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Nevers Mumba is the MMD candidate-Chris Akufuna

General News Nevers Mumba is the MMD candidate-Chris Akufuna

MMD President Nevers Mumba
MMD President Nevers Mumba

The Electoral Commission of Zambia says it will proceed with processing Dr Nevers Mumba’s nomination to stand as presidential candidate for the MMD in the August elections.

ECZ Spokesman Chris Akufuna said in an interview that as far as far as the Commission is concerned Dr Mumba has paid the nomination fee for this August elections.

He said the Commission accepted Dr Mumba’s nomination fee in good faith because he was the bonafide leader of the party.
Mr Akufuna said whatever has happened in the MMD regarding the legal battles is for the party leadership to resolve.

“As the Commission, we accepted Dr Mumba’s nomination fee in good faith and that was before the court ruling or judgment or is it the Convention had not been held and it is now the matter for the MMMD to resolve,” Mr Akufuna said.

He added, “On Saturday, we are meeting all the presidential candidates for a briefing at the InterContinental Hotel for a briefing and if there will be any other development, it will be discussed there but for now we will proceed as planned.”

And MMD President Nevers Mumba says former President Rupiah Banda is a disappointment to the country.

Dr Mumba says Mr. Banda is repeating what he did in 2015 by trying to destabilize the MMD once again.

He says the convention that elected Felix Mutati as president is not MMD, but the Rupiah Banda party.

Dr. Mumba states that MMD remains united the more reason certain provinces did not even attend the Kabwe convention.

He says the 51 members of the party’s National Executive Committee are still solidly behind the legal and legitimate MMD leadership led by himself.

Dr. Mumba states that the people that held the convention on Saturday are doing what they are doing because the ruling PF is supporting them to break the law.

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    • ECZ and their fellow criminals PF have realized that Mutati’s endorsement of Edgar amounts to maximum 20 votes. Yangwe! They are realising that it is actually Nevers who has a sizeable following and so the plan is to allow him stand so that he can split some opposition vote. This is exactly how they run government- trial and error.

    • If Nevers Mumba is wise enough (anyway many pastors today are really unwise) he will not go ahead and instead go into a pact with the UPND in order to serve the masses and not just himself for a job if Edgar rigs and wins.

    • Yangwe! No wonder abasambashi bayambila nokunwa ifisushi, ba Mumba bena kuwayawayafye. Go back to the pulpit yama.

    • What does RB want? At his age , he should be resting in his retirement. I don`t think there`s anybody who respects RB now.

    • ECZ you are on the money on this one. Dr Mumba learn a lesson from this experience, you need to adhere to the advise when we give it for free. We told you not to go with PF in anyway as they are bent on destroying MMD.

  1. Please Nevers, give it up mudala. Your time is up. This time not even your wife will vote for you.

  2. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn!! – The Cartoons that now lead MMD! Iwe Nervous, you don’t stand an ice cubes chance in hell. Why not just follow up with Zambian politicians’ favourite pastime when not looting ie political prostitution. HH has a helluva hard-on waiting for you. You never know, you might just get an Ambassadorial position when HH ascends to power in 2021.

    • So you are saying that when UPND loses in August, HH shall still be their president. That is wrong on all fronts.

  3. This is all because of RB and his selfishness. Bushe chitata chi RB chabashani? Y cant for once respect himself? Mufyabupuba ninshi chilesanvwa chimuntu chamusango shani?

  4. Ba kalamba are you sure your wife supports you in this? I doubt it. If she is a wise good woman she would have told you to stop this nonsense . Unless your actions are signs of a marriage in trouble.

  5. Nevers should just accept that he cannot play a game of politics . He should not blame anyone. This is politics and he has been dribbled again. What a failure. This game is about strartegy , tact, networks. Not wabuka fye mutulo na manong’o ati nine politician. Mwachepa tata.

  6. MMD yalipwa pipo. The quicker Nevious realises it the better FO him. He can’t keep blaming rupia. Rupia had a taste is cameleons, they got him out of power. Now he does not giv a shiiit! He like Kk, go with the highest bidder. Chapwa! So Nevious must learn strategy & work with pipo that ve smthng to offer. Pipo who can sonta apo babomba! Not inexperienced chancers. Come to the performing team

  7. Dr. Mumba, you are such a great and determined leader.
    Let me say this–just 12 months ago Felix Mutati supported HH in the bye election and Rupiah Banda supported Edgar Lungu–while you Dr. Mumba stood on the MMD ticket as President–before the elections—MMD was threatened with deregistration–because this RUPIAH man was never paying the remittances to the registrar of societies—this Mutati is on record having said he was withdrawing his contribution to the party at the time the party need him the most—Dr. Mumba you stood firm and organized this party back on course. Rupiah come back from retirement trying to stand on the same party he failed pay the remittances with the registrar of societies—He (Rupiah) almost went through but your resilience again –just at the last minute…

    • We are Christians as well, with the same amount of covering from Jesus, we support Nervous as MMD president, but we can say whatever we want in humble words that is. He needs better PR people. lol!

  8. I support ECZ. Suppose another man rose and called a convention in UPND to topple HH? we shouldn’t support illegality. Chagwa should say no to certain manipulations. Imagine Lungu has adopted MPs which he didn’t want because of external forces

  9. Kikikikikiki kuti wainyelawila mwitoloshi ifyaso. Mutati wanted to withdraw that cash K75, 000.00 elo bamukanina ba ECZ at it is non refundable. Where did he want to take the cash. Mutati you are an accountant do know the implication of the word non refundable.? Takwaba ukubwesha iyo yama. Labenikofye kuli tu cash tulya.
    The problem wherever Lupiya goes he gets dribbled. He is trying hard to fight for Edgar by having Mutati to become MMD president so that he forms an alliance. You see what has happened. Lupiya tried to meet Mumba last time but things failed apart and then he pushed a quick one nabena Mutati. But this is becoming a comedy of error. What a situation.

  10. Akufuna is not sane….a court order takes precedence over goo faith whats wrong with the ECZ….Have u been in office for too long? The court dispensed with NM injunction so even if you got the 50% this doesn’t stop you from holdling the candidature unless otherwise…he hasn’t even paid in full and u say he is the one u recognize bane….

  11. Former President Banda is a nuisance whom Zambians accept at there own peril. This is a man who does not even agree with his own children. He is a nuisance whom Zambians will regret to support.

  12. Ba shikulu ba RB y can’t u stop making young people fighting are u a blood thirst animal who enjoy seeing blood at yr age y can’t u be a special advisor for the young lads for yr great grandchildren to enjoy peace in our mother zambia when i saw u on T V last time with mumba i was happy u are busy splinting mumba what a shame for old people who can’t be ashemed of doing such evil i believe u are a senior citizen who needs to be respected

  13. This man is confused he is accusing the same PF he wants to get into bed with. Ba Mumba is really confused.

  14. 2015: RB=ECL
    2015: Felix=HH
    2015: Nevers=MMD
    2016: How can RB and Felic be more MMD than Nevers.
    Shikulu ba Banda twamipapata please—-you are such a shameless grandfather—now I understand why your Andrew cant follow your leadership PATH. PF be careful with this old man–2016 is very crucial election.

  15. Can anyone help me understand Nevers Mumba? This is than man who has seen off more SGs than any MMD president in the past. Whenever he has a difference with anyone the next step is expel. Do you remember, Major Kachingwe, Muhabi, Mbulakulima, Nakachinda and lately Sambo. Where are these people? They are gone but only Nevers remains standing. Surely, it cannot be? Can Nevers point to any MMD MP who has remained with him? All the MPs abandoned him. Surely, there must be something the matter with the management style of this man. Now he wants to stand as president of Zambia, does he hope to win when his party is so disorganized? And HH wants to receive such a man? Is he so desperate?

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