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I’ll not leave UPND despite not being picked as running mate-Dr Banda

Headlines I'll not leave UPND despite not being picked as running mate-Dr Banda

Dr Banda Congratulates GBM
Dr Banda Congratulates GBM

UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda has maintained that he will not leave the party in spite of him not being picked as the party’s presidential running mate.

Dr. Banda said that the value he brings to the UPND and the rest of the Country is still relevant.

Dr. Banda said that there was a reason why he was not picked as party President Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate and that there is value in the decision that Mr. Hichilema made to settle for his administration counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba.

Dr. Banda noted that much as this decision might not be discernible by the people now, he believes that in the passage of time it will be.

Asked whether he regretted having 4 years ago turned down an offer to be a Minister in the PF government, Dr. Banda maintained that he did not regret before saying that he sacrificed himself for the sake of Mr. Hichilema and the UPND as he desired to help them form government.

Dr. Banda further said that he does not regret at all even though it appears now as if he has been slapped in the face by Mr. Hichilema.

Dr. Banda said that he thinks that each event that take place in one’s life has value and happens for a reason.

Meanwhile, the United Party for National Development (UPND) in Southern Province is happy on the adoption of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) as running mate to party president Hakainde Hichilema (HH).

GBM, who is UPND’s vice president for administration, successfully filed in his nomination papers with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on Friday last week as the party’s running mate to HH.

UPND Livingstone spokesperson Neto Halwaba said his party in the entire province was humbled and grateful to HH’s decision to adopt GBM as his running mate.

Mr Halwabala said in a statement in Livingstone today that the decision to pick GBM was a fulfilment of what members wanted in the province.

“The UPND in Southern Province is humbled by our president’s decision to pick GBM as his running mate.

“As a Province, it has been our prayer and hope to have GBM as our presidential running mate,” Mr Halwabala said.

Mr Halwabala also thanked UPND vice president for politics, Canisius Banda, for being magnanimous in supporting the opposition party.

“Dr Banda has a special place for the UPND in Southern Province for looking at a bigger picture.

“His contribution to UPND cannot be ignored and we salute him as a party in Southern Province,” Mr Halwabala said.


  1. Humble and deserving my respect…Dr Canisius Banda. You are a great man. By the way I am not a member of any Political Party

    • Lies & Lies… from this Mr. Halwabala.

      Ask the strong backers and hardcore southerners. Most of them strongly see it as … HH has sold UPND to the Cartels and now the Angry Hyenas coming from PF to join HH for wrong reasons.

      Most southerners don’t want the likelihood of UPND taken over by northerners.

      It’s a fact !!!

    • I don’t doubt Halwabala statement! It does not matter what Hakainde does, people of Southern province are resolved to vote for him! Only a fool would think they can be divided!

    • Kikikikiki, yaba! Ati we are happy……….pwa ha ha ha ha. You’ve run out of formulas to use to get to plot one and that’s why you’ve chosen GBM hoping it works for you. Result? ………straight fith loss. If you’re UPND don’t even waste your time heading to the voting booth, your leader HH is losing.

    • In our , or sorry your new UPND government, there should be position of minister of wisdom affairs. And that will be Canicius.

    • Bemba’s won’t fall for the appointment of GBM……,.that’s not how they reason. Take a leaf from the January 20th election, how many votes dId GBM gather for HH in Kasama Central? HH is heading for a fith straight defeat, cause his running mate is a very violent thug, has a foul mouth,corrupt and has a shapeless body that would embarrass Zambia during photo sessions with other world leaders.

    • Dr is a relection of a good leader and thats why HH’s credibility in making decisions has been tasted. It the worst. How do leave out such a quality leader and settle for a Trader, Wife and Employee butterer. If GBM was left out you would have seen his reaction. Anyway tough lack Dr. Just as well, its good you will not be part of the failure this Auguts. The fact that still lies is that PF is returining power. Am scared what will happen to this noble part after loosing. The fact is that we still need UPND on the political scene. Given that HH will go into retirement, there is no way GBM can be allowed to lead this party. At least some else who vertically and horizontally inspire membership. In the meantime, Viva PF

    • Nefiko fine please. Umuntu alisambilila but looks like not so educated person. you have to look like a president

    • “Many are called but few are chosen” . Why isn’t Luo, Kalaba or other northerners resigning from PF despite their party being taken over by Chakolwa’s easterners and the running mate being that old bat, Wina? Canisius Banda is being baited by the PFools. If you have integrity, you cannot sup with the devil.

    • Hope paramedics will be near them otherwise wina azafa na BP. No wind of change. Sonta to kala sonta po fye
      Viva ECL and Mama Wina

  2. Too bad Doc you didnt know that masonists always support each other. The bells should have rung after HH refused to bail you out when your landlord chased you from his house. Tell HH that the support we had has just deminished coz he ha s joined forces with the most corrupt person Sata had. Twaya ifwe kuli Edgar twatina insele kuchipuba icho

    • Ba PF sonteni apo mwa bika
      Ubunga………………. K35 to K100 Salaries ………10% every year to 0% for 2 years
      Kwacha ————— K3 to K 12 Unemployment——- 4% to 90%
      ZESCO ————– 0hrs to 24hrs Load Shedding Corruption ——— Very Serious
      Inflation ————– 6% to 27% Political Violence —- 0 to Serious (everyday)
      Economic Growth — 7% to 2 % Worst record of any government.
      Nkhongole ———– K 0 to K7 Billion more than all former presidents put together

    • Jesus preached about the parable of the workers;some worked for 12hrs;6,4 and 30.mins and jesus said they were paid according to wht was agreed upon,Dr banda joined upnd bcz he believes in its idealogy and not position.thts the difference bn pf and upnd,nearly all pipo who defected to pf did so purely on serving their bellies like wht essau did to jacob but by the end of the day jacob was blessed than his bro.A man of principles might not see the blessing during his life time but his discendants will.pipo will spin it all the time bcz you can not please evryone.

    • Unless you dont understand that challenges are part of the growth trajectory. And thank God ECL dont only have a solution but actually he is addressing the challenges. Zambia is continuity. Try next time if there will be one. Come August 2016 GBM will eying presidency of the party and you will be locked somewhere thinking God doesnt like you. Firstly you fool God. You are called to pray and yiu decline. Its good you now knoe the bible. Viva ECL

  3. MTN spaka. Does it really work? I have tried to buy Airtime but the system keeps on telling me that I do not have sufficient Airtime. Can someone share his experience?
    Sorry for sharing on this platform. I need help. Unfortunately, MTN help line does not work either. What a pathetic service!

  4. Banda as usual you are living in denial. Kaponya (HH) has chosen GBM who will make UPND lose half of the Zambian electorate who are women. The women will not allow a wife beater to be Vice President. Kaponya should have chosen you or Nkombo I was going to vote

    • @ Kudos

      Koma chikubaba bululu! If he had picked Nkombo you’d have been doing what you know best….singing the outdated tribal song. Like Chimbwili I am sure that your days are all dark now.

      Get a life mbuya, drop your hatred. You need to survive after 11.08.2016.

    • HH has made a unifying choice. All PF cadres who were hoping that HH picks a weaker running mate can go and hang themselves. VIVA HH, VIVA UPND

    • The weaker candidate here is HH himself and he is headed for another shocker and this time Anglo America will not spare him,they will demand full payment of the money that HH has been getting from them hoping that maybe one day either by mistake or witchraft he will find himself in State House and eventually surrender all the mines to them.

  5. Well done Dr Banda! That is the spirit. It is good that the Top three in UPND sat down and strategised. Dr Banda do not lose hope becoz u be rewarded for your commitment to the Party and the country. All Zambians should unite and vote out this visionless, clueless,violent and thuggish Lungu regime on 11August 2016. ECL and PF must go#

  6. You are the Man Doc, the bigger picture will rapture into a better life for all under the leadership of the handsome threescore.

  7. I can assure the nation that:

    From now till just before August 2016, GBM will cause another havoc such as Beating the Wife, his Worker or go openly Insulting People.

    Like most

    • I can assure the nation that:

      From now till just before August 2016, GBM will cause another havoc such as Beating the Wife, his Worker or go openly Insulting People.

      Like most of us who grew up with GBM. He is addicted to violence.

    • What’s wrong with that? That’s how Bembas are. Look at PF! There’s no point being gentlemen when a big portion of the country are thugs.

  8. I think Dr. Banda deserves a lot of respect. He has shown us true statesmanship and real leadership. I have learnt a lot from this man.

  9. Banda u giv us easterners a bad reputation. U ve been rejected bcoz the Tonga thinks he can use fellow corrupt tenderprenuer to mislead Bembas to get him into state house. U ve been reject as not bring as much value as a new comer Bemba. Yo 2 friends ve already stolen, they r trying to go steal mo. So u wil remain & die a loser. Bcoz hh won’t b presido, not 2016. Atekefye ing’ombe, chabe!!!

  10. U r a fool. Gbm bull-dozed his way into running mate. U with yo continued stupidity u seem to sit & wait FO crumbs. Uchipuba baba. What ve the doctorate done FO yo thinking. Yo hh wil dump u when he no longer needs a chola boy! Wait & c!

  11. Ths the best strategy HH has formulated. Whether GBM is popular the ground has been leveled. The Bembas now will not really mind whoever wins PFor UNDP. RB will cry again.

  12. This is best strategy HH has formulated. Whether GBM is popular or not the ground has been leveled. The Bembas now will not really mind whoever wins PF or UNDP. RB will cry again.


  13. Zambia is made up of 10 provinces. Political support should resonate and rhyme across the provinces; that’s how you win an election. The numbers! Well said comrade HH. We shall ensure that you save us at another forum of life’s endeavor. This time you and GBM, go and form very big business empires for power Zambians. That way you will have where to point. Thanks but you don’t have what it takes to lead Zambians politically.

  14. That’s intelligence coupled with wisdom Canisius. You have demonstrated your maturity once more in the midst of a storm and that is how great leaders are. You are right in not pretending that you did not want the position. God has his on time. If something does not work out at a particular time, it is always for some reason, give it time and you will see.

  15. dR. Banda honestly you deserved the second slot considering the better standing with the party for relatively longer period. The only reason you have been sidelined its because of money issue not integrity.
    I am know you will not for gbm/hh as voting is in secret

  16. When your enemies in war praise you on the quality of the leadership and troops deployed against them, then you should know you are losing the war!!

    I never heard Saddam Hussein or his Comic Ali praising H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. the United States Army general who served as Commander-in-Chief, United States Central Command when he led all coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War.

    It’s common cause that the choice of GBM was apropos then as it will stay in prosecuting the battle for Zed economic liberation.

  17. Congratulations don’t behave like those hyenas or vultures in MMD. Smelling meat somewhere and getting closer. Good move, doctors, real ones not the likes of kambwili should never behave like kaponyas.

  18. Dr Banda is still the vice president he has more responsibilities in UPND than you can imagine look at the bigger picture our leadership sat and planned this move just wait and see. Our respected Doctor is very safe within our UPND family.

  19. Dr Banda is still the vice president he has more responsibilities in UPND than you can imagine look at the bigger picture our leadership sat and planned this move just wait and see. Our respected Doctor is very safe within our UPND family. We do not think like PF dull leaders.

  20. Let the mandevu doctor dream on until the good things that are designed for him come. Wait forever doctor, but we know that ulibe ndalama so bakunyunya iwe!
    What do you take us for?

  21. PF were dribbled and this shocks makes Post headline. HH is a wiz kid; he is not successful for nothing. He has since mastered politics. PF leaders had strongly hope for a UPND fallout, banking on GBM disqualification on account of Grade 12. Now they are burping everywhere not knowing what has hit them. Does PF know that UPND has capacity of filling up any stadia with a day notice? But the party has not gone that root; grassroots organization, unity, focus and high energy involving every UPND supporter. If you are living in your own world, keep thinking GBM will not be a factor. PF lives in denial, failure to accept the obvious. The Southerners have gone low to allow the party entrench every province. UPND mission to become a national party has finally been realized and no one should make…

  22. ……. of thinking the original supporters are disgruntled. Far from it. Dr. Banda knows which party will be in power and also enhance his credibility.

  23. Kavindele has smelt defeat and that’s why he is desperate for Lungu to win first round. Everyone can discern the signs. A new government is coming to liberate Zambia from the corruption and nepotism. GBM will gobble young votes around the country. For once, there is hope these businessmen will help the country create jobs. Shame Lungu spent all his energy at Levy stadium on these two men. They are not only two; its 66 percent of the entire population rallying behind them. Do not be deceived by your own voice-eco on ZNBC. The true voice will show you the exit door. Do not be in denial. You are warned.

    • Unfortunately the people on the grass root are voicing out differently. Nooo change maybe 2021. In 2011 it was evident that change was coming not now. Book mark my comment and come to it after august.

  24. What’s the meaning of southern province acknowledging the appointment of gbm. When we say Upnd is for tongas this is what we mean. Of all the voters they chose to get approval from the chuundus. If the chuundu said no then no gbm for veep. Why not appeal to all zambians?

    • So you do not know that there are party structures in each province? Why do you like dwelling on trivial things? There is nothing wrong because it is just the place. The UPND in Western province would have said the same. Relax and try to see the bigger picture.

  25. Obviously PF will be very happy to see Dr. Banda leave. They will throw money at him since they have a lot of it from looting our country! Dr. Banda knows government is very big. There will be something very important for Dr. Banda to do within the UPND Government! DR. BANDA IS A TRUE LEADER! HATS OFF TO A TRUE SON OF ZAMBIA.

  26. It is good that GBM has been chosen as HH Running Mate. This makes work to win the 2016 elections easy for PF. Youths will not Vote for UPND as GBM mistreat his Youthful workers by beating them. Women will not vote for UPND as they know GBM does not respect women. Several times he has beaten his wife and reported to Police. By choosing GBM the UPND has just hammered the last nail in the UPND coffin. VIVA PF AND ECL. No second round as HH has helped the PF greatly by appointing GBM

  27. you are even Strong coz some of us awe mwandi I wud have defected immediately… to PF…..
    mwandi u are a very strong man – Just leave those business men

  28. Dr Banda is in GBM ‘s pocket. He can not move until GBM says so. He is domesticated in HH’s kraal

  29. You failed to soil your hands, worse still failing to pay rent of all things not worth running mate full stop.

  30. Well Dr. Banda should accept it; politics in no longer about personalities but numbers behind a personality. Doc has had less value compared to what Dumbo is offering. I think that for the benefit of higher chances for upnd he does well to take a humble pie. ChiChi will surely remember this humily if and when he accends on judgement day.

    I thank you

  31. Well Dr. Banda should accept it; politics in no longer about personalities but numbers behind a personality. Doc has had less value compared to what Dumbo is offering. I think that for the benefit of higher chances for upnd he does well to take a humble pie. ChiChi will surely remember this humility if and when he accends on judgement day.

    I thank you


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