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Government takes over funeral logistics of 32 people who got burnt in a bus accident

General News Government takes over funeral logistics of 32 people who got burnt in...

INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chihimba Kambwili(left) confers with Kitwe DC Chanda Kabwe before the PF rally started at Mukuba grounds in Kitwe .Picture by KENNEDY MUPESENI
INFORMATION and Broadcasting Minister Chihimba Kambwili(left) confers with Kitwe DC Chanda Kabwe before the PF rally started at Mukuba grounds in Kitwe .Picture by KENNEDY MUPESENI

Government has taken over the burial arrangements for the thirty two people who died in the Mufulira-Mokambo bus accident on Friday last week.

Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe said government will also provide necessary logistics required by the bereaved families.

Mr Kabwe was speaking in Mufulira during a meeting with families of the deceased held at the civic centre.

AND Mufulira District Commissioner Hildah Mwansa said the remains of the deceased will be buried in a mass grave since they cannot identified.

Thirty two people were burnt to death after the scania bus from Kitwe to Luwingu overturned and burst into flames along the pedicle road.

The accident happened around 12:50 hours on the pedicle road, about 20 Kilometres from the Mokambo border post.

Meanwhile, three PF members died in separates incidents over the weekend.

One died on the way from Solwezi to Lusaka to witness the launch of the PF manifesto while another died on the way to Kitwe on the Great North Road after witnessing the PF events in Lusaka.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says the third PF member died in an accident in Lusaka after attending the PF rally.

Mr Bwalya said the party is saddened by the tragic death of its three members He said the PF will meet the funeral expenses and the bill for the injured.

Mr Bwalya has since conveyed the PF’s condolences to the families of the deceased. He was speaking to ZNBC news in Lusaka.


  1. Why attend a launch all the way from solwezi,bad for the family.hope paya farmer will compensate the family

    • Too much love for politics in zambia. But people who travelled could also stay home and listen to the radio

    • “Government takes over funeral logistics of 32 people who got burnt in a bus accident” because they are from Luapula.

      Of the three PF members who died in separate incidents only the Kitwe & Lusaka ones will have their funeral footed by Chi PF GVT. The Solwezi will only be luck only if he is a migrant worker in the Solwezi mines & share similar names like two the DC’s above i.e if he is Kabwe Mwaba & Charity Mwansa.

      Copperbelt Province being cosmopolitan why should 99% of DCs & TCs all be Chanda Kabwes, Nathan Chanda, Hildah Mwansa? Not even bearing their Mbuya’s names of Jones Nyirongo, Peter Phiri, Bandawe Banda or worse even Siabwantu or Mwangala? Does it mean education revolves around Muchingaists, Northerners & Luapulans only? ‘One Zambia Two Nation’.

    • Death can occur at any time and place.Where one goes does not matter.People have died in road accidents as they go to attend or return from a loved one’s funeral.Others like our National Team perished away from home and yet on National engagement.Others have died as they came from church engagements.So the mare fact that those who died were coming from or going to PF Campaign Launch should not be an issue.We are also mourning the death of 32 of our relatives who perished in DRC as they went to conduct business.May the departed souls rest in peace.

  2. There we go back to the dark ages of the Party and Its Government of KK era. Why ferry people from every corner of each province & now you have to use our money to compensate them! No consideration what-so-ever for prudent use of the country’s resources at all!

  3. How long is this govt going to involved in arranging funeral logistics of road victims.This govt is truly useless in the past five years they haven’t introduced any policies to curb down on over speeding transporters…I mean most of these drivers are so poorly trained that very few would even know what the highway code is and on top of that they are so overworked that they work more than 12 hours on a shift.
    The govt is so corrupt that it gets involved when the Road and Traffic authorities come hard on transporters like what happened last time…even a simple introduction of speed delimiters would go a long way but alas we know that this would affect their profits.

    • What have you contributed apart from insults…you think logistics will bring back the dead…in fact these families of victims can sue the govt and the operator..why do you think they pay insurance? Its easy in Zambia for every Jim and Jack to run a bus company.

    • @Justine Chombo
      Yo friend is raising issues u are just raising insults.
      Yo must be dull that’s why u blog with yo real names. Wilamweneshamo abanobe Ba Kalubale!

      Just because u were favored to move from Chingola to Choma Council DA u think everyone is benefiting? It may take u 20 years as DA & 10 degrees for u to qualify as TC anywhere on the Copperbelt when others just need first degree! Under PF u need to be Musonda Chewe to easily qualify. Even BoInonge is just a figurehead Veep cos real power apart from Lungu is resident in the Kambwilis. Wait & see if misfortune happened to ECL (being a mortal person) how Inonge will be shoved off & replaced with one of their own…after all its their party.

    • @ Neutral, It looks like you have a big none to chew with Bembas. I am not Bemba but one thing I like about Bembas is that they practice their nepotism openly and without fear. Whereas Lozis and the Easterners, who also practice nepotism in a big way, do theirs secretely. Perhaps only the Tongas are close to the Bembas. As for the rest of the groups not mentioned here, they are cowards and very selfish. The type of individauls who would rather climb the ladder alone and not bother to help their kith and kin — and when the time for them to fall comes, oh boy; no shock absorbers on the way down.

    • Yes, might be me or you that is why we needed to have treated this matter with urgency everything from driving tests to road construction…its a no brainier to have the best roads but have drivers who can not interpret road signs. Obtaining a PSV license should not be as easy as buying cabbage in market..go to England you will rarely hear bus drivers being involved in serious fault accidents as driving people comes with great responsibility. In Zambia its normal to see a bus overtaking at 130Kph on a bend on a highway.

    • To date who has ever been charged with negligence…no one ever no bus owner no driver everything just disappears simply pay for the funeral and sit on your hands like **** and pray that the next one doesn’t take more than 10 lives.

  4. Zambian mindset amazes me @jayjay ‘s comments are very sensible and well enshrined but all he gets is RED marks and insults.its a pity for my country sure.what happened to zedians kanshi.

  5. No matter what you will do on the footing of funeral expenses you will never bring back the lives of the departed.PF ‘s desperation is such that they will do anything to claim they are popular. Its a lesson you who are living that being used by these people with big appetite for fame can leave your families suffering. Worst part is immediately after burying their so called dead supporter they will continue with their format of importing cadres from different towns to beef up support in their area of campaigns all in the name of showing that they have a large following[ Who knows this could be a punishment from god ]
    Word of advice to you youth desist from being used by these people and find something to make lives change.

  6. I know people die almost everyday on our roads but the coincidence of the accidents and the launch of the party manifestos leaves more questions than answers. Could it be that somebody is sacrificing the poor souls for political gain? Just wondering!

  7. Its astounding how people can just bury their heads in the sand over this issue. I normally assess Jay Jay’s contributions with a ‘pinch of salt’ even when I know he is right – because of his abrasive nature. He makes sense here again, and still some people fail lamentably to be objective.
    So all the PF government will be doing is to foot funeral bills for accident victims – and expect accolades for the same? What about measures to prevent lives being lost needlessly in the first place? No road sense policies being enforced, no data of who is or is not supposed to be on the roads, no structures and pathways for rescue and emergency responses. Recent bus tragedy’s have seen people wait for hours before any meaningful response. PF govt. pretends to be benevolent after the event,…

  8. Even if u can beat about the bush and politicising it wont help us lets just put our beloved families in Gods hands all….p

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