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It’s shocking that Copperbelt is still wallowing in Poverty-GBM

Headlines It's shocking that Copperbelt is still wallowing in Poverty-GBM

IMG_0216United Party for National Development Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba says it is shocking that people of the Copperbelt Province that holds Zambia’s worth are still wallowing in abject poverty.

Speaking at Ndola’s Mushili grounds when he addressed a rally, Mr. Mwamba said it is sad that the country’s main source of income has its citizens languishing in poverty.

The opposition leader has however assured residents of the Copperbelt Province that when his party gets into government they will engage Mine owners in order to find a lasting solution to the challenges the people are faced with.

He adds that a solution can be found by courting new investors to run mines that could have been left by some investors rather than mines laying off workers and eventually closing down or being put on care and maintenance.

Mr. Mwamba promised that once his party is voted into office, job losses will be a priority so as to save lives and the country’s economy.

And Mr. Mwamba who is on the Copperbelt for a series of rallies has expressed concern at the high cost of living Zambians are subjected to.

Meanwhile speaking at in Luanshya’s Roan Constituency Tuesday evening, the UPND Vice President has pledged to end electricity loadshedding in two years of taking office.

He notes that power deficit is an issue that can be handled by construction of more power plants and also looking at other sources of energy.

And United Democratic Front President Miles Sampa said the neglecting of late President Michael Sata’s vision for the country by current PF leaders under President Lungu is unacceptable and wrong.

Mr. Sampa said it is unfair for President Lungu and his PF team to neglect the Sata family because without Mr. Sata the PF would have not been formed and eventually in power.

He added that if First Lady Christine Kaseba Sata, her son Mulenga, family members and PF founder members including close friends to Mr. Sata like Dr. Guy Scott were today out and unwanted in the PF, sends serious signals that the PF has been hijacked.

And Innocent Mumba representing students from the Copperbelt University said students in two State Higher learning Institutions, the University Zambia Lusaka and Copperbelt Campuses are still waiting for government to fulfil its promise of giving them meal allowances and student loans.




  1. GBM- Iam also perplexed that CB is wallowing in poverty . You were in PF and what did you do? Please do not hoodwink the people. Of course in 2 years time there will be no load-shedding as this is being tackled by the present regime.
    Mr. Sampa – Tell us more about Dr. Kaseba. Has she been neglected? If that is the truth then it is really bad for ECL.

    • You were Minister of Defense, Scott was |Minister of Agriculture, Vice President, Acting illegal President, Sampa Deputy Minister of Southern Province, Finance and Commerce till yesterday. What did you do for the people in Copperbelt which you think has developed legs in under 14 months of President Lungu. I thought when at MoD your job was to insult Zambians everytime they asked to stop corruption. Zambians are not daft like you chaps.

    • August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

      Don’t listen to UPND blah blah blah blah blah

      HH false hope
      HH over-promising
      HH is a pathetic Liar

      August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • There is too much poverty on the Copperbelt which is supposed to be the cash register of Zambia.

      Enough of this mediocre lifestyle in Zambia.
      Lungu kuyabebele

      August we are voting for HH

    • Convicted rapist General Kanene to proudly perform at Lungus rally.

      This shows you the type of person Lungu is

    • Do not bring tribalism to the Copperbelt the way you have done in Northwestern province ba UPND. We on the Copperbelt understand that the little resources our province produces has to be shared amongst all Zambians because we’re one Zambia one nation. We won’t fall for the useless message you’ve been spreading in Northwestern province because before there where mines in that province the wealth to sustain that province used to come from the CB and no one complained.

    • I am happy that Miles Sampa is becoming stronger and stronger. This is his best chance to train and show case that he can give speeches. He never had chance in PF.

    • And why should the gvt take care of Sata’s family. apart from giving them terminal benefits for the former president and other legal entitlements which they are enjoying what else do u want the gvt to do for them? Remember we also have Mwanawasa family. Both have to enjoy the same benefits.

    • Since GBM became a UPND member he sounds very intelliegent and reasonable under the able leadership of the incoming president HH,unlike the all bunch of pfool thugs who have became useless,clueless,visionless,brainless,hopeless,heartless,dullness,ruthless,spineless and drunkards under the leadership of hardcore swindler chakolwa

  2. These two guys are jokers,i wonder why people waste their time listening to them,anyways,looking at the pics,i can tell it was all entertainment for children.

    • Laziness and corruption in the name of playboy drunkard Lungu is in Saudi meeting the ballot printing company. Doing whatever it takes to win

      Zambians have woken up and have seen through your fake deceitful humbleness


      Viva HH

    • Ba Chils mukalila. Bitterness won’t take you anywhere. ECL is the President and will remain President. Where is Mutale Nalumango? It seems that PF members were actually envied by UPND seeing that they are the ones fronting the Party now. Kanshi lunkumbwa. I am sure if ECL left PF you would actually adopt him as President of UPND

    • UPND if that’s all Mushili Ndola could give you then you’re on a crashing aircraft. Flight (HH) 2016 has lost contact with ground control after it went past State House at high speed with excess cargo.

    • No grade 12 certificate GBM, your low calibre thinking is already showing. You have expressed ignorance, dullness and FO0LISHNESS. You should read news from international media as well: This November there will be floods in Southern Africa. We have already finished the 120 MW Itezhi Tezhi power plant. The 300 MW Maamba coal plant is going live within 2 months. We have the 600 MW mega solar power plants completed by December. What 2 years are you talking about? You think ECL is dull like you retards? When you dwell on the sufferings of people as a campaign message, you end up embarrassed with no winning message. As for mines, ask Chamber of Mines about the new mining tax which is a win-win for government and investors. This year it’s (point) Sonta!

    • @Katondo Boys nothing much has changed since you left to work overtime as you can clearly see that Kaponya (HH) is still over-promising. 2020vision, have you seen those Grade 4 and grade 5 boys at the front waiting for Mac’s Kool and ice block? Thanks to PF policies in education they will go further in academics than this GBM Grade 6 drop-out and fat turd Ginger Bread Man with double chicken breasts.

    • It seems that PF is now fronting UPND after being called CNPs. I guess UPND were just envious of PF and I reckon if ECL joined them they would worship him and adopt him as their President. ECL to win hands down!!!!! Nafuti nafuti

  3. God, father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I militate against anyone, anything, any power, any demonic agent that has made its sole business to malign, mudsling, gainsay, spread lies, trickery, falsehood with malice aforethought against HH and this election. You eternal, immortal and invisible God, I release Your sharp arrows , glittering two edged sword and whirlwind to go forth as lightning into the heart of the HH’s enemies and persecutors in the name of Jesus and they are wounded, destroyed and scattered. I release confusion against every satanic and demonic conspiracy against HH. The secret counsel of the wicked is turned into foolishness. Destroy, O LORD, and divide their tongues. No weapon formed against HH prospers. The gates and plans of hell do not prevail against HH.

  4. Ladies & Gentle men there is something i would like to bring to your attention. Please don’t waste your time debating with the likes of Eddy,Kudos,Vision what what. The people hiding behind these names are Davies Chama aka as Eddy,Vision fimo fimo is Frank Bwalya etc just look at how they demean other tribes. You can’t convince them it’s life & death for them.

    • Completely agree. They can’t even debate. Complete dundaheads that have kaponya language. Who comments and replies to his own comments. It’s actually getting irating have these guys who can’t articulate and bring about real debates. Even when HH is not mentioned they chose to insult him. None of that talk will change people’s minds at least the well meaning Zambians

    • @kangwa m if you look at the Lsk times archives going as far back as 2010 even before PF took office some of us have been PF we never issue insults unless provoked by ZWD brainwashed extremist UPND blood thirsty hate mongers- we return Fire with Fire!
      One of the first Pro-PF bloggers on this site is Saulosi whom I salute a 1000 times because once in a while he is still active!!!!! Followed by Comrade Kudos and Katondo Boys, Patriot Abroad, Eddy, Truth Hates – sadly no longer online, Gen and too many to mention we are a true Family of TEAM PF (Peaceful Friends)/ ECL many of us are not govt workers or benefiting from handouts but ordinary Zambians also affected by harsh times however we want ECL to remain because he is trying his best under globally harsh economic times and a liar like…

    • Ctn..and a known liar like HH with his team of rejects such as Guy Scott, Miles Sampa and GBM all who wanted to become President but were frustrated are not sincere individuals and will certainly cause trouble where ther are now! Let them remain in UPND however other PF members that were sadly misled should return home!

      2016 ECL nafuti

    • @kangwa.

      Don’t worry bro. We are already aware of that. Katondo boys with American Flag is Emmanuel Mwamba blogging from RSA. we already know that there are others who keep changing their pseudo names and we will keep exposing them.

      For them, this a matter of survival, it has nothing to do with the progress of the country. Nincomps.

      2016 PF KUYABEBELE

      2016 VOTE HH.

  5. Individuals leave political parties for different reasons in the case of GBM it was plain and simple he became bitter because the PF govt would not tolerate his rampant abuse of office. How does a Minister have more than 4 Aide de camp (ADCs) or personal security details??? That is what GBM was doing, he even went as far as sending uniformed defense personnel to intimidate members of the press over stories they published concerning him awarding contracts to his company-something the late MCS did not tolerate. The man is just being motivated by extreme bitterness and rejection. As for the Satas leaving it is regretable but even Aaron offended Moses in the wilderness but then later returned to his senses!

    2016 ECL nafuti

    • Monday August 15, 2016.

      Headlines: GBM, Miles, Sichinga, Mulenga Sata return to PF

      ……. The four have returned to the triumphant PF, citing tribalism in UPND. They have since asked President Lungu for forgiveness.

    • Haha, PF kaponyas masterbating again, who would want to return to a corrupt cluless party taken over by Satas enemies.

    • 2020vision no matter how you try to defent Lungu and PF there going.Byee byee they have failed twesheko bambi.VIVA HH and GBM.

  6. So many kids in the crowd. They should be in school. Political parties should discourage children from attending these rallies for the sake of augmenting the numbers for photos and instead encourage them to stay in class.

    • I agree with you. That front line is filled with kids. The mid section is the same. This rally was a flop , am sure the Senior party members could tell but it had to go on since they spent money on organising it.

  7. Low turnout at the rally is an indicator that our people have confidence in the Government of the day. They don’t have time to listen to messages of havoc, mayhem and Armageddon by GBM, Honourable Hyena (HH), Wynter, Scott, Mmembe and Cronies Inc.

    • Kids are also human beings don’t under late them there the one who advice abafyashi abashakwata amano ati why can you vote for HH since Lungu na filwa ukubwesha ubunga panshi twafwa kunsala.Adults sometimes they would rather die with hunger as long as a tribesmen is in power.Busy towering the world,instead of addressing poverty.

  8. Gbm chikopo sana,,,rally packed with kids…I know the frustration he went through yesterday on CB…Viva Mighty Patriotic Front…Vote Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  9. @Comrade Kudos well said we actually expect double defections from ex PF members back to PF any day as the campaigns heat up we are just waiting for the right time to make the announcements!!!
    Fellow Zambians even Namibia and Botswana with their small populations are experiencing power problems, South Africa with its almost 1st world economy is having it very hard- South Africa is experiencing both extreme exchange rate volatilty and power shortages!!!
    Nigeria the 5th largest exporter of Oil has increased fuel prices and even suffers fuel shortages!!! Zambia a land locked nation has maintained the fuel price now for over 6 months!!!
    GBM a known vulgar mouthed blood thirsty lumpene is a liar that has even failed to pull a decent crowd-Zambians see a liar in GBM!

    2016 ECL nafuti

  10. @2020Vision – South Africa has no loadshedding and will not have it even next year. Don’t lie!!! The last time S.A. had loadshedding was last year in August or September.

    • @brown envelope thank you for confirming what I just said, indeed SA had load shedding in August and September and actually throughout the year. The powershortages I mentioned have forced SA to increase its power generation from its coal thermal plants so I believe I’m actually correct. Kindly know your facts before you accuse some of us with proven track records of pinpoint accuracy-second to non!

      2016 ECL nafuti.

    • Stop lying you Brown Envelope. A good friend of mine working for the Dubai based ALTAAQ is in south Africa selling power packs to mining firms due to loadshedding. Most private housing complexes, shopping malls and hotels in RSA have gensets or solar hence you won’t notice the loadshedding. Electric Power shortage is being experienced in most sub-saharan countries as they increase economic activities at the height of droungts or inconsistent rain patterns. VIVA ECL, president of the Republic of Zambia for 2016 to 2021!

  11. The Mushili rally was very poorly attended, the hungry hyenas had no message to tell the pipo, they enraged Mushili residents to the extent of being told to leave by the angry mob only the police saved Fat Albert and his group. They had nothing new to offer apart from the usual ranting of ubunga nabudula, PF founder members have left bla bla bla so the mob got fed up and started throwing stones at them until the police rescured them. PF regalia were all over the place yesterday in here in Ndola from town up to their venue of the rally.They saw for themselves how pooly they were recieved by Ndola residents and this is the CB they have bragging about that it has been taken by UPND! kikikikikikiki. This is a sign of more hositility to come their from CB residents please dont be cheated CB…

    • It feels weird to lie to your teeth and concoct silly stories. The truth shall set you free. The Mushili people witnessed the Rally and they will vote not you. Kala pokede mpakelede.

  12. cont..
    CB is still a stronghold for PF 99%. GBM and his friends saw for themselves yesterday now if they can be ignored like this in Ndola what more Kitwe!kikikikiki. Viva PF.

    • 99% is NOT possible for UPND or PF to claim anywhere this year. It was only mighty Sata who grabbed the Northern circuit with emphatic over 95% in 2011. That is a feat which perhaps no politician will attain for decades!

      Intelligence Reports are that UPND is strong on the Copperbelt and overwhelming in Lusaka whilst making threatening inroads in the Northern Circuit.

  13. Nabalusa ba UPND.We can’t be cheated by GBM and Sampa.They think bembas will follow them kikik what a shallow thinking.Sonta epowabomba boi.Politics are not about bitterness.We need to vote a leader on principles.Ba UPND baliba bitter.Mulenga Sata aliitayafye eka.We’ll never follow them.For us it’s PF.we have seen development in Zambia since PF came into power.

    • @Moscow(op)Language ya ba kaponya.Fikopo fi pama fi.This year tule mitutula ba fikamba mule mona kwati tulesekelamo mu lelya ifwa kuwawaya.Lungu kuya bebele.

  14. No message Ba GBM , surely what you promising the people ending power outages is being worked ! Construction of more hydro power station, solar power which was launched by ECL! Please give us a break ! As for miles it’s bitterness for being denied an opportunity to become the President in PF

    • Loadshadding started in MMD and five years later you are saying you are still working on it. All other countries in the region have resolved the problem. Kambwili is on record saying 3 years is enough to end the scourge, it has been 5 years now. Everything is falling apart. At least fix one thing please. Roads were started by MMD and Sata just gave them a fancy name. Sata started some projects. Both MMD and Sata projects are being realised no. What has Lungu done to deserve my Vote?

  15. Fat Madumbo, what are you talking about? You think Zambians are dull to forget that you always change positions if you are not getting what you want, for your pocket obviously. Copperbelt is just fine, in fact better than before you left PF. Go back to your kraal and get more fat!

  16. HH should just accept that the govt has performed better than we expected. Who can trust such pipo like Scott, masebo, GBM and Samoa. What can you admire about these characters? Let’s vote like Tongas Choma Central HH 11000 Lungu 1400 Mansa Central HH 17 Lungu 29000

  17. Comment:
    Politics of intimidation won’t work. Us Zambians we have felt the suffering and we know how to vote
    on 22 augustm

  18. We should vote HH because those who formed PF have joined UPND . The question is have they left PF in good faith? Look at Kabimba, GBM, Sampa , masebo and Sichinga surely what can you admire about these people? Let’s teach these characters a political lesson.

  19. In the name and with the blood of Jesus, I tear down the strongholds of Satan of mystification, cleverness, deceitfulness, trickery, manipulation, slander, underhandedness, racketeering, violence, sanctimoniousness, corruption, improbity, skullduggery, hypocrisy, intrigue and mendacity. I break and smash the strongholds of Satan formed against the mind, emotions, and destiny of this your great people and Zambia. Father God, any evil thing, word and thought programmed into the sun, the moon and the stars against HH, dismantle and obliterate, in the name of Jesus.

  20. Comment:

    We appreciate the developments but at the end of day we need jobs and a decent life. To say the least things are bad to a common Zambian. Go to Kampala shops are closing down.

    • If his son left his father’s party because his ancle Lungu ba na mudyesa kuli Mumbi Phiri and dora siliya who are we to remain with PF.Guyz tweshako uyu wine umutonga HH.A likwata amaano.

  21. Prayer warrior for HH @ Let HH bring back our money that’s when he will listen to your prayer.You can deceive man not God.

    • Which money when all the mines were not running .Go and Ask Chiluba and Francis Kaunda who sold the mines.HH is a clean businessman and Kachema musama.

  22. KKKKKKK GBM, Sampa, Kachingwe..lol…Ok Great Bag of Maize (GBM) at defence you fired the procurement officers who were requesting equal payment for all suppliers so that your company could be paid..at FRA only your trucks were loading an paid even before delivery to the disadvantage others..further you sent your lesbo daughter by force into foreign service and ensured her lover was made PS..LOL…need we go on? Sampa the SATA you now want to worship brought Kambwili who you are now shouting down…where is within 90 days promised with your Michael? You lied to us once this time we not listening to you…donchie kubeba! No more go and try and campaign in Matero and see…DJ is on the ground as u masquerade as UPND…

  23. The first campaigns by UPND. Remembering only PF have been allowed to captain until now.
    Tell the people there is no need for them to be suffering with all the wealth the country is endowed with.

    PF miss agent and stealing is making the masses suffer.
    Even lungu going begging to KSA, there is no need for that with how rich Zambia is….yet you have the kaponyas clapping and dancing that lungu has gone to beg.

    PF has been a disaster for Zambia.

  24. @13.1 Gildmark mutelo
    We are telling you what happened yesterday in Mushili Ndola those of us who are on the ground and you talking about fake intelligence reports that is how naive you are in UPND.Ask GBM and those he was with if they are sincere pipo they will tell you exactly what happened here(HOSTILITY). My friend there is no UPND on the CB dont cheat yourself abena GBM baliumfwa ne nsoni.So those reports of yours are very fake muleyumfwishafye bwino its PF all the way. Infact the rally was held at a place adjescent to a newly construted road at last bonano which is being finalised with dranage works even GBM was seing the workers doing dranages so what are you talking about! This year ni kolopa!!!

    • Manix we are also on the ground ,keep barrying your head in Sand.UPND is there in CB.Only those who eat with Lungu(Contracts) can vote for Lungu.

  25. Iwe chakala innocent we never sent anybody for any political issues. Don’t involve us as we are tired of politics at our learning institution.

  26. @2020Vision-I live in S.A. and I’m talking about facts but life as I experience it here. The President Zuma visited ESKOM just last week and he was assured no loadshedding this year and next year. The problem with Zambia is that you believe that the current loadshedding is because of low water levels….NO it’s not. I was in siavonga on 1st Jan 2016 and wat I saw is that water levels were normal in kariba at that time of the year. If the water was a problem, why did ZESCO open the gates of Kariba last year? I know facts as well but I love hands on experience!

    • @Brown envelope below is a 2016 link from ENCA the South African News provider from Eskom,
      Load shedding is still happening in SA it is only in the winter months that they MIGHT not have load shedding but otherwise Load Shedding in SA is happening maybe not in your area Brown envelope but in other areas.


      2016 ECL nafuti

  27. HH, UPND and these losers who have hijacked him are all dead and buried. No message of hope and inspiration to the voters.
    PF has a clear road map for Zambia and we are just waiting for the voting day, it’s Edgar Chagwa Lungu 68% ans PF period!

  28. These guys are foolish.. can they not see HH has given them a rope to hang themselves with? foolish chancers

  29. Please accept Lungu will lose.He has failed simple.If what ever method he will use to rig will fail.2016 is for HH.

    • How can he loose when you are failing to mobilise pipo to attend your tu ma small rallies? kikikikiki! Wait for mighty PF to start their tour of CB you will be shocked how the same grounds you are failing to fill up will be filling up beyond capacity.Viva PF.

  30. GBM, Miles Sampa, and Mulenga sata baice mwaloba ilyauma. Don’t think that Zambians are so short sighted to recall what was happening yesterday! Young men you have just dug your own graves. Tabaponta bayafye. Ukulu undapa eko bakunyantila ko! Remember, what you are saying about PF today will be the same thing you will be saying about UPND after losing elections in August!

  31. But GBM you were very high ranking in the PF government. Why didn’t you make Copperbelt wealthy? Now you are in the other camp you can see the poverty!


  33. This are just Hyenas,you were top ranking ministers and today you are blaming EL/PF yet it was you whose signing euro bonds for yo on infor we are better off with PF than you hypocrites.

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