Nkana coach Aggrey Chiyangi has joined the Zambia bench as assistant coach.

Chiyangi joins George Lwandamina together with Nkwazi trainer Elijah Chikwanda.

This will be Chiyangi’s first senior appointment after serving as Under-17 coach from 2008 to 2010.

Chikwanda will be taking up his first national assignment.

Kampamba Chintu remains as assistant coach.

The duo will travel with Zambia for next weeks away friendlies against Togo on May 27 and Gambia on May 30 en route to Bissau for the 2017 Africa Cup Group E qualifier against Guinea Bissau on June 4.

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    • @Ndobo, kikiki
      My reading was that E. Chikwanda has joined the winning team, with George Mpo.


  1. What is this we are hearing kuno ati 40 Zambians dead in the pedicle? None of the zedian media is carrying the story


  2. Yes that is true after a tyre puncture, “the bus, which was travelling at very high speed, collided into a termite mound” and burst into flames, he said. It happened in Mokambo



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