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Lubinda Sued for an unpaid $10 000 loan

General News Lubinda Sued for an unpaid $10 000 loan

PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri talks to Agriculture minister Given Lubinda during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri talks to Agriculture minister Given Lubinda during the Press Conference at State House on Friday, May 13,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
A LIVINGSTONE business executive has sued former Kabwata Member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda over an alleged debt of more than US$10, 000.

Hakon Hellebust is demanding that Mr Lubinda, who is Agriculture minister, pays him $10, 380 being the money he loaned him, $ 50 for the transfer of the money, US$7, 200 interest and damages for breach of contract.

Mr Hellebust alleges that on July 10, 2016 he loaned Mr Lubinda an amount of $10, 380.

He said the money was sent to Mr Lubinda through a deposit into his account on July 10, 2006. Mr Hellebust alleges that an agreement dated July 7, 2006 was signed by both parties after which the money was transferred into Mr Lubinda’s account held at Holiday Inn , the now Southern Sun branch.

He further alleged that the agreement stated that a $50 fee for the transfer of the money was to be borne by Mr Lubinda.

Mr Hellebust said despite numerous reminders, Mr Lubinda had failed to settle the amount owed to him.

He said this had resulted in Mr Lubinda breaching the agreement.

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  1. PF is rotten to the core. What has kept the country afloat for the past 5 yrs is the close to 10 billion US we now owe..
    The man on the street has been surviving on the trickeldown effect after the borrowed money is looted by PF.

    Under PF Zambia produces no wealth.
    Now that borrowed money is finished you will see suffering.

    • Mr Hellebust alleges that on July 10, 2016 he loaned Mr Lubinda an amount of $10, 380. Is this prophecy LT or what…. If my memory serves me right today its 11 June, 2016 but now where is July coming from…. Anyway this case is already lost since the man is just predicting that Lubinda will get credit from him on 10 July

    • Whichever way, HH made a self-inflicting pain.
      He has dribbled himself from continuing with his political career.
      HH’s political career has been deeply challenged, because after losing in August 2016 he will be forced to retire from active politics by the ‘guys’ or is he going to accept to be a mere UPND member, or at least a member of the NEC?
      Let us assume that in the unlikely even he won the election (forgive me for assuming the impossible), GBM would be a thorn in HH’s flesh – take it or leave it. GBM would have a constitutional mandate just like HH, and HH will have no powers to fire him. Those who know GBM will tell you, that HH’s would not be easy.

    • You may not like what I have said but that matters little the point is that, whichever way, HH’s career has taken a self-inflicted challenge because of greed – the hunger and thirsty for State House.

  2. Is it July 2006 or 2016…why cant two people proof read these articles instead of one drunk editor?

    This is typical of these reckless empty tins we call ministers if they can not pay their own debts surely how do you except them to pay and plan repayments for EUROBONDS….really laughable.

  3. Dombwa or Tombwa can you read the article again and carefully check the dates.Lubinda is corrupt he must have just crooked this man that he lends him the money.
    Ask chilufya Tayali about lubinda’s corrupt activities


    • Bo Lubinda please payback from that money from FRA maize your proxy companies exported to DRC and Malawi.

  5. There is always only a very small window of hope for justice when MPs cease to wield the overpowering influence that makes them get away with such misdemeanors. Hope he gets his cash back before August 11. After that the window closes again…

  6. This is the season for nonsense
    …..that is my take on this….has this person just woken up?

  7. He was probably being ignored. He is using the opportunity of the moment. Because Lubinda does not wish to relinquish power, he cannot let anything stop him. He will pay back the money, probably publicly and will regain the trust of his supporters. With such supporters, you can never do wrong.

  8. Home Headlines
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    Theo De Marillac, hippo killer of the Luangwa, Pic-Kamisa Malipita
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    Outrage from animal conservation groups is mounting after leaked photos showed that thousands of Hippos are being slaughtered in the South Luangwa.

    This was after Director of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW), formerly ZAWA Paul Zyambo confirmed in an interview that there was an ongoing hippo culling programme in the South Luangwa.

    Mr Zyambo said the hippo hunt contract was awarded last year as part of a culling programme aimed at managing the hippo population along the Luangwa River in the south.

    Mr Zyambo…

  9. This is part of the reason why PF Ministers are corrupt. In such a situation how can Lubinda refuse a bribe of US$10 000 from a Chinese Company? These chaps have no integrity! That’s why they have opted to continue dipping their sticky fingers in the treasury by continuing as Ministers even when LAZ has guided on the matter!

  10. 7% per annum interest rate sounds too cheap a loan. If the base rates are already 15.5 %. That’s a loss and a bad loan even if it were to be paid at once.

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