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Siamunene certain of returning his seat

General News Siamunene certain of returning his seat

Livestock Minister Greyford Monde, Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene and RDA chairperson Simon Mukupa at a really Itezhi Itezhi yesterday 14-02-2016. ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
Livestock Minister Greyford Monde, Defence Minister Richwell
Siamunene and RDA chairperson Simon Mukupa at a really Itezhi Itezhi
yesterday 14-02-2016. ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

DEFENCE Minister Richwell Siamunene has emphasized the need for the Patriotic Front(PF) supporters to mounts an issue based and violent campaigns ahead of the August 11 polls.

Addressing a public meeting at Malima in Sinazongwe, today, Mr Siamunene said the PF will not engage in campaigns of character assassination but will focus on issue based campaigns in order to woo supporter from voters.

It is not possible for the opposition political parties to dislodge the PF from Government in the upcoming polls because the ruling party has delivered development to the Zambian people, said Mr Siamunene.

The former UPND Sinazongwe Member of Parliament said it is wishful thinking for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) to claim that it is going to wrestle power from the PF.

He said Sinazongwe district alone has received a fair share of development going by the new infrastructure including roads and health facilities that have been built within a short period of the PF being in Government.

Mr Siamunene said he is confident that the Zambian people will accord the PF a resounding victory in the August 11 polls based on its good record in the delivery of development in the social and economic sectors.

He assured the people of Sinazongwe that , if adopted, he will re-contest the seat on the PF ticker, urging the electorate to vote for him and the President Lungu.

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    • Saimumunene, you will need to prepare to pay back the salary you are getting when your mandate ended with that of MPship.

    • I totally agree with baLT: Siamunene will surely return the seat, as in ‘giving it back’ to UPND… the owners.

  1. An issue-based violent campaign? Whats the issue-Violence?”DEFENCE Minister Richwell Siamunene has emphasized the need for the Patriotic Front(PF) supporters to mounts an issue based and violent campaigns ahead of the August 11 polls.”

    • Straight from the horse’s mouth…

  2. NO CHANCE!! WISHIFUL THINKING! In fact Bo Muliokela stands a better chance of marrying Dora. Just as it’s folly for any UPND candidate standing in Luapula Province to expect to beat a PF candidate in that region. Siamunene even knows deep down his heart that he can’t win that seat on PF ticket.

  3. Siamunene you don’t have a grade 12 certificate or better papers how are you going to contest the elections

  4. Honorable Siamunene is a humble and diligent leader and am 100% certain that he will retain his seat under the PF ticket and will deliver resounding victory for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Sinazonzwe. Infact, I see a great future in this man because he is a servant of the people.
    These are the leaders Zambia needs today who look at a bigger picture than being brainwashed.

  5. My predictions, PF will contend slightly better in Southern Province due to the caliber of people standing as MP but will still lose. HH will get about 90% of the vote there. The real dynamic that could work well for ECL is if he attains 70% of the vote in Eastern Province, then it is all but over. Western Province could be tricky this time round seeing how the PF performed in by-elections there. Central could be tight and could be a surprise chip for HH to win but the dynamics there are very unpredictable. Northern Province will go PF and so will Luapula. N. Western will go UPND but Lusaka and Copperbelt are still very much PF. It could be 400,000 to 150,000 votes in Lusaka and 450,000 to 100,000 in Copperbelt. Southern likely 650,000 to 30,000 and Eastern 500,000 to 100,000.

  6. Mmmmmmmm Richwell Syamunene Syamvukutu is certain of retaining his seat, where ? He has looted like his hippo friend Nshimba Kambwili and he still wants to loot even more. Kwena Syamvukutu Syamunene uleibepa koswe, ukapona nga chopa ilya iyaponene ku Sinazongwe umwali abashilika abakushindike. Ulolele mwaice.
    Ala ukusampa icipawa ca calo nakulowa kuli ba Richwell Syamvukutu Syamunene.

  7. am Just from touring the country PF Is winning.glass loot people are not yet ready for change .so Guys for the sake of peace in our country .i Say take it easy.

  8. Richie, Richie, wishful thinking my dear, its allowed. Deep down your heart ulizi kuti bana Zongwe bakukaka ndeende

  9. ST. DESPERACIOUS,that’s a good analysis but the only thing you forgot was to nail it down by saying hh is losing again thanks.

  10. This turncoat, Siamunene, will be using GRZ resources to campaign for himself and for PF? How unfair! It used to be the president only but now the facilities have been extended even to ministers to use government resources for party functions. What a confused country under PF.

  11. It Is case of .southern,N western and western provinces vs Northen,muchinga,luapula and eastern province. Central its 50:50. So the one who Will get the highest votes in Lusaka and the copperbelt Will surely Win This élection.sory its my personal analysis.

  12. Will he not win because people don’t like him even after ensuring that the constituency received development or he will not win because its a UPND strong hold so it doesn’t matter who stands their, only UPND wins in Sinazongwe. If the later is the case then, should we expect the same about UPND in provinces other than the south. Zambians please lets promote oneness every time. If we really want presidents to come from any part of the country our vocabulary should show that. Am looking forward when a Lozi or Tonga candidate will stand in Mansa and win because people their, believe in the manifesto of the party not because of tribe or region. In the same way a bemba or chewa stands in Namwala and wins. Lets unity, One Zambia One Nation .

  13. LT, please edit the news item.

    Your mistakes are costly, beginning with your headline.

    “Return” and “retain” are not the same word, nor do they have the same meaning.

  14. The reason why Lungu has gone into alliance with RB is becoz he knows PF has lost a lot of support on the C/Belt and Nothern Provinces of the country. Lungu is suppressing HH and UPND to frustrate their popular campaign in former PF strongholds. RB and Lungu have schemed PF’s rigging strategy but this may backfire by August 2016. By keeping his illegal Ministers in their posts Lungu has demonstrated poor judgement and poor governance. Lungu is a dictator in making and should be voted b4 he is transformed into a Museveni or Mugabe. To give Lungu another 5 yrs will be sentencing ourselves to a 5 year jail term. The writing is on the wall!

  15. Cry my beloved country. Please use correct words is it returning or retaining??? Very embarrassing.

  16. Siamunene mweenzuma ulalota taata, you are day dreaming and wishful thinking for you to retain that seat. Kiss MP seat bye bye. You are a power hungry and a greed dog.

  17. As we go to vote on 11 August 2016, we will remember the high price of mealie meal, high unemployment, load shading, closure of universities, weaker kwacha, retrenchments, corruption, slapping of policemen by cadres, the list is long!

  18. Siamunene loses not based on poor performance but tribalism from UPND. In any case, we will take care of him in another capacity. He has done us proud as a son of the Tonga soil.

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