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Zambia National Students Union denies endorsing HH

General News Zambia National Students Union denies endorsing HH

FILE: Students at Ridgeway campus listen to UPNd president Hakainde Hichilema
FILE: Students at Ridgeway campus listen to UPNd president Hakainde Hichilema
The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) says it has not endorsed United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

ZANASU think tank Chairperson Gershom Phiri says those who have been reported to have endorsed the opposition leader have done so in their personal capacities.

Mr Phiri says the association has received reports that some people who are not members of the organization have endorsed the opposition leader.

He said that ZANASU is a non partisan organisation which can only work with the government of the day for the benefit of the public and its bonafide members.

And Mr Phiri has commended President Edgar Lungu for implementing some of the requests his organisation made regarding empowerment of the hearing impaired.

He said it is gratifying to note that more than 50 thousand kwacha was disbursed to the hearing impaired.

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  1. Whether you deny it, you’re denying it in your personal capacity but the fact is HH is the man of the moment…. in the corridors it’s double H, In Church it’s double H, at Chainama it’s double H, at Universities it’s double H, in the markets it’s double H, at work place it’s double H….. so what are you taking about you self proclaimed think tank

    • The problem is that even students have become so stupid and if they do any form of thinking, it either has to be for the belly or or to fuk, an old man. That all you get in these chaps

    • Oooweeeeeeeeee. UPND dreamers can make you laugh. Ati double H..Kkikikikikiki. Double H the loser. Go and have your party elections first before u ask Zambians to vote for your Double H….kikikikiki..OMG…what a joke.Be rest assured that come August 11, your double H will be retired forever!!! No matter what he does, the people of Zambia..not UPND foolish cadres…will retire your chunsu man forever. We shall teach him a lesson he will never forget.

    • @Wajimona it is tiru. Chainama Hospital has HH. Hooray, HH’s zealots are on double whammy mentality, self destruction path to Mental asylum come August 15

    • When you’re seated in the chair you think its double h but tulemupela zero naifwe kuno because they gave ECL zero kumwabo.

    • Oky that is your thinking but let us wait for the aftermath of 11 August for us to see who had more registered voters your hh or our president

  2. Zambian youths are foolish to say the least. They are the ones who gave us PF which has failed them and now they want to give us another REJECT? God forbid.

  3. Zambian youths are Fullish to say the least. They are the ones who dumped PF on us and now they want to bring in another REJECT. Concentrate on your studies and be better citizens.

    • @Shooters
      What are you saying my man? What concentration will there be with PFOOLS hindrances in education systems let alone intimidation.

  4. The youth of nowadays dont seem to have a direction, whether they are going or coming…! Such talk are not strange.

    • We youths we shall show Lungu his door out.We can be employed ,we can marry because we have no jobs,our parents are busy wucking our girls.It will an election for economic freedom.

  5. Listen to this -‘ dump PF on us,’ you sound like you vote is inferior to those of others. Its shameful to think people can put an ignorant comment and just go on with your life – you ve got to admit though, this comment isn’t an average shallow comment compared to the earlier comments- there is an actual voter pattern in Zambia, to those with false hope, ECZ has depicted that on some map.

  6. How can they endorse (HH) when he has no infrastructure developmental record to point to where he has worked. Us in PF we can point.

    • @ Mr Kudos
      I have never perceived such mental dysfunction before. Simply put, show us ECL’s infrastructural development before he became president? On the contrary HH has engined gigantic developmental projects at personal level. How do you compare a republican president with HH who is yet not in power? This is total madness.

    • mr kudos UPND has never ruled so it is foolish to ask upnd to sonta apo babombele.Ask UNIP & MMD to sonta and they will amaze you.sonta apowabomba does not apply to upnd or fdd and only *****s would apply that.Ifwe this august ni zambia forward.vote for double H. We are civil servants and we know what we mean.
      ecl out and off to chawama no tumatobo kwati kalwele ka kwashi.The man needs HEPS and PLUMPYNUTS from the hospital!!!!.

  7. Me I can point at the tv I bought, the ka black and white tv, I can point at my ka two simcard zamtel phone, I can point at my ka burnt anthill made brick house. And a ka farm with lizard eating village chickens. But I have no qualification or right to point at the “massive” infrastructure because I have never worked for Gee Ala Zed

  8. Why is UPND so obsessed with being endorsed? Just wait for 11 August 2016. That’s when true endorsements will take place.

  9. UNZA and other public universities is full of tongas( students and members of staff).98% support for hh comes from bantubotatwe people and mostly tongas while 90% OF PF SUPPORT IS FROM BEMBAS AND EASTERNERS!!SINCE THESE TWO GROUPINGS ARE THE MAJORITY IN ZAMBIA,EDGAR LUNGU HAS HIGHER CHANCES OF WINNING 2016 ELECTIONS!!plus bravo to whoever does slogans for PF!!THE NEW PF’S SLOGAN “SONTA APOWABOMBELE,NGATAWASONTE,SELATUBOMBEKO” IS REALLY EYE CATCHING!!THIS SLOGAN GONNA BE A HIT ON OUR STREETS BETWEEN NOW AND 11/08/2016!!!upnd media team cannot come up with any slogan which can become A HOUSE SLOGAN-SHAME!!”IFINTU NI LUNGU-2016!!”GO PF GO!!

    • Wait a minute people this Eddy, whenever i analyse critically this is Davis Chama. Look at his tribal talk, demeaning other tribes. Now I know but why are you hiding behind that (Eddy ).hahaha Davies Chama so it is you.

  10. That stupid students union leader should be fired he is getting money from PF, students get ride of the *****.

  11. HUNGRY HYENA(HH) sold the mines meaning he has no proper agenda for our mother Zambia.SHAAAA…!

  12. I didn’t know there was such an organization in Zambia. So how come students are facing all those challenges (closures, cancellation of bursaries, etc) when there is a union?

  13. Comment:foolish students union if you,re ok with pf why were the universities closed?cooked brain!!

  14. The privatization song is out of tune! Tell Edgar to sonta uko abika indalama sha kwa client! Convicted criminal!

  15. Edgar Lungu convicted criminal not to mention his license was revoked, then when he came into power it became effective again. Ba Zambia think for crying out loud! Things are not working and those so called infrastructure development you talk of are from inkongole we will be paying for the next 60 years. First off it was not from Lungus term and from Sata. Things will not change and Zambia is still broke unless someone else with brains takes over. You cannot eat roads and whatever PF is claiming. What jobs have they created when there cannot pay salaries for months. Teachers are sitting on the floor of a bank waiting for money, mealie meal and gas is sky high. Awe kabaleya twanaka.

  16. Can someone please advise me on what UPND constitution stated when it comes to having a convention. The last went to a convention in 2006. Non of the die hard members within their party talks about going to a convention. Can someone please clarify on this issue. If other political parties can hold party convention, I see no reason for a big party like UPND should keep silence and conduct their party convention.

  17. sonta efyo waisangile chairman wa zambezi sun hotel elyo wali incharge of privatisation.sonta elyo walembeshe ati niwe shareholder mu zambezi sun hotel before taulaaichita privatise.twebe chali shani?

  18. ala we are going to give double h zero vote because we gave him a vote pa bye election but them gave our ECL Zero so we shall do the same pa 11 eastern, luapula or can I just say bemba and nyanja speakers ni sontapo .

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