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Alliance for Change Leader fails to file in after his running mate does a no-show

Headlines Alliance for Change Leader fails to file in after his running mate...

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda

Opposition Alliance for Change leader Andyford Banda this morning failed to file in his nomination papers for the August elections after his running mate Patrick Bowa failed to show up.

Mr Banda who arrived at the nomination Centre at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka with a handful of his supporters discovered that his running mate, Mr Bowa was nowhere near the venue.

Efforts to contact him revealed that he had decided to pull out.

Mr Banda had a tough time convincing ECZ officials to allow him up to Tuesday to find a replacement.

But Assistant returning officer Chomba Chellah explained to Mr Banda that the Commission cannot extend the nomination period beyond what is provided by law.

Mr Chellah stated that the Government Gazette has prescribed the period for receiving nomination papers and that extending to Tuesday would fall outside the gazetted period.

He allowed gave Mr Banda up to 15 Hours today to find an alternative and present his papers before the ECZ.

“Please go and put your house in order, we are giving you up to 15 Hours today to come back with an alternative. We cannot extend the nominations until Tuesday as that would be illegal,” Mr Chellah said.

And Mr Banda told Journalists outside the nomination Centre that he does not understand why Mr Bowa decided not to show up.

He said he has been working with Mr Bowa as his potential running mate for over four months and there was no sign that he would back down.

Mr Banda suggested that Mr Bowa could have been intimidated by some state agents forging him to pull out.

“He is such a distinguished gentleman and I don’t understand why he has done this. I mean, he has held very senipr roles including that of assistant Commission at ZRA but I am not so sure weather he was intimidated, he said

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    • Kopala Times

      Breaking News: Forget About The G12 Certificate, GBM Is HH’s Running Mate
      BY ADMIN – POSTED ON JUNE 3, 2016

      PICTURE: GBM and Wife gear for nominations this afternoon

      GBM and Wife gear for nominations this afternoon
      Information just recieved in the last 20 minutes indicate that UPND vice President For Adminstration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM is Opposition UPND stronngman Hakainde Hichilema, Kopalatimes can exclusively reveal.
      Last evening lawyers gave a go ahead after a length discussion and strategising at Guy Scotts house.

      To Be Updated…

  1. Can we please increase the nomination fees maybe to K 500,000. seems the 75,000 ( now 60,000) is still little for jokers.

  2. You are not the only one who has failed to file nominations. John Phiri and Simbyakula failed too. In fact you are better than them because you were not late. You can also look for anyone in the streets who is jogging and ask them to be your running mate – simple.

    • Kambwili, there is no way you are related to chishimba !! You are way too smart to have CK genes. You just brighten my day when you suggest Looking for anyone in the street who is jogging and ask them to be your running mate…………..jogging mate ??

    • Why not ask someone who is jogging in the street? At least he (or her) has a good chance of being sober!

      Look at the drunk we now have in State House. Sata found him drunk in a tavern and Zambians were dull enough to even vote for this clown from Chawama!

  3. Hahahaha I like the comment “he is such a distinguished gentleman I don’t know why has decided to do this. Maybe he was intimidated by some state agents”. Yaba- you gotta love Zambia. Clowns!

  4. Typical of Zed chaps! You can do all the work, meetings and put in the hours but the chap will disappoint you when it matters the most. I always say that the day I die, please allow my friends to bury me. That way they can let me down one last time.

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