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My name is Dickson Kadansa, born in 1985. I am the last born in a family of 15, unfortunately 10 of my siblings died and we just remained 5.

My life is a true definition of God’s greatness. The day I was born, I was stolen in the hospital. According to my mum, the woman who was on the next bed to her in the hospital used to give birth to paralysed baby girls and when I was born, that woman paid one nurse to swap me with her baby who was born paralysed. My mum upon seeing the baby next to her, she started crying and insisted the baby was not hers but people started laughing at her and mocking her that she had gone mad. When the nurse in charge heard about the commotion she asked what was going on and after been told the story she requested all the nurses be interrogated and apparently the one who had helped that woman to swap me with her child showed up very late and was found guilty of swapping me with the other child and I was given back to my mum.

My growing up was very tough and rough, I stopped school in grade 2 at Munkolo basic school due to luck of sponsorship and when I was about 13years dad left mum for another woman and married. The children that used to help mum out died. Life became unbearable for us such that we could only afford one meal a day.

Healthy and delicious food was unheard of in our house, sometimes I would go to Zamim college at the canteen and ask for left over foods, I would lie that the food was for the dogs but meanwhile that food was for everyone to go and eat at home. Sometimes, we would go at Tamba farm to go pick some eggs and chicken disposed in a very big ditch called “Matololo”. These eggs am talking about were rotten and the chickens were dead but we would take them home for a delicious meal.. We would also go pick some meat at Majoru,a situation where, a dead cow is thrown into a big ditch and burning but we would jump inside and cut what we could manage and take home. When that happens, then we would get a decent meal at home. During night time from about 19hrs-22hrs I would go from door to door selling paraffin and when I get some money I would help out buy some food at home. It wasn’t easy!!!

I got tired of this life, such that sometimes I would ask my mum why didn’t she just leave me with that woman who stole me when I was born, maybe I would have been in a rich family because I was frustrated with life. I moved from Linda and started working as a garden boy in Avondale at pastor Henry’s residence, from there went to work for now’s PP’s party president, Mike Mulongoti as a garden boy. Though I should mention I didn’t get these jobs so easy, before I started working, I used to sleep in unfinished building (my cousin had chased me away from his house) I would go to the mountains for prayers and spend a lot of days there simply because I didn’t have a home to go to.

I then started working at Mike’s car wash.I would pay the taxi drivers that would bring their cars for washing to teach me how to drive a car, until I learned and got a driving licence and later became a taxi driver. Believe me, being a taxi driver was a big achievement in my family.I was a taxi driver for about 7 years. I later decided to start buying some spare parts for cars and sell them, I started going to South Africa to buy and bring them to Zambia. Slowly my business started growing. In 2010 I moved to South Africa, I started purchasing car spare parts and cars from china for sale in South Africa and Zambia. I became one of the directors for dream trading car hire till today and I opened my own company that deals with trucks and buses called Trade link transporters and I am back at school right now.

If you are going through what I went through right now, don’t lose hope. It doesn’t matter whether you got an education or not, God still loves you and has plans for you just hold on to him. Am currently working on my album that will be released next month 25th June and I hope it will bless your soul. Stay true to God and Good Bless!!

Story by Jessica Bwali
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  1. Really inspiring.

    My dear, you are not the only one who passed through this, but I salute you for being proud of your past.

    I too, today commenting on your story, also passed through this. Life for me and my brothers was tough and miserable, but I am always proud to talk about it. The only difference between you and I is that I managed to go up to grade 12, and my parents never divorce, but things became worse after the death of our father who struggled for our life. Because of poverty, or should I say through poverty, I new God when I was only in grade 7.

    In short, I have seen the hand of God in my life and in the lives of my 2 kid brothers. I pray for those who despise those that are less privileged. I know of a former MP who always talks about the poor past of other…

    • So refreshing. This is the kind of stuff you want to reading, and not political articles that have no content.
      Congrats man. And sorry for the loss of so many of your family members. Proud of you.

  2. It is global! May I take this opportunity to warn the opposition to stop telling lies that Zambians are suffering.

    Show us the suffering then we will act. Sonta!

    All citizens are very comfortable and well looked after by their government!


  4. Very Inspiring and hope your life will truly live to inspire others. being that you are doing well, hope you are open to helping young kids suffering since you went through a real tough time. Well done on your achievements and just know that things happen for a reason. For this never blame your mum but help her, as she really suffered for your moral support and never gave up.

  5. 91st first I thought it was gbm When you said you are a grade2 drop out. Sorry anyway but you are not the only one with a rough life.

  6. Very inspirational.

    I rejoice with you Dickson. God is indeed our sustainer.

    Please, don’t forget to help the poor and needy.

  7. Good experience but from nowhere you will emerge with a PhD like one of your friends here. Basopo !

    • Iyo kwena ati GBM quit in Grade 4 at break time. That’s our new Vice President have respect, you have no choice. Edgar Na lungula.

  8. This story is inspiring and it is motivational to share such stories. However, there are some aspects that may raise some eyebrows. The South African market does not allow for importation of second hand vehicles. therefore the vehicles must be new cars meant for the export market.

    • @Crane, please what’s important is the inspirational story. I know he meant that he buys second hand from Japan and sells them in South Africa and Zambia. What he meant by selling them in South Africa is that people from other countries like Congo and Angola and Zambia would by from him in South Africa not to use them in South Africa. Don’t forget his level of education just get the point, this guy is trying to send a word to those that feels like their life at the edge. Bravo to this guy.

  9. Stop making excuses but do what works and what matters. Stop thinking there is a politician out there with a magic wand that will take a way the problems; or your business will thrive because a politician has the solution you need. Business is business the political factor is just one of things that help business thrive its not everything. You can not change what you do not acknowledge be truthful about what is not working in your life , stop making excuses and start making result. We have got to get together and vote for Edgar Lungu and PF.

    • @Cindy, useless comment bwamba bobe. This is a hard working young man who is proud of where he came from.

    • Ba Cindy, mwabwelako fye ba chibusa. “Tamufwaya umufishi awina mutila wakwa shonongo”.
      Go figure!

  10. Zambiano ask ba DEC before u start insulting. wasn’t he jail in 2013? muleikalafye, dont be fooled by white suits

  11. @Zambiano, Thanks for the clarification. And you are right, the inspirational story is what’s important. I guess also one could easily get mixed up between “China” and “Japan”… the names both have the letter “a” in them which could be so so confusing.

  12. Inspring stories for a change. Ba L.T, once in a while, please publish such not lyonse tuletuka ECL, Kambwili, GBM na HH.

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