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Drama continues in MMD as Nevers Mumba denounces convention and RB asks him to seek forgiveness

General News Drama continues in MMD as Nevers Mumba denounces convention and RB asks...

Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing
Nevers Mumba at a Press Briefing

Drama has continued to unfold in the former ruling party the MMD regarding its presidency which has for some time been shrouded in controversy as the campaigns for the 2016 general elections heat up, reports Pan African Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

The latest episode of the drama is the holding of the controversial MMD convention held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 where former Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati went through unopposed and is now president of the former governing party.

But reacting to the turn of events from the Mulungushi rock of authority where mr Mutati has been declared party president elect, Nevers Mumba maintained that he is still elected president of the MMD whose mandate expires in 2017 saying the election of the former Commerce minister is null and void.
Dr. Mumba added that by virtue of Mr Mutati not being a member of the MMD who was expelled in February this year, the convention which has elected the former Lunte lawmaker is a clear act of criminality and illegality which warrants prosecution in the courts of law.

Dr. Mumba explained that claims that mr Mutati is new MMD president is an act of impersonation and irregularity which deserve to be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

The outspoken cleric has therefore vowed to wage a robust legal battle to ensure that the Mr Mutati’s election does not see the light of day.
“It is illegal because Mutati is not a member of our party” He said

And commenting on the presence of fourth republican and former MMD party president Rupiah Banda at the convention which as elected Mr. Mutati, Dr Mumba described the act as unfortunate and disappointing.

He said it sad that Mr Banda deemed it fit to attend the function that is ultravires the MMD constitution and had no blessings from the Party’s leadership and National Executive Committee.

“Very unfortunately, we are extremely disappointed” Dr. Mumba said

But former MMD spokesperson, Raphael Nakachinda questioned Dr. mumba’s understanding of an act that constitutes illegality and criminality.
Mr Nakachinda maintained that the conveners of the convention were within the law and did not abrogate any provision of either the party’s or republic constitutions.

He accused Dr Mumba of casting aspersions on the country’s sacred judicial system by suggesting that the judiciary made illegal decisions.

“I don’t know Dr. Mumba’s understanding of criminality and illegality, if he calls this convention illegal, in essence he is calling the judiciary to have made illegal decisions” He said

Meanwhile, Former MMD and Republican President Rupiah Banda has asked former President ruling party President Nevers Mumba to emulate past leaders of the Party and let the will of the people prevail.

And Mr Banda said Dr Mumba was acting like the two women in the Bible who fought for the parenthood of a child with one of the suggesting that the baby should be cut in half so that each one could have her half.

Speaking at the MMD convention in Kabwe shortly after Felix Mutati was declared President of the party after he went through unopposed Mr Banda said Dr Mumba was so undemocratic that he had reached a point were the word democracy meant so little to him.

He said MMD was a democratic party hence members had been patient because they knew that after five years the leadership will be put test hence Dr Mumba should not shy away from the process that made him leader of the Party.

He said Dr Mumba chased all the people he found in NEC who were elected together with him before he stepped down as party leader were replaced by people who were not elected by the membership.

He said it was sad that Dr Mumba had chosen a confrontational route of taking people to Court when he should be promoting the democracy of the country through intra party democracy which is mandatory in the party as the name suggests.

And Mr Banda said he will continue to participate in the affairs of the Party because he was an active member and that it was he right to have say in the running of the former ruling party.

He said he will continue to be a proud member of the MMD till his death because he loved his Party.

Mr Banda also said Dr Mumba should accept the will of the members because continuing to drag the people to Court will not help him as being on the wrong end of the party constitution entails that he will run out of Courts to go to.

He said that if Dr Mumba’s interests are that of that party he should ask for forgiveness from the members for trauma he has caused in the past few months as opposed to fighting the legitimate leadership which has been voted for like the woman in the Bible who wanted to have a child cut into two because that will only expose his destructive intentions towards the party.

He further called on the leadership that will be voted for to forgive the members from the other side and ensure that they work as a unified force in rebuilding the party.

He urged members to “turn the other chick” when provoked because the party can not afford to continue fighting amongst themselves.

He also told delegates that they had made a right decision in voting for Mutati because he was one of the best Ministers he worked with and was the best person to move the party from the desperate situation it was currently facing.

Mr Mutati was declared President of the MMD today after he went through unopposed as party President Nevers Mumba failed to show up at the convention which his efforts to stop the convention through a court process failed.


    • I said it, Nervous has again been raped by RB, just when I thought that reconciliation meeting with kaja “pastor” Banda kapa Northmead as middleman…Both Mutati and Nervous, must find something else to do. Yemu-yemu-de is dead!!!!!

    • I said it, Nervous has again been raped by RB, just when I thought that reconciliation meeting with kaja “pastor” Banda kapa Northmead as middleman…Both Mutati and Nervous, must find something else to do. Yemu-yemu-de is dead!!

    • Was Dr Joshua Banda part of thís scheme? He was the one in the forefront pushing for the fake reconciliation between Dr Mumba and Bwezani Banda. ECL should learn something from thís about the character of Rupiah Banda. Be very careful ba PF.

    • These reconciliation meetings are always one sided. I think the pastors should simply stay clear.

    • Awa sure! Mumba should just give up. I think leadership is not for him. Just ask God for repentance and return to the church.

    • @1.3 i really wonder what wud have happened to chagwa had the courts not stopped RB from contesting 2015 presidential bye election

    • Mr Rupiah Banda has done a very bad thing.
      At his age he should have been addding to harmony instead of embarassing Nevers Mumba. What has he achived?Shame on Mutati too! God does not like decievers!
      PS.President Lungu should know if these characters could do that to Nevers, they can do the same to him. Such are the likes of Guy Scot and Mulenga Sata- Judas Escariots!
      There must be morality in politics. We are a Christian nation


  2. Where in a democratic party can someone be elected unopposed? Mutati is behaving like Mrs Inonge Wina, last PF convention organiser in the same Kabwe Town. The failure to motivate others to contest unlike the way Dr. Nevers Mumba did at his last election, is dictatorship itself. If he was democratic, he would have just organised the convetion & allowed others to stand including RB. You can’t be the only baker and only diner at the same time. Eve Robert Mugabe is not scared this way, i s above this & motivates all his opponents to participate. Its better not to hold convention & save the resources

  3. Mutati, Congratulations.
    Dont endorse ECL or HH go out and campaign for your MP and Council candidates.
    We want a new start

  4. I hope Mr Banda has regretted his actions in the last elections. Does this mean no endorsement for Edgar?

  5. @Kaluba,from kabwe rushed to Lusaka to attend a MAMMOTH PF RALLY!RB WAS WARMLY RECEIVED AT HEROES STADIUM BY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PF SUPPORTERS!!!this tells you that even in 2016,RB will endorse Edgar Lungu!!EVEN FELIX MUTATI WANTS TO TAKE HIS NEW MMD TO PF!!!SO WAIT AND SEE!!

  6. RB is A F00l grandpa with nothing but just his things he carry in his trousers how can he do that to a person he said they have reconciled just few days before?
    Ba Murati naimwe where do you think you are going? You are just one of the coward fool we have to be used by others.

  7. I am surprised that Pastor Mumba could not see this coming. ECL and RB have him cornered and he is finished- a lone priest.

  8. Awa sure! Mumba should just give up. I think leadership is not for him. Just ask God for repentance and return to the church. No job offer from Lungu and no now no presidency. I think its your arrogance that has caused a lot to disassociate themselves from you

  9. If there is anyone to take us to a whole new level its Mutati. No way for Jameson and awe HH!

  10. MUMBA give up. You are not a natural leader. Being a leader in a church is different from being a political leader. Go back to the church and save souls. You are too dictatorial.

  11. Mr nervous, the biggest mistake you made was to keep RB the distractor in the party for too long. Why didn’t you fire him when he chose to support edgar in the previous elections. To me that was the biggest insult to you as president of MMD by a member of RB standing

  12. Guys,
    PF is winning big time…Brace yourselves for another 5 years of President Lungu.
    The wise ones will rally behind PF
    Next time round, efficiency will be enhanced

  13. It is time Bwezani Banda retired from politics, he adds no value to MMD other than being a destabilising factor

  14. If we Zambians continue standing by watching what RB is doing to this country, we shall have ourselves to blame.

    How does President Lungu lay on a ZAF plane to ferry RB from an MMD Convention to a PF raally and we are watching
    How does Chagwa allow a retired former president get so involved in active politics and we remain so docile? What does the consititution say about this?

    RB and Mutati went into hiding when there was a serious PF president in the name of Sata. But they have now infiltrated PF because they can see that Chagwa is the weakest and most unprincipled president this nation has ever had. If we do nothing we shaall follow the route of other failed states, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

    PF under Chagwa must go before he destroys the nation. PF lost a long time ago but…

  15. Very sad for Dr Mumba. Ba RB why why it’s not good. Enough is enough. You sold finance bank on give away price because of grudge to matani and many other atrocities too numerous to mention now you have knifed without shame a vibrant leader nevers. May God raise a nebucadnezza to persecute and put you in jail. God is watching. Looking even in pf you caused so much pain in the members. Ba RB ba RB please change you have grown up.

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