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PF to blame on the never ending confusion on the new cosnstitution


NGOCC Executive Director Director Engwase talks women in Chief Chungu's area in Luwingu
NGOCC Executive Director Director Engwase talks women in Chief Chungu’s area in Luwingu

The Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says the ruling PF is to blame for the never ending contention that has arisen from the current amended republican constitution, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking in Bemba when she met six member organizations in mansa yesterday, NGOCC Executive Director, Engwase Mwale said the ruling Party mobilized its legislators in parliament to pass the cherry picked clauses in the constitution to suit their political agenda.

Ms. Mwale stated that for as long as citizens allow politicians continue to formulate the law of the land they will always do so to satisfy their partisan interests.

She further pointed out that the arrogance of numbers in parliament should be used to advance national and not partisan agendas.
The NGOCC executive Director further said it is such short term partisan foresight that has brought the country to its current constitutional inconsistencies.

She stated that it is sad that the PF government mutilated the sacrosanct document by removing progressive clauses such as the appointment of cabinet ministers outside parliament, proportional representation, provincial assemblies and now uncertainties surrounding effective adoption of the constitution bill of rights in a planned referendum coinciding with the 2016 General Elections.

“This is on paper and it is very clear, we are not being political again, balisa fumya mo ilyashi lya bill of rights, proportional representation, and ministers outside parliament elo balaba kutufumya mo tumbi tuma clauses”

“They removed the bill of rights, proportional representation, and ministers outside parliament” Engwase Said

Meanwhile a Mansa resident only identified as chalala said people are planning to boycott casting their votes should there be anyone to be disqualified due to the grade twelve requirements.

“elyo kuma elections yaleisa ko bambi nabatampa kweba ati ifwe chakuti ewo twafwaile pantu te grade twelve takaba adopted, tatwaka vote ko”

And in the fourth coming others have started saying if the people we want to represent us will not be adopted because they do not have grade twelve certificates we will not vote” he said


  1. We asked for pipo driven constittution n what we got is pf constitution.but one thing for sure if they lose in august they will test the pill of their bad const.

  2. Mwapya ba kwindi..UPND on the move. wina azapambuka especially the so called KUDOS. UPND is winning the elections no matter what. Campaigns are on more POA which PF was using to their advantage. Goooooo HH this is it..Your time is ripe. PF NO RIGGING YOU RIGGERS

    • Dont worry Sir, Hunger Hyena will never get to plot 1. He thinks muzungu wopusa will help him. sic.
      ECL was coucollor. HH zero
      ECL was MP. HH zero
      ECL was Deputy Minister VIP office, HH Zero
      ECL is LT Officer. HH zero
      ECL was Home affairs Minister, HH zero
      ECL was Justice Minister, HH zero
      ECL had acted several times as President of Zambia, HH zero
      ECL has practiced and is a serving republican President, HH zero
      This CV cannot be sidelined to get a negaega negro thief with wopusa and company
      Hear hear hear

    • indeed upAndWOWN is a set of hired mercenary crooks, so is ngocc.They got what they demanded,but still talking and talking rubbish.These so called small talks in the name of democracy, usually is the source of conflicts This is what these hired mercenary crooks want-set the country on fire and create room for their masters to come loot the country of its wealth and run away.

  3. So when HH convinced you blind UPND cows to boycott the constitution debate didnt you realise that some of its contents will come and haunt you ? You had all the time on earth to debate these issues but you decided to heed the advice of one bitter tribalists with economic solutions that are only found in textbooks.


    • Headboy, indeed you are the boys!Their problem is that they have not realised that they are being led by chief moron, who is an inkonomisiti, just imagine, he knows nothing about economics.Muzungu wapusa has also joined them.I would conquer with someone who said they connived to kill the founder of PF, in order for the moron to take over.Mulenga swallow your pride and go back to PF.The moron and his cohorts always wished Sata dead,we saw it and heard for our selves how moron icilema in the head used to insult Sata,even if there are no permanent enemies in politics, this was too much a family member, let alone, his own son, to compromise such a treatment moron icilema gave to our be love Patriot.

  4. let them rewrite if they failed or should begin night school.they are taking away places for people who stragled in education.get people who are educated and they are many.even if you don’t vote.who cares.

  5. PF has failed. You PF cadres, tell me, is this what you call a working govt when it has reduced people to the streets like this? And is this the quality of roads from Eurobond? Roads without lines for motorists to stick to their lanes? See below and judge for yourself
    https : // w w w.

  6. True! If sections of a set of rules are removed hastily and without much attention, the remaining document is thus rendered illogical. A good lesson learnt.

  7. This PF amended constitution is full of gaps “lacunas” which will hound PF. Its clear now that the confusion on the dissolution of Cabinet was deliberately designed to keep PF Cabinet Ministers in their posts against the Constitutional provisions that say once Parliament is dissolved there are no MPs, No Ministers and Deputy Ministers. This will now work against PF who cherry picked these amendments. So it was a plan to retain these Ministers, register foreigners as voters, rig the elections by using the Dubai Printer to print extra and pre-marked ballots etc. As we approach 11th August 2016 all these tricks will come out. What if these tricks fail to work is there Plan B?Time will tell.

    • The problem with the opposition is that they are waiting for the elections to take place and thereafter complain…….It will be too late. Here is Edgar who is breaking the constitution that he signed but the opposition is waiting for someone to solve their problem. PF will definitely win by using the inbuilt rigging that they are working on. Look at those fake voter’s registers…….Banda Alina….again Banda Alina appearing as a voter in TWO different polling stations and TWO voter’s numbers. This is just a sample. There are a lot more like this even in the urban areas. Why are PF so confident that they are winning despite the havoc that they have caused. Inbuilt rigging. Baminyunya…..bamipyanga mulelolesha……hahahahaha.

  8. What are “cerry picked clauses” in Bemba, as she is reported to have spoken in Bemba?

  9. Poor woman your is not to politic you should have petitioned the courts to stop ECL from assenting to the amendments instead of speaking to villagers as the reporter calls them what word was used in Bemba for bill of rights?….instead of making noise give support to EZN and do something productive for your fellow women.

  10. But on the issue of the Ministers, it is clear that they have to vacate because their term of office as MPs has finished. The original document was clear on who should be appointed as minister……of course those from outside parliament. But can you remember how the PF led by Kambwili advocated for ministers to be appointed from the MPs? Now this has come to hunt them because they would like to continue using/abusing government resources to their advantage. As for the deputy Minister, there is no discussion because their position was removed from the establishment. Someone is just trying to be greater than the constitution because they are in a high office. The truth of the matter is that those that are holding on to these offices will account for their sins on their own when the new…

  11. Whom does this NGO represent? NOT IN MY NAME. It needs to be stated that the process through which they claim to speak for citizens is not democratic nor does it conform to any constitutional idea of People Representation. Thus is a demonstration of the saying ‘kettle calling the pan black, (or something like that…..)’ when they both have black soot on their bottoms!

    Above all, they are Patronising Citizens, by assuming THEIR view ARE our views. They are biased against the current gov’t. They assume Citizens are uneducated and seemingly both short sighted and suffer from amnesia so that we don’t remember how the current Constitution came into being through Parliament. This Group is a nuisance and has only one cause to confuse and cause consternation in the citizenry.

  12. That woman does not understand what she was talking about. Just yapping thinking she will win political mileage in the opposition! People in Chief Chungu are well informed and cannot easily be detached from what they have seen and what is making their lives better than day dreaming!!!

  13. So what does this ka woman want? Instead of educating the villagers on the bill of rights so that they can come and give a correct answer during the referendum she is talking rubbish and confusing them even more, is she campaigning for another constitution or what? All this confusion about the constitution is largely because of Some of these NGOs who are just there for their bellies.

  14. she clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. if the few insignificant clauses she cites as having been left out to premiere PF advantage had been included one can see how much confusion the likes of her would have created just for her own liking. she is bound to get increasingly lost as 11 th august draws near. rural women snub this evial

  15. All the confusions in Zambia have been caused by PF visionless leaders. In short PF has failed to Govern the country and earlier we boot them out the better.

    • But how do you boot them out when UPND is a confused mode? Old members have been sidelined in preference to the the hungry hyenas from PF, PF is getting stronger by the day because those who were bring confussion have left.The drama will soon unfold we are just waiting to see who will be picked as running mate for under 5 because all these chaps are power hungry like HH himself, we watching from a distance.

  16. “Ms. Mwale stated that for as long as citizens allow politicians continue to formulate the law of the land they will always do so to satisfy their partisan interests.” The reality is that for as long as citizens allow NGOCC, civil society, politicians, the media to continue masquerading as people of Zambia & formulate the law of the land they will always do so to satisfy their partisan interests. They are always exercising the animal farm behaviour & think that they are more Zambian than others & above the law. Are they not the ones who were shouting that they needed the people driven constitution like yesterday which is now riding people instead. They should accept responsibility & apologise to the Zambians for the mess caused. Their interest in the Bill of Rights is Article 39 which…

    • Their interest in the Bill of Rights is Article 39 which allows them to assemble, demonstrate or picket and present petitions to State organs and State institutions, instead of helping people with the donor funds they get.

  17. Why are some of us Zambians like this? This is a document that was released to the public to debate long before enactment & assenting by the President. It has never been a PF document but a document contributed to by many generations of Zambians over a period. The PF were indeed the only courageous ones to facilitate for it’s enactment. Yes 4 out of over 300 clauses were parked for further debate as contentious clauses and not thrown away. We still have courage to say that constitution was mutilated. How ungrateful can we be? Has NGOCC read the amended constitution & still say it is worse than previous one? Lord have mercy!

  18. Not surprised, most likely the amended constitution was signed with eyes closed under the influence of Jameson scotch whisky

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