. Stop sabotaging MMD.

  1. He automatically continues as president the intention is to uphold democracy and not to aust mumba.. don’t demonise a legitimate process

  2. Trouble is surely brewing in the MMD.What will happen to Nevers after this convention which he,most likely, will not be attending?
    Two parallel parties will likely emerge but who will the ECZ recognise as the official camp to contest the August polls?
    To a very great extent, I feel RB is to blame for this chaos..
    Its so sad for the mother of democracy in Zambia to go down like this.Hope this wakes the PF and all other parties up to the reality that nothing lasts forever so do the right things while yo mandate lasts.

  3. What convention? Is it already five years or maybe nec decided? Oh HH is no push over eeeee! Tell daily defectors that top leadership is not for just unemployed fellows but seasoned politicians.

  4. …this just goes to show how Judicial ranks have fallen……in a country were judicial process is respected, no such thing can happen…..



    • There is not even a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Even Running Mate will not come from anywhere alse apart from Bantu Botatwe ! This is where GBM will flip his top!

  6. Nonse do all invited members possess G12 if not why go there if you know you will not stand.
    I support mumber convention can only go on after a good study of the new constitution. Mutati ifimuti file mushingulusha topwe sana Stop troubling villagers u f**l

  7. 5 years since last convention has elapsed… judge kondolo has clearly stated that there is no evidence to support neverd claims of a 5year tenure when he was elected in a by election (extra ordinary convention)… the same courts will realise the legitimacy of whoever will be elected at the convention to be held in kabwe in two weeks…. Go mutati go… we need you in the presidential race… bachepa saana bonse you are the saviour

  8. Nervous aka katongo nsambe go and face the electorate don’t do a PF one side Guy another Sampa another Mulenga another Christine…go and silence the doubters if you cannot win a party election how can you hope to win the presidential national election? Look at FAZ most believed it was a foregone conclusion but with a strategy AK whitewashed KB….so do your ground work and go for it…..

  9. • Brig Gen Miyanda threatens to boycott elections.
    • Police teargas PF cadres in Kanyama.
    • Inspector General of Police sent into ‘Diplomatic Service’ as Charity Katanga is appointed IG.
    • MMD East members rejects Mutati’s UPND/MMD alliance.
    • ‘Stay away from intra-party squabbles’- HH warns Service Chiefs.
    • Christine Kaseba-Sata joins UPND as Maureen Mwanawasa withdraws her endorsement.
    • Maureen Mwanawasa and GBM differ. Maureen threatens to resign from UPND
    • GBM demands his money back after HH picks his Running mate.
    • George Mpombo withdraws his endorsement after UPND selects its Kafulafuta candidate.
    • Dan Pule dissolves his party and joins PF/MMD pact.
    • Elias Chipimo Jnr endorses Edgar Lungu.
    • Confusion reigns in UPND as non-Tonga running mate is picked.
    • Garry…

  10. • Garry Nkombo resigns from UPND but elects not to back any party.
    • ‘We have been sidelined’ – Cornelius Mweetwa and Mutale Nalumango cry.
    • GBM declares ‘war’ on Miles Sampa. Threatens to spill the ‘Ruth Mbandu Beans’
    • Mulenga Sata’s absence at UPND Mandevu Rally raises eyebrows.
    • ‘GBM, we don’t need your millions’ – Request Muntanga.
    • ‘Use my expertise’ Magande urges PF.
    • Mulenga Sata dumps UPND.
    • UPND/PF clash in Livingstone.
    • Copper prices resurge.
    • Lumwana recalls 2000 miners.
    • Jerabos declare copperbelt no-go area for HH.
    • GBM’s convoy stoned in Kitwe.
    • ‘Bashi Nono’ absconds from UPND rallies.

  11. MMD fortunes have surely gone down and no holding of a convention shall change this reality. Much as i respect honorable Felix Mutati, its too late for him now to mount a successful presidential bid. There is even no time to market himself may be if he focuses on 2021 elections. MMD are there own problem its not Dr. Nevers Mumba. The Zambia political landscape is such that once you lose power it becomes almost a miracle for you to regain it. MMD are simply reaping what they planted. The same way they wanted UNIP dead the same fate awaits them. UNIP is the way it is to day because MMD wanted it dead and erased from the Zambian political history despite the important role it played to bring independence to this Country. But we all want a viable and democratic MMD which can add value…

  12. Mutati has nothing to offer apart from his name.Do not be deceived. Some of you should be ashamed to even say”as much as I have respect for Mutati”.Really?2021?Who is he going to deceive? He was recently supporting UPND and sane people should back him?Mutati has nothing to offer,period!He cannot deal with the fact that Never is the boss and he genuinely won.Zambians vote for anything and wonder why life is not changing.Shame.

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