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Outrage as killing of Hippos in South Luangwa is revealed

Headlines Outrage as killing of Hippos in South Luangwa is revealed

Theo De Marillac, hippo killer of the Luangwa, Pic-Kamisa Malipita
Theo De Marillac, hippo killer of the Luangwa, Pic-Kamisa Malipita

Outrage from animal conservation groups is mounting after leaked photos showed that thousands of Hippos are being slaughtered in the South Luangwa.

This was after Director of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW), formerly ZAWA Paul Zyambo confirmed in an interview that there was an ongoing hippo culling programme in the South Luangwa.

Mr Zyambo said the hippo hunt contract was awarded last year as part of a culling programme aimed at managing the hippo population along the Luangwa River in the south.

Mr Zyambo has declined to comment on the legality of the programme, which he said was planned by ZAWA sometime last year, well before it was re-constituted and re-branded as the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW) early this year.

The leaked photos show that up to 2 000 hippos along the Luangwa River could be up for slaughter allegedly by a South African professional hunter known as Theo De Marillac of De Marillac Safaris standing over the body of a slain hippo which sells them for R181 300.

The images were downloaded from the Facebook page of Kamisa Malipita, an employee of the Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DPNW).
The employee took part in the killing programme on May 31, 2016.

The Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife awarded the South African hunter a five-year hippo cull/ trophy hunting licence.

However, animal activists have opposed the programme and described it as a trophy hunting exercise disguised as a population management plan.

The killing reported to be of up to 400 hippos every year for the next five years is officially to stop the spread of anthrax, an infection that can be fatal to humans.

But the UK-headquartered Born Free organisation suggests that the cull is more about “trophy hunting” and says it will turn this 250km stretch of the Luangwa River into “killing fields”.

Born Free claims on its Facebook page that Theo De Marillac Safaris is marketing the hunts.

On its website, Theo De Marillac Safaris urges potential clients to “experience the rare and exciting opportunity of participating in a controlled hippo hunt in Zambia’s Upper and Lower Lupandi”.

“This walk and stalk hunt over the flood plains means hippo are hunted on land, making this a very exciting, adrenalin-pumping safari,” says the company.

A five-day safari – which will see five hippo hunted – will cost R129 500 while a seven-day safari, hunting seven hippos, will cost R181 300.

Will Travers, Born Free founder, said in a statement: “At a time when wildlife populations of multiple species are under extreme pressure across much of Africa, many, including Born Free and our supporters around the world, fundamentally question the logic of killing thousands of hippo, and turning the flood plains of the Luangwa River Valley into ‘killing fields’.”
“There is an urgent situation arising in the South Luangwa region of Zambia. Hippo hunting license/s have been awarded to a foreign Professional Hunter (PH) with large bag limits of up to 2,000 over the next 5 years under the guise of animal management,” a source said.

“Presently, the (South African) professional hunter is busy selling hippo trophy hunts to other foreign nationals,” the source said.

“At least six hippos have been killed since the ongoing programme began on May 22, 2016. There are real questions as to the legality of the original issuance of the licenses. “There were questions raised by the new Director of DNPW that the licenses may not have been legal and were arranged under the now defunct wildlife authority last year. Despite this, DNPW have forged ahead with the contract and killing has commenced.”

The source said since May, the department of National Parks and Wildlife, had held meetings with six Community Resource Boards (CRB) where they informed people that whole herds of hippo – including pregnant and suckling females, as well as their calves – would be killed.

The source warned that indiscriminate killings would wipe out hippos from the river and represent a contravention of Zambia Wildlife Act because they involve foreign hunters.

“To the best of my knowledge no Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared or submitted. Local professional hunters safari outfitters were up in arms. The foreign hunter will bag 400 hippos per year,” said the source adding that the duration of the hunting season is 4 months and that a significant proportion of the hippo population in the Luangwa Valley will be wiped out.
The Luangwa River is one the major tributaries of the Zambezi River and one of the four biggest rivers of Zambia.

The Ricer generally floods in the rainy season from December to March and then falls considerably in the dry season.

When the dry season is particularly bad, as it has been for several years, the pressure on hippo population is huge.

The Hippotamus is listed as Vulnerable on the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Around the 1980s, the Black Rhino had the greatest concentration on the African continent in the Luangwa valley and the Zambian Government allowed its hunting until extinction.

The Government and hunting fraternity at the time was that the Rhino were plentiful species and the sale of its hunting licences went unchecked.
The further poaching for the illegal trade in Rhino horn saw the end of this species.

Today, the largest concentration of the Hippo is along the Luangwa River and conservation groups are warning that if the hunting of thousands of Hippos over the next five years is allowed, it will lead to the extinction of its species as it happened with the Rhino.

The great Zambian hippo slaughter of the Luangwa Pic-Kamisa Malipita
The great Zambian hippo slaughter of the Luangwa Pic-Kamisa Malipita

The great Zambian hippo mauling of the Luangwa-Pic by Kamisa Malipita, May 31, 2016
The great Zambian hippo mauling of the Luangwa-Pic by Kamisa Malipita, May 31, 2016


  1. This department of parks and wildlife should have given licences to crop crocodiles that are killing our rural communities everyday. Send the skins to Malaysia and Singapore and rake in the much needed forex. How is our thinking in this country.

    • You no idea how important wild crocs are to keeping rivers clean…if you want to export croc skin go and create your own crocodile farm. Wildlife is not like maize in your field that has to eaten because its there….this why its important to teach pupils in schools about wildlife!!

    • Imfubu, ala kuti nailya ichine chine. Uyu munani sana bane. Uyu musungu shimba ampelekofye nangula amabu nebo kuti natemwa nganshi.

    • It was lions and leopards and now hippos. The PF is indeed a bunch of interesting clueless people…but what do you expect? Edgar said he had no vision….need we say more?

    • This is part of the criminality of PF. Of all things even killing hippos has to be sold off to some boer!! Chakolwa Chagwa, is there anything remaining in your drunken head? At the very least Zambians could have been given the opportunity to do the culling and the meat offloaded to starving Zambians. I am disgusted with PF.
      #PF Zwaa!

    • Something seems fishy here. This guy advertises Hippo hunting to foreign hunters and is charging them $12, 350 to hunt for 5 days killing 5 hippos total. And then $14,950 for 7 days hunting, killing 7 hippos. And this is supposed to last for 5 years? Hundreds of thousands of US dollars will be made from this. The question is,…who is the beneficially in all this? How much is Zambia getting out of this? And what’s happening to the meat? Secondly, why bring in a foreigner when you can do it yourselves and keep all the money? And why make it so secretive that only a few people knew what was going on? This is outrageous. Stop involving foreigners for things we can do ourselves. Someone find out what the exact terms of the contract are with this guy, and let us know. Those days of…

    • @Nostradamus
      Hahahahahahah , are you talking about Edgar and his people again? They are off day so the beer killing today

    • Well said “Buck Teeth”.

      Aba ba PamaFi are SO F..OO..LISH!! WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT Zambian’s CROPPING THIS HIPPO POPULATION IF INDEED OVER POPULATION IS THE CASE!! We have so many hunter/poachers who would be too happy to participate & BE EMPOWERED BY THEIR OWN GOVT – BUT, AISSSH AMAFI AYA, AYA TU TEKA NFINE, YA SHUPA!! Am not surprised if this was organised by “Persona Non Grata” & chagwa to share the “crumbs” that this Mu Bunu will be throwing in their direction!!! THEY HAVE NO PRIDE WITHIN THEMSELVES – BA CHIFITA, ABA FITA FITITI!!



      One can only vouch for a cull if indeed the Hippos had EATEN THE VEGETATION & DENUDED the banks of the river predisposing it to EROSION & DESERTIFICATION & thus upsetting the Ecology of the river – however, I don’ think this is the case – IT IS ALL ABOUT THE GREED OF MYOPIC THIEVES WHO CAN’T SEE BEYOND THE TIPS OF THEIR BIG NOSES, that have the sole interest of this cull!!!!


    • …PERM SEC WILL BE ON YOU SIDE – Chagwa has NOOO GUTS TO FIRE YOU, HE IS DEFINITELY GONE ONCE HE TRIES TO DO SO – IT WILL ONLY CONFIRM THAT HE IS ONLY INTERESTED IN LINING HIS & POCKETS THOSE OF Ba BUNU (Whom our GREAT FORE FATHERS FOUGHT & SHED THEIR BLOOD FOR OUR GENERATION – Chagwa is basically “Pi.ss.ing” on their sacrifice!!) – This “So humble” chakolwa has indeed no LOVE FOR HIS FELLOW ZAMBIANS – what is so difficult about local hunters with their “mu tutilas” Conducting the cull if that is truly the case????? Zambians OPEN YOUR EYES!!! IN LESS THAT TWO YEARS, THIS THIEF/KAPONYA HAS EARNED MORE MONEY THAN THE COUNTRY HAS EARNED IN PROFIT yet all his Salary & Allowances DON’T ADD UP!!



      Abantu Baya!!!

      #Chagwamustfall!! #pamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!


  2. Does Zesco know that most areas load sheded at 6 this morning do not have power restored as at 12. Is the 4 hours loadshedding proclaimed designated for certain areas. ZESCO is decampaigning the PF

    • You moron why can you post somewhere else….what’s that got to do with the article? Some of you your brains freeze and void if an article has nothing to do with political campaigns of your useless parties!

    • Mr Agaba
      How old are you?What has Marjory done to you?She is just raising a concern.Please this is 2016.Reading your comments it is like you posted it in 1990.Respect women please.Your mother is a woman.Anyway look at who am preacing to.PF must go then even *****s like you will have no access to computers that will serve us well.

    • Social media has no rules. Dont censor others. If you dont like what they post just ignore it. People use social media for different things. He or she cant start looking for a relevant story if there isnt one. He can post anywhwere. Stop acting like headmasters

    • Mr. Agaba, that was really way out of line. You come across as a very vulgar person. While you have a point, you could have pointed it out in a more civilized way. There’s no need to be insulting women like that. I’m sure you were born to a woman, didn’t just drop from heaven. And maybe you have sisters and daughters, too. Would you like someone to insult your mom, sister, daughter like that? Learn to respect our women, please. I believe you have a conscience and a heart and will find it in your heart to apologize to her. Peace brother.

  3. This happens everywhere. Cropping is a necessary evil. It is for the good of the animals and the ecosystem. Get over it.

    • Where??? Where have you hired a professional hunting company to cull wildlife that pose no risk or disease to anybody…ZAWA officers could have done this at a cost of one rifle bullet if it was really necessary; go to this hunters website and track where the money is going.
      Wake up from your docility!!

    • I just came back (two months ago) from the Russian boarder where my girlfriend and her team were cropping down wolves. Her work as a biologist takes her to different places in the world. She formulates mathematical models to see how many animals must be cropped down. I am not privy to what is in it for the boer guy you are “witch-hunting” and how he got the contract, but one thing i know for sure is that this has been a planned exercise. Conservatives group are always known for crying out loud forgetting that animals have got carrying capacities. It is a timely exercise, no need of becoming emotional or politicizing straight forward things.

    • There you are contradicting yourself so how is this a necessary evil, cropping hippos; herbivores which feed at night across stretches of land and bathe all day during the day…you make comparisons with Russia where carnivores are being cropped by scientists and biologists; do you see any reference to biologists or wildlife scientists in this selfsame article or the need to cull backed by scientific research.
      If you do not understand the topic simply refrain from posting rubbish or spewing your vomit..save that for political articles about your HH or Lungu that do require usages of your faculties. Do you know who even blew the whistle on this scheme? Its educated ***** like yourself who should be educating others instead of the opposite.
      Have a nice weekend; do not bother to reply!!

    • I can see that i am debating with an immature individual. Thats why i advice people to debate without emotions. Read what “carrying capacity” means. The problem with semi-illiterates is that they like arguing about things they barely understand. Yes they eat those things but if they are in large numbers they put more pressure on the ecosystem. There must be a balance in the ecosystem, without it you invite things like diseases and other negative consequences.

    • Its clearly evident that you are simply clutching at straws and trying to save face; what diseases have broken out in South Luangwa…last time I checked the place was a wildlife protected area and the Luangwa River wasn’t a transport route for locals. Have you even bothered to check this selfsame company’s website? This is the problem with cadres you throw stones and lash out with pangas then ask questions later.

    • If there is anyone whose understanding is flawed because of cadresm it is you. I am talking from a scientific point of view. I am talking about the number the environment is able to support. It is a food chain, if they put pressure on their food because of large numbers, it means that other animals that depends on what they eat gets affected. The same food they eat also has a role in the ecosystem. Yes if there are in large numbers there is potential for an outbreak of Zoonotic diseases. Once you remove your political glasses you will be able to think like an enlightened person you pretend to be.

    • So according to you and ZAWA slaughtering up to 400 hippos every year for the next five years is officially to stop the spread of anthrax at a price of R130,000 with 7 days stay in Luangwa per head shooting 7 hippos? If you truly wanted to fight the spread of anthrax would you need trophy-hunters to do that? Shooting sitting ducks in water with expensive high powered rifles. You have lamentably failed to produce grade A beef for export from domestic cattle now you blame hippos in protected areas…truly laughable and very sad.

    • I am not looking at the financial incentives because i am not privy to how they came to this conclusion of awarding the contract to the South African guy, reason why i havent gone into the economic benefits of the whole exercise. I am looking at the good outweighing the bad from an ecological point of view. No wonder i said in the first place that it is a necessary evil. They have to be cropped down in one way or the other for the sake of the local habitat. Thats my point.

    • You simply can not justify culling as a solution and ignore the big players in this scheme; firstly is there an outbreak of anthrax in South Luangwa? if hippos have it then other herbivores must have got it as well…so cull the buffaloes, impalas, zebra etc as well that how ridiculous this sounds. Its likened to culling crocs because they are killing villagers who are walking a long distance to draw water from that stream. Do you really need to fight anthrax in a five year period if you are serious?
      Please use your brain for once and analysis the whole topic instead of posting half baked answers like a silly evasive politician. Go to that Boers website and ask yourself what are else ZAWA and the other companies are doing behind my back? In 10 years time you and your grandchildren will…

    • It is clear to see from here who is intelligent and who is trying hard to appear wise and intelligent. Guys before you start arguments be sure you know what you are talking about. Don`t be in a habit of replying to other peoples posts when you are intellectually challenged. This is timely, because the local people gets their meat like they do all the time during the cropping exercise, while the hunters walk away with their priced trophy (head). On the other hand the government earns forex from the hunters. The economic benefits are huge unlike using our local game rangers.

    • @Jay Jay… I can see how hard you are trying to attack my personality. Sorry i am not a low class person like you, i refuse to sink to your level. I will maintain my civility. Immature people put me off. The other animals are in the right numbers. They don`t have to be cropped because the pressure they are putting on the environment is not the same as the hippos. It is all about the diet. There is a chance of some exponential effect and that is the last thing the national park needs.

    • Analyst
      If that was the case then why hide behind this selfsame culling exercise or excuse when its clearly not the case…and you can make more money promoting tourism to Luangwa than flying in a bunch of trophy hunters over five years without firing a single shot. Do you even know what is going where… out of that R130,000? Probably not because its a culling exercise and this guy is maybe being paid for it as well if they are that stup*d and ignorant…its no wonder the whistle blower leaked this because he probably starting seeing a variety of hunters every week flying in.

    • @Jay It is called maximizing. Everyone benefits in this exercise including the environment. Think man, think.

    • @Saulosi
      If I wanted to be vexatious I would have been or allude to character assassination that would have been easy…. it is evident that you are out of your depth in this selfsame subject BUT I want you to open your eyes to the rot that is happening here and throwing red herrings will not detour me from the topic in hand.

    • Hahahah me out of depth with you? You are joking right? Wachepa sana mwana. Yes insults and character assassination you can win because i suck at it, not intellectual stuff. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. You surely can`t beat me at a topic i had at my masters level.

    • @Analyst
      Let’s say you are a trophy hunter in NY you see this package on this guy’s website; pay him R130,000 for 7 nights and 7 hippos remember this is a RSA company so the funds are wired there but not Zambia; this guys may have lodges and partners along Luangwa River and the going rate for shooting a hippo is not as expensive as a big cat as these animals are just bathing in the river no tracking involved (shoot one for every day’s stay)…now you sit down there and think who is getting the short end of the stick in this deal?

    • @Jay Intelligent minds discuss ideas, small brains discuss ideas. You have lost it mate. Your father must be proud for raising an inept son like you.

    • @Jay Intelligent minds discuss ideas, small brains discuss people. The way you have made it personal here shows how dull you are. You have lost it mate. Your father must be proud for raising an inept son like you.

    • There is a reason why I called you an educated **** as we have a lot of them in Zambia like yourself; who have studied up to PHD level yet know absolutely nothing about running a company in the sector they have studied. These Zambians I encounter in bars, hotels and meetings in Zambia say the same words “Wachepa sana mwana” but when you pick their brains its mostly theory and bravado…paycheck slaves. If you are educated as you proclaim you would have taken a step back and researched…but all no wachepa let me show him..you do not even know who you are dealing with..all no achepa sana.
      Let quote Bruce Lee who said “A wise man can learn more from a fo8lish question than a **** can learn from a wise answer. “

    • There is a reason why I called you an educated **** as we have a lot of them in Zambia like yourself; who have studied up to PHD level yet know absolutely nothing about running a company in the sector they have studied. These Zambians I encounter in bars, hotels and meetings in Zambia say the same words “Wachepa sana mwana” but when you pick their brains its mostly theory and bravado…paycheck slaves. If you are educated as you proclaim you would have taken a step back and researched…but all no wachepa let me show him..you do not even know who you are dealing with..all no achepa sana.

    • @Analyst….you are spot on. People who can`t sustain an intellectual discussion are fond of resorting to personal attacks to cover up their flaws.

    • @Jay Jay…the way people come out in discussions speaks volumes about their level of education and exposure. Reading between the lines it is very clear to see where you belong. Don`t pretend to be where you are not, because it is clear that you skipped many classes. Kind of reminds me of a review article i read on delusions of grandeur. Try to pick your own size next time. You are punching above your weight.

    • @ Saulosi
      I wish I could wallow in the mud with you and your little cheerleader friend but I simply do not have the time as a conservationist this is too important a topic. As the great Julius K. Nyerere stated in his Arusha Manifesto in 1961 that – The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration, but are an integral part of our natural resources and our future livelihood and well being.
      In accepting the trusteeship of our wildlife we solemnly declare that we will do everything in our power to make sure that our children’s grand-children will be able to enjoy this rich and precious inheritance.
      The conservation of wildlife and wild…

    • The conservation of wildlife and wild places calls for specialist knowledge, trained manpower and money, and we look to other nations to co-operate with us in this important task – the success or failure of which not only affects the continent of Africa but the rest of the world as well.

    • If you are a good Conservative like you want to pretend to be you should have known by now that an individual hippo eats about 70 kilogram of food (mainly grass) per night. If you multiply that number by 1000 or more you should have had known the effect that can have on the ecosystem. Please you are embarrassing yourself. Your ineptness and grasp of how living organisms interacts in their habitats leaves a lot to be desired. I wonder why ignorant people makes a lot of noise. Talk of empty tins!!

    • Carter G woodson wrote : The miseducated negro often winds up in academia for he has been taught to regurgitate that which has learned through his education. His education did not teach him the skills to think and analyse for himself.
      Umar Johnson and Amos wilson called them the academic bourgeosie. Negores happy to flaunt their education and titles. Am Dr. proff. so and so, PhD. Tell them to show you the fruits of their education and how it has helped to uplift the race,hmmmm nada zero.
      The problem with africa is that we have few or no thinkers at all. We are content with the miseducation. Unless you know yourself, you have not learned anything.

    • NO POINT & A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME trying to PUMP A LITTLE SENSE INTO ONE named “Saulosi” – it is there written in Black & white – that the chap is a “LOST SOUL!!!!” E lossi ba eba iyi!!

      VOTE UPND!!

      #Chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

    • the next five years, the rest of the animal kingdom has decided to kill 1M human beings for the following reasons:
      1.constantly encroaching on their lands and making the habitat smaller
      2.Polluting and destroying the earth thereby bringing in new deadly diseases into the animal kingdom
      3.Causing the extinction of other animals in the kingdom (Javan Tiger 2003, western black rhino 2013,Pinta island tortoise 2012 etc)
      4. And now the hippotamus according are a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List as reported by the World Conservation Union.
      When we see red flags raised in some of these actions raised by whistle blowers, lets not take them lightly. Asking questions is always a good thing. lets not just accept everything as we are told.

    • @Zagaze and Katondo boys you must be the dullest people around. If you cant see sense in what Saulosi is saying then you need help. I can say the same about Jay Jay. Scientists are often misunderstood by average brains like yours. Keep on teaching these semi-illiterates Saulosi. If only Zambia had more people like Saulosi it could have been a better place. Not you myopic boys who are just arguing from a political pedestal. Bless you brother you are the man

    • This is the case of arguing with f.o.o.l.s Saulosi let it go brother. These UPND riff raffs can`t understand you no wonder they are instead insulting you because balibe data bamambala.

    • It is at least good to know that “Lost Soul” & his dullards around here do at least remember a bit of what they learnt in high school about ecology it would help their argument if they could come about with a bit of evidence of how the hippo population has destroyed the enviroment!!

      IF THEIR POPULATION HAD OVER BURDENED THE STRETCH OF RIVER, nature would take its course in the form of EVIDENCE of MALNOURISHED animals! EVIDENCE OF SERIOUSLY INJURED Animals as hippos do best when fighting for prime”Water-Estate!”


      So “Lost Soul” & dullards like Rashford bring your minuscule book knowledge & whatever evidence you can gather to this blog!

      WE APPRECIATE APPLIED KNOWLEDGE rather than some memorised book knowledge, best recognised as REGURGITATION!!

      Vote for the party with a vision to take this country forward by WISE UTILISATION OF OUR NATURAL RESOURCES for the benefit of our lovely country to the ultimate benefit of ZAMBIANS rather than UNPATRIOTIC DRUNKS,THIEVES & KAPONYAs !!

      Vote UPND!! Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote ZAMBIA FORWARD!! Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall!! #PamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

    • @Katondo boys i am just glad Saulosi is not responding to you losers. Now i see why they say that ignorance is bliss. It is clear that knowledge and wisdom are not your strongest points. I feel sorry for your parents to be honest.

    • @Kasama swag, precisely. Dogs are known to bark and howl at the moon, but if the moon barks back it makes the Dog famous. A moon (Saulosi) is supposed to shine and glow. A moon doesn’t bark so when it barks back it brings attention to the the dog (Jay Jay, Katondo boys, Zagaze) and makes it famous because he was able to get the moon to stoop down to his level.

    • @HH Waitaya Pali GBM The Women Beater yes people get tired of being mean to people who have no reaction. If you don’t react, and act like you don’t care, people will stop. In order to stay high profile, do not respond to the yapping dogs who on a much lower level than you. Just let themselves continue to make themselves look like howling dogs

    • @kasama swag – borderline personality disorder. there is only one side of the story. You dont want to consider the world according to the hippos view or any other opposing view for that matter. you alone are special and important. your view is always right. This is a distorted thinking pattern. The same pattern europeans had over other people of color. they thought people living in huts were primitive and inferior. They didnt take time to understand our ways of life and culture. For the conclusion was definite. People live in huts, therefore primitive. they should live in stone buildings of mortar and cement. So they took their land and enslaved them and justified it by the same reckoning you are exhibiting here. Dont you think animals have the right to flourish and increase their…

    • their population? you on the other hand are racing towards 10 billion. who is cropping you? Why cant you create living space for an increasing hippo population and develop vaccines. If you so much want to control the population. there are other ways than killing. sterilize x% of the male population is one way.there is only about 40 000 hippos in zambia. an increase of 10 000 is a crime for you tefyo. Who gave you the right to decide what gets to live and what gets to die according to some thoughtout mathematical model. Animals are not as dumb as you think. A lion show more intelligence when it refuses to hunt when it is satisified compared to human beings who will hunt though full in the belly,just for the fun of it. who here is then a parasite to the animal kingdom?

  4. This is what makes my skin cringe…What is the point of this culling exercise? Any TV documentary on any channel in the world you watch about Hippos is filmed in South Luangwa…this is simply a corrupt trophy hunting scheme; why would you hire this Boer all the way from RSA to slaughter territorial hippo in open water as if he is coming to hunt for elusive man-eating lions. This is clearly packaged on this Boers website on demarillacsafaris.co.za where it states Hippo Hunt in Zambia, upper and lower Lupandi, Luangwa River;
    5 day Safari including 5 Hippo – R129 500
    7 day Safari including 7 Hippo – R181 300

    Something is not right here; imagine some rich foreigner slaughtering 5 animals for pleasure…this is clear sign of lack of policies and failure to promote ecotourism by this…

    • by this corrupt moron we have in the Ministry of Tourism Jean Kapata and the corrupt board directors at ZAWA who are profiting from this scheme.

    • What are the people of Luangwa benefiting from all this. I bet you all the money earned is externalized and Zambia and it’s people gain nothing. So not only are they killing our animals but revenue is also being lost. If these contracts are legal, why can’t they be given to Zambians? Why has the government not stepped in to help the locals earn the money to improve their lives instead of these foreigners.

    • @ Trivia
      Since a hippo weighs about 2 tonnes no way would that fit in a plane…so the govt will say they are providing meat to hungry locals and employment skinning and preparing the heads of hippos as trophies to send backto RSA with their clients (like in that photo above).

    • @jj why wait for disease to surface for you to take action? Prevention is better than cure. Anyway saulosi has already said it’s pointless to argue with emotional kids

    • Ba Jaya jay.

      Dont show your ignorance snd stupodity here. Cropping hippo after so many years is ok. Hippo mutiply in thousands in a year. They feed on grass arround rivers and in rivers. The same grass provides food for other aquatic animals. For the gvt to undertake this exercise, a thourough study of this program was conducted by proffesionals in this field not i.diiots like who dont know anything about animall cropping. The gbt equally consult international organisation’s such as the wild life organisation.

    • So if you want to crop hippos you call a trophy hunting company? Thats how ludicrous you sound.. I am a passionate conservationists…for your information Hippos travel up to 3 kilometers from the rivers to look for good pastures at night just like any herbivores.

  5. why cant we allow the local people to hunt these animals which belong to them and benefit… mwapasa muzungu nyama koma ife njala….

    • This is not culling its trophy hunting – these empty tins at the ministry in Lusaka and directors at ZAWA are all in this slaughter.
      This is disgusting, they are doing the same with Big Cats like lions; who is checking who when everyone is lining their pockets.

    • @Jay Jay: much respect. You are on the ball. 2000 hippos being killed at R129, 500 per 5, this is a $3.5m project that PF are skimming out of the Zambian economy and resources. And Zambians are busy arguing that it is just about culling! You know very well that somebodies in Zawa, Ministry of Tourism and State House are getting kickbacks out of this. Utter crooks and criminals are running the country.
      #PF Zwaa!

    • ..WWE etc. The problem with people like jay jay is u think u are the only educated persons we have in zambia. The gvt of zambia has employed alot of educated and very experienced zambians than u. Face them on matters like this and they willl keep ur mouth shut. When such programs are being undertaken, local people are always consulted and made to participate in some way. This exercise will reduce the population of hippos and improve the ecosystem in the area. The gvt will also make money out of it. within few years the population of Hippos will again increase and the same exercise will be conducted and life goes on.That is how you manage wild life. game cropping is part of wild life management. If you dont crop game, the increased animal population will destroy the invironment…

    • Ask Mumkombwe
      Where have I said I am an intelligentsia ….really laughable….if GRZ had technocrats and made use of them would you honesty hire a Trophy hunting company to “cull” hippos, what danger have hippos caused….this is an unnecessary corrupt scheme!!

  6. @JAY JAY and @Mailoni……Its stay in your lane…Common sense isn’t common in your miserable lives…And you foolish @Majory, this isn’t a platform to air your silly load-shedding issues..Be wise, invest in renewable energy..or shut up…This foolish government can only do so much, otherwise vote HH, he will fix it all…#Salute#

  7. Cull crocs not hippos please. The crocs are eating our people. We can’t have our people as part of their food chain

    • For your own information Hippos are the biggest killers of human beings in Africa. Not crocodiles

  8. Iam just interested in what they are doing with the meat. Are they exporting it? Is it being sold to Zambians? Alo Hippo has ivory. What is happening to the Ivory. How much is ZAWA making from the cull?

  9. Culling of wild animals and ritual killings of humans are showing on the media, why? When you kill chickens and cows you do not take photos – WHY?

  10. Zambia is not developing due to bad habits:
    VIOLENT political party cadres are harming Zambia’s “excellent” reputation as a peaceful country and threaten to immediately impact on the country’s investment climate, says German Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke. And Union Gold chairman Mark O’Donnell says the tourism sector in Zambia will not develop unless structural constraints such as the high cost of travel are addressed. Speaking during a panel discussion focusing on Zambia’s wildlife and tourism sector co-sponsored by “WECREATE Zambia” in partnership with the US government, Ambassador Finke told stakeholders that the scourge of political violence, which had risen in recent weeks, was alarming the international community and was harming the country’s business and investment climate…

    • If Sylvia Mesebo approved prostitution and all sorts in your back yard and you become a minister of the selfsame ministry would you still continue it? You see how silly you sound…everything is irreversible just like she banned big cat hunting…these corrupt elite profiting from wildlife licenses will never stop until all the animals are gone.
      Please wake up from your silliness!!

  11. It’s so unfortunate that this is happening in Zambia, it just shows that we don’t care and respect the importance of natural habitats. Can the government come up with regulations to protect this these creatures from been slaughtered left, right and center . white people in their countries conserve these things but when they come to Africa we give them the licences to kill these animals and we think its OK. Yet they are conserving their natural reserves , when are we going to wake up Africa?

    • You are absolutely spot on…South Luangwa is renowned for hippos; ZAWA and Ministry of Tourism are promoting this rubbish.. as ecotourism requires smart thinking and they are simply too lazy and too greedy to implement any policies. Most of those of the ZAWA board are hand picked by the very dull Jean Kapata!!

  12. Iam sure Lungu has pocketed a lot of that cash, and Masebo is being prosecuted for stoping such nonsense when she was the minister and fired the ZAWA criminals.

  13. In 1998 the Zambia Army culled 3000 hippos coz they started encroaching human habitation. The Govt is making money from this pro hunter coz hes the one paying a percentage per animal so he raises that by such ventures. Why do you pathetic UPND lizards stir at anything without asking ? If these hippos start killing people you will blame Lungu again. You dogs you ! Thats why sharp Bembas have taken over you party. Blind cows you are!!!

    • It is a very simple question. Either you have the source or you don’t. You brought up the bogus numbers that’s why you can’t name your source for us to read. Rest my case.

  14. The consequences of voting for Lungu and his running mate Wina explained.
    If by mistake EL is given another chance to rule Zambia and unfortunate thing happens to him. The current law will definitely empower Wina to take over. The old lady is known for her treachery behavior just like she did on Scott and the team.She definitely fancy that opportunity to restore Barotse agreement that may lead to civil war.
    Country men and women, think before you vote and allow your conscious to guide you when voting.Do not give chance to parties that don’t mean well to this country.Vote for UPND or FDD that will guarantee you ultimate peace.

  15. Reading this thread has been quite exhausting..too many intellectuals in the house.At the end of the day,whilst you bang heads and trade expletives, Chagwa is pocketing the benjamins.Good luck dwibs!

  16. Having a grade 7 for a Minister of Tourism ans Arts is what causes problems like this. She has no clue in what she is doing and coming up with ways of how she can pocket all this money and share it with those in her ministry. Never have I seen a dull and uneducated person who can’t read (if you’ve noticed) and passes things to Stephen Mwansa who is as clueless as she is. We have two blind mice managing this sector and fear fore our wildlife. Position of Minister of Tourism of Arts and Permanent Secretary is not a meal ticket. Get a degree or masters in this sector and we will accept you. A position earned through friendship, babululu or connections is shameful and only shows how bright you are by giving a licence to kill hippos. Do us a real favour and get off that twat and try to do…

  17. Same same slaughter of the environment thru pollution with toxic stuff and garbage all around Lusaka goes on and nobody gives a hoot.Lets stop the hypocrisy.

  18. Felix above asked “What is happening to the meat?”. Good question, because this is very concerning, on one hand the DNPW are saying the ‘cull’ (which is in fact ‘trophy hunting’) is to ‘control anthrax’. This appears to be a convenient excuse to raise some revenue. But they can’t have it both ways can they?

    None of the hippos who have been killed and butchered are being tested for anthrax (as far as I know) and the meat taken from the hippo’s bodies are already being sold from the back of the vehicles in the local villages for a K-tenner or so, per kilo. Do the people buying the meat know that anthrax is a concern of DNPW or that the so called reason hippos are being killed is to ‘stop the spread of anthrax’. if anthrax is (really) a concern why would the DNPW allow the…

    • You are absolutely spot on…if its controlling disease why skin the animal and eat the meat. Worse why cut the “infected” head as a trophy…to send to the rich white trophyhunters house so he can showcase in his sitting room and brag to his friends.

  19. Please ba Lungu can we protect our wildlife instead of leaving them in the hands of foreigners.
    Let us be serious n want to see the president campaigning.Why he is wasting time.He should not take things for granted HH is moving fast.Anyway vote PF.

  20. That is the problem with PF , every thing that involves money is kept secrete.
    Exercises like this should be communicated to the wider public to avoid such out cries.
    But because there is money involved every thing is kept hush for reasons only known to them selves, maybe it is the PF are just hopeless leaders or are the thieves or both.

  21. Its funny how we get so out of touch with the main topic by trying to sound or prove ourselves right instead of focusing on the task at hand. In “ethics” there is no write or wrong and something to remember. I am not here to brag or get into unwanted arguments that lead to nothing and simply ask we have a press conference. The Minister of Tourism and Arts appears before everyone and clears the air on this matter. This should involve everyone even those in the diaspora to call in live and get a view point on al tourism related matters involving this sector. She should be able to handle her own if she is qualified to be managing this sector and should not have anything read for her by the foreigners or Permanent Secretary as the per usual case. This is disturbing because of the nature of…

  22. This is disturbing because of the nature of the issue and that is hiring an outsider and foreigner organisation to cull hippos. They are not causing any harm unless we invade their natural space and can attack for a number of reasons including mating time, protecting their young etc. This is taking away jobs from Zambians and taking away from the economy instead of remaining within the country. If an organisation hire has prices advertised means it participates in “Trophy Hunting “and money is not benefiting Zambia but their country. Usually these transactions happen in their destination and the hotel accommodations are in their country coming for just a day in Zambia and going back. But of course having someone educated in managing this sector should know this is referred to as…

  23. But of course having someone educated in managing this sector should know this is referred to as “leakage.” In order to provide sustainable development there are three pillars which go hand in hand and these are economic, social-cultural and environmental aspects and cannot be separated. Economic involves economy and what is coming in and without it we have loses in tourism revenue. Social-cultural is job creation for Zambian’s and by giving jobs to foreigners takes that away. Environment involves environmental damage of bio-diversity as each creature plays a role and when you kill them for fun cause’s things like climate change. Zambians could have culled those hippos if that is the “real” and the meat could have been distributed to local communities and don’t need an international…

  24. Zambians could have culled those hippos if that is the “real”reason and the meat could have been distributed to local communities and don’t need an international organization to do that. Jean Kapata has shown us from day of her in capabilities that she cannot run this sector, lacks a simple grade 12, bachelor and master’s degree and has no understanding of tourism management and really needs to pack up and go. She clearly has failed and we no longer required her services. If she does not want to resign then she needs to do a live press conference and take questions. Its that simple!

  25. Somebody in Luanshya a few years ago told me that a hippo got out of the Luanshya river and started roaming around the New Town area. Eventually Police shot it before it killed anybody. It was established that hippos were getting getting out of hand. They probably need to be culled.

  26. The fault is with illiterate Jean kapata and the person who appointed her to this key ministry.
    The person who appointed her needs his head examined.

  27. @Mukame thanks for the valuable contribution. Hippos rarely wonder off and stick to their surroundings so that story does not quite add up. It’s not to say it’s untrue and maybe the hippos was sick. In that case if it was a treat to human lives shooting it is the only option but if we can tranquilize is and safely return it to the water would be a better outcome and then monitor it. The problem with Jean Kapata in this leadership role does nothing for boosting this sector and all she knows is killing animals for a profit, the very animals supporting the industry. I agree with @Spaka like lilo that the Minister of Tourism and Arts is very illiterate and we need to find a good candidate to manage this sector before it’s too late. She just sentenced 24 lions to death, now hippos and last we…

  28. She just sentenced 24 lions to death, now hippos and last we heard were elephants even though that was never revealed. Tourism id the fastest growing industries in the world and we have everything we need to be in the top 5 regions in the world but skills, knowledge and education is a lacking factor. According to the UNWTO, tourism is the world’s 5th fastest growing industry, with one billion international travellers, $1.53 trillion in global revenues and 5% growth globally per year. Much of that growth is coming from the emerging middle classes of Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico. The PF government is to blame and President Edgar Changwa Lungu should know who is capable of running such a complex sector and is the one to blame for the lack of vision and leadership in finding a…

  29. PF government is to blame and President Edgar Changwa Lungu should know who is capable of running such a complex sector and is the one to blame for the lack of vision and leadership in finding a qualified suitor for the job. There are rumours Zambian International students with masters and bachelor’s degrees are blocked by various members in this sector when applying for jobs and coming back and contribution to this sector. Jean Kapata and her entourage risk losing jobs to these highly successful educated 22-28 year old instead of working together and learning from one another and one day hand the title to these future generations. Since these kids have acquired world skilled educational training that is new but lack in the job experience can go hand in hand. If they are blocked due to…

  30. If they are blocked due to greed does nothing for our economy and the reason Jean Kapata thinks killing bring money instead of diversifying the economy and linking other sectors in working together and making this work. By the way on the Ministry of Tourism and Arts website under “SERVICES” then go on “TOURISM FEES” dates back to 2009 and the work of C. NAMUGALA, Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources. Now this is scary! To me this shows Jean Kapata is not even capable of updating a simple website and making sure we have accurate information for all stakeholders and investors. President Edgar Lungu please open your eyes! This is Zambia’s future we are talking about and not a game anymore.

  31. Published scientific research clearly shows that previous hippo culls in Zambia has actually lead to an increase in the hippo population later……………………. there is no scientific evidence to support such a cull to control the hippo population.

Comments are closed.

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