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Swarm of Bees leave man in hospital

Headlines Swarm of Bees leave man in hospital


A SWARM of bees attacked a 66-year-old farmer in Kabwe at the weekend, leaving him nursing stings all over his body in Kabwe General Hospital.
Central Province commissioner of police Lombe Kamukoshi identified the victim as Jonathan Susu of Chilumba area.
Ms Kamukoshi said Mr Susu becomes the second man in Kabwe to be attacked by bees this month.
On May 17, 2015 a 93-year-old man identified as Abraham Kaseba of Chamanimani township died after he was attacked by bees at Chamanimani market.
In the latest incident, Mr Susu was attacked by the insects on Saturday around 14:00 hours in Makululu township as he was cycling his bicycle.
“He was attacked by a swarm of bees and he was rushed to the hospital [Kabwe General Hospital] and he is in a stable condition,” Ms Kamukoshi said.
She said Mr Susu also sustained a fractured left ankle in the attack after falling from his bicycle.

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  1. To the above comment: we do not tolerate and accept such behavior in Zambia. Please keep these thoughts to yourself. This is the reason people like you should never exist on this earth. By the way its easy to find you through your IP address. What a jerk and a loser!

  2. Wish the bees where on Chibwili and you would have heard him say its global even in the UK bees are attacking Ministers.

  3. We need to be educate people about these fascinating tiny insects …their massive contribution to the environment, there would be no fruits and less plants without these insects. A bee hive is one of the most efficient org structure on earth with highly organised complex and communication systems that would teach companies and govts a thing or two efficient about use of staff/labour to increase production.

  4. Sorry to the big man, and let us all wish him a quick recovery. To the one these insects killed, MHSRIP. Now to the first two comments, whoever you guys are, you people cant see that what you commented had nothing to do with the above story, huh? Please we urge you to be very careful with your comments, its not that we are all sleeping, but we can trace you, as Mr BWANA says, its very easy to find u guys. dont just be foolish, you are the ones degrading our beautiful and peaceful nation. what ever the case, zambia will remain a loving and peaceful nation. Where ever you are, you are representing Zambia. Is this how you represent it even by word of mouth? Do you talk ill of your own country? What a shame. I am sure your circles look down upon you for not having love over your country…

  5. @intelligence sources
    @things mbwindi
    You bloggers will soon be visited by the law. enough of stupidity on our news website.

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