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PF to only anounce candidates for three Provinces on Saturday

General News PF to only anounce candidates for three Provinces on Saturday

Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata speaking at a panel discussion on Investment and Tourism in Africa on 8 Sept 2014 in New York. PHOTO | Chibaula D. Silwamba | Zambia UN Mission
Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata

The Patriotic Front has completed the process of selecting candidates for the August 11th General elections for three provinces.

PF Election chairperson Jean Kapata says the central committee met this week and adopted candidates for three provinces and that next week it is meeting again to select candidates for the remaining 7 provinces.

Ms Kapata says the PF’s central committee will unveil the party’s final list next week.

She said this in an interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka.

Ms Kapata further said that the PF is ready for the forth coming elections and is confident that the ruling party will win the elections.

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  1. Warning to PF and ECZ
    Zambia ‘ll burn on Aug 11
    Lungu and Esau Zulu prepare passports and where to run to
    Don’t put lives of poor Zambian s at stake

    • Tonga Bull, awe tamwateke yama patali. Remember you have been trying since Nkumbula? As John McCain says, a pig is still a pig even if you put lip stick on it. All those guys your boss has co-opted in to make the Tonga party look more representative won’t help you, Zambians are smart enough to see the plot here. Further, quit all these stupid threats of Zambia will burn, economy is going to be worse and the likes. Remember this careless talk would even affect Haka Haka even if he were to win (God forbid he does). Be on message and stop all your craziness, echo tamuwinina bamambala.

    • back to sender , Zambia will not burn. For what? Just convince the voters adequately? MMD did by removing UNIP, PF did by removing MMD. Why do you always think of bad things. Are agents of the devil?A lot of people in this nation don’t even belong to any political party. There a lot of small children hoping to complete their grade 12 and go to college next year. Why should you put this nation on fire because HH want to go to state house. Does HH drop bags of meali meal in our homes. No one is putting any lives at stake, the problem is with the thinking that Zambians want to change government. Ala bane wave of change tailubika , alinunka no kununka. And its no there.

    • A quote from Spaka like lilo

      “And don’t forget….

      Find inflation at 7 % drive it up to 22 %
      Find meal prices at k35 drive them up to k80
      Find almost zero debt drive debt up to $10 billion.
      Find load shedding at 3 hrs drive it up to 8 hrs.
      Find no budget deficit, drive up the deficit to unsustainable levels
      Find no mention of IMF, take the country crawling back to IMF for more suffering.”

      My additons:

      You fear to lose elections and then turn to abhorrent violence, muzzle press, bribe and corrupt the nation, increase debts to do Potemkin roads etc!

  2. Warning to Upnd, should you try anything fun after loosing on August 11, Wave master ( HH ) and Fat Albert ( Gbm) should prepare their a..s coz some starving cocks in chimbokaila will be waiting to have some shots at their Bokosi.dont think security wings are sleeping.

  3. @Seleni tukatekeko:NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IN ZAMBIA AFTER YOUR EXPERT IN LOSING ELECTIONS HH LOSES ONCE MORE ON 11/08/2016!!!ZAMBIA IS BIGGER THAN THIS TRIBAL HH PLUS MEN IN UNIFORM CANNOT SPARE ANY ID10T FROM UPND WHO WILL TRY TO MISBEHAVE!!even the little hope you have in gbm and miles sampa wont win you the presidency because majority of us bembas cannot follow such idi0ts like gbm or sampa to upnd.as for mulenga sata forget because he is not a politician.he was just using his father’s name.since he left pf,have u seen pf shaking?BIG NO AND HE IS QUIET SUCH THAT NOBODY KNOWS WHERE MULENGA SATA IS POLITICALLY!!MAJORITY BEMBAS AND EASTERNERS CANNOT VOTE FOR HH-FULL STOP!!!so PF will win clean minus any rigging!!WE WARNED THAT ECZ CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY HH BUT AS USUAL U DIDNT WANT TO…

    • @Eddy:
      Who are you really? You can even feed yourself and you think you are something!! Just keep that stu.pidity to yoursel you scared little rat.

    • Tribalist go back to your caves and holes you primitive and backward soul.If you are eating alone, not all your tribesmen are eating you narrow minded creature.Do you seriously think people will wake up at 04hrs with empty stomach to cast a vote for PF failures just because of your tribalism? Do you know why there was low voter turn out in January 2015 elections in the so called PF strong hold? And now these people have been vindicated for not turn up to vote for ECL because he has been a very big disappointment. It will be worse this year you i.diot. Prepare to exit those offices.


    • Exactly Eddy! HH cannot do anything. His main problem is he only thinks of what will happen to him wealthy if Zambia went on smoke? In effect, the elections are already over.

  5. Jean Kapata should crawl back to the hole she came from. We cannot believe Edgar Changwa Lungu put people like her to be Minister of Tourism and Arts. They claim the economy is in trouble but how can it not be with people like her who have nothing to contribute except by killing animals. This mama right here is not smarter than a 5th grader and that we can prove. Please do us a favour and kick her s-illy self out of the position. All she has done is travel abroad, make s-t-u-p-i-d decisions, can’t read her own statement or those prepared for her and let organisations tell her what to do. You are FIRED Jean Kapata!

  6. @Seleni Tutekeko in as much I want PF out, in fact for me who has never wanted them in Government. Violence is not a solution, if anything it’s a uncivilised way of confronting a problem. Think of your children, yourself or relatives as refugees before you make such careless statements. #2016 Forward Zambia na peace

  7. sela tubombeko.inonge wina ward in lima ward 27 is behind ECL,viva PF,abash tribalists.

  8. anxious to cast my vote, lamba land is for UPND. not for selfish people who cant give a ministerial position to an MP from lambaland. FYENKEFYO BALABILA ATI, PAKA LITENTE MWISHO. forward

  9. When UPND lose fat Albert the Great Bag of Maize will go back to RSA were his mother comes from and were he has sent the money he was forcing FRA and Ministry of Defence to pay even before delivery of services

  10. even if hh gets his southern ,western ,north western he will still CRY. imwe ba upnd don’t just insult people look at numbers of registered voters ,then check the numbers in the so called upnd strong hold and compare with the PF strong holds. Your tribalism will always beat you politically. Also stop cheating the outside world that you can cause blood shed imwe ba upnd, how many are you? mukapumwa don’t misbehave

  11. Imagine a tribalist tonga president No No No
    muzafa na njala . . . .all offices will be overflowing with Aisha!

  12. PF’s rigging plans are as clear as waters. They registered foreigners to vote for them on the polling day, they rigged the ballots via the Dubai Printer, they have retained Cabinet Ministers to help ECL rig the elections using state resources and state apparatus, they are going disenfranchise by removing their names from the Voters Roll, they are going to restrict opposition campaign movements,they are going to manipulate vote counting and tabulation. ECZ be warned walls have eyes and ears.

  13. Ba mundia you are cry babies. You know deep in your heart that HH can’t win so you already have excuses. Just accept the fact that naikosa bola

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