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Government warns against publishing inflammatory stories and headlines

General News Government warns against publishing inflammatory stories and headlines

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

Government has strongly warned the media in Zambia against publishing inflammatory stories and headlines.

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili observed that media houses in Zambia were in the habit of sensationalising stories and headlines in order to incite people to rise against one another thereby sparking civil war and other skirmishes in the country.

Mr. Kambwili Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services was reacting to the story and lead headline carried by the Post Newspapers today which states, “It’s War;” quoting United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres.

He said it was highly irresponsible of the media to publish sensitive stories.

He has since condemned the UPND cadres for threatening war in the country and the Post Newspapers management for publishing a story from what he termed, ‘excited cadres’.

Mr. Kambwili has since asked the media to stop publishing inflammatory statements.

He has also reminded the Patriotic Front (PF) cadres of the ruling party’s stand to expel any of its member who will be found engaging in violence.

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  1. Frankly, I would love Edgar Lungu to win but the truth is that am dead tired of Kambwili, Bwalya and the recycled PF ministers.

    • The count down begins. Your days re numbered. Put sustainable measures in the broadcasting department unlike lambasting and creating chaos indirectly to the nation. Where do you place the future generation Kashimba Chimbwili iwe? At least you have two months get down to the drawing board it’s never too late. Use yr God given brains man and make up or else…wina azalila. Best of luck.

    • @1 The mark of incompetence in leadership is the inability to contain the naughty boys and girls in the team. Chakolwa fails. He does not behave like a leader. Instead look to and expect the opposite of what he says – every time. When he says peaceful campaigns, immediately his party cadres trash the UPND secretariat. It is this incongruent behaviour that has made Chakolwa the worst President that Zambia will ever have.
      #PF Zwaa!

  2. Kambwili and his warnings. He is inadvertently being alarmist with his constant warnings. What ecer happended to words like “advice”, “counsel” etc. Stop patronising us and always playing big brother

  3. Kambwili.
    Always warning. Whats wrong with this govt. Let the rule of law take centre stage. No need to warn if there is a law guiding people and respected.
    Iyo ni chipantepante.
    Kamuleya ku Roan mu August

  4. Kambwili wants to be bestowed with another “Doctorate”, this time, for spreading peace in Africa and Zambia in particular ……do you get it

  5. kambwili had an encylopedia of comments on HH if he had not chosen GBM as runningmate. now he is diverting to something else the whole morning why didnt he mention it coz he saw the paper in the morning. nisoni akambwili after his boss said the PF should welcome the prodigal sons who left PF but will come back after HH reveal the running mate. shame on him they kept waiting to hear running mate. they are shaking knowing that northern province is divided.

  6. Nothing sensible comes from this baboon,just like his boss Edgar chakolwa kaloba Wrungu.

  7. ichi chiipuba (this is a fool), which one is the worst, killing people(like PF does) and talking of what victims talk?

  8. You ***** chishimba tembwili your days in govt are for sure numbered.when all is said and done you shall feel the true Zambian spirit you *****,former minister(illegal for that matter). see you in the next 68 days after that you will be dumb and obscure mwana.

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