New FIFA president Gianni Infantino has accepted an invitation to visit Zambia.

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga said Infantino accepted the invitation to visit Zambia in 2018 after they met at the ongoing FIFA Congress in Mexico City that began on May 11 to May 14.

Kamanga said Infantino has accepted to visit Zambia during the 25th anniversary of the 1993 Gabon disaster next April.

“We are delighted that the FIFA president has accepted my invitation to come to Zambia in 2018 after we had fruitful discussions with him on various developmental issues,” Kamanga told FAZ media.

“He has expressed confidence in our leadership and wants Zambia to succeed with its football development programmes.

“Fifa has further agreed to send a legal team to help us revise our constitution in line with their directive for us to reduce the FAZ electoral college by 30th September.

“Other than that, we also discussed the possible funding of our reconvened annual general meeting later this year and there has been a willingness by Fifa to help.”

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  1. this is what we want to hear.
    that is why change is necessary in everyithng
    PF must got for now so that another blood can come in


  2. When there is change you start geting good resuits within short period of time. To me President Kamanga has brought diffrents ideal in Zambian football.
    “I wish all Zambian in this country will unite and change a Govt i believe each & every person will enjoy and see how next Govt will handle our afairs of this Nation”.



  3. Change Is Needed But We Ar So Diveded Look At Pipo Like Kavindele Insterd Of Adivicing Lungu Or H H/ Gbm How To Do Things As An Elder From N/ W/ The Man Is Tearing People Apart Yet Things Ar Not Ok I Fail To Eat 3meals A Day I Only Eat Super But He Goese To Indoes Lungu What Kind Of Human Beings Ar We Made From Who Dont See Wrongs Shame Mean While Thanks Kamanga



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