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Employment through government alone is not sustainable -HH

Economy Employment through government alone is not sustainable -HH

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says employment through government alone is not sustainable hence the need to support local businesses so as to increase employment opportunities for the youths in the country.

Mr Hichilema said encouraging the development of local businesses by reducing on the number of permits required to open up businesses will not only increase employment opportunities bit would also reduce on government wage bill.

Mr Hichilema also emphasised the need for value-additon on raw materials produced in the country such as agro products among others.

“Employing only through Government is not sustainable. It just increases the wage bill further without growing the national cake. That is why our approach will be to support local business by reducing the number of processes and permits required for key activities and opening up access to finance because current interest rates are far too high.

“Value-addition efforts are going to be central to our plan for job creation. Why import cereal when we produce maize? Why import tomato paste when we grow tomatoes? Why import canned fish when we farm fish at home? Can we not make these things in Zambia and then create jobs for our people in the process, as well as keeping prices lower? To make this happen requires vision, a business friendly Government and hard work. The UPND believes it offers this combination,” he said.

He added “In terms of youth empowerment we are proposing vocational training schemes to equip young Zambians with practical skills, as well as on-the-job training schemes and programmes in business management for start-ups.”

The opposition leader said this in a campaign message shared on his Facebook page.

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  1. Ati ZP and Army have employed 10000, therefore your listening government has created jobs. No, that’s a drain.

    • PF and specifically Edgar have no clue on how to create jobs. Just to digress, Edgar was debarred for misappropriating money from a poor widow. What does that tell you about his character? Are you surprised that he has ruined this economy?


    • There you are ladies and gentlemen! If you had any doubts about what the intentions of this man for running for presidency are, then you have it! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ZAMBIAN PEOPLE BUT TO PROTECT HIS OWN BUSINESSES AND THOSE OF HIS FRIENDS. Are you still wondering why GBM , Miles Sampa are clinging to him! Watch out!

    • Ba HH bena Kuwayawayafye. Registering a company in Zambia is very easy and fast. I can Register my company within a day. What is he talking about? The permits he is talking about have been reviewed by successful governments and found to be necessary in order to have sanity in our country. You may risk lives of people if you remove some of those permits. For sure he needs experience.


    My condolences in advance ladies and gentlemen in UPND. To lessen the shock, create more room for disappointment after 11 August, 2016 than 15 January last year. It’s beyond repair and beyond recognition that Flight HH 2016 will crash. It’s time you stopped day-dreaming. 11 August, 2016 is ECL again!

  3. Mwazinvelela ma trainee nurses, doctors, teachers, policemen, servicemen, agriculturalists and the rest. HH will not employ you in Government and your tuma diplomas and degrees will rot at Shoprite where you will be paid K1,500 as cashiers with no contracts.

    • Even those civil servants you mention are not as du.ll as you to see HH means the private sector should overtake GRZ as main employer.

  4. So some govt jobs are irrelevant? one would have wished you could cite some of them. The public service ought to grow with increasing population and economic growth. My understanding is govt’s increased employment of teachers, nurses, police, etc is in agreement with recent trends in growth. What we need is continual streamlining of labour matters especially with the ever heightening number of degree holders. This needs effective management to avoid confusion. Can upnd live up to that task? Me doubt

  5. The only thing that HH knows is privatizing companies for song. It’s easier to destroy than to build! When he presided over the infamous privatization it to him and his cohorts just under 5 years to obliterate more than 200 companies. Those of you who are close to him, please remind him that there were companies such as, Mwinilunga Cannery (for canned pineapples), ZAMHORT (for canning various fruit juices) and Dairy Produce Board ( for cheese, butter, margerine and biscuits. Regrettably, all these companies were looted by HH and his band. By the way, who told him that all cereals are made from maize?

    • It was FJT and sata who looted those companies. Sata got rich from those looted companies and PF was born.

  6. In fact, if you critically analyze this Facebook posting by Mr HH, it appears he was trying to replicate what the late President Michael Sata used to propound. Unfortunately, he has copied, but failed to paste Sata’s ideas. One wonders what kind of Economist this man is!

  7. That is the man. Look at the value of his short statement. That is the way to go. next will be clothing, beef canning, Tyre making, wire production from our copper, the list is endless. This is where employment lies. I know my PF friends just want idling in government offices doing nothing but corruption.
    wake up guys, HH is the man….

  8. Gentlemen and ladies, the English above is very Clear( Government alone can not)did he say government will not? the answer is no.Its the reason some of you are street adults because you are only waiting for Boma to do something for you.Boma should find you ahead, its not about what boma can do for you but what you can do for the boma.Some of you at 30ts you are still called john come and eat, you must be creative.

  9. Beneficiation (value-addition) is already prevalent in Zambia. For example, there is Maheu, Delite Cereal, ZAMEFA wires, cooking oil and many more.
    HH should start by telling the Zambians how many jobs we had before privatization. Then, he should tell us how many jobs were lost through privatization. Further, he should tell us how long it took the UNIP government to create the jobs that he and his cohorts killed through privatization. Lastly, he should tell us how many job he intends to create, and in what period will he create those jobs via beneficiation. Abstract statements won’t do!

    • Privatisation was necessary because Zambia was bankrupt. How can you pay workers if you are not making any money ?? This is how PF think, ati ni Va boma, they can still get paid because boma shi.ts money.

      FYI Even boma runs out of money if it is not making any ,hence the need to privatise.

  10. Now you see, I told you that HH is and can not be Zambia’s presidential alternative because he has already run out of ideas. Look at what he is saying, same things MMD and PF have been talking about. I thought he had an immediate economy boost for Kwacha, electricity power deficit and employment. So he is just like any other politician, and very fallible indeed. Awe kuti waseka mwe!

    • There is no magic wand brother, it will take hard work with the right decisions and leadership.

  11. In total agreement with you Hakainde. As a matter of fact some government departments and Units need to be scrapped and staff sent to areas where they will be relevant. Why is Zambia importing Macaroni, Spaghetti etc when durum wheat can be grown locally?. What are researchers doing about this? Why is Zambia importing sweets, biscuits from SA and yet exporting nothing?. You need a change of mind-set starting from the school curriculum itself. Development and practical subjects need to start being taught from Primary school through high school.

  12. Talk trash all of you want,you mediocres !We know already that you are eating with the PF.Let me put it in a simple & clear tone for you;Eat your last,eat all you can,eat everything because your JOBS are officially over.You were fired last week when parliament was dissolved,sit back and watch the drama unfold,performed by the Zambian people.

  13. All of you working for the PF,since last week,are now officially working in arrears.Each week that goes past,depicts how much you owe the Zambian people.Because if you are smart enough,find another job now,than for u hanging out in office till the UPND Cops and Bailifs knock on your door in August-Run now,when there is still time bane! Its done,and sealed,HH is next president,if not him then another party,but,surely and definitely not Edgar Lungu.

  14. I overrule (disallow and veto) every diabolical sanction, subverting activity, injunction, directive, mandate, or order, which opposes the will of the Lord concerning HH. I nullify diabolical decisions, plans, lies, calumny, incantations and rulings concerning HH. I take control over the airways, galaxies, systems, spheres, stratospheres, hemispheres, atmospheres, realms, regions, and domains. I dispossess master spirits and employ Michael, archangels, and the angelic host to handle any satanic contentions, disputes, strivings, and resistance concerning this injunction. I declare successful divine and angelic undertakings, under girding, reinforcements, and assistance for HH.

  15. Yaba…! HH is digging himself further into a deep hole. You have lost 10,000 with that speech. Sorry but I disagree with your thinking bwana HH. Government has labour office and through government Labour Minister MUST and should create jobs for the people of Zambia. HOW can all Zambians run businesses? Teachers, nurses, doctors maids, builders, etc….! How can they register a business kanshi? Not every person wants to run a business; and you want to know why? To start a business one needs CAPITAL learnt this in Economics simple Micro-economics – CAPITAL…!
    Where can Zambians get capital to start businesses and start employing others? You are not well educated in your own field and I pray that Zambians VOTE for FDD or Rainbow party. HH and Lungu think alike. Zambians, do not vote…

    • Where in the speech did Hh say all Zambians must be businessmen ??

      I will explain in the simplest terms what he meant….as things now stand GRZ is the largest employer in the country, with government paying workers who pay taxes back to government, this is not new money, it is money circulating. UPND will try to chang this by incauraging SME growth which will employ more than government employs and increase the tax revenues collected by government from out side government as it were.

  16. Comment:Brother wasting yo time bombardments…yo hh is a comfirst satanist let him return half of the miners monery than he shall go thru…let him be born again renounce the devil his father….finish

  17. Why do people choose to interpret things for their own selfish ends or merely to criticize? Or is it a question of comprehension? HH says “employment through government ALONE, is not sustainable”. He does not dismiss the necessity of government employment but is suggesting ways of creating jobs through an enabling environment for local businesses. Unbelievable!

  18. Someone is in for a shock lol elections in Zambia with failed projects like Miles, Masebo, Scot, Shinono, GBM lolest watch 11 August come fast ba cheap sana under 5

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