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Adoptions cause further divisions in both PF and UPND

Headlines Adoptions cause further divisions in both PF and UPND

Assistant Returning Officer Gloria Phiri entering details of ADD candidate for Mangango Mwene Naluwa and his agents Helga Muchimba during the falling in of nominations at Mangango primary school
Most political parties are witnessing an avalanche of unexpected defections of their members who have not been adopted to contest various elective positions in the August elections.

Both the ruling PF and the UPND have in the last few days suffered some defections as some members left out of the adoption race have crossed parties or opted to stand as independent.

As the filling in of nomination papers for Members of Parliament takes off today, it is expected that the country will see more movements across party lines by some dissatisfied members.

The latest casualty is the PF after the Central Committee omitted Pavuyma Kalobo, the man believed to have been the popular choice for the party members in Wusakile Constituency in Kitwe.

Mr Kalobo who is known in the area as the man behind the infamous illegal mining unit known as the Jerabos has now opted to stand as an Independent candidate.

In Chawama, popular aspiring candidate Potiphar Tembo was a last minute omission on the PF final adoption list after it settled for immediate past MP Lawrence Sichalwe forcing Mr Tembo to seek adoption on the UPND ticket.

In Chirundu, the UPND has suffered a similar fate after Workwell Sumaili who is believed to have come out tops in the primaries was left out of the final adoption list has now decided to cross over to the PF who have since adopted him.

Meanwhile in Lundazi, PF aspiring candidate Lawrence Nyirenda has resigned from the Pf opting to stand as an Independent after he was not adopted.

Below is a statement issued by Wusakile constituency PF aspiring candidate Mr Kalobo

We have for the past few days been consulting with the people of Wusakile constituency on the way forward after the announcement of our unsuccessful attempt to stand on the PF ticket.

As much as we respect the decision made by the Central committee of the Patriotic Front not adopt me, we equally respect the electorate of Wusakile constituency who have challenged us to petition the decision made by the MCC as they believe the decision made by the executive body does not represent theirs.

However, we have accepted what the party has decided and we have moved on, in so doing we are going ahead to participating in this year’s election by standing on an independent ticket. The people have made a call to me, who am I to refuse this noble calling.

We understand the implications this may bring about but we also wish to clearly state that we still support His Excellence President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front, what we simply doing here is responding to the peoples call.

Thank you for the support and God bless you all Putting the electorates of wusakile constituency First

Pavuyma Kalobo
Wusakile Constituency
Aspiring Independent Candidate

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    • PF can’t continue to be divided, it is simply too much, give fragile Lungu some break please.
      UPND need some of that, to test them, they have been too solid.

    • In Chawama, popular aspiring candidate Potiphar Tembo was a last minute omission on the PF final adoption list after it settled for immediate past MP Lawrence Sichalwe forcing Mr Tembo to seek adoption on the UPNF ticket….. UPNF is it a new party ba LT????????

    • Ba Pavyuma,no one will vote for you even if you say you’ll campain for ECL. Being disrespectful to the final decision of the PF party is being disrespectful to ECL chapwa. We don’t want people who are not loyal to the party, just campaign using your own name.

    • The title is not balanced as PF has lost three and UPND one. The difference is significantly different. For the Wusakile man his a confused one, what does he mean he is support HE President Lungu when he is not agreeing with what the Lungu lead management team has said in public.

  1. Democracy is about accepting the decision of the party’s supreme organ. When it makes a decision and chooses someone else, why should I send a battalion of cadres to riot? Grow up people, politics is not the only profession where you can make meaningful contribution to your community.

  2. I am not PF but I can say: if the party has to shed off its poor image of having kaponyas and full of violence,then it is good that it starts dissociating itself from jerabos or indeed all those who are public known to be involved in illegal dealings. I guess the opposition would have feasted on PF’s love for violence and illegality had they adopted this Pavyuma guy!

  3. African democracy mafifye yeka yeka, look at America, the republicans are stuck with the fool Trump, why because the I.d.I.o.t is popular. Id.io.ts thought the ni.gg.a was just causing drama, kanshi the grassroots is buying his crup! democracy is the modern dictatorship of numbers. Simply organize enough fo.o.ls and u will be elected to anything. Lungu must know this better.

    • On the contrary, the clean in PF have filtered through; leaving debris behind them. In the case of Wusakile, it was a choice between two debris parks.

  4. Greedy b/uggers who have no desire for anyone and all they wish to do is bury money underground. You are all Liato reencarnates

  5. I have a bit of respect for Miyanda but like all on the political scene he makes himself redundant more often than not. Please please please General Miyanda don’t be responding to my blog because I am irrelevant.
    Gen Miyanda you do make some good points but you also stray into irrelevant waters by seeming to appear to be answerable to bloggers some of who use this platform to pass time and do not even analyse issues before commenting. A great point is raised by Mushota one of the seasoned LT bloggers. Your fight for the poor on this platform does not achieve your intended go I am afraid. Being either a Councillor, Executive Mayor or Ministers in government would help you serve the purpose more. But just because you were VP before you will not want any of such lower positions, that’s…

  6. … that’s why you would rather be perpetually be seeking presidency as a .LONER in HP a position you’ll never win. Make yourself more relevant. I believe you have more to give than to reduce yourself to small debates with less analytical bloggers. I will not be looking forward to your referendum article. I would rather look forward to you advising the government in the background, the very least. Some of your outbursts remains just vuvuzelas even if they may be logical and have good intentions. SHUT UP.

  7. A party must have an effective intelligence wing to ensure only clean people are selected. Popularity is relative

  8. It Matters

    what is he popular for is the question?

    A constituency can not be synonymous with thuggery…..Hell no..Mr Ackson Simwizye will pull through.
    Instead of taking time to clean his name off animosity..there is nothing like problems he has caused to the PF.

  9. Pavyuma does not run the Jerabo unit in Kitwe. Get your facts right LT. His late young brother Youngson Kalobo did. Pavyuma stood on the MMD ticket for Wusakile in 2011 and lost to PF. What has changed now in the minds of the voters? Is it just PF they want? Then Pavyuma will lose as an independent. And I think he can be a waste of space in parliament. An MP should deliver both in Parliament and their constituency.

  10. I say it is terribly normal to become desperate if you are not adopted, it is unfortunately perfectly normal.
    It must be pointed out here that we the Zambians and electorates in particular are in charge at this juncture. We are gonna be employing these unthankful servants (President, MPs, Mayor and Councillor) in the 8/11 quadripartite polls, who later on act like our bosses once in power. Sonta! This sonta slogan is also working against the PF. If a PF MP can’t sonta, he is out period. Parties are being smart by choosing MPs who will deliver them victory. At the moment adult unemployment has gone up a bit. We need to employ a few. I hope the constitution has dealt with the bye election nonsense. HH is a job seeker too!

  11. Dombwa May 31, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    @DOMBWA: Did you really see UPNF in the following statement: “In Chawama, popular aspiring candidate Potiphar Tembo was a last minute omission on the PF final adoption list after it settled for immediate past MP Lawrence Sichalwe forcing Mr Tembo to seek adoption on the UPNF ticket”….. UPNF is it a new party ba LT????????. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING DOMBWA………DOBO?

  12. To those who have not been adopted: Note that each political party can only adopt one candidate at a time. And to the adopting political parties, are you sure the adopted candidate is the most preferred at the grassroots and the primaries? Politics has become such a lucrative “business”!!!It is no longer about service to the public but about self-service. May the best candidates in all categories carry the day on August 11.

  13. Kakoma says Upnd consititution allows the president to pick his running mate. Now the running mate thing is new so when was the Upnd consititution made?

    • That’s my worry Ndanje. When was UPND constitution amended since we all know that this party is allergic to convention where such matters could be addressed.

  14. HH is the worst dictator I can assure you. His preference for siakalima could be confirming speculation that he is a F M. Siakalima must have serious data about you which you fear in case he is not adopted, he can spill to the public… Let’s watch…out…bane…the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know. Viva ECL..!!!

  15. Thank you modern PF for not adopting that known criminal. President Lungu has done well to cleanse PF of former president Sata’s mafia. He was a hard working man, but charlatans seemed to be attach themselves to him. Let us move on to more work dedicated and character of intelligence based candidates.

    • Kalobo knows he stands better chances of coming out second to pf than if he stood on unpf . cb is Pf power house

  16. Political ideology is non existent in our country everyone is simply after a free meal ticket to huge allowances and benefits.


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