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President Lungu orders Zambia Police not to tolerate any breakdown of law and order

General News President Lungu orders Zambia Police not to tolerate any...

President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola

President Edgar Lungu has ordered the Zambia Police Command not to tolerate any breakdown of law and order in the Country.

President Lungu has particularly directed the Police on the Copperbelt to ensure that law and order in the Province is maintained.

President Lungu who is also ruling PF presidential candidate made the directive at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium this afternoon during a campaign rally.

President Lungu says much as he has faith in the police chief Kakoma Kanganja , there is need for him to be on top of things in restoring law and order on the Copperbelt.

He has warned that if the police fails to bring sanity in the country, it will be chaos if the PF try to do it as they are attacked almost on a daily basis by UPND cadres.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has advised Zambians not to usher in a government that will be a try and error kind of governance.

Earlier MMD President Felix Mutati confirmed that the ruling PF and the MMD have now formally cemented a working together alliance.

Mr. Mutati says the two political parties have mutually agreed to work together because they respect each other.

Meanwhile, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) other President Dr. Nevers Mumba has said President Edgar Lungu risks leaving a lawless and completely chaotic ‘Banana Republic’ governed by jungle law, reminiscent of other failed states in Africa and other parts of the world when he leaves office this year.

Responding to a flurry of press queries to remarks made by President Lungu at the PF Rally in Ndola on Saturday where he refered to expelled former Lunte MP Felix Mutati as MMD President, Dr. Mumba said it was extremely unfortunate that Zambia had not benefitted in anyway from having a lawyer as republican president. He said the country’s record in governance and the rule of law had deteriorated under Mr. Lungu.

He reiterated that Felix Mutati was not a member of the MMD let alone its president as he was expelled from the MMD and his expulsion upheld by the Lusaka High Court, which is part of the country’s Judiciary. Is Mr. Lungu casually ignoring this fact? In addition to this, Dr. Mumba said the people who championed the holding of the convention, were suspended Members of the Party, and had no mandate to hold the convention.

Dr. Mumba has challenged Mr. Lungu, a lawyer, to explain to the Zambian people, how he was reconciling these issues in his own mind.

Mutati recently placed an appeal against the High Court expuLsion but has since withdrawn it, therefore fully reverting to his ‘expelled’ status.

President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola

President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu and his Running Mate Mrs Inonge Wina arrive at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium for a rally in Ndola


    • Lusaka Times, why only show us one angle of the stadium. we know already that the northern and southern wings were empty. Ufisanji mambala?

  1. That’s the man with a master plan….he walks around with a big stick

    August 11 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  2. I like the billboards…one says” it pays to advertise” and the other one has all the former President and the man of the moment…His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    Vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • @HH Techilema

      Yes sir I saw it…HH is going back to Pemba on August 14 via Monze….. that’s the only way he can get there

      August 15 it’s Inauguration for Edgar Lungu

      I thank you

  3. H H can not be compared to your perpetual drunkard. If the devil succeeds in bringing this drunkard back on the 11th then zambia is cursed.

  4. H.E Eddy Lungu may God bless you as you continue to lead Zambia in the next five years. What a humble and cheerful leader you are! You are a Copperbelt Man we know and you are one of us! We shall reward you on 11/08. Keep well Ba Eddy

  5. Boys and girls from Zambian Missions abroad are very scared to come back if Edgar Looses … look at the comments lol.

    The topic is security beve they talking about something else. ninshi some people have already typed comments such that bachita chabe copy and paste

    • Why do you think negative comments are just from missions abroad.
      You are so shallow. Not everyone is UPND! whether you like it or not, PF is winning because they have a better President and running mate. HH should just throw in the towel after 2016.


  6. @Katondo boys, Continue spreading the good news because you do not insult, you just tell it as it is…

    • @ Zakeyo

      You are right. Katondo puff gay does not insult, it just tell as his genetic 1mbecility allows him to see.

  7. President Lungu’s understanding of law is very poor. We may not like Nevers Mumba but he is correct, the High Court ruled that he remains the MMD President until this is reversed by the Supreme Court of Zambia. President Lungu has no respect for Court orders.Lungu has no respect for the Zambian Constitution that is why he has retained his Ministers in their posts after Parliament was dissolved against the advice of the Attorney General who is the Govt’s Chief Law Officer.Instead of restraining his PF cadres after they stoned the UPND Secretariat in Lusaka the hypocrite Lungu goes on to give his PF thugs licences to commit acts of violence against innocent civilians. Its unheard of anywhere in the World that a seating President can incite thuggery and lawlessness in his country.Zambia…

  8. As a lozi who was supporting PF (and yes I’m a registered voter) that CB slogan about teka ngombe was very offensive and has left me wondering if as a daughter of a cattle farmer, I have been supporting my own father’s enemies.. Why the hate, people?! Remember every vote counts, mine included.


  10. Being dishonest refers to a situation where someone deliberately distorts facts. In a simple example, a person who punches someone in the face and then accuses the same person of actually being the one who first punched him is a dishonest person. Such people should never be trusted with leadership because they are a danger to society. Everything should be done to stop the resurgence of despotic regimes in Africa.

  11. Zambians hate violence, poverty. And Zambians always want to reject political parties after watching them. Now PamaFi is not even broadcasting other people’s rallies. Everyone knows that PamaFi is very scared. ..

  12. How can any African identify as a Christian when the Bible was used to support slavery and Christianity was brought by the very same people who exploited and enslaved Africans?

  13. Edgar is really a funny character! To him everything is partsan. One wonders if this man who has never achieved anything in life before accidentally ascending to power can unite the country! His cadres destroy the UPND property and secretariat, he condemns the afflicted and encourages his pf cadres to continue instead of repremanding them for what they did! We are on a very wrong path with this man. He is not a reasonable man. I equally pity his unreasonable gullible supporters. Vote for him and see where we will be 6 years from now. I can assure you you l regret and he won’t be there to answer anything coz by then he will have gone! His HIV is steadily progressing.

    • He says dont vote for rich men let us the poor govern our thelves as if there is pride in poverty shameful indeed coming from a man who is president.

  14. A convicted thief and a well known drunkard campaigning to be in charge of our national affairs! Zambians can do better and if you elect this thief then it just confirms the down right stupidity in the people.
    A stupid mother fuc.ker, thief and drunkard Lungu should never have slipped through to presidency even for a single day!!

    • On Muvi TV, Radio Phoenix and Social Media it’s possible for the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND to be President…

  15. Useless orders..its no wonder the Lazy Bum knows nothing about governance..next he will be issuing orders to ZP to arrest thieves.

  16. Find his entire speech in the Post,almost half the stadium was empty,and people started leaving while Lungu was still talking.they did a Dont Kubeba on Lungu,the people took the money,they came and then gone again-hahahahhaha!What an embarrassing moment,especially for a ruling party.Copala yonse naiya ku opposition bane,To all the PF dreamers here LT,my advice to you is this””pls keep comforting yourselves with messages of hope,becos your party is dead and stinking right now-this is jst june,we still ve the whole month of july””Ba Zambia tabafwaya amafi becos yala nunka!Shaleni mweka mumafi yenu-Ifwe twaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You people really puzzle me. If Lungu is as popular as you are putting it, why should he be ferrying people from over over the country to attend any particular rally. When he was launching campaigns in Lusaka he ferried carders from all over the country to fill up the stadium and the same happened when he was in the copperbelt at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.
    Next week he will be in Eastern Province and buses have been organized to take people there. is this not campaigning to the same group of people every time?
    lets say the capacity of our two stadiums are 32, 000 each. Then Lungu is campaigning to the 32, 000 people every time he has a rally whilst the country has over 5 million voters. Can someone explain to me how this strategy can work for someone to win the elections.


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