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UPND bemoans the continued media intimidation by Frank Bwalya

General News UPND bemoans the continued media intimidation by Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya addressing the news briefing_1
Frank Bwalya addressing the news briefing

The UPND has bemoaned the continued media intimidation by ruling PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya.

Responding to Mr Bwalya’s statement that he is determined to stop all UPND campaign adverts were the ruling party is mentioned UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuta said Zambia is a democracy and that as such all political parties have the right to access media and air their views.

He said Bwalya’s instruction to radio stations to stop the UPND jingles was an affront on democracy.

“Bwalya also appears to have forgotten that part of the role of opposition parties in a democracy is to monitor and evaluate the performance of the sitting government, holding them to account where they fail to deliver on their promises to the people.

“This comes after Minister Kambwili put pressure on UNZA radio to cancel a scheduled appearance on the station by UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema last week. It also comes as we face continued resistance from ZNBC to some of our adverts, including the campaign song ‘Bello’ for its reference to corruption. What sort of society are we living in if we’re not even allowed to discuss corruption? How can we even hope to tackle corruption if such comments are subject to censorship by those in power?

“In sum we would advise Frank Bwalya that it is more appropriate for us as UPND to be engaging the ECZ on such matters, as it is such attempts to cancel scheduled appearances and pressurise stations to stop playing our adverts that is violating the terms of the Electoral Code of Conduct,” he said.

Mr Bwalya has said that he will make sure that all the UPND campaign adverts that have PF mentioned in them are removed from radio stations.

He said the PF are not mentioning the UPND but telling the people what they have done in the five years they have been in power in their campaign jingles.

He added that the UPND should not base their campaigns maligning the PF.


    • Freedom of expression is a constitutional right! That ka fake “Dr.” and co need to be ushered out!

    • Sir/Madam (Prophesy) there is no point in being vulgar -that just shows the level of our reasoning. I strongly believe you are being emotional unnecessarily. Calm down dear.

  1. All the opposition political parties must have realized by now that PF has no capacity to deliver a free and fair election. PF knows that if the election is free and fair, PF cannot win. Opposition Parties must stop being weak! They must start taking steps to seriously stop this NONSENSE from PF. TOTAL AND PROLONGED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE MUST BE AN OPTION UNTIL PF BEHAVES! SO FAR THE OPPOSITION HAVE ACTED VERY WEAK!

    • The opposition in Zambia are the most foolish to allow such lawlessness. They are waiting for a common man to shade the blood on their behalf. Stop backing and act.

  2. For sure what kind of advertising mentioning the other party have u ever heard an advert for boom mentioning bullet & discreding it

  3. K Bwalya u are correct in yr observation that ECL and PF know that based on their performance record In office they cannot win these 2016 elections cleanly. So their strategy is to rig these elections at all costs. Opposition parties should counter PF rigging strategies. Now that extra and pre-marked ballots are going to be printed in Dubai. How do u make their use ineffective? This rigging tactic will be applied in perceived Opposition strongholds. PF’s plan in these areas is to delay delivery of voting materials, disenfranchise voters by deleting their names from the Voters Roll and transferring voters names to remote constituencies so that they fail to vote on the polling day. We now know PF registered foreigners in border areas for them to vote for Lungu. That is why PF printed…

  4. Awe upnd thats not the way to go. You can communicate to the electorate without mentioning your friends.

  5. Rebuke and dismantle satanic alliances, and arrest them by the Spirit. Let every covert and/or clandestine effort and endeavor against HH fail. God, disappoint the devices that they have crafted against HH so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise. Take them in their own crafty and devious ways. Let them meet with darkness in the daytime and grope in the noonday as in the night. Lord, release divine viruses to invade satanic databases, and command that they be consumed and destroyed. Let all future diabolical communications and networking fail. Any attempts shall only yield incoherency and misunderstandings. Send a spirit of confusion among them. Let their tongues be divided. Overrule and overthrow sabotage, subversions, and setbacks. Let every attack of retaliation fail.

  6. Just redo the jingles, remove the mention of PF the same way you are saying Sontapo waiba instead of epowabomba.

  7. Comment:The blind man leads the other blind men in over promising….their flight missed the airport and crashes…Here the saint in spirit with great power of the lord jesus landed he created the lords day and many saints received him with joy …he humbles himself….The devil rebuked the lords day ….and expected to lead the flock of Jehova …..i tell the blind man shal never rule mother zambia cos he rebuked the nation day of prayers……the one who declared it shal be officiating it time and times and dividing of time indefinetely says the Lord…..gues who has won the election? sonta pali Lords day nation day of prayers…ECL has done it……Hh blind man rebuked the lord…….no how much hh shal compaign he shal never go through says the spirit of the ….Amen

  8. Sonta apo waiba. i think this should be a new slogan for UPND. the cost of construction of roads is abnormally high. Is this an area where the crooks are stealing from?
    kitwe /Chingola road by now could have been completed so is the Chingola/Solwezi one. Imisebo shakokola ..ama Chinese nayakana NCHEKELAKO.

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