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ECZ sensitises political parties ahead of nominations

Headlines ECZ sensitises political parties ahead of nominations

Electoral  Commissions of Zambia  commissioner
Electoral Commissions of Zambia commissioner

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has urged political parties participating in the August 11 polls to adhere to the electoral code of conduct during nominations set for next week.

Briefing participating political parties in Lusaka today, ECZ Chairperson Esau stated that it is cardinal for all party leaders and their followers to strictly observe the electoral code of conduct prior to and during the nominations process.

ZANIS reports that Justice Chulu said the electoral body expects nominations to run smoothly from May 30 to June 3, 2016.

He advised the presidential candidates to ensure they carry with them constitution and statutory requirements regarding their particulars.

President Edgar Lungu and his running-mate Vice President Inonge Wina were among political leaders that attended the ECZ presidential nomination briefing.

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was represented by his Secretary General Steven Katuka .

The sole female opposition presidential hopeful FDD leader Edith Nawakwi was among other opposition leaders that attended the briefing.

And ECZ Deputy Director Chomba Chellah disclosed that the presidential aspirants would be given the voters provisional registers and other vital documents relating to the August polls on July 31st, this year for scrutiny.

Zambia goes to the polls on August 11, this year to elect the President and Vice President as well as members of parliament, councillors, mayors and council chairpersons.

Zambians will also be expected to vote for the bill of rights in the referendum that will be held along with the general elections.

President Edgar Lungu(l) and Vice President Inonge Wina(r) during a briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu(l) and Vice President Inonge Wina(r)
during a briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates
and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka


  1. May the best candidate win. May all the citizens and political players conduct their camapigns in a peaceful manner

    • We have a bunch of crooks running for the presidency and none of them is best. Might even better say may the least crooked win, then we may have some hope!

  2. Ka hh Naka gbm kakwe, nga twachamba ulubuli uku. Good they didn’t appear. They r disgusting to look at. Viva EL!

  3. The issue of adherence to the electoral conduct in Zambia is most predicated on the party in Government and how it conducts itself. The time the culture of Boma ni Boma will end that’s one we shall see a significant improvement. …for now more of the same is expected. But thanks to ECZ still for fulfilling a routine duty

  4. Hope you spent more time on the pamafi party (pf) because they are the most clueless,visionless,brainless,hopeless,dullness,ruthless,heartless,spineless,directionless,useless and drunkards with their incompetent and idio.tic president of the millennium.

  5. And cursed is the day when a drunkard from the shambles of chawama bars was born and became a president.

    • Halelujah….amen……just like the day is cursed when Mugabe, Sani Abacha, Nkurunzinza, Mu7, Gbagbo, Mengistu, Kabila, Mobotu and other like despots!!

      This Lungu fellow all he can do is sonta at the unprecedented nkogole (which he hides from electorates claiming govt is funding infrastructure), ubunga, lunch, saladi, umunani, fyakufwala, rent ya dula, violence……

  6. How can you say umuntu ni lungu as if all Zambians tebantu.this is very demeaning and insulting to zambians

    • infintu nafiLUNGUla………ubunga, electricity, cadres violence, breakfast, rent, fyonse…….

  7. Look at the smiling lazy Bum Edgar who has chosen an old lady as running mate…so what was he doing telling us he is looking for a running mate…simply a trick to take advantage of dull PF women like Mumbi, Margaret and company.

  8. Ala ba under 5, still struggling to come up with the running mate….Kikiki hh you promised a lot of people to be your running mate….gbm , banda have kissed dust…

  9. IF Kaminamisa edgar chakolwa kaloba wrungu wins brace yourself for the worst hardship of the millennium.

  10. No representation for Under 5 except the useles Katuka. If Kaponya (HH) chooses the retard GBM, UPND will crack. If he chooses Nkombo or Mweetwa UPND will be labelled by its regional character. If he chooses Canicius Banda or Nevers, Miles, Scott Inc, UPND will disintegrate. Kaponya (HH) is looking for a thick rope to hang himself

    • Kudos-Lungu, you are really tormented by the one and only economic liberator of Zambia : President in waiting HH.

    • just tell us where our euro bond money is, this an important question of great national interest. mwashika kwisa ulupiya mwakongola ku europe?

      sonta uko watwala ulupiya wakongola

    • Euro bond has constructed the roads clinics revamping energy sector etc. This is what we call sontagration. A summation of many sontables too numerous to list. You are in trouble bane.

    • haaa haaa, so your sontagration is all predicated on your spending of our money? this is too funny, you are telling us that you built a few roads, dysfunctional schools & clinics using all that money & now you are asking us to show you what we have done with money from our own pockets instead?
      You must think we are a country full of fulls, no friends you are wrong!

      jokers, we are not buying this cra.p, tell us the truth.
      sonta uko mwatwala ulupiya mwakongola

    • So I’m your big head with a tiny brain you thought Euro bond was meant for everyone to get a cut. Its public money to benefic all through public infrastructure development. It’s good your have also noted that universities have been built out of the same bond including airports and upgrading districts e.g. choma. During campaigns we will be doing sontantainment which is basically sonting at all sontables for enjoyment. Join us mune.

    • You need to read the comments again & try, hard as that maybe for you, to comprehend questions raised.

      You claim that out of all that money borrowed from the Euro bonds, all you managed to do was build a few roads, schools that aren’t opened & clinics that are not staffed.

      If we are to accept these blatant lies, then how do you expect anyone to build even as much as a pit-latrine using their own pocket money? This question is asking you, I have to do this given your level of comprehension, which frankly makes this all too hard, how somebody, anybody, who hasn’t been part of the PF government & therefore with no access to the euro bond money, could be expected to fund even a simple pit-latrine if it needs money from three euro bonds to build so few items, most of which are not even…

    • most of which are not even operational?

      This clearly is a joke meant to evade answering this very important question. You need to come clean and tell us where our money is.

      sonta uko mwatwala ulupiya mwakongola

  11. The meeting was very cardinal to our elections and shunning it just shows that some people will not respect anything unless it’s created by themselves.

  12. The money that wss borrowed to build sontarables like roads clinics schools etc has built the infrastructure on which economic development will be based. So we do not have to borrow heavily again for roads etc because they have already been built. So now Edgar Chagwa Lungu is set for an economic boom based on those sontarables. When that boom comes the loans will be easy to repay. That is oruso why underfive does not mention roads etc in his ten point plan because deep in his mind he knows that he would rely on the same massive sontables without having to borrow. Fortunately Zambians know who is responsible for these massive sontarables and are ready to do the right things on 8/11.

  13. Underfive hh did not attend the meeting because he is busy in the field enjoying the same PF sontarables which make it easy for him to campaign. What a waste of time this hh is, always condemning the same people who have made life easy for.him and easy to.make money too. God does does not reward the ungrateful. GBM is also driving his Arizona trucks delivering mealie meal everywhere on PF sontarables. Kuti walila mwe, what can you tell prople which other courageous and focussed eaders like Lungu have not already done? Kuwayawafye nomba.

  14. Joseph Kabwe, tell mother Zambia what you have done for up to today. Zambians will not forever be fooled by pseudo promises from nomads wandering from one political party to another.

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