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Some politicians have produced forged Grade 12 Certificates for verification-ECZ

Headlines Some politicians have produced forged Grade 12 Certificates for verification-ECZ

Michael Chilala Examinations Council of Zambia Director
Michael Chilala Examinations Council of Zambia Director

The Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) has disclosed that some politicians have produced forged Grade 12 Certificates for verification as they seek to stand on various elective positions.

This follows, among other key requirements by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), that aspiring candidates for the August 11th General Elections must have a full grade 12 certificate inclusive of English.

ECZ Director Michael Chilala says the institution is identifying numerous cases of forged certificates from some people during the verification exercise.

Dr. Chilala has advised people in a habit of forging documents to stop as it is a very serious offense.

He says his office that the institution is, however, reporting such cases to the police for onward prosecution of the culprits.

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  1. But why is our Police quiet on this matter? We welcome arrests of such criminals regardless of political parties they belong to.

    • The constitution doesn’t say full certificate with English. Next they will say with at least 1 local language.
      Scrap off that clause Mr. Lungu.

    • When u see the Mbujus being quiet on such serious issues, it means the ones pepetuating the offence are the ones from the pathetic failures (pf). Wait and see when a forged one from UPND camp comes to light, you will see how swift the police will be to act….even Deadnbc will be there to blow the trumpet!

      Zambia is a failed state…selective justice comes with a failed state. How can a nation allow a gerambo in Kabwili to be commanding the police to disrupt opposition rallies? Just look at the way he has had a crimp of his ugly crawls on znbc, times and daily mail…..its pathetic! There is alot of pretence and hipocrincy in the PF with the major culprit being ECL himself.

    • I just always took it for granted that most people aspiring for political office have a G12 certificate or equivalent. How naive could I have been?

    • Forged certificate? And nobody has been arrested yet??? What’s wrong with our country!!!!!

    • At Hevii Niinga, that is the whole truth. PF is the one presenting forged certificates that is why their police is silent.

    • Forewarning is forearming. Political parties ought to know that certificates from Matero University printing mills will not fly to deserve letters of confirmation. Its time to stop self utopia and arrogance this clause will sink party dreams in the tripartite elections. Engazule but if with Matero printing mills certificates, you are set for a checkmate. Watch this space. ECZ is nit going to postpone constitutionally set elections.

    • When it involves PF members, the police will always be quite otherwise if there were opposition members, there names would have been all over newspapers

    • They will be mopped up soon its a matter of time. I believe priority is to filter out forged certificates then with aggregated data at hand move against criminals. Remember mulandu siumaola. One thing for sure Matero printing mills certificates will not fly in this election. The Zambian People submitted to the constitution review commissions that they want a basic education of G12 for their legislators not those who qualify by insults. ECZ has no choice but to honor this people’s inserted clause.

    • My thoughts exactly @ Chosen one. And Examinations Council of Zambia must also state the exact number of these cases that they have reported to the police so far. This vice would have been curbed by now if these cases where being publicized.

  2. Ba ECZ inform the police to arrest them immediately without delay. Azanu apalauka pa school imwe mu foja ma certificate. Bagwireni masanga-msanga

  3. Best Example is Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Davis Chama and Chishimba Kambwili. Bo Inonge, bo Bo kaingu are also goo examples

    • I was with Davies Chama at Chingola Sec. Schoool. He completed his grade 12 in 1984 and then went to NRDC where he got a diploma in Agriculture Sciences.


    • You keep dreaming, you jerk. Guy Scott was lecturing at Oxford or Cambridge University after leaving MMD but before joining PF with his thug pal, Sata. You think they would allow a typical PFraudster without G12 there? Just know

  5. Kikiki the bible says you shall know them by their fruits. In regards to the above the following are the fruits that will tell you of the party that has most aspiring candidates with forged certificates.

    1. The party that has condemned the president endorsement of the new constitution.
    2. The party that has been welcoming all failures from the ruling party.
    3. The party that complains about anything even when they is nothing to say they will find something in short their cry babies
    4. The party whose adoption procedure has taken longer than the others.

    List is so endless

    • Father Jehovah God, overthrow the plans of troublemakers, snake charmers, tricksters, manipulators, liars, corrupt thieves, scorners, scoffers, mockers and character assassins. Lord God, spear, persecute, wound, pursue, destroy and stop them in shame to fall in own counsels, brought to confusion and be as chaff driven by the wind, falling in the very destruction they have contrived for HH. Let them be caught in the same net that they set for HH falling in the very pit that they dug for HH and hung by the very noose they constructed for HH, burn in the very fire they have lit for HH and consumed by the very beasts they prepared for HH. Cause fear and terror to grip their hearts. Let them be confounded and troubled forever

    • @Prayer Warrior:

      AMEN and AMEN.

      We are fighting evil here that has taken over Zambia under the guise of championing the cause of the poor. Yet the poor were tricked and lied to. Satan is in charge over Zambia. That’s why nothing is going right.

      Keep the prayers coming.

  6. Please Timwenge leave Chama of the issue of grade 12. I was with him at NRDC. He has a grade 12 certificate

  7. GBM is a Grade Six drop out, so the
    Highest position he qualifies for is a
    Caderer, It doesn’t matter how much
    Money he may invest in the Dump-Site

  8. Mulenga Sata went to school in Botswana he has qualifications and then went to the USA were he got a degree in Engineering so stop insulting him for nothing he is very educatated I went to school with him.

  9. All from pfools or panga family if they were from oposition names would have been mentioned.

  10. This is a load of nonsense!! Why are we not being told who has presented forged certificates? This is an offence and yet people are quiet!!

  11. The biggest problem Zambians are facing today is the Zambia Police… The Zambia Police Service is a failed law enforcing Agency….
    Why should the Police wait to be told which case should be prosecute by those in authority? The Zambia Police Service in it’s form is an embarrassment to the government and it should be disbanded…

  12. The original members of UPND do have genuine G12 certificates, but they are largely from one region. The problem are the new comers who have added some cosmetics to UPND in terms of regional balancing. If the party adopts only candidates who qualify, all hell will break loose with that tag which UPND wants to avoid at all costs, including pointing fingers at innocent and defenseless organizations like the two ECZs.

  13. ………The original members of UPND do have genuine G12 certificates, but they are largely from one region. The problem are the new comers who have added some cosmetics to UPND in terms of regional balancing. If the party adopts only candidates who qualify, all hell will break loose with that tag which UPND wants to avoid at all costs, including pointing fingers at innocent and defenseless organizations like the two ECZs.

  14. Zambians vote out PF so that UPND can come and sort out the police Command they have become so unethical and part of PF. We need change now otherwise you such regret.

  15. The rate at which educational qualifications are easily forged and boldly used in the country is alarming. Worse still, the way those with forgeries dare the law is even more perplexing. Verdict: some people take corruption to be normal and very profitable.

  16. Ecz is merely answering to what Malone alluded to yesterday regarding his candidates certificates being delayed for verifications. Ecz response to that is They are being delayed because they are forged and therefore are being forwarded to police for prosecution. Honestly how do you expect gbm and mwaliteta to present genuine certificates.

  17. I also used to think all politicians holding positions had to have a G12 certificate. After it’s introduction that’s when i realised that uneducated guys have been ruling us and they are now crying and forging certificates. Expose and arrest them.

  18. Full certificate inclusive of English is a redundant statement as to have a full certificate one needs to have passed English!

  19. *****s, we will only know em by their fruits,lungu and his pf thot they ve closed up for opposition instead they closed the way for em selves!!!! Tiyenayo forward chabee!!!!

  20. Because ECZ have no clue. The vagueness of Chilala’s assertion confirms the obvious – another clueless Chimbwi with a microphone.

  21. This grade 12 certificate should be grade 12 or equivalent. The case of Mr Mulenga Sata speaks volumes about our law makers. The man is highly educated with an engineering degree from USA having set for that grade 12 equivalent in Botswana. Say GRADE 12 or EQUIVALENT. Yes we dont want forged certificates. Make the penalty very stiff and nobody will forged one for fear of imprisonment for 5 years. Good luck all .

  22. It is an offence to do that. Further action should be instituted and do us a favour by exposing them.


    Trying to show off that one actually reached G12 level of education;
    Political Parties Chemistry quiz:-

    MODERATOR: Name one gas that you know!
    *Bo INONGE WINA: Oxygen gas.
    *NEVERS MUMBA: Hydrogen gas.
    *GBM : Tear gas.
    *MODERATOR (shocked): GBM, I am giving you one last chance!
    GBM : Fabregas!

  24. All politicians at the very minimum should have an undergrad degree. Policy makers should have post-grad qualifications. Then, only then, will we start to see true change in Zambia.

  25. Not sure this was neccesary statement from the ECZ director… what is he trying to achieve and besides forgery is a criminal offence that needs to be proven beyond doubts by a competent court of law. As it is, it is just an allegations from him too.

    But for me the most important issue that will come from this is how such allegations will be concluded within time to allow an affected candidate to file in their nominations papers. Knowing how corrupt Zambian institutions are, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ECZ wouldn’t be used by the government to fix potential political foes. Read between the lines people and be on the lookout.

  26. There is one stupid fool and uneducated dog impersonating the real me here. There are so many names to choose from in the whole world, so back off before I mutilate your filthy posts.

  27. One dog is impersonating the real me, and my conclusion is that the fool has no grade 12 certificate and is just uneducated. There are so many names to pick from in the whole world but he chooses to copy mine. Stop your nonsense before I mutilate your dog’s posts here.

  28. GMB attempted this and he has just been exposed.
    Saata Muleenga, former son of the former president also attempted but it got intersepted. He then tried Maluapula school certificate which he also failed.

  29. We have a copy of forged certificate by one minister and surprisingly the ECZ has certified it. The certificate in question was issued in 1983 by the “Republic of zambia examinations council” not the examination council of zambia. The certificate in question does not have any serial number on it. The sir name for the holder appear just as an initial.

    • Kikikiki. @Nzelu, am so dead man! The grade 7 special papers nikudala ai. At my age , I would have a difficult time staying awake while sorting through all those shapes and funny writings. Good luck to the big guy. I cant imagine how many times he will insult himself mid way through one paper.
      Very funny. You have made my day.

  30. Not long ago we had a cartel of very educated Zambians, taking hostage almost ever party that formed Govt. in our great nation until ECL appeared on the scene. Now we have a very illiterate cartel without basic education regrouping in a party that is so desperate to get to state house riding on some of the illiterate-rich cartel. If the educated cartel was given enough rope to hang itself how much more this illiterate cartel? they will give themselves ropes to hang themselves. It is actually frightening to imagine that we have had these illiterate chaps holding sensitive positions in our great nation. Long live ECL, Nafuti Nafuti.

  31. I admire the Chinese people because hard work permeates thru them, but Zambians have allowed themselves to sink so low. This is how far we have sunk has a nation. We have really touched the bottom. How can a person that fails to get a G12 certificate become an MP let alone a minister? Zambians have turned into a nation of crooks, lazy and ready to cut corners at every turn, bent to archive, at all cost , thru dubious means with no qualms or a sense of shame. It is this ugly culture that has had been brewing for quite some time, now it has come to the fore. Take for example the exam leakages. It is now normal for kids to cheat in the exam. The Kids of 15 to 30 years ago who cheated are now the leaders. What a shame!

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