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Five Chengelo students top the World in Cambridge exams

General News Five Chengelo students top the World in Cambridge exams

Karan, Dalitso and Munashe pose with their certificates
Karan, Dalitso and Munashe pose with their certificates

Five students from Chengelo School in Mkushi have received Top in the World awards from Cambridge International Examinations to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the November 2015 Cambridge examination series.

The students achieved the highest standard marks in the world in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and ‘A-Level’ examinations.

They were top performers in IGCSE Business Studies, Computer Science, Design and Technology, and A-Level Computing and Psychology.
These students are Karan Patel who came out tops in Business Studies (IGCSE), Dalitso Moyo who scored tops in Computer Science (IGCSE) and Munashe Kakenenwa Muyangwa who emerged tops in Design and Technology (IGCSE).

Others are Julu Nathanael Howard Lund who came out tops in Computing (A Level and Anna Jean De Wet who scored high in Psychology (A Level).
Andrew Cowling, Principal of Chengelo School presented the awards to the successful students at a special assembly that was held on Monday at Chengelo School.

The Mkushi District Education Standards Officer, Eness Shooba and Chengelo Trustees officiated at this ceremony.

Presenting the awards, Mr Cowling commended the students for performing exceptionally well nationally and globally.

He said that the awards demonstrated the students’ hardwork and dedication to succeed academically and the commitment of their teachers.
He commented, “These five students this morning did not accept being ordinary –they aimed for exceptional. They set their heights high and worked hard for their goals. This morning we celebrate what is possible. You truly excel in life when you determine to always do your best –you create a mindset. You say to yourself exceptional must be my ordinary.”

Cambridge programmes and qualifications are taken by learners in more than 10,000 schools in over 170 countries and are recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

Cambridge Top in the World awards recognise the success of learners who have achieved the highest standard mark in a single subject.
Ms Eness Shooba remarked, “It is extremely rewarding to congratulate the students and teachers of Chengelo School who have worked so hard to achieve tremendous success in Cambridge examinations. These results are a reflection of the enormous talent in Zambia, not only among students but also within the teaching profession.”

In 2014, Julu Nathanael Howard Lund, a lower Sixth-Form student at the time, received the Top in the World award for a 100% perfect score in Mathematics.

He has now achieved a Top in the World award for the best results in Computing and credits his success to Chengelo School.

Julu exclaimed, “I’m utterly gob-smacked to have come Top in the World again. I’ve always loved Mathematics and enjoyed Computing but never thought I was good enough in them to do as well as I have. The credit should really be given to the learning environment that Chengelo provided and particularly to my classmates who were always challenging me and giving me opportunities to grow. I hope that Chengelo continues to be a place of spiritual, physical and educational support for many years to come.” 

Mkushi District Education Standards Officer, Ms Eness Shooba (front row, far right) and Principal Andrew Cowling (last row, far left) with Karan, Munashe, Dalitso and their teachers
Mkushi District Education Standards Officer, Ms Eness Shooba (front row, far right) and Principal Andrew Cowling (last row, far left) with Karan, Munashe, Dalitso and their teachers

Principal Andrew Cowling with Munashe, Karan and Dalitso
Principal Andrew Cowling with Munashe, Karan and Dalitso

Karan shows off his certificate
Karan shows off his certificate


    • The World is the political name for the planet Earth. These kids are “Top of the World”, not Zambia or Africa. THE WORLD. Just believe that there are still some hard working exceptional Zambians out there, however young!

    • Nubian stop hating. Zambians have always been blessed by smarts. It comes with God’s covering with the Christian nation from the time of Jesus. Only problem Zambians lack practical implementation.

    • Yaba ba Nubian…did you ever beat your classroom mates in anything???? Well done kids, yet again we have shown that there is potential in Zed…

    • Cambridge is useless in Zambia now, according to PF constitution. Those boys can’t use that for nominations as MP or president of Zambia.
      Mulenga Sata has same Cambridge O-levels and Edgar Lungu’s team went viciously on him as not having a grade 12 certificate.

  1. None of them is from Muchnga, Luapula or Northern province where there is a critical shortage of Grade 12 certificate holders. My timely advice to these young men – ‘This is a unique election year . hide your certificates PF monkeys are all over scavenging even for forged papers similar to yours’.

    • Eastern province produces smartest Zambians in tertiary education. Professor Lameck Goma. Oh! you said those three lol! Sorry forgive me.

    • @Timwenge Tawaumwange

      The Bemba people don’t need a certificate, we are naturally born bright. Isukulu tulundapo fye, it’s not a necessity. Look at the so called intelligent people, president Lungu for example, educated but also very dull. To become president he had to resort to violence to help him achieve it. Is that smart?

  2. those are A levels grade 12 is equivalent to O level,and i have been following the comments of nubian princess i dont know what her issues are with zambia,what does what world mean?those are international exams in case you didnt know and for once be patriotic its not like you know better always

    • Thank you. Someone that knows that IGCSE is a common wealth O level certificate, which Zambia is part and parcel of. Wisdom still reigns.

  3. Knew someone would say not equal to G12…kikikiki
    Congratulations boys, keep it up, it should not end apa

  4. Congratulations boys. I am really proud to have taught at this school. I still remember how hardworking both boys and girls were.

    • Dalitso Moyo congratulations my brothers from the Eastern province, we from the western plains respect that you also emulate us in terms of educational prowess.

  5. Congratulations Guys – God Bless You as your academic journey begins.. The stacks are higher now and you are going to have to represent..

  6. These kids belong to a generation of Zambians who will judge us harshly if we made the mistake of retaining dull kaponya PF in power.They deserve better leadership.

  7. Congrats youngsters. You have shown the country that we can still believe. Sad thing is with the drunks we elect as leaders your intelligence will never be appreciated here & with globalization you will go to raise another country’s flag.
    By the way what happened to that youngster znbc picked from some street in lusaka back in the ’90s who could do arithmetic for any numbers without a calculator?

  8. Go go boys you are super untouchable. It just demonstrates how blessed we Zambian are. We need business and technogically oriented personel in order for us to out from the bottomless ditch of poverty created by the selfish and corrupted individuals.

  9. The boy who was picked up from the street of Lusaka by ZNBC was immediately exported to America. Crazy ideas.

  10. Good wishes to the boys Queen, hope they don,t go to CBU of UNZA, where there future will dictated by Kaingu should PF be voted back in to power.

  11. An even greater honour would be if they would be offered free scholarships by Cambridge University to do a degree of their choice

  12. this is awesome for you guys….you harmed the so called tough exams..this proves to the world that we can do more than the way we judged.

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