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UPND says ZNBC has rejected the Party Adverts, Plans to sue the Public Broadcaster

Headlines UPND says ZNBC has rejected the Party Adverts, Plans to sue...

Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND has threatened to take legal action against ZNBC for allegedly denying it chance to place political adverts.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has disclosed in a statement to the media that ZNBC has rejected two of his party’s paid for TV campaign adverts which were to start airing on Monday next week.

Mr. Kakoma said that his party thinks that such censorship is unwarranted and undermines key principles of democracy and freedoms of Zambians, stating that that what ZNBC has done is in fact a clear abrogation of the electoral code of conduct.

Mr. Kakoma said that the UPND is thus consulting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and will take legal action if necessary to ensure that its adverts are aired by ZNBC.

Below is the full statement

ZNBC Rejection of UPND TV Ads

ZNBC have rejected two of our paid campaign television advertisements that were to start airing on Monday 16th May, which is the official date for the beginning of campaigns.

This is clearly against the electoral code of conduct and exactly the sort of reason why Zambians wanted cabinet to be dissolved to stop politicians interfering with the operations at these public media institutions and other government agencies in order to advantage themselves in the upcoming elections.

It is not the first time the public broadcaster have done such a thing to the UPND, as they did the same last year when they rejected a paid for non-political advert of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema wishing Zambians a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

This censorship is unwarranted and undermines key principles of our democracy and our freedoms as Zambians.

So far we have not had any fair coverage on ZNBC and other public media houses funded by taxpayers’ money, and our space for freedoms of assembly, association, and expression has been heavily limited throughout the year.

On the other hand, our competitors in the PF Government have had a free ride on ZNBC making all sorts of accusations, spreading hate speech and derogatory language against us without giving us right to reply.

With denial of our paid for content on ZNBC, it’s clear they will not cover our campaign programmes except on rare occasions.

We have run campaigns under many regimes since the formation of the UPND, and it’s the first time we are ever experiencing such repressive and heavy-handed behaviour that only further highlights the need for Zambians to liberate themselves in August.

We are consulting the Electoral Commission of Zambia and will take legal action if necessary to ensure that our adverts are aired by ZNBC, which claims to be a public broadcaster and is funded by the taxpayer.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Party Spokesperson

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    • Some people think their chance to get into State house has come but they are not telling us how they’ll influence the price of copper to go up on which our country’s economy largely depends.

    • This is the work of that Kapoli Kabwili-that is why he has sworn not to let go the ministerial position as he wants his crease crawls grip on ZNBC.

      These idiyotiis will make us die from heart attacks, please urgently sue the o batch of hienaaas!!

    • It is not only ZNBC and adverts but even campaign helicopters have been grounded by ZAF….see message below, this is just unacceptable. How can a so called humble holy ghost filled Christian president carry this a satanic heart?

      Party General Secretary Stephen Katuka has revealed that ZNBC has refused to broadcast paid adverts while ZAF has not cleared the campaign helicopters.
      Katuka revealed this in a press release below to Zambian Eye:

    • Lungu is a coward. He knows he can’t win in transparent and fairly held elections. Please Lungu if you think you are popular why not allow the opposition to campaign freely

    • Ati ‘we are consulting the Electoral Commission of Zambia and will take legal action if necessary to ensure that our adverts are aired by ZNBC’……….pwa ha ha ha ha. How can you consult an institution that you’ve been accusing of planning to rig the forth coming elections with the PF government?

    • Edgar has started implementing Mu7 strategies this is just the beginning…. Edgar and his PF will set this country on fire

    • To be honest with you this frustrating of opposition in Zambia ever ending even if you change the govt..I don’t see vengeful people like GBM or Sampa or removing POA or Press freedom…its just one rotten cycle.

    • Jay jay on this one I don’t agree. As much as GBM is uneducated. The man is wise and wouldn’t do such to people who have not offended him like Wynter but if he did to PF when they become opposition I would actually like that so they test a bit of their own medicine

    • @Jay Jay : I agree that GBM is a vindictive character. Not only does he beat his employees and family members, but he flew ZAF jets over the Litunga’s Palace to intimidate Lozis at the peak of BA64 tensions when he was Defence Minister. As long as rotten cultures dominate Zambia, we will always have these unfair practices.

  1. This is negative camppaign for PF. This is allowing UPND to play the victim sympathy vote. That is decampaigning PF and winning sympathy votes for UPND.

  2. We employ individuals in these public institutions to serve in the best interest of the public, but these individuals turn these institutions into personal tuntemba. Its time we made them accountable as individuals. It doesn’t make sense for a properly trained & sane adult to claim he’s done a wrong thing because he’s been told so by another.

  3. The problem with UPND is they are cry babies. They took 6 adverts but two did not meet the standard. The 4 which met the standards will be aired from Monday which is the official campaign period. That’s one thing I don’t like about this party-twisting clear issues.

    • You are very right. 4 out of 6 and ZNBC gave reasons as to why they could not air them and you are crying.

  4. What adverts naimwe ba Kakoma? Advert na language yaba GBM iya fi**la, fi **la, which responsible national broadcaster will allow immorality. Remove the insults and you shall be given all the space you can pay for.
    Otherwise try the Post who have no morality and children to worry about immorality, anything goes there, are they not the ones who report fi**la fi**la chilabushiku even When they know that newspapers can be read by family and small children?
    ZNBC keep censoring until insulters learn not to be uncouth in a civilised society.

    • @Terrible I hope you are not chishimba kambwili because soon you shall cry.We shall arrest you for pretending to be a minister of information in a dramastic style.You will know that Zambians are smart.Watch your moves or change.

  5. If UPNd adverts don’t meet the moral standards why should I worry?
    Ask HH to form his own broadcasting station after all he is rich, now he has even offered to pay ALL the cabinet ministers and deputy ministers all their salaries and perks including fuel, if they vacated office after dissolution of parliament. Never seen such a boaster as HH! Now I understand why he has never won an election and why Zambians are not about to give him this one, Christ!
    Just imagine how he rubs the poverty into the face of his defenseless workers, if he can say such an abomination to cabinet ministers!

  6. There is no media freedom in Zambia. In my view, all those riffraffs in the board at ZNBC should be fired once the PF loses elections. There should be fairness in the coverage of news whether from the ruling party or the opposition. Besides ZNBC is a public broadcaster. Why only cover hate speeches by that stinking hippopotamus called kambwili, the stinking mouthed Dora Siliya or that whore called Mumbi Phiri ?

    • unfortunately they are remaining as pf is retaining power at all cost. We have every instrument under control. big stick

  7. They want everything they take ZNBC to be aired without any questions as to whether it meets the standard or not………. Go to court

    • So PF meets the standards all the time with people like Mumbi Phiri’s, Dora, the evil priest frank Bwalya

  8. Heyi kakoma you have been beating these znbc chaps everytime you are having meetings now you want them to work with you kuzaluka kwenu.bembas say wituka ingwena ilyo amatako yali mumenshi.
    Its pay back time now you to court then even others will be rejected pending court order which will end next year.

  9. No wonder your logo is an empty skull Mr Kudos. It is really empty from the level of your posting over time. Even if you are a paid agent your level is below any acceptable standards and the payer is not getting any value for money from you. ZNBC belongs to all Zambians and not to any individual or entity. Zambia is a democracy and equality of coverage to all political players is enshrined in the constitution. Please keep your ignorance to yourself.

  10. Iam sure chi neckless fulwe has given orders with his friend uwa tusekete not to allow you to air on ZNBC but us electrote we know who to give a vote who will take mother zambia FORWARD.

  11. Zambian watchdog is showing UPND adverts. You insult the people from Northern/Eastern provinces and yet you are crying for their votes. Your HYENA Hungry(HH) man will remain in opposition for ever if you don’t evolve. Your tribe is known to teach hatred against other innocent tribes. Your hatred originates from your tonga homes, it was a hidden fact but now your behavior is exposed. Change for the better!

    • I am proud a Tonga married to a lovely bemba lady and I know that her clan does not look at me the way you are potraying it here. I have no regrets for getting married to a bemba and I am sure she has no regrets for marrying a Tonga man. The problems you have are only in your head and not real on the ground, which is a very serious deficiency of morality on your part.

      For your own information I respect Mutati & have told a lot of people that I’d put my vote on him even though he’s Bemba because I believe the guy has what it takes to run a country and yet he’s not Tonga like me!

      Shame on you my brother…

    • IF God created as equal in his image then these people who oppress us (Tongas and many Zambian groupings) as being inferior this year God will grant the favour to show them that he exists by polling at least 56% for HH.Enough is enough.When we win we shall not revenge but show them how rich Zambia can become.In the name of Jesus let your will be done.

  12. Sata had to contend with Chanda Chimba the third and his Stand up for Zambia.

    Ba HH. This is Africa. Power is never given and it has never been won. Power must be taken by the force of sheer absolute and overwhelming numbers.

    Dont expect an easy ride as if Lungu is going to give u a fair fight. Wait for more rally disruptions, tear gas, cadres with pangas following yr every move.

    Question is are u up for the fight ?

    Eventually the weight of support must be so strong a breakthrough comes

  13. The opposition is full of rich people. They should just come up with their own broadcasting station . Since Dead NBC is so boring the new station if run properly will be more popular and can set it’s own advertising rates and make this industry more exciting. Zambia radio and Tv needs local investment

    • Very true. opposition needs to know they need a strategy to win elections and media is central to victory. The MMD when fighting UNIP formed the post newspaper with shareholders like Wina, Murray Sanderson, VJ. This countered the unpopular state owned media.
      In fact i remember the journalists of the day injunctioned ZNBC by removing it’s boss during elections something that I don’t think today’s journalists can do. A radio television station can be setup in one week even with Kambwili a stumbling block.

  14. In the end this baby attitude party will end up suing all of us for not voting for them. I guess the Ads were so nauseating and provocative. Just judge from its leader’s tone. Of course your a.s.s.e.s. needs to be censored.

  15. “Mr. Kakoma said that the UPND is thus consulting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and will take legal action if necessary to ensure that its adverts are aired by ZNBC.” Why consult ECZ if ECZ is UPND’s number 1 enemy about to rig elections in favour of PF. Which can you follow here. Today is ECZ, tomorrow its ZNBC? The best option is for UPND to have a day the courts to dispense relief.

  16. A simple solution is to have ZNBC closed legally or illegally and that’s the only way there will be fair play.

  17. Kaunda did the same thing in 1991. He became extremely virtuous though not many people still remember due to current remaking if KK. The more the ruling regime smells a loss, the more repressive. The UPND adverts are clean and not foul. They are focused on issues. Their impact on discrediting what PF has been claiming as positive gains is very huge. Remember the Depak Patel advert of potholes and bread with crumbs in 1991? That’s the line the UPND campaigns have done. ZNBC is dead scared one advert is enough to reduce all PF claims just in 45 seconds. I insist, the only way to enjoy your term of office is to win elections cleanly. EL, it’s your call my brother.

    • UPND should file an injunction so that ZNBC does not air or play any adverts whether PF or not until their case is disposed of.

    • I don’t watch any Zambian TV station and only listen to private radios and the callers who are totally against ECL but I am still voting for him. I hear their (callers from one opposition party) views and I have not been swayed.

  18. Out of six adverts four have gone through two have been rejected because they failed znbc standards. No insults please can you grow up kakoma. Don’t cheat be factual and learn to tell the truth


  20. ZNBC and PF must remember this is a public and state media which every citizen is paying for the services. Let them only charge PF viewers then. We will take legal action against the so called Dr. Kambwili and ZNBC

  21. UPND has never respected those institutions. That’s why it is important to be good to all the pipo because we don’t know who will help us tomorrow. It is also a lesson to those supporting UPND blindly you will be stranded after 11 August because Lungu will continue after 11 August.

    • This is a very very stupi.d reason for not airing an advert. Is ZNBC above criticism? I know it’s your opinion but is quite dumb.

    • Lungu should learn to respect the Zambian people. Who cares if politicians insult each other. The late MCS used to call the late LPM a cabbage. But the late LPM dissolved parliament and his cabinet per constitution but here we have someone who finds it okay for Zambians to be paying illegal people occupying the office of minister?? Even LAZ is against this and his own attorney general does not agree. This public theft in broad daylight and disrespect to the hard working Zambians

  22. @Terrible ba cicolor iwe! You are trying to defend the indefensible! Who doesn’t know that PF has been on campaign trail throughout, meanwhile they have been stopping other political parties from campaigning using the PF ECZ. Which law does the ECZ follow to set the date for starting campaigns! WHERE iS THIS LAW written! Don’t mislead yourself and others that UPND is producing insulting campaign adverts even when you know your PF is not being honest! You PF Kaponyas have no morals! Edgar out fear of remaining alone has selfishly decided to keep ministers in office who are doing nothing, some whom he will not even adopt but they will be drawing salaries! That is unacceptable in democratic state! This moron must be sent back to chawama beer halls sooner rather than later!

  23. I have said before, be extra careful with media reports. The media can build or destroy, already some people here are cursing Kambwili and PF.

    Without verifying sources, it is quick to make unfounded statements, one would expect bloggers to exercise restraint and offer insightful analysis over common vulgarities. Just saying.

  24. If Lungu does not believe in free and fair elections can he tell us how Zambians are supposed to make a choice? Be careful my dear. You will be removed through a bullet if you don’t want people to make a free choice amongst competing parties. Let freedom flourish. Don’t stand in the way.

  25. Contrary to what is being said, UPND are becoming a cry baby. Setting ground to explain their loss on August 11. Grow up and accept that you are going into extinction. You were architects on constitutional clauses which you are no opposing. United People of No Democracy and consistent losers

  26. On one side he is pretending to pray and go to church, on the other side he is leading a vicious campain of suppression and lies of the opposition, what a fake this lungu is…..some gulible zambians are buying into the God fearing lungu, the guy is a vicious fraud and a coward wanting to hang on to power at all costs.

  27. All those that are still holding on to ministerial positions after the dissolution of parliament are venerable to put licence prosecution come 14/08 .
    They have been warned,advised and counselled by a variety of wide opinion.
    It’s not going to be defensible to say I was advised by state house to continue on abusing and drawing buplic funds for a role or function that has ceased to exist following the dissolution of parliament.
    It’s the function of the permanent Secretary for the Ministry to hand over as per tradition.

    The offices that are exempt are that of republican president. Vice-president. Any other are at personal risk.

    Who ever is issuing illegal orders or and instructions against the Spirit and purpose of our constitution shall be held liable individually and…

  28. Now we know the real reason why Lungu has retained Cabinet Ministers in their posts after Parliament was dissolved. Lungu wants to use these Ministers and the state machinery and resources to block and frustrate Opposition parties in their campaigns. Unfortunately these manoeuvres will backfire on PF. They will actually lose votes.Why not disseminate PF campaign messages and leave these opposition parties to do the same. PF is undermining its campaign messages.

  29. So sad indeed. When is Zambia going to come out of this stone age type of politics. I am PF but I feel very embarrassed with what our party is doing

  30. Mutale,
    There is no place for the behaviour of PF in the mind of any conciencuios human. They have been overcome by thuggery and lawlessness. Unfortunate the president pretends to be god frearing yet let’s his thugs in GRZ exhibit the worst of dictatorial oppressions on the opposition.

    It’s time to put a stop to this kind of behaviour taking root in our country by way of the ballot.

  31. Would you expect anything rational from the likes of ECL, Kambwili and Mumbi phiri and Bwalya, they practice gutter politics

  32. The battle is not for the faint hearted….Lungu will not yield advantage without robust sustained pressure !!

  33. Your Seed Determines Your Harvest

    Have you ever looked at a large, old tree and wondered how long it has been there? It’s amazing to think that at one point, that gigantic tree was merely a tiny seed. In the same way, our words and actions are seeds. We will always reap a harvest on what we sow.

    Think about the types of seeds you have been sowing. Are you sowing encouragement, hope, blessing, love? Then that’s what you’ll reap in the future. But if you’ve been sowing criticism, judgment and anger, you’re probably already reaping a bad harvest. It’s time to start changing your seed.

  34. Ba kakoma and his cronies are so sickening; tongue twisting lot. Please market your party well instead of twisting things. The bible says the truth shall set you free. If you do your homework in truth & honesty you will eat the fat of the land. What we are seeing from your desperate actions to win this years elections is very sad for the psrty that has come this far. Why not tell the truth that znbc has accepted 4 of our adverts and refused 2 because they do not meet the required stardard.

  35. ZNB and any Media outlets must weigh the tone of each campaign fir merit to determine legitimate advertising in keeping with keeping peace and upholding laws on what us suitable. UPND are known fir causing mass hysteria. Could it be that the reason for denial is because the adverts did not meet with required standards?

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