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Police summon Kabwata Constituency Aspiring Candidate Clement Tembo

General News Police summon Kabwata Constituency Aspiring Candidate Clement Tembo

Clement Tembo
Clement Tembo

Police in Lusaka have summoned Kabwata Constituency independent Parliamentary aspiring candidate Clement Tembo to exculpate himself over the gun shots he is alleged to have fired during nominations at Saint Patrick’s primary school yesterday.

Police Assistant Public Relation Officer Ester Katongo says police yesterday opened an inquiry in the matter after receiving reports from some PF members.

Ms. Katongo has told ZNBC News in Lusaka that Mr. Tembo is reported to have fired multiple shots in the midst of supporters when PF candidate Given Lubinda was filing in his nominations at the school.

But when contacted, Mr. Tembo said he has not yet received any summon from the police.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tembo says he yesterday managed to file in his nomination after he was whisked in the school in the boot of his vehicle.

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  1. SOunds like a right Pr*ck this man doesnt he?

    I wish nothing good for him.

    Arrogancy is what that face tells me, he i about.



    • This is what is wrong with politics in Zambia some candidates are narrow minded. This Guy talks about ending load-shedding, creating better hospitals and building better houses?! all these issues are beyond an MP. The other day Maureen was talking about ending cholera in Lusaka!
      Mayors must look at the big picture how do you expand Lusaka outwards how do you ensure that there is order at intercity and kulima tower how do you ensure that Lusaka roads like freedom way are neatly maintained? Them the MP must tell us how he will clean up the area!

    • So what the purpose of this baffoon firing off his gun if he got into the center to file his papers hiding in the boot of his vehicle? Just to show off that he owns a pistol? Wow, and he wants to be an MP?!!


  2. When old pipo refuse to leave the political arena claiming we aint ready.. they mean exactly this. Why would u go fire shots then do a drama entry to file your nomination papers……..what happened to dialogue and leaving things if they aint meant for you

  3. There is huge task for those who are aspiring for the position of mayor for the Greater City of Lusaka. A lot of things need serious attention ranging from expanding the town outwards, redesigning the entire city in terms road networks, reviving Njanji commuter train, drainage system, refuse collection and disposal, relocation of city airport and of course transforming the LCC into a giant and working council unlike at the moment there is massive red tape in terms service delivery. There is need to expand the radius of town centre and turn the whole of Civic centre, Fairveiw, Rhodes Park, Northmead and Thorn park areas into town centre. In fact my plans are gazzatte a 5km radius from Post Office as twon centre and raise rates by 1000% over a period of 5 years then you will see how the…

  4. @animal farm ‘rise rates?” imwe these politicians are complaining about registration fees! You think they will let you rise rates ‘so that only rich people can lease a property or own on in town’ that’s their language…even the past newspapers that imposed MCS on us are now pretending to be Marxist because of the tax they owe and the free contracts they got and ‘bought; white-elephant trucks that don’t deliver on time… so expanding town might have to wait; maybe think of a grz program that will encourage people to leave the cities …and that should be Local Government Joint Effort….

  5. When the so-called secretary general of PF, Davies Chama committed a similar offence the PF police were not as enthusiastic to question him like they are doing to young Clement Tembo. Rotten justice!

  6. How come all summoned and arrested individuals are always from the opposition? Doesnt the ruling party have malcontents too? Obviously the police turn a blind eye to ruling party criminals

  7. Sorry baba Tembo. U wil b arrested. Work with the winning team, then u can even empty an entire AK47 magazine (in the air obviously) with no problem. Now u c! Stop being independent. Join the big winning team.

  8. @james – of course Mrs Mwanawasa is right in wanting to rid Lusaka of cholera! There was no cholera any place in Zambia before – until our cities became so dirty – sewage, drainage system, garbage/waste collection, selling food on the streets and from dirty premises.

    Can you see that you don’t know that you don’t know?

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