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Nevers Mumba’s MMD dares Felix Mutati

General News Nevers Mumba's MMD dares Felix Mutati

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba
MMD Acting Party Spokesperson Ms Irene Musonda has dared expelled former Lunte MP Felix Mutati to go ahead and ‘deal’ with MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba as reported in the Daily Nation of Monday 6th June 2016 if he has guts.

Ms. Musonda said Mr. Mutati is an expert at ‘hot air’ threats which he somehow finds difficult to follow through. She reminded the nation that in January this year, when it was discovered that Mr. Mutati’s picture was among UPND senior officials on the official calendar for the Party’s 2016 General Elections, Mr. Mutati threatened to sue the UPND for not getting his permission to put his picture on that calendar.

As the MMD had predicted, that threat died a natural death.

Ms Musonda has challenged Mr. Mutati that instead of making incoherent noises which do not make any sense, he should instead categorically confirm or deny whether it is true that he is expelled from the MMD and whether or not his expulsion was upheld by the Lusaka High Court upon appeal.

She said on the other hand, Dr. Nevers Mumba is the bona fide President of the MMD having been democratically elected in the heavily contested Convention of May 2012, against several well-known former leaders of the MMD in which he trounced Mr. Mutati with a 70% landslide in a re-run.

The MMD feels that Mr. Mutati’s recent troubling behaviour may be as a result of his failure to come to terms with that devastating defeat. She said no matter how often Mr. Mutati and his team keep referring to the ‘kangaroo’ convention they held in Kabwe, that illegality remains an illegality which shall not go away and they should come to terms with the tact that Dr. Nevers Mumba’s 5 year term of office, is firmly protected by the MMD Constitution until May 2017.

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  1. If Mumba has seen that UPND is a party worth endorsing, why didnt he forgive Felix Mutati for appearing on a Calendar for UPND. This is the hypocrisy we talk about in Nevers ! He is an unstable isotope !


    • Blame it on one master minder immoral RB…they got Felix voted in illegally, equivalent to voting in one drunken ECL with legs and hands without a ballot cast

    • MMD will remain with the right candidate, who was voted legitimately and he is known. RB MMD is true democratic party and stop confusing them.

  2. I am not a fan of Nevers Mumba but the way the man has been treated by MMD is very sad. Upon winning the presidency, they all abandoned him.PF came up with a 400 million kwacha bill, or they de register the party, the man ran around and salvaged. They abandon him and only to appear during election time, ati we need a convention. Savages!

  3. This woman IRENE MUSONDA is just a chancer who dot even know MMD and i dot think she has party card if she has when did she join MMD bcoz what i know she was with NEVERS in NCC and left them stranded when he was given a job by LEVY

  4. HARIET I beg to correct yo insinuation that NEVERS MUMBA salvaged the MMD when it was de-registered by ADELEKI the truth is that DORA FOUND THAT MONEY to pay the registra, even other debt the party had like with NAPSA, ZNBC, TIMES OF ZAMBIA and DAILY MAIL were paid by RB so what salvaging of the Party by NEVERS MUMBA are you talking about? if anything NEVERS has made more money using MMD and that is the reason he is still for party presidency not bcoz he loves the MMD.

  5. What remains in MMD? Nervers Mumba keep your party constitution for your continued reference. MMD is under Felix Mutati who has the right to completely finish off MMD. There will be no MMD MP in the next Parliament apart from Howard Kunda who pf has already poached from MMD

  6. NEVERS is gone chaapwa he shud just concentrate with his new party UPND plz leave MMD alone you have made a lot of money, even with all that money NEVERS MUMBA faction just managed to file in 3 seats and in the same seats even his partners UPND filed so what type of MOU did he sign at CHAINAMA HOTEL CONFERENCE with them? or was it a deal to sale the MMD to UPND for his personal gain?

  7. NEVERS MUMBA was not at GARDENS HOTEL MEETING where MMD was born so he is a stranger to MMD Democratic principles. He thinks he can dribble and sale MMD to UPND like he did with his party NCC. NEVERS should know that the people who drafted MMD Constitution knew that there will be dictators like him that is why they put Article 15 in that constitution to protect the party to be manipulated by people like him, so those provinces who petitioned for the convention are on firm grounds. How do you claim to be democrat when you abuse your authority by expelling your opponents while in the race? And the convention as supreme body of the Party lifted all those fake expulsions and suspensions NEVERS was using TO disadvantage mutati and others, so kwamana chapter closed. The motion to lift…

  8. MBUYA vitu valula vi leke tyala, atu akufuna lini mu chipani cha MMD koya tyala uko kwamene ku UPND muziguliza ng’ombe namu muyako wasopano HH. ife muchipani chatu tikufuna lini.

  9. Ba Mumba a form 5 drop out what do your expect the only certificate he has is the certificate of discharge from the Zambia National Youth Service which was awarded to him after completion of the compulsory 20 months. He then lived off his sister who was married to the late Simon Mwewa and from there salvaged the thought of Zambia shall be free….the rest is history…stolen cash, tax evasion, joined a party sold it for VP post and was fired by LPM, formed a party run fro PM and lost…accepted a job as High Commissioner came back tainted…sneaked in to MMD, and is a failure am sure Kachingwe has not forgotten his new mate at upnd

  10. Ba Nervers Your MPs do not regard you, effectively, you are not standing, you lost the election and chose not to show up. Go f*ck your dad!

  11. “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him. “All who take the sword will die by the sword, Matthew 26:52. Dr. Nevers Mumba remember how you humiliated Major Richard Kachingwe as if he was a thug. Your final embarrassing exit is still waiting for you in UPND until you say sorry to Major Kachingwe. Prosperity is for those who love & humble themselves & seek forgiveness when they wrong others before they are forgiven by the All Mighty & people who have sinned against them. Your then MMD youth you ordered manhandled him like a robber.

  12. One can not compare ECL to Mumba/Mutati saga. Instruments of power had to switch hands and only by hand over. In that vain, if at all there was anything sinister , the one who had the instruments would have held on to them. He HANDED THEM OVER whether happily or not. Once beaten twice shy.

  13. Guy Scott had the backing of the Defence Forces as he was the acting President and he chose not to attend the Convention which he himself called and you want to blame ECL for that. I mean a person you attack everyday as being visionless, chakolwa and yet he had power over people to hypnotise them so that they love him and rally behind him and vote for him whereas people with power coward somewhere else. UPND supporters you are more intelligent than that. Don’t let bitterness for a person who hardly campaigned and overcame all challenges to beat your person who has been campaigning since 2006 cloud your judgement. BE FAIR!!! Go ECL

    • Correctly observed infact if one was to ask UPND about a convention they don’t know even how it’s called or convened because it has never been held ever since…

  14. Sorry , sorry , this is poltics its not for those with small hearts ask Scott wen he had all the instruments of power but beaten clean with his pants down by only chagwa Lungu forward with pf

  15. The best for Nevers Mumba is to go back to the pulpit. One Biblical character – Nebuchadnezzar was once restored when after he realized he needed to serve God!!!

  16. The best for Nevers Mumba is to go back to the pulpit. One Biblical character – Nebuchadnezzar – was once restored after he realized he needed to serve God!!!

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