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Raphael Nakacinda urges Nevers Mumba to get a reality check

General News Raphael Nakacinda urges Nevers Mumba to get a reality check

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has urged former Party President to take a retreat and soak in the reality away from the people who have continued to wrongly advise him.

Responding to Dr Mumba who called during a live phone in program on Radio Phoenix, Mr Nakacinda said it was disappointing that Dr Mumba has continued to live in the past when the reality on the ground is that he is no longer the President of the MMD.

Dr Mumba called the radio station claiming that Mr Nakacinda was commenting on a matter which was in the Supreme Court and that the convention was illegal as it did not have the blessing of party leaders but Mr Nakachinda said Dr Mumba is in shock because he lost the position of presidency.

He said it did not make sense for Dr Mumba to think that the issue is still in the Court when the High Court made a ruling in which Dr Mumba’s case was dismissed.

He wondered how many times the former party President would go to Court, adding that what Dr Mumba was doing was what the Courts described as “Forum Shopping” in the last judgement that dismissed his claims.

He added that people like Dr Mumba feared the electoral process because they fail to do their home work when they are still at the helm of the party imagining that they will be there in perpetuity.

He explained that Dr Mumba would have been a hero in the country’s political circles had he accepted to go to the convention.

And on the issue of legitimacy of the convention, Mr Nakacinda said it is only in Dr Mumba’s head and those he appointed as NEC members who are saying that the convention did not have the blessing of leaders because the leaders of the party who are the general membership attended the convention and a resounding echo of No to Dr Mumba’s leadership was raised through a vote.

The embattled former leader has continued hanging to the faint hope that the courts might restore his presidency something which is highly unlikely as the convention that installed new President Felix Mutati met all the Party constitutional requirements and the new leadership has subsequently been recognized by law through the Registrar of Societies.

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  1. Mumba has now become the first to be irrelevant on the political scene. Next is HH. Actually it’s general who was first.

    • Sontapo

      HH is a pathetic Liar

      HH over-promising

      Don’t vote for HH

      August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Bacha ba Nakachinda? The first statement he gave to LT when he was just appointed MMD spokesperson ended something like thís ‘ I Raphael Nakachinda who appears in thís photo(which he attached) gave thís statement’………..he was a nobody then and wanted people to know him. Lelo ba Nakachinda mupontele ba Dr Mumba after bamipolisha mwalalanda icisungu icisuma bamifunda nokufwala bwino kuli………icalo chilacinja kwena!

  2. Mumba these are the results of selling ones soul to masonists. Masonists comprise very rich people who have swon an allegiance to protect and support one anothet. Ever wondered why HH has picked on GBM ?


  4. It’s you Mr. Nakacinda who will get the reality check, you can spray all the perfume you want on your “feaces project” , it doesn’t make it pretty. Just because a desperate president has blessed your illegal activities doesnt actually make it right, EL is desperate to win and he will do whatever it takes, but you my dear are disposable, wait till the dust settles and the law begins to follow you. they don’t love you, all that money is in exchange of the job you have done, convincing people that you are NS for MMD, via a sham convention, as a suspended member? How? Mutati and Mbulakulima are quiet because they know what they did, and agreed to do. you on the other hand have forgotten that this RB scheme is not worth the tissue you use. They will use you as an example. Find time to…

  5. Find time to read Machiavelli’s work, and you will soon find out that MEN have been using loud empty tins like you to do their bidding for hundreds of years, good luck scumbag!!

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