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HH says it has been a busy week as he prepares to unveil running mate

Headlines HH says it has been a busy week as he prepares to...

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema following proceedings during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution.
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has given a slight hint of the difficulties he has faced in picking his running mate for the August elections.

Writing on his Facebook last evening, Mr Hichilema who is expected to unveil his running mate as he files in his nomination papers today said it has been a busy week.

He quickly went on to caution his officials that winning the election should not be about titles.

It is widely expected that the choice of Mr Hichilema’s running mate may make or break his election bid which many analysts feel has given him the greatest chances ever of ascending to power.

But Mr Hichilema did not hesitate to call for unity from party members.

“On the eve of nomination filing. As we prepare for a big day tomorrow I want to thank all our supporters and party members for their efforts. It has been a busy week but next week will be busier still as we tour the country, and come August 12th we expect to be this busy every week serving the interests of the Zambian people,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “Our call this evening is for unity. There are many talents in our team and we can achieve a lot together. This should not be about anyone one person’s position or title but it has to be about the progress we can make as a team for the betterment of our nation.”

Mr Hichilema has told his officials to put personal interest aside if they want to develop the country and build a future in which every child, no matter their gender, tribe or financial status is able to have the same opportunities in life.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7. God bless.”

Many analysts are saying that the race to be Mr Hichilema’s running mate heavily favours Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba.

And UPND Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda opened up about the happenings in the party ahead of the filing in of nominations in a creative writing piece posted on his Facebook page last evening.

“As a man thinketh so is he. We all have assets and liabilities. Life is a constant interplay of the two. The management of these two will determine whether one succeeds or fails. It is not uncommon for the foolish to ignore the assets that they have and focus on accruing liabilities,” Dr Banda wrote.

“…bankruptcy soon follows. The end/outcome in such a lifestyle, you see, is premised on the attitude. It is predictable – dismal failure. Manage your assets well, Pilgrim. Divest yourself of liabilities. Success or failure is intrinsic to the management style of your life. Blame no one.”

He added, “Come on now. Take my hand. Let’s go. We have got liabilities to get rid of…the future awaits!”

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    • This Upnd project is dead. It’s been hijacked by the Scot led cartel. HH has already succumbed to the mafias the way Sata was. Campaigning will be tricky because most of the Pf they were condemning and insulting are eating with Upnd. GBM is sidelined and has been promised business from govt and any ministerial post of his choice. Kikikik nice movie indeed.

    • Anyone and anything from the kingdom of darkness that has made it their sole business to satanically hinder HH and his team with dark plans of trickery, mendacity, slander, beguilement, craftiness, calculated deception, dishonesty, dupery, underhandedness, violence, confidence trick (conman), sanctimoniousness, corruption, I single you out right now and bind you with chains of the Holy Ghost power that cannot be broken and I render your enterprise null and void and useless, in the name of Jesus. Father God, let the handwritings of ordinances programmed by satanic agents into the heavenlies against HH be dismantled, disgraced and wiped out by the blood of Jesus, Oh God, the Spirit of favour, valour, counsel, might and power, rests on HH.

    • I wanted to offer myself, but I surrender and advice HH to pick Ba Nalumango as running-mate, ugly she may look, but the woman is wise.

    • I command the day and programme it to line up with the plans and purposes of God for the favour and lifting of HH. Lord, I decree that HH is protected from the arrow that flies by day and the plague that destroys at midday.
      Lord command your angels to guard HH in all his ways. Lord bless HH and keep him; make Your face shine on him and be gracious to him; Lord turn Your face toward HH and give him peace. No weapon fashioned against HH prospers. When the enemy comes against HH, like a flood the Spirit of God raises a standard to protect and prosper HH.

    • Sorry, we like Canisius Banda and his perseverance and standing with HH but he is merely a walking stick. With all due respect, if he left today, who will go with him? But if GBM left today, he goes with a crowd and finances. To be fair, let us have Mutale Nalumango for veep. Canisius is still struggling with the eviction stigma- easy target for the PF.

  1. Chimutunta. Tiye tiye kumbele kumbele. Nichali bobu…wina azalila. As the ball is passed to the Rt the defender dribbled…will he score? Bravo

  2. Incoming Presido day, please pray, pray, pray, cast the evil of ECL, Kanitundila out of Zambia, open you eyes if this was meant to be let light shine on mother Zambia, lightening comes even when it is no raining. Innocent Zambians have lost lives, watch the person doing it lives in a glass house, shame, how do these people even close their eyes and sleep when they have killed innocent people? Their glass house is surrounded by graves. Let it be so

  3. If you believe in an ideology of pf or upnd y defect.not all supporters can be adopted but we can still offer meaningful support to our respective party.wishing upnd all the best.
    Are zambians better today than they were 5 years ago?many say NO.so lets not fear the unknown why not give it a shot this time.

    • Father and my Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to place HH’s name and campaign on the hearts of all prayer warriors, intercessors, and prophetic watchmen to pray for him. I ask You to let them not cease or come down from their watchtowers until their assignments have been completed.

  4. Psalm 37:12,13 The wicked plots against HH, and gnashes on him with his teeth. Isaiah 43:3: For You are the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, HH’s Savior. Isaiah 54:17 : no demonic weapon formed against HH and HH’s team shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against HH and HH’s campaign team in judgment is NOW condemned. HH is the righteousness of the Lord God. According to Isaiah 50: it is God who vindicates and is near HH. Who then will bring charges against HH? Let the accuser of HH face God! Who is HH’s accuser? Let him confront God! Lord you have said in Isaiah 49:25 that the captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; and that YOU will contend with those who contend with HH and his campaign, and that you will save HH. Psalm 35:1 :…

    • Psalm 35:1 : Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with HH; Fight against those who fight against HH. Isaiah 54:15. Lordy you have said anyone who stirs up strife against HH, it is not from You and that they shall fall because of HH. Isaiah 41:11,12 Behold, all they that are incensed against HH shall be ashamed. Genesis 12:3 And You Lord will bless them that bless HH, and curse him that curses HH. Psalm 3:7 : Arise, LORD! Deliver HH, my God! Rescue HH, my God! Slap all HH’s enemies in the face! Shatter the teeth of the wicked opposers, false witnesses, manipulators, liars, lying accusers, deceivers, beguilers, snake charmers!

    • Mr “Prayer Warrior for HH”,
      Are you praying to God or you are praying to LusakaTimes?
      I see that you are committedly and unwaveringly, continuously submitting, committing and making your requests known to LusakaTimes.
      Or are you praying to the bloggers?
      My fear is that you risk receiving your full reward from LusakaTimes and the bloggers and thus you may not expect anything from God. Read Matthew 6:5:

      “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full”

      That is because, if you pray so that you can be seen and approved by men, the men become your object of prayer, and you will get the approval of men. And because your focus is…

    • … and you will get the approval of men. And because your focus is men and not God, you will get your full reward from men, i.e. their approval, and you should expect nothing from God because he is, after all, your focus. You may convince yourself that you are focusing on God also, but if your focus is shared between man and God then it is entirely on man because God does not receive a fraction of focus but full.

    • @advice, “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full”

      I thought it is those who promised to build a synagogue /prayer house and always talk about their new faith whilst calling others satanic in public who have ” received their reward in full “.

  5. All you Upnd supporters should read the last part of the article carefully. I know most of you can’t understand what Dr Banda is referring to. Focus more on what Banda has said because that’s what shapes upnds destiny. Instead of you shouting presido HH who’s political life is expiring today take time to digest what Banda has written. HH is now hopeless.

    • Great Father of glory, pure Father of light, I ask You to destroy all ill spoken words, all ill wishes, all enchantments, all spells, hexes, curses, all witchcraft prayers, psychic prayers, witchcraft spells, voodoo spells, satanic spells, and every idle word spoken against HH and his campaign contrary to God’s original plans and purposes. Lord Jesus, I ask that You destroy the curses associated with these utterances and decree and declare that: they shall not stand; they shall not come to pass; they shall not take root; and their violent verbal dealings are returned to them double-fold according to Isaiah 54:17. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

    • @ 1mbecile above

      All UPND supporters are lucking understanding and only you, who is driven by inbred 1mbecility can understand words of Dr. (real Doctor, not like Kambwili) Banda?

    • @2REM, if you are referring to @HH Techilema, he clearly said MOST and not ALL, and you must be one of the MOST!
      Careful when you say ‘1mbecile above..’, you just might be referring to @Prayer Warrior for HH!
      By the way, it is LACKING and not LUCKING..

      More time!

  6. “It is not uncommon for the foolish to ignore the assets that they have and focus on accruing liabilities,” IN SHORT, BANDA IS SAYING THAT HH (THE FOOLISH) HAS ASSETS (LIKE BANDA HIMSELF), BUT HE IS IGNORING THEM BUT ACCRUING LIABILITIES (SUCH AS GBM).

  7. The end of HH and his UPND…..now conelius Mweetwa will take over after HH….Dr Canisius Banda will join PF or quit politics…

    HH is a pathetic Liar

    HH over-promising

    Don’t vote for HH

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  8. Every evil standing order against HH’s destiny, die, in the name of Jesus. O God arise and begin to disgrace all HH’s Goliaths, Pharoahs, Nebucaddnezers in the name of Jesus. O Lord, begin to laugh HH enemies to scorn. Oh God, you are mighty in battle, arise fight for HH in the presence of those who oppose and hate HH. Lord I pull down every serpent and every power waging war against HH’s campaign and vision. HH”s enemies bow and serve HH, in the name of Jesus. Every cloud of confusion, lies, violence, manipulation, deception, smear campaign, slander and evil covering HH”s campaign, clear, in the name of Jesus. As from now on, HH prevails against the enemies of his campaign.

  9. HH asked for this!!!reading his statement above and that of Dr Canicius Banda,a wise person would conclude that UPND is trouble over HH’s running mate!!Yes GBM stands a better chance if he has a G12 certificate because tongas believe that GBM will make many bembas vote for hh-(a thing which wont happen because majority of us bembas cannot vote for hh)!!!ONCE GBM IS PICKED,DR CANICIUS BANDA WILL LEAVE UPND AND MANY WILL FOLLOW HIM!!SO 03/06/2016 IS A MAKE OR BREAK DAY FOR UPND AND HH’S POLITICAL CAREER!!RECALL 2016 IS HH’S LAST ATTEMPT AT THE PRESIDENCY BECAUSE AFTER LOSING ON 11/08/2016 NOBODY IN UPND WILL ALLOW HIM TO CONTINUE AS “CHUUNDU CHAITWA” CHAIRMAN TILL 2021!!!LETS WAIT AND SEE!!”UMUNTU NI LUNGU-2016!!!GO PF GO!!

  10. Ba prayer warrior thats being foolish don’t mention God’s name in vain. Those prayers are nothing to a freemanson like hh. All u should be praying for, is for him repent publicly like mazoka did

  11. Ba prayer warrior thats being foolish don’t mention God’s name in vain. Those prayers are nothing to a freemanson like hh. All u should be praying for, is for him repent publicly like mazoka did.

  12. let Edgar chagwa lungu rule this nation is a God choosen you are just wasting your time fighting him because he ws choosen by God no matter a man fight him no one will achieve God is on his side don’t hate wat God has put, today u are praying for your hh when Edgar call for prays a national you refused,don’t fight Edgar it’s like fighting God and people fights against God dies Amen

    • The crazy Chakolwa chose himself. There’s no God who supports corruption and violence.
      #PF Zwaa!

  13. u are all satanist, with your prayers u do not that god is for all of us. pray for the will of the lord to prevail bcos it is only him who knows every thing.

  14. Its sad that my HH can be bought by the likes of Mugaiywa, Kilometer, Maureeno, Maroads just to get to state house…I have said sometimes its better to lose with pride than win with fear and then what you will have o reward the liabilities…as for Dr Cani…my brother its physician heal thyself am sure if Faith were alive she would have advised u to let is go and move back to were u were worshipped…and appreciated…but all the best its a long lonely road we travel everyday…

  15. the problem we Zambians have is over-rating ourselves. Take people like Dr. Banda, yes he has been there through thick and thin for UPND. But honestly, speaking can he marshal the votes. who knows Banda beyond Central Health Board and UTH. Can person from Chama recognize him? If I where HH, I would go for GBM (if he’s eligible). The guy is rogue & sarcastic ( a requirement for Zambian politics), has a voice and crowd puller. See what havoc he did on the copperbelt, making PF rushing down to CB and wanting to fill Levy Mwanawasa stadium, to encounter UPND’s popularity. As for Nalumango, let her just wait for UPND to win. she shall surely eat well for the next 10 years. But if they can convince Mama Kaseba and withstands the redicule of mukafwilwa(window myths). then its game over for PF…

    • Its not about pulling crowds, more like winning hearts to your side, GBM doesn’t have that ability to win hearts and minds. Just look at his performance against Miles at a Guy Scott led convention in Kabwe where it is reported that he bought mattresses for all the delegates but got under 100 votes and Miles got over 900. You are advocating for a rogue & sarcastic Veep for the republic of Zambia? Holy Jesus. Your sentence on madam Mutale Nalumango leaves much to be desired, are the UPND seeking office to serve or to eat?

  16. Banda I told that HH is not trustworthy. Its good that now you have known. Get into the boat. PF mpaka litente.

  17. Lungu called for prayers HH shunned. Now that he has seen how Lungu is rising he want to get to God. Repent of your masonry publicly like your predecessor. stop holding rallies on your believed Sabbath.

  18. Prov 30:11
    There are those who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers.

    Prov 30:17
    The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother will be picked out by the ravens of the valley
    and eaten by the vultures.

  19. For me Dr. Banda is not an issue. If there is anyone who can brake the party it must be GBM. For me even if Canius Banda resigned, it will bear no effects. I have nothing against the man but that is the truth. Why he is showing son much frustration in the last few days. In terms of organisation skills even Ben Kapita was better than Canisius Banda.

  20. HH shall for a longer time to come remain busy trying to wrestle power from ECL and looking at the way he is handling his party matters, he has indeed a long way to go before he can be ripe enough to be State President. Did you not know that the elections were coming this August for you to seem not to ready? I expected a smooth flow of activities with very few twists as a norm in democracy.

  21. It is less than 2hr to go..and still HH does not know is running mate is.

    I’m told he want to suprise GBM… so GBM has no time to go to court to stop HH from filling in the nomination…

    It will be drama in the HH Kraal today..

  22. It is only 1 hour to go and all will be settled. This running mate issue has been the most interesting. Why not go for Sakwiba, Patrick Chisanga, but not CB or GBM.

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