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T-Sean launches Daddy Cares initiative

Headlines T-Sean launches Daddy Cares initiative


Richard Sean Mulenga professionally known as T-Sean unveils “Daddy Cares Initiative” and offers the initiative 5% of the sales from his forthcoming 4th and 5th albums “Comfort Zone” and “Faith” to be released today (26th May, 2016).


Scientific studies carried out suggest that the early years of a child are critical in the formation of intelligence, personality, and social behavior and that Investment in early child development provides greater returns.

The assumption that children are an investment into the future can be readily recognized in modern day society’s family structure, education, and politics.

The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.

This means that the Childs future has got more to do with how he or she is raised.

That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their future well-being.

The need that a child has good relationships with others and does not have behavioral problems is also important, this means, that they are not disruptive, violent or a bully as this is what results to what we today call Street Kids.

As Songwriter, Music Producer, Artist –  Music has opened numerous doors for me, my extended list of prestigious credits include the Zambian Music Awards, Born and Bred awards and a number of nominations.

With this Initiative I would like to help improve the life and health of children and families by

·        Raising awareness of the need to improve children’s wellbeing in their local area

·        Coordinating local musical events to raise funds for children

·        Production of music target at raising awareness for this cause.

·        Educate children through my musical influence on how they can grow into responsible citizens.

The Initiative also aims to bringing children back into the education system and away from child labor and a life on the streets. In all this, we also recognize that the families and guardians of these children need to find other sources of income in order to continue to support their families now that the children are no longer working on the streets.

At last the overall picture grows to improving the life of all.

On September 25th 2015, countries including Zambia adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for “all” as part of a new sustainable development agenda. This “All” includes Children.

May I also highlight that of the 17 Set Sustainable Development Goals a number of them touch on the wellbeing of Children. These include ensuring inclusive and quality education for all, Ending Poverty, access to good health and wellbeing, ensuring quality and Inclusive education for all, reduced inequality, End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition.

With my initiative I would like to play a role in the realization of these goals. I’m aware it won’t be an easy road but this is a project I’m committed to realizing of course with the support of all well meaning players.

As T-SEAN and Buzy Baila International we see this as a new chapter of our musical journey musical where we are giving back to the community through ours talents just to see a child in Mutendere, Kanyama, Chaisa, Ng’ombe find a leveled ground to realize their goals and ambitions.

Being released today is my 4th and 5thth Studio Albums, 5% of sales from these albums will go to the support of children.

I’m here to just give you a hint of what’s to come so that you are not caught by surprise. “DADDY CARES INITIATIVE IS LAUNCHED”

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