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Vodafone expands into Zambia with Afrimax internet partnership

Economy Vodafone expands into Zambia with Afrimax internet partnership

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Group Plc will expand into Zambia by offering high-speed mobile-data and Internet services in the country through its partnership with Afrimax, one of the largest 4G wireless voice and data communications providers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

England-based Vodafone said in an e-mailed statement on Monday that the two companies will offer customers 4G data services using the Vodafone Zambia brand, Newbury.

The deal includes the opening of Vodafone-branded stores and providing services to businesses in the southern African nation.

Vodafone has stakes in Johannesburg-based Vodacom Group Ltd., Safaricom Ltd. of Kenya as well as operations in Ghana.

African phone companies are broadening their Internet offering to help offset declining voice sales as consumers leapfrog fixed-line technology in favor of smartphone devices.

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  1. Vodaphone has one of the best connectivity and signal coverage in Europe hence best option for corporate clients but their deals for indivivdual clients are a rip off!!

    • This is confusing. Vodacom already own iConnect Zambia who offer Internet services. Will Vodafone now compete against Vodacom through their two proxies, Newbury/Afrimax and iConnect, respectively? The easiest way would have to invest further in iConnect so that they could migrate to LTE or whatever the latest and greatest technology that is available.

    • @Buck Teeth Lungu I see this is out of your depth! For tax purposes, this makes a lot of sense and for risk purpose, they spread their risks! By the way, Newbury will be a brand name like Siliza, SoChe etc

  2. Apha kwena mwalasa.Should it have been vodacom South Africa i wud ve been upset.This is what we need,direct investment-no middlemen pls.It means Zambia will be one of the first African country have a Vodafone shop,cos oftenly Vodafone trades with different names across the globe especially Africa.This ll be a milestone,Virgin will be next to flock in,thats how British companies operate.Thereafter the list will be endless. Because they see HH coming into power,HH worked for vodafone.

  3. Just the name HH will see many big companies coming back to Zambia,my reasoning is that this guy is an Economist aswell an Accountant in which he worked in Britain and South Africa.Therefore,when he assumes office,stakes are very very high-companies will fall on mother Zambia like no man’s business.Some of them you people will jst be chasing them away,to say,Ah!nafifulisha sana.Tichefyeko number.That is where Zed is headed,the flag will shine again like never before seen!

    • Ba Redbull. Vodacom has a Kavindele connection. He has been fighting for this licence as far as I can remember. Initially he could not be given a licence because the govt had an agreement with Lap Green not to introduce another mobile firm. Kavindele is treating us like children when he gives all those reasons as to why he is supporting ECL when in fact he is supporting his belly. Now it will be North Western Railways.

  4. HH or his ministers wont waste time & resources to woo investers, because Investers will woo Zambia to allow them to come there.The country will sell itself under HH.If these guys travel,will just be for meetings and conferences.Not for Eurobond and to woo investers,because under him they ll come on their own.They ll here about the new Zambia.Then they wont want to be left out too but to join-watch this space!

  5. Why should you silly cadres hijack everything with your nonsense? Who cares about your HH or Lazy Lungu?

  6. @Zed ways & Shameless;Pls dont misquote my statement,just so we on the same page.”Zambia can only succeed again under the UPND”.i hope now you get it right.It is the only time that will hold our flag with pride again.No one can imagine of PF winning again-not even yourselves you PF cadres.You are chasing the wind my friends-wake up and join the reality.And the reality is UPND!

  7. Meanwhile,Aug 11 ileisa…..untill mwakulainyela mumatako.Your president Lungu yesterday admitted that he would go back to chawama shd he lose and that he will peacefully hand over power shd he lose.So,you cadre what are u waiting for?and mukaya imwe,twebeni ko,because your loss is confirmed by your leader today in Zambia and News 24.Watch the whole thing there.

  8. Its one thing to have many players and another for them to operate independently and competitively. We have seen in the past how cement price was being fixed by cartels prior to the coming of …..ng…e. If the trend can not be investigated to it’s logical conclusion, their coming will yield NO positive gains to the consumer. Our own CellZ must just do that which is expected of them- to counter the unwarranted high costs in the phones usage. WORK UP CELL Z.

  9. i like ECL alot coz he is quite nd doz what everyone wants, the real issue here is not of being nice and doing what everyone likes bt doing the correct thing… HH when u enter into power this August 11th, do the right thing. the only way we can develop as a country is creating a secondary type of industry, using capitalist theories and doing it away from the dependancy we have from other countries. the country cant live it by just relying on a primary industry and donor aids which comes with policies and their rules.
    big up to vodafon for the development they have made to come and are welcome, this is a steping stone…. have my surport

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