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Guinea Bissau FA denies questions over Goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye fall’s eligibility.

Sports Guinea Bissau FA denies questions over Goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye fall's eligibility.

Guinea Bissau goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye Fall
Guinea Bissau goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye Fall

Guinea Bissau FA Vice President Johnny Mendes on Wednesday held a press conference to respond to concerns regarding the protest the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) had lodged with CAF over goalkeeper Papa Masse Mbaye Fall’s eligibility.

In his statement obtained by Chipolopolo Die Hards, Mendes started by saying the Zambians allege that the goalkeeper received his passport [Guinea-Bissau] on the day of the game which is simply not the case.

“We received the protest on the same day of the game from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Which, in turn, gave us 48 hours to submit supporting documents of the nationality of the player. “You can stay calm, we have all the documents proving that the player has Guinean nationality and everything is legally binding, don’t forget that I ‘m a lawyer by profession and i know how to address these issues, be rest assured we are safe,” said Mendes.

Papa Masse Mbaye Fall is a previous holder of a Spanish passport and he has lived and plays in Spain, and has Guinean documentation which includes registration, identity card and passport of Guinea-Bissau.

He said it is very surprising that the Zambians questioned the situation of the goalie, when the same procedure was done for three other players who represented the country in the same game against Zambia.

“Why for instance didn’t they inquire on Frederic Mendy for instance who was born in France or Tony Sá Brito and Kaby who were both born in Guinea-Bissau but possess passports of Portugal?”

Guinea-Bissau are now awaiting the verdict from CAF, but Federal officials in the country believe that “nothing is going to change” in relation to the outcome of the game against Zambia.

A game that ensured that the Guinea Bissau made history by securing qualification to their first ever AFCON tournament.

Papa Masse Mbaye FallPapa Masse Mbaye Fall
Papa Masse Mbaye Fall

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  1. Ba FAZ dont waist time nimwe on Petty isues. You lost that game and nothing will change moreover the man who influenced the last disputed qualyfier against Sudan where we got 3 points is no more at the helm of FAZ. The new leadership at FAZ they are all bunch of failures backed by their records.

  2. As Zambian we like a Mathematical game plan, when is this Idea going to end??? The best is just win all the games and celebrate later. Your friends prepared themselves well and you failed. Stop this nonsense.

  3. A kick of a dying Horse. Expect more of failures in future. As Zambians we always shoot ourselves in the leg by allowing petty jealous to over take us. Kalu is a Gulu in global football. During his reign no match official could mess up with our National Team for fear of him. Now you have novices at helm of our football administration who need a great deal of introduction even in our neighbouring countries like Malawi and Zimbabwe. Wait for more because you know that there is a lot of injustice in continental and global football and you need strong and influential men like Kalu for to succeed. You will soon be seeing Kalu on Fifa committee where he is appreciated not in his own country. Shame on as all Zambians. We may commit the same blunder on 11th August 2016. Vote wisely.

    • You can not tell me that out of 11 million Zambians only Kalu is competent to run football affairs. Nobody possess the monopoly of knowledge except Jesus Christ.The reason why generally there is no development in Africa is this erroneous thought of one man show syndrome. It is the same thought which has consumed African leaders to cling to power no matter what. It is people with mono mentality like you who have helped produce the Mugabes and Musevenis of this world.

    • Lapkenifamily he is the only one who has delivered the AFCON in 54 years. So for anyone else to take over they must show that they can do what he did. That is only LOGIC batata.

  4. Why not protest the poor referee officiating? U messed up by drawing with congo pa home ground.if u won that game it wud be a different story.leave the poor goal keeper alone.

  5. The line up was just messed up. Lwandamina has failed due to ukutemwa ukulyamo
    The line -up was suppose to be like this
    1 kennedy mweene
    2. Davies Nkausu
    3. Stephen kabamba
    4 Buchizya Mfune
    5 Stopilla Sunzu
    6 Nathan Sinkala
    7 Chisamba Lungu
    8 Christopher katongo (Captain)
    9 Collins Mbesuma
    10 winstone kalengo
    11 Rainford kalaba

  6. Is this the change people wanted at FAZ sure? I thought zambia’s failure to qualify to AFCON finals gives the new executive the best opportunity for them to start afresh. No wonder from the time they took over, nothing new has come from faz. Get to work you fulls and spare us embarrassments of qualifying through back doors. Kamanga promised us alot and surely this should not be one of his tricks for success if at all he will achieve any.

  7. Let me advise FAZ to find an expatriate coach who will be picking the players on merit
    The following are the Zambian players who can help Zambia raise a flag
    Kennedy Mweene
    Christopher katongo to be the captain
    Danny Munyau
    Chisamba Lungu
    sunzu stopilla
    Nathan Sinkala
    Fwayo Tembo
    Jacob Mulenga
    Kalaba Rainford
    Winstone kalengo
    Buchizya Mfune
    Aaron katebe
    kondwani mtonga
    Emanuel Mbola
    Joseph Musonda
    Isaac Chansa
    These are the only players who can play professional football

  8. The appeal is in order and with all fairness, we might just win this case and be awarded 3 points from the board room. Keeping our fingers crossed. We have the right to know when there are questions in our environment. We are not wrong to ask and find out something we are not comfortable about. I support FAZ for being brave enough to inquire about the eligibility of the G/Bissau Goal Keeper. In fact I was questioning his eligibility even before the match, waku Senegal ulya. Lets just wait and see.

  9. Ba Andrew Kamanga, ba “football economic manager” kuwayawaya fye…!!! It is easier said than done. Great Kalu is great Kalu! You can’t compare yourself to the great one, ba Andrew in terms of football. Mwaceepa sana…!

  10. They used the Cape Verde Islands method: Hunt for players playing 2nd division French/Spanish/Portuguese leagues & give them passports. The players use AFCON games to market their skills & go back to Europe better off with money & fame from their adoptive countries & a better career in Europe.

    Date of issue of the Passports can be backdated especially in small corrupt countries

    • is a lot of envy and hypocrisy, Guinea-Bissau’ll be in the CAN. Football is played on the field, not in the office …. living Guinea-Bissau

    • 95% dos jogadores da seleção Guineense, nasceram e cresceram na Guine-Bissau, Antes de falar besteiras, procura saber melhor as coisas.
      Speaking of Cape Verde, all players who play there are of Cape Verdean origin, some born out of Cape Verde. Why do not you go complain Nani to be Cape Verdean origin and born in Caboverde playing in the Portuguese selection? Not only him, many African players who leave their home countries to go play in another European seleçao … Envy is ugly

    • 95% of Guinean selection of players, born and raised in Guinea-Bissau, Before talking nonsense, looking better to know things.
      Speaking of Cape Verde, all players who play there are of Cape Verdean origin, some born out of Cape Verde. Why do not you go complain Nani to be Cape Verdean origin and born in Caboverde playing in the Portuguese selection? Not only him, many African players who leave their home countries to go play another selection of Europe … Envy is ugly

  11. We just need to work hard. Lwandamina is taking the team backwards. There hasn’t been any injection of new younger players in our team in his tenure. Bring back janza or Phiri otherwise we are going nowhere. We need to renew the team Katongo mbesuma have had their time

  12. Whether you like it or not, the 3 points will be given to Zambia and Zambia will qualify to the AFCON 2017. It is a clear case and even the Guineans know what they have led themselves into. @ Chilnkalipa, if they are found guilty it will change the group standings because Zambia will now have 9 points and on top of the group…FAZ is right to protest and this will also serve as a lesson to other countries that pack anything they find and add it to their National teams…..Keeping our fingers crossed.

    • Finally someone out there thinks like me. Why not complain if they did not use the right players. It is not the first time a country would be disqualified

    • The Guinea-Bissau’ll be in the CAN. Football is played on the field, not in the office …. He is Guinean there is no doubt about it. Learn to give merit to the opponent.

  13. Even if we enter through the front door or the back door, we will come out thru the window. Where else have you ever seen a couch with a tummy and expect good results? George Broiler Lwandamina does NOT qualify to couch a national team; just look for money we order / import a couch from abroad. With broiler, we shall be weeping boys in the world cup qualifier, if you have looked at the 20 teams in the pots waiting to be drawn into group stage you will agree with me that the broiler is not a couch for the job.

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