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Loading shedding to continue-Zesco

Economy Loading shedding to continue-Zesco

ZESCO Muzuma substation being upgraded to KV 330 (from KV 220) in order to be connected to the national grid as soon as the Maamba coal plant station is commissioned
ZESCO Muzuma substation being upgraded to KV 330 (from KV 220) in order to be connected to the national grid as soon as the Maamba coal plant station is commissioned
THE Kariba North Bank Power Station is still far from reaching its maximum power generation capacity because water levels are currently below the expected level, Mr Edward Simbaya says.

Kariba North Bank Power Station manager Edward Mr Simbaya said this yesterday at Kariba North Bank Hydro Power Station in Siavonga.

He said despite the power plant receiving a rise in water levels of about two centimetres per week, the station was only generating between 35 to 45 percent of its normal power generation capacity.

Mr Simbaya, however, said the water levels in the Kariba dam were expected to slightly increase in the next two months.
And station Engineer Mahaku Maloza said the station was currently using three machines to generate power, of which two were used during off peak and the other during peak hours.

Mr Maloza said the country had experienced some good rainfall though it came so late. As such, the water levels were still too low to enable the station generate power.

He said currently the water levels were at 379 metres when it’s supposed to be at 481 metres, of which the station needed about 100 metres to reach the maximum water levels.

Mr Maloza said the country was expected to start generating power to the most demanding areas such as Lusaka and the Copperbelt when Maamba Coal mines starts operating which was expected to supply about 300 megawatts.

ZESCO Limited invited 30 ordinary citizens and journalists to the Kariba dam for them to appreciate the messages the utility company was spreading that load shedding had something to do with low water levels and not turbines as alleged by some sections of society.

ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata encouraged the citizens to ask the engineers as many questions as possible so that they could share information with the general public.

Among several questions posed to Zesco Limited were the alleged sub-standard turbines suggesting that they permitted more water than the old ones and the assumptions that Kariba dam was full to capacity.

Mr Kapata noted that rumour mongering had put the company in a very awkward position hence stepping up with massive sensitization.

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  1. very stupid PR. we know you still export power. the best you can do is close the useless power station because operating at 30% is uneconomic. since we will never have Noah’s flood to fill your dam, close it. and why are you useless people alway talking about kariba as if thats the primary power generating facility, what about the kafue gorge? it shows how politically influenced you are.

    • Kafue gorge upper power station was constructed from 1967 to 1973 housing 6 turbines and at capacity of 900MW, do you think this 70s infrastructure can still copy with the current maximum demand? May be if the equipment is still able to generate the design capacity? Kafue gorge lower power station, will help alleviate this situation. You need to do an independent research and found out which countries are getting export power from Zambia instead of riding on political rumours meant to create an atmosphere of administrational incompetency in order to gain political mileage. You are free to seek information from ZESCO

    • @Forman: if you are saying that Kafue Gorge is old, then know that Kariba is older. Kariba was built in the late 1950s. The real story here is that PF cancelled the Kafue Gorge Lower when Sata won in in 2011 because he wanted to do his own contract. Five years later, this project had not started. PF’s greed for kickbacks and incompetence has exposed Zambia to the effects of drought. Even Maamba and Itezhitezhi, PF keeps on coming with wild promises about when power will be available from these sources. These liars with their cadres at Zesco cannot tell the truth. The bottom line is that Zambia should brace for massive blackouts later in the year if at the end of the rain season we are still having 10 hour blackouts. That’s why

  2. If PF were not preoccupied with stealing eurobond monies by awarding them selves overinflated contracts, 80 % of the domestic and light industrial customers in Zambia should have been using solar energy by now. At least for daytime use.
    The main problem with actualising this is it required effort on part of GRZ, who were too busy overcharging us for roads.

    • Lungu has categorically committed to increasing electricity tariffs by 400% whether there is electricity or not – if he wins in August. Only PFools will vote for Chakolwa when his incompetence means that you are in the dark most of each day. Zambians should brave for 18 hour blackouts by September. Nothing PF and their Zesco cadres are saying is reassuring. It is just lies, lies, and more lies. That’s why

  3. ZESCO is decampaigning the PF. They have already lost alot of Lusaka and CB votes because of the loadshedding

  4. It seems PF failing to stop loadshedding and this is the sign they will lose this August. I thought it was going to be the thing of the past by now but i feel sorry for my party PF.

  5. ..I don’t appreciate people who take advantage of the technical ignorance of the public…..these guys are inclined on water levels just to associate that with nature as an excuse…what they wont say is how much water in cubic meter do we use to produce 1 MW of power in reference to the new Chinese turbines as opposed to how much water we used to produce the same 1MW with the German or Austria turbines..??…one thing to bare in mind is that the south bank(Zimbabwe) also has thirsty turbines…which the initial design of Kariba dam never took into consideration….to fill up that 100mtrs we may need almost 50 seasons..50 years…

    • just to illustrate in simple demo….you cannot interchange a fuel pump for L200 van with a 5 ton Fuso Canter diesel truck even if you modify to fit….did someone really do the calculations before purchasing the damn Chinese monsters of turbines…or just went for the ‘cheap’ price or kick backs prevailed….by now a committee of experts could have been constituted to look into what I see as a scandal……forget about pro government appointed chaps who at the end of the day will reveal nothing…get guys from German, Norway, UK….

    • Don’t believe this nonsense. There’s no 100m height to fill in at Kariba. The Kariba Dam wall is only 128m high. If Zesco wants another 100m of water, it means that Lake Kariba is virtually dry with 28m of water. There should be more islands or hills all over the lake. Clearly this is not the case and this Zesco engineer, Simbaya, does not know what he is talking about. But as Chimbwili said, PF are putting their relatives (wako ni wako) in these critical jobs for which they are not qualified. Really

  6. Guys Lets Contribute Our Idears on Developmental Project, Don’t Just Show Your Foolishness By Saying Stupid Words Against Govt Which Is (Pf) Ka H H Kanu Sikazakhalapo President Wa Zambia Mpaka Yesu Mpulumusi Ukabwela. Viva Edgar Lungu, Augast 11.

  7. it will be very embarrassing if a new govt was elected in and with 4months do away with the load shedding…its just matter of installing specified turbines for such dam capacity…..convince Zimbabwe to do the same….hopefully Rob wont be in the driving seat then…..

  8. It looks like the Zambian people have embraced and accepted load shedding as normal. I urge you all sleepy Zambians to wake up & vote wisely next time

  9. @5&6 scrutinizerer, it’s painful to think that a Zambian can be so ignorant in this time and age. The Germans or Austrians would not want to associate themselves with such ignorance, they probably buy their machines from China themselves.

    • …@Advosor…
      …if you know little history and the facts on the ground concerning the Kariba power stations you are better off keeping quiet….we can still get the turbines from China as long as they are to specifications and in conformity with the design of the dam…..we have had so many droughts in the past never did we experience these low water levels…wake up man….

    • @Advisor: what is painful is that incompetence and greed has led Zambia to 10 hour blackouts. PF have concentrated on getting kickbacks out of every contract, whether for roads or power stations, to the detriment of all Zambians. PF are so selfish and greedy, they do not care that Zambians are now going back to the dark powercut ages.

  10. It’s taken Tooooo long it’s confusing loosucker times. Loading shedding? My son needs a job. He’s good at English. Hire him ba lt

  11. It’s taken Tooooo long this black out it’s confusing loosucker times. Loading shedding? My son needs a job as a proof reader. He’s good at English. Hire him ba lt

  12. It’s taken Tooooo long this black out it’s confusing loosucker times. Loading shedding? My son needs a job as an editor . He’s good at English. Hire him ba lt

  13. Let’s pray that HH would rest after August elections. We can’t continue with this kind of opposition it can put the country on fire. Pliz HH no 5th term for the sake of unity. Zambians let’s vote to retire HH.

    • @Alice: HH is not the one giving you powercuts. He is not the one ruining the Zambian Kwacha, giving you 22% inflation when last year inflation was 7%. He is not the one whose ministers are exporting your mealie meal while you starve or pay inflated prices for your own maize. Understand who is making you poor and miserable. It is not HH. It’s Chakolwa, the incompetent humble one.

  14. May is at the end of the rain season. This is peak water season. Yet we are still on 10 hour “normal” blackouts! PF don’t care what happens to Zambians. If these PFools win in August, rest assured that you will be getting 18 hour blackouts. On top of that Lungu will impose the 400% electricity tariff increase that he backed out of in February. Lungu wants Zambians to pay for PF’s incompetence and greed. That’s why


  16. Has anyone in the government contemplated solar power, which is sustainable and attainable? Kenya is doing very well in this area, and should be commended for their efforts in moving with the times. What Zambia needs are visionary leaders who have the ability to plan for the future, and not just the present needs. Wake up from you deep slumber!!!

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