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Nawakwi urges farmers to take advantage of looming Maize Shortage in the region

Economy Nawakwi urges farmers to take advantage of looming Maize Shortage in the...

Headman Mulando laments to FDD President Edith Nawakwi that his subjects have no idea on how to use the E- Voucher system.
Headman Mulando laments to FDD President Edith Nawakwi that his subjects have no idea on how to use the E- Voucher system.

FORUM for Democratic Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi has urged farmers to take advantage of the looming maize shortage in the region to grow more maize for export.

Ms Nawakwi said local farmers could earn more money by expanding their maize production, because the domestic and regional markets were ready for Zambian maize products.

She said that the expected poor crop performance in many neighbouring countries would result in further demand for the commodity, which called for small-scale and commercial farmers to consider planting more maize.

Ms Nawakwi said this when she featured on a Muvi Television programme dubbed ‘The Assignment’ on Sunday.

“Growing the agriculture sector is the most viable way of ending rural poverty because most rural households are engaged in some form of agricultural activities,” Ms Nawakwi said.
She said increased maize production would also result in stable and reduced Mealie meal prices.

The FDD president urged members of Parliament in drought-prone areas to device alternative water sources such as sinking boreholes to help farmers grow maize and pasture for animals.

Ms Nawakwi said poor rainfall and adverse weather conditions did not mean God had forsaken Zambia but called for people to be innovative and find solutions to the challenges.

Meanwhile, Ms Nawakwi said that the defection of Mulenga Sata to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) poses a threat to national security.

She said this was because Mr Sata had recently served as State House minister who was privy to classified State meetings and it was not known what he could do with the information he had.

Ms Nawakwi said it would be difficult for the UPND to fight corruption because the party had embraced corrupt people.

She urged voters not to be deceived by politicians who spoke the loudest but to scrutinise every candidate contesting the 2016 general elections in order for them to make informed decisions.


  1. Is she questioning Mulenga’s integrity? Former cabinet ministers including herself have gone into opposition before but have not been security risks because of oaths they are sworn to.
    I ask again, what happened in UDA that made this Edith hate HH with such passion? Is it just jealousy?

    • Maybe there’s bad blood between HH and Hambulo her husband, the two Tonga bulls. it is actually a very good question because she is always so bitter with HH.

  2. Ms. Nawakwi makes a lot sense and can contribute immensely to the development already taking place in our country especially if she worked closely with HE President Lungu. She has a very good understanding of the poor people, a cornerstone for PF party. We all know very well that HH and UPND have no respect for others especially women and can clearly be evidenced by the lack of female representation in their leadership.
    In one year president Lungu has been in power, am amazed at the development this God fearing man has delivered across the country. Its all over for anyone to see that President Lungu is indeed the “Walk The Talk Leader”. Viva PF viva ECL, viva Nawakwi.

  3. A simple economic fact indeed.If the demand for maize outstrips supply in the region,naturally the price of maize has to go up to what is called the equilibrium pricing.No matter how much you may try to so called control the local price the ultimate is that the traders will look for markets that offer the highest price.The solution is what HH has been preaching all along mina batu:
    1.Lets take agriculture seriously and have proper and incentive driven polilcies for our farmers
    2.Agro and value addition to our produce
    3.This creates sustainable employment for our majority populace
    4.Remove selfish individuals from strategic ministries and public companies
    5.put those who have the interests of developing this country and move forward

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